Sunday, February 23, 2020


Ark of Grace Ministries! 

1:03am Word From The Lord

Heard Pam Bondi and Jay Sekulow, pray For Them right now!!

I am the one true living Almighty All Powerful God of the Universe, Adonai, Elohim says the Lord God Jehovah. To My might and power there is No End. I am the Alpha and Omega, The beginning and the Ending, the first and the last. I am he who ,liveth and died and behold I the Lord thy God Yahweh am alive Forevermore. I rule, I reign, I judge rulers, nations, peoples, and tongues, the Righteous Judge for when I Judge it is Sovereign, it is from the whole for land I the Lord thy God know all things. There s nothing that is hidden from My sight, there is no one who can hide themselves or their deeds from me says the Lord of Hosts this day!

NOTE: Tibet says the Lord watch Tibet!!

When the people are desperate when they cry out and return unto me, when they forsake their useless idols and come to the one true living God in whom those idols cannot match I the Lord God will respond with power, might, and justice says the Lord. I will also says the Lord enact mercy upon those who humble themselves before me and SURRENDER says the Lord of Hosts this day.

The leaders of China may attempt to dig in their heels and say “the bricks have fallen but we will rebuild with hewn stone, the sycamores have fallen, but we will replace them with cedars” truly  say when Israel attempted this against MY rule, destruction on an even greater scale came in as a termite comes in with host of others and devours woods, devours the structure says the Lord. The people of China are crying out to be saved, the cries are getting louder and louder and more and more are turning to me, some are crying out for the first time ever to My precious son Yeshua, Jesus, and I the Lord shall answer their cries. The people of china in visions and dreams will see MY son appear to them, revealing himself that he is the Christ that he is the king of kings and the Lord of Lords. There shall be reports of this,says the Lord for I am breaking the back and snapping the s;pine in two of idolatry. For the peoples hearts have become hardened over time and they have become too negligent with the land in which they live, My creation in which I created, and the people whom I the Lord formed from the dust of the earth with Adam. I will operate in a mighty way through these outbreaks to soften the hearts of the people of China, to prepare the soil of their hearts to receive me and ensure it takes root for if 1 can put a 1000 to flight and 2 can put ten thousand to flight imagine what hundreds of thousands and millions can do in My name!!!  The pressure is building I am allowing t to become so dire in order to bring a powerful force of breakthrough into that country to break the nucleus a concentrated nucleus of tyranny, fear, abuse of power, corruption greed and lies. For a ;principality of mammon has had a stronghold in China, gaining strength over time looking to siphon and take from other countries, robbing them of the resources they have been blessed with. Now for all the stealing, the robbing, the greed this virus, “the crown” for corona means Crown My children, this virus robs them, robs their business, their economy their lives. They must repent of the greed that went so deep as to have an insatiable appetite by the government to take the lives of their own people as well as steal the resources of their own people says the Lord Thy God Jehovah this day. The Leader of China shall be smeared shamed and those around him who have become disillusioned will feed the media shameful secrets of deeds done behind closed doors that are truly tainting to the “honor” of their rule and of their families watch and see says the Lord.

The Corona virus is a blueprint of sin, concentrated potent wicked sin, that once it infects one, a little leaven spoils the whole loaf says the Lord and this is a demonstration on amass scale the devastating effects of sin for the wages of sin are truly death says the Lord of Hosts this day.

Grand central station watch says the Lord, watch the hubs in New York City for there is a wicked plot unfolding to attack the hubs and hijack the transit system says the Lord God Jehovah this day.

NOTE:Watch Israel, the west bank and watch Jordan says the Lord, a terrorist attack of mass proportion in Jordan will wake up their government and force them to ally with Israel more in order to take down the wicked group behind it.

NOTE: Hezbolah is about to be dealt a very heavy blow, I am attacking the head says the Lord, when the head is crippled the body cannot more says the Lord of Hosts this day.

NOTE: A phenomenon in the oceans says the Lord specifically the pacific ocean.

Watch the Scandinavian countries, watch the counties who have enacted a socialist regime for socialist is the stepping stone to muzzling the gospel, it breeds contempt of the gospel of My Word says the Lord and there shall be revival that breaks out in pockets in these countries after crises after crises come forth and the people begin to turn to Jesus o seek out the truth the Gospel of Jesus Christ says the Lord of Hosts this day.

I am the way the truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father but through Jesus says the Spirit. Phenomenons in the sky in the Heavens says the Spirit watch and see it shall baffle science it shall baffle NASA says the Spirit.

Watch the signs in the heavens says the Lord watch My children for it will align with what has biblically been spoken and it will be a wale up call a sounding of the alarm for people to repent for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

I have given MUCH grace says the Lord, people are turning to so many false gods, false comforts, false ideals, false theories, they are entering into new age ideas dangerous areas in the spirit where they are not protected and are fodder for the enemy and his camp to corrode their minds.

New age is meant to harden the mind and the soul like stone so the gospel cannot be received, so there is not feeling towards the words their Father and creator wrote to guide them in a sinful fallen world says the Lord God Elohim.

The distribution of the word of God will increase for a time, I have allotted a time says the Lord for distribution to increase to get My Words, the living active word of God into the hands of the people of planet earth to saturate their souls, to cleanse their minds and to break bondage's in their loves so they can be raised up as voices crying out as one in this world, voices with true POWER to trample upon serpents and scorpions and against ALL the power of the enemy so NOTHING shall by any means hurt them.

These communist, countries of tyranny especially stories of people people miraculously protected as Jesus my son would pass through the crowds undetected when they became hostile so accounts shall arise of the Lord taking those standing for Truth and the Lord and hiding them in plan site where the governments of these nations will not be able to find them or arrest them, where the Lord will veil and blind the eyes and devices of those searching for those preaching what they call, propaganda, and the accounts will travel through the govt and they will not have an answer for they are battling Almighty God and there recourse will be null says the Lord of Hosts this day.

Natural disasters in Russia that have not been seen before, part of biblical events, events occurring in areas they normally would not for the earth is crying out and there is a shift in the spirit says the Lord.

Planned parenthood will be dealt a VERY heavy blow in some cases crippling their structure and finances says the Lord for the bloodshed has come up before My thrown, the outcry has become too great and I the Lord am judging them, their leaders and their leaders households says the Lord. All the money and connections, lobbyists in the world cannot save them now for the blood sacrifice that they have continually like a river shed for there is a river of blood running across the United states of America and those who have continually fed the river, and continued to satisfied this principalities insatiable thirst for blood shall fall to the same circumstances they have helped to feed says the Lord God Jehovah.

Majorly corrupt corporations with ties to an underground govt chain of those attempting to play a dangerous game of usurping power, I am splitting them down to the core and dispatching My waring angels to get all the tar, the much, the corruption and drag it out in the open and put it on display making a mockery and a show of them, congressman and senators will be caught up in this open majorly and it will severely damage their interests and their influence within the art they associate with says the Lord thy God this day.

Expect a scandal with Barack Obama to arise just when he thinks he will put his hand in the “cookie’ jar and to spy with elections, voting, and information, a scandal will arise that will send him back into hiding says the Lord thy God this day and I will continue pressure until he surrenders says the Lord
One of the democratic candidates, sudden onset health issues, shifting the race I the Lord am dealing with those who want to arise for there is a spirit of demagogue attempting to arise in this country and seize power and the spirit has found some hosts to speak its interest to the people and entice and lull them in like the pied piper did with all the rats says the Lord thy God this day, this spirit is attempting to usurp the plans of Almighty God, the plans I have for the United States of America and this spirit is falsely building up its hosts more and more deceiving them into thinking they have a new and different movement a movement of “for all’ a movement that entices and ropes in the younger generation who are desperately looking for a savor however they have looked towards a false savior, a false god, they have made a man their god, a man that in appearance, age , heart is the polar opposite of them, this is how desperate the younger generation is says the Lord thy God this day!! 

The enemy wants the younger generation for if he can take that generation he can hijack the nations and I the Lord thy God am dripping My hand and fist of justice and upsetting, fragmenting, and breaking up the attempted monopoly in Order to continue to keep the alliance of the United States and Israel in Tact for the Unites States is Favored BY Me BECAUSE of their alliance with Israel, these false leaders, delusional leaders, who have bought the enemy's lies are attempting to rip the foundation of the Unites States out from under it and I the Lord Thy God am Standing in their way and when they yank they shall ht MY HOLY FORE POWER AND MIGHTY ND IT SHALL THROW THEM BACK BY FORCE, AND BRING THEIR FOUNDATION DOWN, for the sake of the you get generation I the Lord thy God Jehovah am doing this for many of them MANY have a call on their lives, and I will visit them says the Lord, they will get a taste of My Spirit and Power and you will see change begin to affect the younger generation towards the end of the year, they will get a taste and a touch of the true healing mighty miraculous supernatural power of Almighty God, the Great I am, and many will surrender and become passionate flames of fire that light up their generation as a match ignites dry hay so the younger generation are thirsty, they are desperate for relief for direction for a foundation in a world of confusion and I the Lord will answer in a mighty and powerful way WATCH AND SEE!!

Hearken unto Me My children, draw close to me now, seek Me while I may be found, now is the time to draw very close to Me, to KNOW MY WORD, to understand and activate MY WORD, Be bold and Courageous do not be afraid for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go says the Lord of Hosts. Submit to and follow My plans and watch miraculous changes in your life amidst the chaos of the world around you for You shall exude MY LIGHT MY LOVE, MY POWER AND MY WISDOM  to be a voice that pierces through the darkness, the confusion the feat the worry and will touch the souls of many where their will be healing ointment in your voices and it will penetrate and heal the wounds of a lost Me give you a higher perspective and dying world. Receive it petition Me for Wisdom only  can give and watch Me give you a new perspective that truly makes sense of the noise, distinguishes between the chaos, and heals those who are wounded. Receive it My children, petition Me you Holy father in heaven and  shall pour out unto you with Power right now like never before!! Thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts in Jesus name!!

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