Tuesday, February 11, 2020


I am God! I am the Alpha I am the Omega; I am the beginning and I am the Ending. I rule and I reign forevermore, says the Lord! I am Almighty, I change not says the Lord Thy God. I watch over my Word to perform it, for I am not a man My children that I should lie says the Lord of Hosts this day!
For you shall see My plans, you shall see evidence of My promises spring forth now My children, it shall spring forth, behold I do a new thing says the Lord in the lives of My people, do you not see it?!! This is the time of the builder and the bulldozer says the Lord thy God this day.

The bulldozer will dig up and forcefully pull up the ground, will by force move the obstacle in the way, by force it shall move says the Lord. And the builder says the Lord the builder is a visionary, the builder can come in and look at barrenness, can look at demolition and envision what to build upon that area that has now been torn up and brought down, the builder knows the proper FOUNDATION MY children, the builder can envision the restorative process and the builder goes step by step building upon what was once destruction, what was once confusion, what was once brokenness, and built up at My word a new structure, a better structure, a solid structurally sound building that will not so easily be torn down again says the Lord. The builder is not afraid to approach a mess and raise it up to be a message that exudes the glory of God that brings forth and testifies to the power of Almighty God that nothing is impossible to those who believe My children.

There are those who looked to take the bulldozer and tear down the very foundations and principals of the United States, while claiming with a megaphone that was programmed with deceptive tones, they were attempting to save and stand for the very ideals the very foundation they were with all their might attempting to tear down.

I the Lord says this day that the bulldozers they were attempting to use in an attempt to tear up the foundations has right before them, as they were blinded by the spirit of mammon, that bulldozer has indeed dug a hole for them says the Lord of hosts this day. A pit right before them it has turned and dug for you cannot curse what I the Lord thy God have blessed. They are not for the Lord but against Him and every Holy Godly principal that I the Lord laid a foundation of stability for those who wanted to surrender to My plans, My way and turn their hearts over to My son Jesus Christ, and accept Him as Lord and Savior. I the Lord have given that chance I the Lord have given us the grace; I the Lord have given time.

However, now I the Lord say the scales of justice have ruled against them and it is time to ACT it is Time to Release the penalty in measure in accordance with their rebellion. For the principality of Confusion was released over the airwaves to infect like a virus like a contagion those listening with confusion and madness, so they ramble and bumble their words making no concise thought or sense leaving them in an altered world from reality. This is exactly where the devil wants them to stay and wants the younger generation to stay says the Lord thy God.

That serpent, that snake puts his trophies on display with their symbols, and their songs, and their satanic rants and dances that are meant to entice and to lure as the sirens so lured the sailors says the Lord thy God so this was meant to lure those into constriction of the mind, into blindness and lust where they cannot see the clear picture and the truth that has been clouded by fancy hosts and glittery distractions along with African sun worship and Congo dances that are pawned off and manipulated and packaged as entertainment says the Lord thy God Elohim.

There have been tampering says the Lord “accidents” are not what they appear says the Lord thy God and the tampering will be exposed says the Lord for there are those embedded deep sold out to a pagan counterfeit of people who attempt to overshadow the Work I the Lord have set forth to do. However says the Lord thy God as King Cyrus was operated through Mightily By Me to issue a decree that protected My people and put the builders to work rebuilding My house of worship, rebuilding what is Holy, rebuilding what had been bulldozed by pagan nations before them so I the Lord Thy god am giving the builders and the visionaries the materials, the vision, the Words or prophecy as I sent the prophets Haggai and Zechariah to encourage and speak into Zerubbabel, Ezra, and those who were with him building so I the Lord thy God am doing the same and I have raised those up and am raising those up in the younger generation who will speak to a nation and bring those who once opposed Me and My will, will turn them for My glory to build for the Lord of Hosts to Speak forth and encourage those fighting to build the Holiness back up in the United States of America and around the world for My Glory says the Lord thy God this day. AS I OPERATED THROUGH King Cyrus so I the Lord God Jehovah shall operate through leadership to issue decrees, and edicts and orders to build up and begin to push out those who want to ensnare, entrap, entice says the Lord. There are those on the airwaves whom I the Lord am silencing, there will be those this year BEFORE the elections that will suddenly be taken out and lose their positions. They have laughed at Almighty God and His plans for the LAST time, their smugness has testified against them, they have chosen to serve their Father the devil and so they shall be handed over so perhaps their souls may be saved says the lord thy God this day.

I am building up Holy Strongholds in Europe, in Australia, in Indonesia and the Philippines says the Lord. In Spain in England there are Holy Strongholds strong towers that the righteous will run too will flock to and will be safe and will call on the name of the Lord God Jehovah and I will answer then and show them and demonstrate great and mighty things in their countries that will baffle those nations. Signs and wonders that will bring many to their knees and surrender says the Lord.
There will be a quarantine of those who are out there infecting the masses with dark rhetoric they shall be quarantined and stripped of their voice says the Lord of Hosts this day. However says the Lord there are those who have been faithful, they have been found faithful and I am increasing their voice and influence in this hour in order to reach those under the spells of the enemy and those who have cynical aspirations of leadership that will truly destroy nations if they are allowed to lead. However, I the Lord thy God appoint Kings and Leaders and I say this day the election in the United States shall be even more baffling than the last. There shall be a plot to usurps votes and steal votes, but it will be outed right before the beginning of November and the perpetrators prosecuted says the Lord God for their crimes. However says the Lord I am doing a mighty work and there will be events that will lead up to the elections that will even leave the most radical commentators scratching their heads not able to put the pieces together of what is happening because this will be spirit driven, this election and the natural will yield to what I the Lord decree and release on scrolls in the Spirit says the lord. Candidates will out themselves and each other and those whom have dipped into the honeypot of election funds to fund the most lavish and environmentally unfriendly of luxury items shall be exposed and caught RED HANDED says the Lord. I am crushing the fist of socialism and communism in more than one country says the Lord for I the Lord do not seek rule that oppresses but that frees those to glorify and serve their Father in Heaven says the Lord.

NOTE: A tidal wave says the Lord thy God this day you will see a tidal wave Heading up to November, it shall be triggered by a violent shaking Says the Lord thy God this day.

NOTE: Watch the Philippines says the Lord, a major event!!
Phenomenon’s will break out across the earth that will be compared to biblical events they will be very similar in nature get ready get ready says the Lord for what pharaoh witnessed at the hand of Almighty God the countries that have hardened their hearts and are serving a false versions of Me will see these biblical phenomenon’s break out and it will be historical says the Lord thy God this day.
NOTE: Watch the Panama Canal.

NOTE: Protests breaking out across south America the people are desperate says the Lord and I the Lord will answer their cries says the Lord.

NOTE: Hearing mail fraud watch says the Lord.

NOTE: Oil will be discovered in an area thought to have none!! A RICH reserve a WEALTH says the Lord for the earth has resources that have been hidden for such a time as this and I the Lord thy God am causing a shaking and the earth to give them up says the Lord this day.

NOTE: The earth shall leak oil in areas an anointing of the ground says the Lord for the earth cries out and I the Lord am answering that cry says the Lord God Jehovah.

NOTE: A massive mudslide and a giant hole opening up in the earth will be part of the phenomenon that occurs this year as the shaking, shifting, and releasing across the earth takes place says the Lord this day.

NOTE: I am overturning verdicts says the Lord and I am setting captives free says the Lord thy God this day.

Hollywood will be embroiled up to their necks in a massive abuse scandal where celebrities were involved, the minutes and notes of secret meetings that have taken place amongst Hollywood’s elite will  expose how they are, the tactics they are using in the spirit, with sound, with costume with undertones in movies to indoctrinate and infect similar to mind control, it shall be exposed the documents leaked by a few I have convicted says the Lord to release them. Hollywood will not quickly dig out of this one says the Lord God this day. However, there are those who will be freed through this and testify to their many levels of indoctrination and the fracturing of souls a huge scandal says the Lord however it is time for this to be exposed.

Pray for the life of Jennifer Lopez’s daughter for she has indoctrinated her in on a grand stage and the child is the enemies for the taking as tribute says the Lord thy God pray for her life to be spared and her soul to be saved for a grave event has been planned and it will shatter Jennifer Lopez’s world and her god will be the very one who has done it and she will have a choice for I set this day before them life and death and blessing and cursing, choose life that you and your seed may live says the Lord of Hosts this day.

Humble yourselves before me in this hour and listen for I am giving instruction says the Lord. You have walked forth from the fire unharmed says the Lord thy God this day the enemy could not sift you says the Lord and those who submit and surrender in humility and obedience I the lord am set to give unto them a double portion of wisdom and might for this hour for the Lords people will speak out in this hour and baffle the scholars, baffle the experts because I the Lord do not conform to such I do not bow to any man or institution and My fire will come forth from My chosen My faithful in this hour like never before it will be hot it will be convicting and My power will come forth that the people of the earth will feel they will feel the intensity and fire and ROAR of My power for I the Lord thy God shall Rule Over All Rebellion this year and will subdue it and impale that spirit that it shall not freely roam to execute the orders it has been given for the HEAT will be in the words of My anointed and this salt the salt and fire shall be penetrating and purging in this hour and the Holy Fire and the deep seasoning of the Words My anointed My children speak forth will purge and expose for I the Lord God am adding salt and fire to force a purge in this hour of those who have been spewing sulfur who have been speaking for serpents and for those who Want to assassinate the plans in the lives of My children, that assassinating spirit shall be turned on its own says the Lord thy God this day watch and see!!! There will be major key strategic Victories this year that shall pave the way for My power to break loose and break forth and Spring up in the Spring, accelerated growth shall be the portion of My faithful ones and there shall be signs and wonders that cannot be covered up for in this hour there shall be a push back and as pharaoh’s army was pushed back By my fire and then swallowed by the sea there shall be a push back and there are those who will be swallowed up for their rebellion. Praise Me My Children, Seek me, Put on your whole Armor and decree and speak in faith and TRULY BELIEVE release the power in unison and watch it multiply and take down strongholds and underground dwellings and the earth will begin to truly now see the power in prayer and the power in Serving a Mighty God. What a Mighty God you serve My Children! Remember that and speak it forth in Faith and watch the Mighty Now in this Hour Manifest. 

God bless you in the name of Yeshua My precious Children!!
In Jesus name.

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