Monday, March 28, 2022

Amanda's Word from the Lord -- March 25, 2022


Praise be To the Lord of Hosts Maker of Heaven and earth, maker of the Stars and the times and seasons. For Your name is Glorified throughout the earth. the earth is the Lord's and the Fullness thereof. And to His Kingdom there is no end.


And the Spirit of the Lord says this day… Let God arise and let HIS enemies Be Scattered. For this is a time of great scattering says the Lord, of the great scramble. This is a time where monopolies of the wicked shall and will be broken up says the Lord.

And says the lord of Hosts I am a God of Mercy HOWEVER I am also a God of Justice of Order and of Righteousness. What men have done, men and women in leadership, in media, in the world of socials, what they have said, what they have done has become a stench in My nostrils says the Lord for their words are nothing more than clanging noise. Meaningless, substance-less, railing accusations says the Lord. For When Michael was contending for the body of Moses HE DARE NOT bring a railing accusation but said “the Lord REBUKE YOU” The railings are going to derail during this time, their ramblings have begun their downward spiral.

And says the Lord of Hosts in this season I am setting things straight and settings things right as it has become disjointed, one thing has bled into another in ways I the Lord God never desired but men have mixed tonics that do not Glorify me that actually raise up thorns and brambles to Coil around the Things men should truly concern themselves with.

And says the Spirit of the Lord This day, I in this season shall do much pruning for much has overgrown and vines have coiled around it, they are not who you think they are says the Lord. This sentence shall ring true to many as the veil is removed, the FILTERS are removed the show is removed and truly what men have kept hidden and locked up in their closets, all the skeletons, all the snares, all the vices, the rebellions, what is buried under the rubble of so much anger, resentment, greed jealously, the emotional wrecks that have become overgrown weeds, I the Lord in this hour am commanding that which has been locked up and away and hidden to be opened and marched out before the people.

And says the Lord of Hosts, be careful and considerate what and who you believe because motives are VERY impure and desperation has set in, a name for themselves shall they make but it shall be them naked and exposed on the ash heap of their own making as I the Lord now set MY purifying fire to it and truly burn away all the Mess that men have made of their lives. Finger pointing shall and will make a very large U turn right back onto the accusers the playcaters the prognosticators the conflicted men who have wandered down dark paths with dark thoughts and influences that now think they can accurately speak on matters from My Throne says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day The Clock is ticking and there shall be a BIG BANG, since science has so twisted this term, However says the Lord there shall be a bang this one shall be felt across multiple states and reported widely as the Time has come for I the Lord to allow their own explosiveness to befall them.

And says the spirit of the Lord this day Kings going to war all for convoluted corrupt reasons, a little bit of right being mixed with much that is still wrong. I the Lord see into the depths of the heart and fear, paranoia, and a death grip on power that is long overdue to change has been a driving motivation in such.

However says the Lord when Kings go to war their leaderships, even themselves do fall, just look at Saul in My Word says the Lord, 1 Samuel. Saul was a tormented Conflicted man and when it came to following MY commands it was a slippery slope. The Amalekites says the Lord, the line of haman was so birthed, Saul did a little bit of right and mixed it with a whole lot of wrong when he disobeyed direct and specific orders from Me the Lord His God, and so the Kingdom was torn away From Him and the Spirit of the Lord departed from Him, His days were numbered, as the paranoia and tormented covering so set in and Saul went into a tailspin.

A whirlwind of a tailspin says the Lord of Hosts, A sand whirlwind you shall see historic enormous to confirm what has been spoken this day.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day during the Time of Passover there shall be a great shaking where the ground shall Split in the hotbed of Activity where Russia and Europe and China so sit. For I the Lord am so shaking the sleeping awake, slumber is departing as rude awakenings so set in a surprise for leadership in many nations shall leave many baffled and scratching their heads as so heads of state shall fall and prime ministers alike for I the Lord before MY Throne have judged them for their Crimes and the cauldron of blood and bribes and experiments that they mixed making a blasphemous cup of Iniquity that now Must be poured out.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day Goliath fell when Kings went to war by the unlikeliest of men, a brazen young shepherd boy named David with a Stone and a Sling and so what was laughed at and ignored as a threat was so the downfall of the champion of the Phillistines, their champion is falling says the Lord in the unlikeliest of ways. The intel is being mixed with lies to ensnare and get those to get the eyes of the people elsewhere. Come unto Me truly in surrender and I will show you the keys and the doors to which they go.

You shall see snow fall in a very UNLIKELY place as the earth is being cleansed and purged, as the enemy attempts to get ahead of his appointed time.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, they are in the press in this nation, the OLD wineskins Must GO, they are ensnared in a press of their own making and now as well the PRESS shall PRESS them to attempt to save the empires and towers man so built. High up in this nation one was paid off to make certain issues go away and attempt to scrub the most damming of evidence as fools left a door open and now this head of state must be poured out.

Confirmation hearings amidst wars and rumors of wars says the Lord? You think you are so putting your Thumb in the dam to stop the leak however, You have made a mistake and underestimated who I AM confirmations shall turn to catastrophes as their trophies and the case they so sit are destroyed, The hour is approaching midnight Where I the Lord shall demonstrate who I AM for I AM the Alpha and Omega and I will sink their ships.

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day, there is another Trump in whose heart I have searched, another Trumpet, for I the Lord have found something Special in the one named Eric, stability and Strength, wisdom and humbleness, I the Lord have anointed him for a high position in this land and I am opening the doors for the right people to make a hedge around Him of wisdom, of Counsel. I am drawing him in and over this next year I shall reveal Myself to him in a way he has not yet experienced, he shall KNOW ME for I am, the Lord His God and I have anointed Him for a Special Purpose in this land. His Wife is so crowned with Wisdom and their marriage shall and will be protected through this. Watch what I the Lord so do as I have anointed others as well for high positions in close proximity to Him, just watch what I the Lord thy God do for man thinks they know, However I the Lord only know the beginning from the End. A table is about to be completely turned over, the money changers are being chased from the temple, the Ahabs and jezebels are being thrown out of their seats for I the Lord have intentionally put poor council in the mouths of their advisors who shall fall on the Hill for I the Lord have Spoken it forth and it shall be so.

And says the Spirit Hear ye o inhabitants of the Earth the Lord this day has declared His intentions and the Orders have been given to Captain of The Army of The Lord of Hosts to Go Forth throughout the Earth and Strike the wicked their empires their towers their fortunes, their treasures their storehouses and their lockboxes.

I am God there is NO OTHER Serve Me not man look to Me says the Lord not man. For in this hour there are worthy vessels I so am Filling with My Words and Announcements to declare before the people, and in this hour the vessels that have willfully become chipped and cracked and brittle shall break for I the Lord will not have My name used for agendas to destroy and destruct that comes from a seed of lies and bitterness. Oh you shall have a name says the Lord, but it shall not be the one you pursued of your own skewed desires. For I the Lord am making a statement in this hour with two exclamation points! Cleave unto Me seek Me for answers and I will show you and take you deeper with ME in this season, Thus says the Lord of Hosts in the name of Jesus Christ who rules and reigns at My right hand.

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Amanda's word from the Lord - 02.18.2022 - ReAwaken America Conference

I am God and there is none other. I am the Alpha and Omega. I am the Creator of what is seen and unseen. The earth is My footstool. Do you think the redemption of your nation is really too difficult for Me, My children? I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I am the God of Israel. I am the God who sent My son, Yeshua, to the earth, and the Word became flesh because I so love the world. I am the God that defies the laws of nature, that defies the laws of physics. I am the God that shakes governments. I am the God that knocks down podiums of those that are speaking blasphemies against My kingdom.

I am the God who shakes what those think are unshakable, and I am the God, in this hour, that is going to begin to break up, and to till, and to swell their wicked plans. A swell of their own making shall come upon them in this hour. A wave of their own making, that they’ve been making for a long time, and their cup of iniquities has become full, said the Lord thy God, and in this hour you will see Me pour them out.

I am the God of justice, and I am the God of righteousness, and I am the God that, in this hour, shall shake what people think is unshakable. I shall take down leaders that people think were safe. I shall cause leaders to tumble and fall upon their own words, and their own laws. Their own laws in this hour of their own making shall do them in, says the Lord thy God this day. Their own laws that they wove in wickedness, and in greed, and in mammon, they wove.

And I the Lord thy God am taking the sword of the Spirit, the word of God, which is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart, and I am striking that web and I am striking what they wove, and you shall see, says the Lord thy God this day, you shall see the first major strike come in the month of April. You shall see another soon follow after that. 

And says the Lord thy God this day, I am raising up opposition in their own party to oppose them. In their own party, their own making, their own monster. I am raising up, says the Lord thy God in this hour, to oppose them and there shall be, says the Lord, very public squabbling, not only within parties here but around the world.

Fierce opposition, says the Lord, in Canada within their own leadership. There shall be a spill, says the Lord thy God this day, in Canada, that the world shall not soon forget. There shall be a spill, says the Lord thy God this day, in Australia the world shall not soon forget.

And says the Lord thy God this day, there shall be a fall that is coming in your nation, there shall be a judgment that has already been handed down from My throne. And you will see a tumbling, and a breaking up of what was woven behind the walls of the White House, what was woven behind the walls of Federal buildings in Washington, DC, what was woven in facilities in the Midwest, says the Lord. What was birthed there. What was woven in California.

And says the Lord thy God this day, the line and the chain that they have woven, I the Lord, by force am set to break. And those chains shall not only break, but they shall disintegrate, says the Lord thy God this day, they shall disintegrate.
And says the Lord thy God this day, you will see in this nation and around the world, unusual events that defy science, that defy nature, that defy what leaders say, and they’re even going to be described as unusual events, “These things NEVER happen,” because I, the Lord thy God, in this hour, am demonstrating My might, I am putting on a demonstration, if Pharaoh wants a demonstration, a demonstration he will receive in this hour, says the Lord thy God. If the pharaohs of this world want a demonstration, if they want to stiffen their necks and dig in their heels, then I Lord thy God shall put on a demonstration in this hour that is going to contain uncanny events. Events that will baffle science, events that will baffle the government, events that will baffle the people, events that are going to baffle the wicked, because I am frustrating their cords in this hour. I am breaking their cords, I am frustrating them, I am tying them up with it and I am removing them, says the Lord thy God this day.

So hold fast, My children. Stand in faith. Put your trust in Me, not a man. It is not a man that is going to save you, oh America, it is not! It is I, The Lord your God, who has the outstretched arm to save you. Put your trust in Me. Put your hope in Me. Praise Me and speak in faith in this hour, and I promise you, says the Lord thy God this day, you will see physical walls come crashing down as a testimony to what's been spoken today. Thus says the Lord of Hosts, in Jesus' name.

The Lord also said - watch the Great Wall of China