Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Hearing wind whipping up in the spirit, fierce wind, wind like Mt Sinai.

An announcement a major announcement-A volcanic eruption, warning!

Things are going to blow, and blow up in the enemy’s face!

He attempted to cause an epic eruption in your life however the Lord thy God is sending out the orders for the eruption to be prematurely triggered against the enemy’s plans and will cause the ash and fire, and power to be by force thrown upon the enemy and his camp of puppets, agents, players, and henchmen.

The plans of the enemy are destabilizing, become volatile and uncontrollable, they have lost control of the monster of the giant they attempted to raise up to do their bidding.
Yosemite national park, the Geysers, watch says the Lord.

Thus sayeth the Lord God, the enemy’s presentation has flaws, it has major internal flaws for the players know no loyalty says the Lord and chaos swirls around them like a whirlwind says the Lord. The political system says the Lord I have allowed to become destabilized in order to expose now the deepest of secrets and hidden agendas that have been sealed up until this time says the Lord of Hosts.

I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Everlasting, My power knows no bounds or ends, Jehovah is My name. The enemy cannot challenge or measure up to My throne, My Rule, My omniscience and omnipotence says the Lord.

I am opening up the earth says the Lord, I am exposing, you will see discoveries come forth from within the earth says the Lord as a confirmation and because it is time, what has been deeply buried I am now splicing open and exposing down to the marrow says the Lord.
Major discoveries about the human body and its inner workings shall come forth, new research and evidence about parts of the brain that were hidden until such a time as this will come forth says the Lord of Hosts this day.

The clock has been turned back in America for “daylight savings” However I the Lord God am speeding up time and accelerating my plans purposes my divine blueprints forwards says the Lord. What might of took years for the sake of my plans, My glory and my children will take far less time to accomplish and achieve.

I the Lord By My fire and power and might am removing the blocks I am removing the blocks says the Lord and causing positions, promises, resources, opportunities, blessings to now catapult,
People will see things move so so quickly they will be amazed and how quickly everything comes into order and positions says the Lord. However I have a time and a plan and where the enemy has thrown up blocks and delays I have ordered by decree that angels with flaming swords be dispatched with decree in hand to destroy these blocks and delays, remove and level them says the Lord.

Those entities in the spirit that have attempted to stand I n the way and delay delay delay I am dispatching an army of angels with special chains to binds them up and remove them, they have been ordered to move and so shall they move says the Lord!! And in the natural those who are agents, players and puppets of the enemy will by decree be ordered to MOVE out of the way says the Lord, in some cases they shall be physically moved a long distance away says the Lord, moved out of the companies says the Lord, moved farther from family says the Lord. I am ordering moves in order to open up flow and prevent the enemy from damning up certain areas of your lives were the promises will stay stuck in neutral says the Lord of Hosts.

I the Lord God Yahweh am shifting things out of neutral, I am shifting them up says the Lord, I am shifting to drive and accelerating so there is a powerful push forward says the Lord ,a thrust, if you may that the enemy does not have the ;legal right to stop says the Lord. I am stripping him and his henchmen of those legal rights says the Lord by re aligning. Regrouping, and restoring so they then do not have that right anymore, it will suddenly be ripped out from under them says the Lord
Touch not my anointed says the Lord! Touch them NOT!!! I am speaking forth special hedges of protection to protect my anointed my precious children because yes the enemy is angry, his plans were very much interrupted at the end of October, and he is angry therefore I the Lord am placing a special mark and hedge upon my anointed and the enemy’s request to sift you has been DENIED By Order From my throne, DENIED, the enemy is being denied in many areas. He shall be held back for a season while we move forward says the Lord God Jehovah!!

My ROAR shall shake the blocks, locks, deceptions, and schemes and break them in two says the Lord. My people shall and will be vindicated says the Lord God of Hosts!!

My people my children, shall not be blamed for the willful sin of those around them says the Lord. In some cases time is running out and they will either relent and submit or be moved for I have much work for you to do my children and what the enemy attempted to halt through delays, I have used these delays against him and an even bigger portion and harvest shall come forth now because I have placed you in a better position as the enemy attempted to delay says the Lord
Another major singer shall be turned over for Me and shall come forth out of that INDUSTRY like a trumpet announcing the enemy’s exploits and plans within says the Lord a MAJOR SINGER has been surrendering behind the scenes and shall come forth out of the music industry on fire for the Lord, so on fire demons will get singed just attempted to approach says the Lord, for I will protect them as they have had a road to Damascus experience and there is no turning back, they shall be revealed shortly says the Lord!

Surrender says the Lord, I am working things together to cause a surrender on the part of those who have been wrestling Me says the Lord and on the part of the enemy’s operations and leaders, they shall and will surrender says the Lord, for some I will cause their “hip’ to come out of joint in order to cause them to truly surrender to Me says the Lord thy God! I am calling and they must fully and willfully answer the call and surrender to MY WAY not their way says the Lord for their way has cracks that the enemy has drawn up plans to make a giant hole, attempts to destroy life will happen however no weapon formed against those will prosper, who have made the decision to cleave unto Me, to press in, to give themselves over to the work I have called them to do says the Lord.
Those who have been faithful during the test, in the battle, in the midst of war, chaos, and problems they have walked faithfully with Me and for that I am giving them a double portion and shall double the accuracy, potency, and precision of their gifts says the Lord, they shall be brought before a greater audience says the Lord and they shall speak with such potency of anointing it will cause demons to be loosed and flee right then and there, it will cause creative miracles, miraculous healing will occur.

My anointed are now set to receive a double portion of spirit, favor, accuracy, blessings, goodness mercy, wisdom, power, council, and might says the Lord.  They shall feel the anointing get very potent around them for I am infusing them and pouring out unto them pressed down shaken together running over says the Lord for they have marched on tired, torn, tattered, hurting they have said “blessed be your name Lord."

The winds of change are blowing in that powerful meeting at Sinai, I shall meet My children were they are at, they shall feel in the spirit the power that descended upon Mt Sinai when I stepped foot upon it, they shall feel the power says the Lord, yes says the Lord the council in heaven is meeting, things are being decided.

What comes forth will be for your good even though it initially may not be viewed that way even by those around you.  HOWEVER, MY ways are higher than mans ways and My workings and dealings are so much higher and more powerful than the enemy’s or man’s says the Lord.

Rest says the Lord, I am removing agitators in order to give you rest says the Lord thy God this day. There have been rooted agitators, go to agitators the enemy has overused as other avenues have closed to him says the Lord. Its time to do some gardening says the Lord I am reaching down and twisting and yanking out those agitators there roots shall not set down near you again for I am fencing off your garden says the Lord so you may have a season to grow and flourish and be fed and nourished By Me says the Lord, a no trespass sign shall be displayed says the lord for the enemy will not have access neither will those that have been identified as puppets and agents of his and if those around you have a problem with that well you are mine not theirs, My Interest is to protect you not walk you into a snake pit as some around you are attempting to do as they do not see clearly the dangerous path they have visited before and are attempting to revisit says the Lord, however you My children shall not do any such thing!!

Get Ready, get Ready says the Lord, armor up my children! For the battle is already won thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts in Jesus name!!!

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