Thursday, September 2, 2021

A Word from the Lord

8.31.21 APPROX 6AM

I AM the Lord strong and Mighty I am High and lifted up, the earth is indeed MY footstool says the Lord of Hosts this day we are entering a Holy time says the Lord of Hosts this day.

There is a breaking point that will occur during the Jewish feasts says the Lord as so Gideon had to break the clay pots to signify as a sign of the destruction of the army of the Midianites is upon them so very large clay pots in nations shall break as.  

There shall be a very threatening and destructive statement made by the leadership of Iran during this time as that principality is stirring them up to indeed make a power grab at such a time however says the Lord of Hosts the net they are planning to lay for Israel they and Hezbollah and their funders from other countries who desire for Iran to do their dirty work who desire to make Iran an extension of themselves for such destruction against other countries and peoples so I the Lord thy God shall gut open their plan and reveal the inward most parts as 2 terrorist groups have met in secret and are looking to make a super force of terror of power.

However, I the Lord thy God am always faithful I keep My covenants and My promises and I shall once again rise up against this foe as a major leader within the ayatollah's court shall suddenly fall as a sign I have gone out ahead of My people to deal with a very power-hungry corrupted foe as the prince of Persia will NOT withstand who I send this time to strike them says the Lord of Hosts this day.

A stirring near the Red Sea watch says the Lord watch the stirring the movement and the squabbling as even the infighting within Israeli leadership shall spill out as the deeply corrupt within Israel are attempting to turn the people to Baal as there are those within Israeli leadership who do not serve ME but have gone after Baal and Ra for their power as they have been corrupted to gain power any way they can to put forth a dark agenda that is NOT of Me says the Lord of Hosts this day.

7 My people need to RISE UP within Israel, RISE UP My covenant people do not fall into complacency do not allow leadership to break covenant with Me that causes the entire nation to suffer, Oh Israel I am calling to you in this hour to heed MY Instructions and listen to MY voice and humble yourselves before ME as a tripod of nations has desired to sift you however I the Lord thy God shall have mercy on you and I shall intervene however you will have to return to your first love and follow My instruction.

Strategic hits shall occur around the time of the Jewish feasts as Israel so shall be compelled out to do so.

A shock within the political arena of Israel around the time of the feats so shall occur as that shall flip and tip as the tug of war has ensued that has nations hands on the rope that DO NOT BELONG and so shall be yanked off a spectacle before the world says the Lord of Hosts this day.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day

There is much blood on the hands of your leaders oh America that the time has come for an account, Oh America I have given you a window to repent and call out to ME and I will answer you and more are crying out to ME and looking to ME for the answer says the Lord, there has been a changing of the tides in the Spirit and you shall see evidence of this in the natural as I shall shake the administration I shall shake their president and vice and secretary of state I shall shake this unholy union says the Lord for they have spilled much blood and now much shall be required of them for it as the Kingdom shall be torn away from Saul says the Lord of Hosts and just when Athaliah thinks it is up for grabs something unprecedented in your nation shall occur as I the Lord raise leaders up and I cause them to fall for they have desecrated what is Holy they have mocked My authority they have praised the gods of gold and silver, and principalities, oh belthshazzar the hand is coming for the writing on the wall is at hand.


You shall be judged and found wanting and those propping you up shall be judged as well for this is a shadow presidency within a shadow government says the Lord this day a prop a ruse and puppets are indeed disposable says the Lord thy god this day.

I shall make a spectacle of them as the people return unto Me, it is not a man that shall save you oh America it is by My power and outstretched arm you shall be redeemed and washed and cleansed as a river of blood has run through your nation that I the Lord am damming up their channels and avenues and quarries (remember that word) and I shall dry up your supply of what you take power from says the Lord thy God this day

They have defied the living God and I have given time for repentance and change for I am longsuffering however it is minutes to midnight and there shall be an October surprise says the Lord of Hosts this day 

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day the airwaves the towns the tents of meeting shall be filled with My word, with an appeal to their creator, proclaiming the works of the Lord, proclaiming My Power.

And as this occurs there shall be a collapse of an entire media entity as this occurs what Babyl has built shall be confused and fall says the Lord of Hosts this day as these high places shall come down as an event in your nation shall bring forth an even greater exodus for those to search out the truth through other media sources that shall and will glorify My name.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day the enemy in his temptation has set out a lure for those in ministry and other arenas and there has been a tempting lure sent out and those who get hooked in those who partake there shall be a steep price to pay when the truth comes forth about who has seen and done what, whose who and whose not what they appear as names can be very tempting do NOT position yourself on the cutting edge of disaster for a ruse and test the spirits in this hour be very careful for the enemy has roamed about like a lion seeking whom He may devour he sees the vulnerability do not give him an easy takedown by seeking to partake in what is salacious in My eyes says the Lord of Hosts for I the Lord thy God know who has committed their crimes and who has been sent to play a role as the corrupt have molded those for such an hour to play award winning roles all to make a fool of media and ministries who are attempting to speak truth however says the Lord of Hosts discern the Truth do not be so quick to jump in and partake of every delicate dainty set before you as some is toxic says the Lord but looks sweet.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, vindication sayeth the Spirit for those who attempted to harm you and your name all because of their head games they have played for very long times bouncing from person to person ministry to ministry looking for accolades and a seat of importance for that spirit of importance so shall be exposed and dealt with.

There are those running the wrong race politically as well for they did NOT allow Me the Lord to properly equip them first and as fools rushed into jockey for position I the Lord thy God shall raise up My true servants for such pivotal positions and because they have proclaimed ME first I THE LORD shall honor them before men as there shall be a tipping point in pivotal areas of your nation says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day what has been concocted at meetings within Belgium and the EU shall now lose its footing as another state shall come forth with evidence that seals the deal as to what they attempted to steal a heist of the century says the Lord however they utilized fallen hosts and very damaged men and women who would kill for position (remember this as well).

There shall be an overturning in your nation and by January there shall be an eruption as evidence that all that they have hidden is being compelled to the surface.

Generals past and present have met in secret and as they seek Me I shall help them outmaneuver the enemy's plans as it looked bleak for a moment with Washington as well and a brave plan that came from Me the Lord and the willingness to endure the harshness for a moment caught the enemy by surprise and a much greater army was defeated because of the obedience of the general and the willingness to step out in faith as I the Lord went before them.

This is the courage bravery and boldness that so shall come forth and though the numbers at times may seem great the opponent numerous it only takes a faithful and obedient minority to defeat a corrupt majority and I the Lord shall lead them as the ground is split open for Korah's rebellion is coming to an end.

Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft says the Lord thy God this day and so those ceremonies done within the Whitehouse and the halls of congress so shall be broken as well as I the lord with My fist shall fracture their oaths and their chants and their contracts by blood to serve for a power that is filled with death and darkness for that is their portion says the Lord of Hosts this day.

A shaking in the halls of congress shall occur and an overthrowing suddenly of leadership whose seat they thought was so secure however I the Lord have denied the continuance of such as a changing of the guards must occur.

Those who seek Me out shall find their weak points loopholes mistakes and areas of wire fraud so deep it was covered up by a company who claims to do good but has been involved deep under the HOOD.

Seek Me while I may be found I shall give you the answers and strategies you need as you cannot win this battle without ME almighty God going before you for I am rising up Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered rally with boldness My children knowing I am with you I am protecting you seek My word My presence for you shall indeed find rest even in the storm.

I am raising up My children Mighty men and women for such an hour and they shall speak with the shock and awe of MY power that shall shake the spirit and the natural alike for I am God there is none other, I am with you always even until the end of the age. Seek me to correctly put the pieces together as astounding truths and revelations shall come forth that the enemy never thought My people would see. 

Be strong and courageous do not be afraid for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go, I am with you MY Children know this is an incredible moment in your nation, rise to the occasion in faith and watch the wonders I do before the eyes of even those who don’t believe but shall in this hour.

Thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts in the mighty name of Yeshua amen and amen.