Wednesday, February 5, 2020


DOUBLE TWELVES- divine government and rule.

A double portion!

Justice, the Justice of Yahweh Almighty God shall be BRANDED UPON them for all to see.
Swift justice and divine Justice, says the Lord of Hosts is coming to the wicked, to the ring leaders of a three-ring circus that is all pomp and no circumstance says the Lord.
As livestock is branded, says the Lord, I am branding MY Justice upon those who have attempted to disrupt and overthrow MY AUTHORITY MY PLANS AND MY ORDER says the Lord of Hosts this day.

They shall be lifted up as in a title wave, thinking their locking of arms shall do them good, however, I the Lord God am crashing that title wave down and breaking that chain says the Lord and there shall break out suddenly squabbling and disagreement within that party and within Washington to break the agreement to weaken severely the enemy’s power and his plans.

For I the Lord God Jehovah rule and reign, I am the righteous Judge and those who wanted to be Lord of the flies shall now be Lord of the dung says the Lord that they continued to spew forth from their mouths lie after lie, manipulation after manipulation.

I the Lord God Jehovah shall brand them now with my justice you shall see this emerge in 2020 and a scarlet letter shall be hung around their necks for daring to touch My children, my anointed and daring to shift with the enemy, the plans of darkness instead of advocate and fight for the things of Almighty God and My Kingdom says the Lord of Hosts this day.

As George Washington cut down the cherry tree, or so the tale goes, I the Lord am taking an axe to the stump of these enormous diseased trees that have attempted to suck all the oxygen out of the room and have attempted to grow over and snare My anointed My children who are trees planted by rivers of water that yield forth their fruit in its season, whose leaves do not wither and whatever they do shall prosper, psalm 1. The fruit is now coming to season says the Lord I the Lord have my sickle in hand called righteous judgment for I the Lord am the righteous judge!

This year will be the year of the axe and the sickle says the Lord of Hosts!

My children shall have that sickle placed in their hands as they will work their harvests I am bringing to full crop, there shall be a bumper crop in 2020 for My children says the Lord of hosts this day! My children as they go forth in obedience staying the course and working the harvest I am blooming and giving them shall see a bumper crop pressed down shaken together and running over in order to go forth for My Kingdom and do what I have called them to do with greater precision potency and accuracy says the Lord for the mantle of supernatural favor shall rest upon their shoulders.
However, says the Lord the axe is to chop down and to bring down and there is an axe in my right hand as well says the Lord and the name of the axe is Justice and Vindication.

I the Lord God am taking the axe to the diseased stumps of these branded and entangled mess of these very crooked trees that grew in a winding and serpent like fashion because their roots were drinking from the rivers of darkness not of the living water of MY word says the Lord. The sickle is the hook I the Lord speak of in Ezekiel, putting a hook in their jaw, and I the Lord am doing the same. I have put the hook in the core of what drives them power, control, a thirst to oppress and depress in order to attempt to elevate their father the devil, I the Lord have put a hook in their jaw and in their core and am leading them in their delusions and illusions while the axe is being taken to their stump. And soon TIMBER shall be yelled, and the crash will be loud says the Lord and send shock waves and fear amongst those who were doing their bidding who will now be caught. Watch for advertisers to walk more and more amongst the news that will be humiliated by the truth and the big story will be they are not reporting the news but propaganda as Hitler attempted to use to harm My child Israel says the Lord. Look for that panic to ensue amongst those who have been the page boys and reporting dirt and mud thinking the people could not see through it. Oh, the mud will be washed away and the entangled web exposed underneath. Pigs and livestock play in the mud says the Lord and therefore they shall be branded as such says the Lord of Hosts this day.

Now the axe and the sickle look for the country that touts this, a complete shift and breaking news will come forth as these countries are dealt with who have been in dirty dealings with bureaucrats in the US and abroad, the blood will be exposed on the hands of those who were deep in it for they serve mammon not me says the Lord and mammon will turn them over and turn on them as I drop the axe says the Lord and mammon will high tail it out of there the coward that he is says the Lord.
As you see these things take place cleave unto Me for My children shall be under concentrated growth bulbs of My light and power and shall see incredible growth in 2020, new buds and new growth shall begin to emerge now and because of My power grow faster stronger and more beautiful in 2020 at an accelerated rate in order to demonstrate that I the Lord God know no bounds, I am not subject to the time of this world and I am far above their systems, this shall and will be demonstrated in 2020 watch for it and as it happens proclaim what the Lord has done, for I The Lord am the righteous judge, I am the Great I AM and your loving Father in Heaven. I am with you always even until the end of the age, I love you and Bless you in Jesus name.

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