Wednesday, February 5, 2020


I am God, I am Almighty, I am All Powerful. I am the same yesterday today and forever!! My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts higher than your thoughts. You MUST be willing to go through a process to get to the promise. Many are called but few are chosen because My children many abandon the process because they cannot control it, because it does not look like the painted fantasy they have concocted in their minds. Many do not want to roll up their sleeves and get down to work, down to the nitty gritty says the Lord God Jehovah. Even in the armies here on earth My children, training is hard, soldiers are taught and conditioned to endure all sorts of circumstances and situations so they can focus and continue the mission even among the noise. Soldiers My children are trained in noise, they are trained in less than ideal conditions because that is what they are entering says the Lord. They are NOT entering ideal but way less than ideal, they are entering war zones, they are entering areas that have been ransacked, they are entering areas where wickedness is on the rise says the Lord God Jehovah. Soldiers of the living God are very similar, and many drop off because they cannot handle less than ideal. My children I am training you in this season to hear through the noise, to persevere through the distraction, to push through the muck and the mire the enemy has attempted to spew in front of you says the Lord of Hosts this day. However, many, too many in the Kingdom of God demand ideal from Me and My servants in order to move at all says the Lord. If they cannot listen to and submit to instruction in the most difficult of circumstances how will they ever learn to be responsible in more ideal conditions if they are never taught the difference so they appreciate and cherish when they enter the promise says the Lord this day.

There is a reason many Jews never entered the promised land, they were the grumblers, the complainers that everything was less than their ideal. Even though I supplied for them above and beyond says the Lord. Their clothing NEVER wore out, their sandals NEVER wore out, they were given manna, they were given quail, they were rescued from one of the most cruel and oppressive regimes in history by MY hand and STILL so many of them REFUSED to follow MY instructions because the situation was NOT exactly what they wanted says the Lord. They attempted to control and manipulate Moses, they even brazenly attempted to manipulate My hand says the Lord God Jehovah. I am God ,I AM, and I do not yield and bow to the demands of fallen men in a fallen world who let their flesh lead and do not look beyond or seek My face in order to see and understand the plan I the Lord have set My mind to do for your good not your harm says the Lord!! In many ways Moses saw beyond, he truly had FAITH HE TRUSTED that when I the Lord spoke unto him that I would do exactly what I said says the Lord. Moses did not mind first being in with the herds, being immersed in the sheep, becoming a mere shepherd, many now a days would see as beneath them but it was indeed the fundamental building blocks, the fundamental foundation that I the Lord thy God built upon to raise him up to lead a nation, to have faith that when he raised his staff the red sea would part, that when I the Lord told them to apply the blood of the lamb to their doorposts, in faith Moses helped the Jewish people apply the blood of the lamb and TRUST that the blood of the lamb would truly cover them, protect them and keep them as that angel of death entered to finally bring the day of reckoning to Egypt for taking My firstborn Israel’s, firstborn children and feeding them to the crocodiles. Moses mother was a woman of extraordinary faith amongst an oppressed people says the Lord. That basket with that precious baby boy was sent down that river in FAITH that her God, Yahweh, was truly her deliverer and her protector. She took a step out in faith that many were too filled with fear to even pursue. However, Moses’s mother listened through the noise, focused through the noise and came forth triumphant in Me the Lord her God Elohim. Her courage, her extraordinary faith opened the door to raise a little baby boy up to be a leader of immovable faith and courage because the Spirit of the Lord was upon Moses. Perfect love casts out all fear My children. I am the God of that perfect Love. Be though Holy for I the Lord your God am Holy says the Lord.
Hearing the Lotus. The Lotus flower is very relevant.

Jay Sekulow says the Lord, I have prepared him, and I have walked with him and talked with Him. I have raised him up for such a time as this. The brilliance that will come forth from that man, the courage, the conviction, a beacon of light on a hill, speaking the wisdom that only comes from Almighty God during the den of lions says the Lord. The den of lions will not dare touch him for I have marked him and positioned him for such a time as this and I will give him vision and I will expose to him what is being plotted behind closed doors, revelation will come forth and he will emerge an incredible witness and mouthpiece for My Glory. For I the Lord have already ruled in the courts, the gavel has dropped and at My word the cases of those eager to oust as those jealous officials ruled by mammon attempted to oust Daniel to have him stripped of his position and his favor. I the Lord God Jehovah delivered him from mouths of the accusers and from the jaws of the lion and King Darius KNEW Beyond doubt that I am the most high God far above every principality, power and might and it was clear My FAVOR rested upon Daniel like a mantle. King Darius witnessed the salvation of the Lord.

The one who signed with the silver. Hamman and Judas both came into contact with silver, one to be paid into the king’s treasury for the extermination of the Jews and one given 30 pieces to betray the king of Kings and hand him over to the wicked Pharisees. The ones who have utilized the silver have come into agreement with their demise says the Lord. The one who signed with their name etched in silver, the one who betrays and attempts to usurp the plans of Almighty God using Silver will fall by the very means they attempt to poison others with says the Lord God Jehovah. The Power of Almighty God shall fall upon Washington DC, shall shake the foundations, shall shake and stir until the dross comes to the surface and all that muck and waste that weas concealed, I am breaking the seal says the Lord I am breaking the seal and what has been concealed shall be revealed. Those who sow a public fanfare, a public drama shall be put on display says the Lord thy God for all to see, shall star in their own public parade of all the rats coming forth from their dens and dwellings as the pied piper led them out so there will be those who sing that will lead them out publicly says the Lord.
There needs to be surrender, if MY people who are called by MY name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land. As I exposed to Elisha what the king said in his bedroom, plotted in His bedroom so I shall do the same and give that information unto my servants who will boldly come forth and expose it and shift the plans made in secret.

There are plans going up in smoke literally says the Lord thy God watch and see!
There are documents, documents that those who serve mammon, who serve the principality fighting to grasp Washington, to wrap its tentacles around Washington and keep it subjugated to that spirit, I the Lord shall cause Documents miraculously to emerge that is going to staunchly and suddenly change arguments, there will be a scramble and shock and awe as to how these documents were leaked. The media shall have the word sham smeared in areas that attempted to pull the wool over the eyes of the people, however I the Lord am opening eyes, I am correcting vision spiritually and naturally, I am sharpening insight, I am bringing clear vision, sharpness of insight shall emerge and it will be very very clear that My people can see what others ruled by entities cannot says the Lord.
The shofar shall blow this year across the land and across Israel for I am a God of Victory and in seeking Me and waiting on My plans to unfold there is victory says the Lord.
Hearing the name Ford, watch Ford says the Lord.

For I shall increase the wisdom, knowledge, and revelation of My children who have walked a difficult path and have been obedient in the midst of less than ideal circumstances, who have sung My praises in the midst of thunder lightening and rain.

Lightening strikes fast, furious, and with precision. I the Lord am precise and Those I speak My word to shall be potently precise as 2020 moves ahead. This is a breakout year for Many, they have been in training and now I the Lord shall break them out into the areas I will send them to be a light, and a testimony, and a living letter read by ALL men to those who hear their voice. Their voice shall be coated with anointing and shall contain fire and will go forth to heal, to convict, and to establish My Word, MY plans, and MY Purposes. Watch says the Lord go forth In Me and watch the miraculous happen before your very eyes thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts in Jesus name!

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