Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Rosh Hashanah 

Hearing: A New chapter, A New Chapter!

For many this Rosh Hashanah marks a new chapter in the lives of My children says the Lord
The ending of one era in their lives and the opening and entering into a new chapter
For many says the Lord of Hosts this new chapter will signify walking out the promises, cultivating the promises, growing in them that have been spoken over My children years prior says the Lord
This Rosh Hashanah marks new life, entering a sweeter chapter says the Lord of Hosts. That does not mean it will not be work My children, yes you will be working your harvests and collecting much mature fruit, however it will be a sweeter chapter of your lives.

For all the bitterness and the tears, and the sorrow I the Lord Thy God am adding an even greater measure of joy, of sweetness, of blessing and favor to your lives pressed down shaken together and running over says the Lord of Hosts
For what was stolen from you in years past My children, what the enemy and His henchmen and agents illegally took, I the Lord am restoring it back unto you through suddenly that include divine appointments and connections says the Lord.

What the Locust and the canker worm and the palmer worm have eaten I the Lord am restoring and causing to grow a double portion for you to work and receive says the Lord of Hosts.
The shofar of victory is blowing My children in the spirit and will manifest in the Natural and the resistance the enemy showed in seasons prior and leading up to this season even is going to be toppled.

I am putting down the rebellions says the Lord thy God, I am subduing their voices, stripping them of their power and influence and snatching away the reigns of control says the Lord
For those who attempted to through much pressure inject their will, their agenda, their selfish lusty desires into the plan I have for My children’s lives shall pay the price now for trespassing upon and tampering with blueprints and plans that were NEVER theirs to touch says the Lord.

Major victory, vindication, including in the legal arena for My children will exonerate and set them free says the Lord from a very old torturous chain the enemy had snared them in says the Lord, he has lost his hold, his grip his legal access to use agents and pawns to afflict says the Lord.
In this new Chapter many of you will embark upon new crafts, new opportunities, positioning in areas that will allow the room necessary foolish forward ad march on, new growth says the Lord
For in this new chapter there shall be much new growth however with new growth comes growing pains as you adjust and grow into the new roles I have set before you.
As you cross into these new territories I will open doors and provide in miraculous ways that will bring glory to my name says the Lord.

Just as Israel when they entered the promised land found themselves facing opposition, as I gave their enemies over into their hands as they obeyed , so I the Lord shall render your enemies and those who attempt to oppose what I m doing with you, powerless. They will be stripped of any ability to interfere, the enemy’s henchmen shall fold under the WEIGHT of My Glory and you shall march right through this new territory and see victory.

This is also a call to repentance my children, for if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven forgive their sin and heal their land.

The blows of the shofar are a call to battle, are for victory and are are a call of repentance
I am the Lord God Jehovah there is none like Me there is no power that can rival the power I have says the Lord. The Great I AM is visiting His people, I am visiting My people during this time. I am opening the windows of Heaven and not only pouring blessings into the lives of My children who have truly walked with Me,  but I am also blessing those with new Revelation about the Heavens, the Spirits, pertaining to My Word and what is happening in the world. Revelation shall come forth about leadership and large events that will provide deeper revelation how it pertains to MY Word says the Lord for I am the Word, in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the Word was God. Ask seek and knock and I shall cause your souls to receive deeper knowledge and understanding that will bring forth a rich wave of insight that is beyond what people can perceive on their own, the wisdom from the throne of God the spirit of Wisdom is bringing forth understanding and knowledge that will unlock doors and cause the remnant to go deeper with the Lord.
I am aligning things the rest of this year, I am securing the foundations says the Lord to cause My children to have a monumental year in 2020. You shall see the beginnings of this the remaining 3 months of the year, the positioning, I will be moving many pieces in your lives around, rearranging, uprooting, positioning, and moving that which is out of place into alignment. For everything will flow from a solid foundation says the Lord of My Word!

Like the sweetness of honey says the Lord shall I coat your lives with the sweetness of Almighty God.

Those who have drank the cup of bitterness and gall will now experience a season of sweetness, joy, triumph and peace says the Lord. It is a season to be watered and grow and be stretched into new unique areas for Kingdom building purposes says the Lord. Do not be so quick to judge something and say I the Lord do not have My hand in it for I am operating in unprecedented ways to bring forth, birth forth, something unique to this time. The gifts are unique to this time, opportunities unique to this time, Kingdom connections for such a time as this.

I am tunneling through says the Lord where the enemy cannot see me, and breaking new ground, it will be too late by the time he realizes and his agents realize what has been done. They will fall into the pit they dug for others, one push can throw them into the pits. Now is the time where it is done My way says the Lord or they can stay trapped in the pit. I am tying the hands of those who do not know how to keep them and their mouths off of My anointed says the Lord. I am shutting the mouths of the lions, the vipers, the gossipers and those who have a pattern of planting their dysfunctions into others lives. 

This is being shut down says the Lord and I am giving My children a hefty dose of vindication, Psalms 23, Isaiah 54:17, Psalms 35, and Psalms 91.  

You shall see the rewards and be exonerated of false accusation, that scapegoat spirit is being loos from you says the Lord. My anointed will not be the scapegoats for the outright rebellious deeds of the family line, or heads of business, in govt, they will no longer blamed for following Me, walking circumspectly before Me, choosing to walk and talk with their Abba Father, they will not be blamed for the broken disjointed reckless choices of those who think they can mix darkness and light in a tonic and expect not to get sick. For there are so many people’s spirits that are sick from doing so and it reflects fully in their lives.

SURPRISE! Says the Lord restoration when things begin to suddenly happen,well, they have been released. What the enemy illegally stole from you, took before its time, robbed you of, I am restoring back to you through divine connections, through sudden events I am restoring back to you and filling that area of your heart with joy once again. You shall see this the remainder of the year says the Lord, amazing surprises.

Important divine appointments are taking place, embrace them they are truly positioning your lives. Walk through that threshold with Me says the Lord. Do not be afraid of new territory, embrace it says the Lord and witness the sweetness break forth in your life, for what attempted to destroy you will be turned around for My glory and will cause sweetness to coat your life in this new chapter.  I am walking with you.

 My children, know I will never leave you nor forsake you and I am watching you grow up in the spirit and natural before My very eyes as you set your foot on new soil and salt and season it for My glory thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts in Jesus name!!!


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