Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Will see the names of false Greek gods and serpent like creatures attempting to claim territory and gain notoriety for themselves through the host they influence, you will see areas and businesses that have associated and opened the door to such drink the cup of consequence and I the lord shall bring them to shame for even attempting to lay claim on the earth says the Lord God Jehovah
Dannon oikos just began playing a commercial where the Greek god of war is the main character- seen 1.25.20

Salman bin Abdulaziz 
Mohammad bin Salman
Father and son keep your eyes on these leaders of Saudi Arabia a very embarrassing and shaming to their way of life type scandal will arise much hush money has been paid out in this one, the Lord thy God is going to expose it in Jesus name
1.22.20 a big story breaks that the Saudi crown prince is under high suspicion of hacking the phobe of amazon ceo jeff Bezos and putting some kind of software on it that was pulling tons of information off his phone. He is owner of the Washington post, and murdered reporter jamal Khashoggi and the Washington post was apparently of very high concern to the Saudi rulers

Watch Alaska
1.19.20 the shishaldin  volcano shot ash 5 miles into the sky, 28000 ft above sea level,  in an eruption dusting a small fishing village, the plume stretched 90 miles
1.22.20 9:53 PM 6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes in Alaska Aleutian islands

1.22.20 approx 530 pm the word was released: I the Lord shall cause Documents miraculously to emerge that is going to staunchly and suddenly change arguments, there will be a scramble and shock and awe as to how these documents were leaked. The media shall have the word sham smeared in areas that attempted to pull the wool over the eyes of the people, however I the Lord am opening eyes, I am correcting vision spiritually and naturally, I am sharpening insight, I am bringing clear vision, sharpness of insight shall emerge and it will be very very clear that My people can see what others ruled by entities cannot says the Lord.

1.22.20 Wednesday 10 pm Laura Ingraham exposes a chain of state dept emails tying alleged wkraine whistle blower to Obama white house meeting Burisma and the bidens
Now leaked Documents having to do with john Bolton where no one knows how these documents were leaked has occurred

I think this is just the beginning the Lord said documents plural, so I am expecting even more shocking ones to suddenly emerge


1.22.20 watch Ford

U.S. Navy (@USNavy)
It is week two for #USSGeraldRFord's at-sea testing of her Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMAILS) and Advanced Arresting Gear (AAG) technology. Testing will help inform improvements and modifications for Ford & follow-on Ford-class aircraft carriers. #NavyReadiness

A Royal announcement will be made in the spirit and the Natural says the Lord

Jan 10 2020
Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, had left the United Kingdom for Canada less than two days after she and Prince Harry made the shocking announcement that they would “step back” from their roles as senior members of the royal family, NBC News confirmed Friday.

Those who sow a public fanfare, a public drama shall be put on display says the Lord thy God for all to see, shall star in their own public parade of all the rats coming forth from their dens and dwellings as the pied piper led them out so there will be those who sing that will lead them out publicly says the Lord
Dawn Marie posting Chinese new year year of the rat and at the bottom corner is a peacock!

1.28.20 7.7 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Jamaica triggering a tsunami warning
1.25.20 written in my journal I heard TSUNAMI (show journal)

8.6.19: however says the Lord that lanyard is fracturing when a key player in the political arena breaks free from the chain because I the Lord shall set them free. They will be marked with a mark of protection as they become a major whistle blower. People will hardly believe that this individual jumped ship on their party and exposes the sinking ship, the giant gaping holes that fools attempt to stand in front of and spew ungodly hateful rhetoric as these gaping black holes swallow them up says the Lord.

12.16.19: Congressman Jeff van Drew of new Jersey a democrat left the party over impeachment and switched to the republican party, stating there was not enough evidence sufficient to convict

Talk about Coyote incident 1.27.20 am
12.23.19 peacock word: The enemy has attempted to come in a coyote or wolf pack he has attempted to swarm, overburden overwhelm and overrun, However the Lord thy God has given the orders from His throne and warring angels are being sent out to assist and break up their line of communication and central command. If they cannot communicate when they hunt it becomes confused and disorganized, Confusion greater than babyl is hitting the camp f the enemy coming down like javelins plunging into the middle the nucleus of their operations This came to pass for me real time am 1.27.20.

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