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Renewing The Covenant--Armor Up: Raising A Standard for the Glory of God (Shared on the August 12th, 2021 Broadcast)


Renewing The Covenant:

Armor Up: Raising A Standard For The Glory of God


HOWEVER, when the enemy attempts to come in, like a FLOOD the Spirit of the Lord your God will raise a Standard against him says the Lord God Elohim. My children, you may see chaos, rage, disorder, rebellion, HOWEVER,  I the Lord am raising a STANDARD in the midst, and with this standard I the Lord am raising the standard of My children during this time. For the enemy is attempting to shift the narrative attempting to shift in the spirit and carry it out into the natural, in an attempt to bring power and leadership under his control. There are those the enemy is using who are empty shells that have been filled as vessels with his hatred, darkness, rebellion, and lawlessness says the Lord of Hosts this day. The enemy is attempting to bring his interests and key players into agreement for in agreement there is power My children. HOWEVER, I the Lord God have already defeated him. I am far above any principality, power, and might, and I sit on the Throne, not him, I have always sat on the throne and will continue to rule and reign forevermore.

You shall see engineered rebellion, and those who protest, those who are spoon feed poison to speak into the younger generations, There shall be a righteous anger as I allow people to witness this interconnected web, people shall return unto Me and that righteous anger shall build and will fracture the lawlessness they are attempting to stir up in order to try and seize the law and manipulate and dominate it for their wicked purposes says the Lord of Hosts this day. The gate is closing on gates. My power will be made manifest stronger and more fierce than ever before says the Lord of Hosts this day. For the enemy shall not derail My plans, and just when he thinks he is causing rebellion,  fear, and lawlessness to rise enough to seize power, one blow from My mighty right hand shall bring it crashing down says the Lord of Hosts this day the Righteous Judge. I am the Righteous Judge and I shall righteously judge those who have given themselves over to the enemy. I shall take their speech and their ability to make any sound arguments says the Lord, they shall go mad and lose their voice of influence says the Lord. However, watch for those who arise who speak for others, those who should not be a part of leadership arise and suddenly do all the talking attempting to seamlessly weave their agendas. The people of this country are restless. I am allowing the pressure to birth forth vision, to bring people into focus to expose the agendas of the enemy to make a clear choice for those lost in confusion. You will see miraculous jaw-dropping events occur to suddenly turn the narrative, to scatter the enemy’s gangs, mules, and soldiers. As furious as they arise, they shall fall a double portion of that rage, and some of these rebellions will be supernaturally put down and fall faster than they ever arose says the Lord of Hosts this day

June 30, 2020:

I AM God there is NO OTHER! They can attempt to march and invoke the elements and call upon the names of demon heads however it will FALL SHORT says the Lord. For no weapon that is formed against you, against my anointed, against those I have appointed in leadership shall prosper says the Lord of Hosts this day! For the weapons of our warfare are NOT carnal BUT MIGHTY THROUGH GOD TO THE PULLING DOWN AND DESTRUCTION OF STRONGHOLDS, and I the Lord God am sweeping these areas with My power and strongholds in the spirit and the natural will come crashing to the ground. I the Lord will allow for a time in order to wake people from their slumber to expose to them to the depths of evil attempting to hijack a covenant nation, those who were asleep are waking up there are watchman arising on the walls who will sound the alarm, who will expose the plans of the underground network of those who serve darkness. 

 You shall see a shifting around the world. Loyalties shall shift as well, watch for this says the Lord God Jehovah. I AM a God of LAW AND ORDER and I shall operate through my anointed in leadership to sweep through and restore law and order for a spirit of lawlessness has attempted to hijack this country, a spirit of antichrist has attempted to as a wave come through a crash down in an attempt to stop My plans and harm and distract My children says the Lord, HOWEVER, I the Lord am raising a HOLY standard against these spirits attempting to mobilize and march through the land. These spirits love to lull people into yelling injustice! Hatred! They draw these people into extremes, HOWEVER, the fall from that is hard and sobering says the Lord God Jehovah.

History is attempting to be rewritten and is attempting to be rearranged to make a march to the top far easier for the front men and women those players and prognosticators behind the scenes have chosen. I will shake areas of the United States of America they will literally quake, this is a wake-up call says the Lord this is the valley of decision, says the Lord of Hosts this day. Choose this day, whom you will serve. Every day you have a choice, my children, every day you wake up and you are granted another day you have a choice whom you will serve, and every day you choose Me the Lord your God the enemy takes a hit to his Kingdom. Those the enemy is speaking with and instructing and grooming will fall says the Lord they will not be able to continue their mission for missions of the enemy are being aborted, dismantled, destroyed and dissipated says the Lord of Hosts this day, you shall see evidence of this in the natural, areas marked by the enemy for rebellion I the Lord God shall sweep through and My Glory shall descend upon that place and instead of rebellion there shall be revival! There shall be brokenness and surrender and they shall put down their swords and their allegiances to wicked groups that coiled and constrict like the serpent spirits whom dominate them. They shall disperse and put down their weapons seeing that their lives matter and are precious in the eyes of God. The cornerstones of these sinister operations shall fracture and split says the Lord. There are many cracks in the foundation that they have arrogantly ignored and By My power, their foundations shall split and what is upon it shall come down hard says the Lord of Hosts this day.

Hearing the word Placate (to make someone less angry or hostile) I the Lord am placating their hostilities and tempering it with My Spirit. Their rebellion has been judged, says the Lord God Jehovah, for I the Lord judge the thoughts and intents of the heart.

A harassing spirit has swirled around these groups HOWEVER, I the Lord will continue to dismantle tear down and destroy their plans their resources their channels their leadership for I the Lord am the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords and if it is rebellion they want so the fruit of their labors they shall receive their wage in full for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus your Lord says the Lord of Hosts this day.

The Leadership in New York, I am the righteous Judge, they have been found wanting with the blood of others smeared upon them and there must be recompense and a rectification of what has been done. Watch for events in NY with the leadership that will leave many shocked and taken off guard says the Lord God Jehovah! The time has come for rectification, for recompense, for My Spirit to sweep through and do much house cleaning including in the church for judgment begins in the house of God. And there will be a stepping down and removal of many leaders whose smoke and mirrors and high life is up says the Lord God Jehovah!! TIME IS UP! There is a changing of the guard and I the Lord God am bringing in those who speak with fire, and power and walk in the true authority of Almighty God, their Father in Heaven! This is a time of great CHANGE.

July 7, 2021 :

and says the spirit of the Lord this day hold fast my children to your faith, faith is a weapon - praise is a weapon -the weapons of your warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down and destruction of strongholds and in this hour says the Lord thy God this day sophisticated arguments of principalities of leadership of those in congress of leaders of states - sophisticated arguments of those corrupted in my house shall be destroyed and cast down in this hour says the Lord - for I am the righteous Judge says the Lord thy God this day - I am Holy - be thou Holy - for I am Holy says the Lord and says the spirit of the Lord this day get your house in order my children get in order with me - get in order with my will - get in order with my Word in this hour - for much change is upon you and I the Lord thy God - when I do things it is unprecedented and when I the Lord thy God choose leadership - I look into the deepest inner parts of the heart says the Lord thy God this day.

May 24, 2021: 

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, I have equipped MY children, and I have given you a living and active word, USE it for I the Lord thy God in this hour am raising a STANDARD the enemy has no answer for and neither do the lost or those who serve his interests says the Lord.

This standard shall be (online) (Unlike) ANY OTHER says the Lord, as I so raised a standard at the Red Sea, as I so raised a standard against Goliath, as I the Lord so raised a standard with Elijah on Mt. Carmel as I raised a standard with Noah, as I raised a standard with My Son Jesus Yeshua, as I raised a standard with the disciples on Pentecost, so I the Lord your God shall raise a great standard, the flood shall not penetrate, and this standard shall cause the current of the wicked to reverse, they shall be caught in their own quagmire.


2 Corinthians 10:4-6 NKJV

For the weapons of our warfare are not [a]carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ, and being ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled.

James 4:7

Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.

Isaiah 59:19

So shall they fear
The name of the Lord from the west,
And His glory from the rising of the sun;
When the enemy comes in like a flood,
The Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.

This battle is happening in the realm of the Spirit First, we under the authority of Jesus Christ have been given power to trample upon serpents and scorpions and against ALL the power of the enemy. We have an authority that the enemy has attempted to use many devices, including infiltrating the church to attempt to fracture that authority and that agreement. 1 can put a 1000 to flight BUT 2 can put 10,000 to flight according to the word. You see these sophisticated, corrupt vile individuals behind all this were working together in agreement, the most vile, the occult one of the first things they are taught is agreement because there is power in agreement. That’s why in Genesis the Lord in the valley of Shinar, confused the languages of those building the tower of babel because they were in AGREEMENT, and even though their intentions were wicked, thinking they were going to build something to overthrow God (doesn’t that sound familiar) that agreement was bringing forth a power that was enabling them to move forward, BUT GOD, But God the righteous Judge ruled and fractured the agreement and SCATTERED them so they could not work together. This should be praying, Lord in the name of Jesus Christ I petition you to CONFUSE the plans of the wicked and corrupt, to confuse their technologies, confuse their channels of communication, and scatter them, let God arise and let HIS enemies be scattered. Lord scatter them where they no longer have an ability to work together to persecute your people, to destroy this covenant nation.

In This hour the Lord is raising a STANDARD for His people. He is requiring us calling us DEEPER with Him, calling us in this hour to armor up, and in great Faith, as giants are faced in the land, great faith as we face the walls of Jericho, great Faith as we look at the Red Sea, great faith as the Hamans are attempting to send out their edicts. This is an hour of great faith, faith is a weapon of our warfare that is not CARNAL BUT mighty Through God to the pulling down and destruction of strongholds. The Lord needs to lead us in this battle, to go before us. We NEED HIM to be victorious in this battle, We NEED Him first in this nation to have the victory. And in this hour this is vigilante justice as in Egypt, the Lord said to Pharaoh and the principalities ruling Egypt “You have MY child and I want him back, and I will do whatever I need to frogs, locusts, rivers turning to blood, darkness, I will break the laws of nature to get them back because MY children are coming with ME The Lord their God!!”

In the same way in this hour the Lord they God is saying “ You have MY covenant nation, the brother to Israel, and I want it back, I want MY people back and In this hour if I have to shake everything and defy natural laws and bring it to the midnight hour to lead you into an ambush, I the Lord am going to do so. Let the United States of America GO!!!”

The Lord in this hour is raising up a new breed of warrior, believers filled with intense faith, intense conviction, who are filled with the truth of God that is a double-edged sword, who are filled with Fire, who know who they serve and He is on the Throne, who understand and operate in the power of the Lord, and who are equipped in different avenues and areas that are sharpened and have the acuity to speak with the spirit of the Lord, the Favor of God upon them, and destroy sophisticated arguments in this hour all the way to the highest courts in the land! The wicked have the backing of a fallen host, WE have the Spirit of the Living God Ruach Elohim going before us and it needs to be in that ORDER, for the spirit of lawlessness that has attempted to fill these puppets and overtake this land is meeting a standard a HIGHER standard a stronger standard The Spirit of the Living God on the Throne who is ruling and executing His judgments in this hour and equipping those with ears to hear and eyes to see, those who are willing to humble themselves before the Lord and be used as a weapon and a vessel in this hour where sophisticated arguments the wicked thought could not be fractured, weaken, and destroyed WILL BE. The enemy has attempted to speed up the clock to get ahead of the Lord’s timeline in his desperation, this is part of the lawlessness and why this spirit is so heavily moving right now, However, the Lord is going to put the clock and timetable back in its place and as we witness this and are utilized by the Lord MANY will fall from their high positions, there will be many casualties, because they are fighting the Lord, these puppets, disposable puppets,m the enemy is using right now for HIS agenda are challenging and fighting the Alpha and Omega, it did not end well for Pharaoh and Egypt and it will NOT end well for them! However we need to Armor up, fill ourselves with the word of God which is the sword of the Spirit, walk in repentance, and know our place, God knows everything we know nothing, it is the Lord that equips us and fills us with all wisdom council might and power, he is the author and finisher of our faith, obediently doing what he has CALLED US TO DO giving all Glory to Him as we go forth.

The wicked, the corrupt live by “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” do whatever you want and that’s the law, they have disguised this as “tolerance” however this is an idea that was touted by Aleister Crowley one of the  most wicked men that ever lived

Truly in this hour it should be “ Do what the Lord Wills For he is a God of Law and Order”

We all have to make sacrifices right now and, for me, it's hard to travel because I have a husband with a traumatic brain injury, Chris, and he comes with me, and we are making the sacrifice and traveling and leaving the sanctuary in very capable hands to go speak out around the country and take a stand with what's happening.

Ephesians 6:10-13

 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. 11 Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the [a]wiles of the devil. 12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of [b]the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. 13 Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

A Prophetic Update, Fulfilled Prophecy, and Insight (Andrew Cuomo Prophecy Comes to Pass, California, Kamala, Joe Biden) from August 12th, 2021 Broadcast

May 22, 2020: Watch the capital of New York (Albany) watch those in the political arena reemerge as two-headed snakes with one head doing the talking for the other, that is unable to do the job at hand, however, that serpent shall be caught and eradicated says the Lord God Jehovah.

10.31.2020 And I the Lord am judging leadership in states that think they can wave Almighty God off. In 2021 Mr. Cuomo indeed will be issued a heavy blow for the indignant, smug, defiant rebellious position he has taken against the Holy pleasing acceptable things of Almighty God,

December 28, 2020, an event in the capital of NY Albany that is going to set the tone says the Lord of Hosts.

From this, I spoke forth under the anointing of the lord that before the end of 2021 Andrew Cuomo would be removed 



California, something’s coming with California and that governor that is in California, that what he is doing is going to backfire on him, he is sowing a field of landmines, and those landmines, now symbolically I’m speaking here and those landmines are going to go off and when they do, he is going to have such a mess on his hands, he’s not going to be able to continue what he’s doing, and he’s openly challenging and the Lord’s going to meet that challenge.  God is going to rise to the occasion as He always does.  So keep your eyes on California, keep your eyes on the San Andreas fault line, because something’s coming with that fault line, it’s becoming unstable. 


The Governor of California will have to step down for what has been done in the dark, will be exposed. Concerning his public and personal affairs says the Lord and it will be that last bit of weight that buckles the entire condemned bridge, that he helped destabilize along with his band of cohorts scattered across that state. 


California, Nevada and those areas in the west shall see another shaking the Governor of California has a small window of time to surrender says the Lord, for those who once spoke so boldly against the President, have adjusted their tune says the Spirit, they have been put in a position of vulnerability where they need to come into agreement and work with the administration says the Lord, there is a dual movement taking place. Simultaneously while some are being elevated others are being subdued, opposite directions says the Lord.

California and New York the two bookends there is a reason this is happening almost simultaneously the removal of both governors on both coasts and both blue states


For the weapons of our warfare are not [a]carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ, and being ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled.

The more we obey, because not everyone is going to agree with or like the assignment the Lord has given you, and you have to discern between the Lord and what the flesh wants, however truly when it comes down to it I have to please just 1 and that is almighty God

July 7th 2021

The weapons of your warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down and destruction of strongholds and in this hour says the Lord thy God this day sophisticated arguments of principalities of leadership of those in Congress of leaders of states - sophisticated arguments of those corrupted in my house shall be destroyed and cast down in this hour says the Lord - for I am the righteous Judge says the Lord thy God this day - I am Holy - be thou Holy - for I am Holy says the Lord and says the spirit of the Lord this day get your house in order my children get in order with me - get in order with my will - get in order with my Word in this hour - for much change is upon you and I the Lord thy God - when I do things it is unprecedented and when I the Lord thy God choose leadership - the momentum will be picked up now the pace with how quickly leaders come down, their closest of confidants who helped them commit despicable, and I mean despicable deeds shall jump ship to save themselves, because for many advisers if they do not their careers will go down in ash with these leaders ALL THE WAY TO THE WHITEHOUSE.

Kamala means "lotus flower," a plant holding deep meaning in Indian culture. Harris describes the flower in her memoir as growing underwater, with flowers that rise above the surface, with roots planted firmly in the river's bottom.

January 22 2020 Word

Hearing the Lotus. The Lotus flower is very relevant.

August 12 2020 she is picked as VP candidate, 1 year exactly from today, and without knowing any of this the Lord prompted me to the day 1 year later about her name


Lotus flowers are mainly available in six colors, including white, pink, yellow, red, blue, and purple. 


What color was warn the day of that very dark inauguration, PURPLE


Lotus flowers play a vital role in Buddhism. They generally represent spiritual awakening, purity, and faithfulness. This belief roots from the fact that lotus flowers emerge from muddy waters. 


What happens in muddy waters, you can't see, it's clouded its dirty, it's unpure


There is more to this that I am still discerning and looking into


Hearing a dark horse-a candidate or competitor about whom little is known but who unexpectedly wins or succeeds.  This is a political term


Joseph- He will add"

Biden: Dweller by the down


Definition of to live in or at a specified place

Definition of down: toward or in a lower place or position


Joe Biden- To live in a lower place or position ( there is a deeper meaning here because of what is to come)


Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Amanda Grace Talks...A Prophetic Dream & Word: Releasing An Attack Through Buildings Ducts! Streamed live on August 2, 2021

I wasn't expecting to go on tonight until I had this dream last night and we need to talk about it because it's going to be in play now what's going on… 

I woke up around 4:30am very suddenly from the dream and it was at 4:30am that my wonderful husband, Chris decides to throw all the lights on in the bedroom, get dressed and take the dogs out for a walk and so that was a whole other ordeal, but it gave me some time to process the dream I just had so that wasn't such a terrible thing, so let me tell you the dream - I got on the phone with Barbara, because I know the dream is super important - I know it's a warning from the Lord and I know I have to put it out, so I got on the phone with Barbara this afternoon and we discussed it and praised the Lord, we started gleaning from it and the Lord started giving insight about it and this is what I’m discussing with you tonight, but first I’m going to tell you what the dream was, because I only remembered one part of this dream, and this was it and the dream was… I was in an operational area of a building like it's normally in the basement part of the building where it's all the ductwork - all the ductwork for their air systems - It's got the controls too, for many things you probably got circuit breakers down there - that's where I was - it was grayish in color - there was a very tall man there and I’m talking over seven feet tall,  blonde hair, that was short, dressed like a golf course elite type, so I started out standing in this area and he said let's do a test run and see what happens and he was all excited about this and suddenly they pump something through all the ducks and next thing I know,  I’m in a hospital bed - now I was covered in white - I had a white covering on me, so I was protected However, I felt so sick and fluish, so fast, I could barely speak - this man said, do you want me to turn it down, now I’m shaking my head, yes, but I don't know if he's listening to me or he's discussing it with somebody else - it was at that point the Lord woke me up and brought me out of the dream, so this was the dream, now we're gonna discuss what does it mean -this is a warning from the Lord, because he wants his people to be aware right now and he wants them to be safe, so this is not to put fear into you - this is to equip you with the knowledge of the truth you need to be safe right now and to be aware - now when Barbara and I began to break this down - this is what we got - pneumos is a prefix for breathing and respiration, so this has to do with a spirit that is launching something through people to attack, once again, people's lungs - it's controlling, it's manipulating, it's an airborne substance-bacteria -now Barbara brought up that it may have to do with another form of anthrax going back to 911 and what happened, but the interesting part of this was, it produces pneumonia-like symptoms, because that's how I felt I could barely speak and something came to the two of us and it was legionnaires disease, because that is something that travels through the air ducts - like in cruise ships, hotels, corporate buildings, subways, nursing homes, hospitals - there is a plot to try to induce a very serious sickness upon the people through ventilation systems - the man that was standing there, that was over seven feet tall was not an angel, he was a monitor, his name is monitor, he was a monitor there for whatever reason - he represents something that is being monitored - this is an experimentation that is being monitored, so they can then implement it - they're experimenting in different ways of annihilation on the people and now they're starting their more aggressive 

annihilations that nobody even knows would be coming through air ducts and would be coming through ventilation systems - it looked like a hospital where I was, but it was the basement part -ventilation part -circuitry part of it where things run from - now to give you an idea of what legionnaires disease is because this is something like this - I’m not saying this is what it's going to be and neither is Barbara, but it is something like this - legionnaires disease is a severe form of pneumonia - it is a lung inflammation usually caused by infection - it's caused by a bacterium known as legionella - now isn't it interesting, it's a legion, because in the word of God, when Jesus questioned the demoniac - it was he - what was in him, answered that they were - their name was legion for they were many, so most people catch things like legionnaires disease, from inhalation, so from inhaling it, it becomes airborne and once it gets into the ventilation system, it can travel and affect a wide variety of people all at once, so older adults and smokers and people with weakened immune systems are particularly susceptible to things like this - it can also cause a milder illness resembling the flu, so it's something that has come up before in air ducts - it's something that has happened before, but I think it's going to be a mutation of this - it's not going to be exactly legionnaires, so in this dream, they were doing a test run in this back basement area, pumping it through the ventilation system and the ductwork - it was airborne and it was being pumped through the building, so think about nursing homes, schools, hospitals, subways, cruise ships, hotels, apartment complexes, targeted ones, not all apartment complexes, anywhere where they think people are compromised, even section eight - Barbara had brought up or people where they feel they're vulnerable - those are places that are being focused on - what happened in the dream with the test run is they pumped it too fast through the system and I was representing the people in the hospital, so I could witness this and I got sick way too fast in the dream, way, way, way too fast, so that's when he said, do you want me to turn it down, so this is something that is highly controlled and the thing is, that the corrupt, the wicked, the enemy, they're desperate right now and they're very desperate, because they know their time is short and they don't have too much to run on right now - controlling the people is what they are focusing on - controlling them through fear - controlling them through forced shots - controlling them through media - controlling them through other means, so they will try to pull every switch they can to make these areas darker - that's what Barbara said, so much resurfacing right now - that God is revealing all of this - there's so much that's coming back full circle from the time around 911 that is resurfacing now in the middle of all of this, so their corruption is propelling them to do these things within public places, care facilities, hospitals, and other areas - this has all been planned and orchestrated and Barbara kept hearing the word utopia as we're on the phone breaking this down, because some of these people actually believe they're in utopia already -utopia had to do with a book that was written “Men Like Gods”, go look at this at the synopsis of that book - go look at this - it was written in the 1940s - go look at the synopsis of that book - the Lord, right now, is warning his people - he's warning his people through prophetic voices - he's warning his people in this hour and he's warning his people in specific areas - this is something the Lord had me dream, because I had to see it - I had to see the duct work to understand what was going on - I had to see what they were doing - I had to see it, so at times when the Lord needs me to see it, instead of going into the spirit of flow and prophesying that way, he'll give it to me in a dream or vision, so I can see in detail what is happening, so air ducts and ventilation systems are to pay close attention to that right now in certain areas - it also has to do with temperature, what comes out and what goes in - they're monitoring everything to make sure they have the right amount of air coming out with the substance in it - with the right temperature, because around the time of October, all of a sudden people with colds and flu skyrocket - all of a sudden, every year around the time of fall, you begin to see a change in people's health - now interestingly enough, we were talking about this, about it being fall or winter around the time they try this - going into fall or winter would be around the time you would see this suddenly happen and it's interesting because Barbara had said they will not be safe in these underground tunnels that they go into, in 10 different directions to try to hide and she said, what will they do when the Lord commands the rocks to fall on them in these underground tunnels - what will they do at that point, because they were in the basement area of the building - they were    underground - they were where all the ventilation is - they were where all the inner workings were - that's where they were - now this is not to invoke fear, but to warn people, so they will be wise to it, aware of it, prayed up for wisdom and they'll be safe - you see God wants to warn his people, so they'll be safe, so they'll be aware of this before it even happens and this is when Barbara and I, we were praying on the phone - this is what the Lord said - he said, I give these dreams to my prophets, to the obedient, I am using these dreams now, as I did in the Old Testament, my beloved, nothing has changed, I still operate in the prophetic my children, so right now he is giving these dreams - he is giving - he's going deeper - he is giving more detail to his children that are listening - that's why those with eyes to see and ears to hear, hear what the spirit has to say, now this is something very specific because this has to do with a vents’ ventilation system in schools, hospitals, care facilities, even potentially lower-income apartment complexes, subways, hotels, and cruise ships - this has to do with the ventilation systems in these areas and what they're going to pump through it – now, if we start praying now, they're going to get caught in the middle of it, they're going to get caught and the media is not going to be able to backtrack and backpedal on this, because remember in the dream, he made a mistake, he pumped it in too fast and people got sick way too fast, but I represented in that dream the people they're going to experiment on and the people, they're probably already beginning to experiment on those who don't have any idea, yet that's what I represented in the dream, but he pumped it too fast - he pushed it through too fast, so in a way, the gun was jumped a bit and this is how I believe, they're gonna get caught in this - this is how I believe, they're gonna get caught in this - they came on a little too strong, too - so remember that as you pray that - that is a key part of the dream as well - as all the duct work and the ventilation and that area of  larger working facilities - I wouldn't be surprised if they did it in the subways again - there is a high concentration of people in the subways and they have experimented on the American people and subways before - it was way back, I think during the time of Truman, so they have done this before, but there's a lot of things coming back around full circle right now - from 9 11 - from further back than that - that is going to make a re-appearance - you may even hear all of a sudden in the news legionnaires disease again - you may actually hear that as a confirmation in the news going towards fall and winter,  so this is why the Lord is warning now, because he wants you to pray - he wants you to be aware - he wants you to be safe - he wants you to know he is ahead of you, your steps are ordered - he has seen ahead - he is seeing what they're doing - he is seeing what they're doing in this area and he now is exposing it and he is warning the people - he wants the people warned and protected -  you should praise God that we have a God that sees ahead and that warns us before it even happens, so we could be prayed up and prepared and aware for when it does and if we start praying right now for this to be exposed, it will, because this was a very large facility by the way,  this sickness, bacteria, got pumped through - this was not a small facility - they were beginning and this could even be the first facility they started and it's like a domino effect from there, but it was a very large facility, enormous amount of ductwork in this facility, so that's something we have to keep in mind too and I was in a what…hospital bed in that facility which leads me to 

believe hospitals and care facilities are going to be a focus for them when they do this and certain 

ones, so if you have loved ones in hospitals and care facilities, start praying now for their protection and start praying now for the Lord to expose which ones they're going to attempt to hit because, they will attempt it - they will and I’m going to tell you something, last time legionnaires were spoken of, I can't even tell you how many years ago, it must have been maybe almost 10 years ago and it had to do with cruise ships - there was an outbreak on the cruise ships of it all of a sudden, so now this is coming back around, but it's not only going to be cruise ships, that's just a tiny, tiny part of it - you may hear of maybe one, that ends up with it - they're looking at a bigger prize here - they are looking at bigger facilities because what they're trying to do is send out destroyers and experiment on the people - the best ways of annihilation, now why do they keep attacking the lungs… the Lord wants you to know this, watch the VA hospitals - thank you Samuel W for putting that - watch the VA hospitals in the middle of all of this too, but why does it appear they keep focusing on the lungs… remember I 

couldn't talk, my lungs were affected in the dream to show what they were doing - now the reason they keep trying to attack the lungs and they keep sending out destroyers, having to do with the lungs is because if people have shortness of breath, they can't exert themselves and fight, because if you just had a slight headache or a little ache in your elbows, you could still fight, but you need your lungs in good working condition to fight - this is about disabling the people, starting with potentially the vulnerable first and then going after the healthy - this is about disabling the people and attacking their lungs again, so they can't fight, why, because they know from the first round of what they did, whatever it is they released, people have a lot of scar tissue on their lungs right now, so this is why you see these little experimentations, like tuberculosis outbreaks happening in these states and you don't really hear of tuberculosis - Tuberculosis affects the lungs - legionnaire's disease affects the lungs - you need the lungs to speak - you need the lungs to pray - you need the lungs to fight, so they're going after one of the organs that you desperately need to stand up and fight and speak and stand against and speak against what they're doing, so this is why this keeps circling back to the lungs - the duct system has to do with airborne - you breathe it in - you breathe it in - it goes into your lungs, so then you have those that are fighting, you know, asthma and COPD, and all these other issues too, so begin to strengthen your lungs now anyway you can, through peak flow, through consulting with a doctor you trust - consulting with a holistic doctor you trust or an osteopathic doctor you trust and begin to take measures to protect now, because with that, the lungs they know you need it to fight, so this is why this keeps circling back and circling back and circling back to the lungs and once scar tissue ends up on the lungs - you have to be a little more careful or they're scarring some of that can heal, but they're doing this, in a sort of desperate rapid fire motion, remember once again, in the dream, this gentleman who was not on the good side, let's put it that way, got two overly excited about this and aggressive and pumped it way too fast through the ductwork, so what happens is people got sick way too fast and it was suspicious and then all of a sudden he says, what do you want me to pull it back, meaning do you want me to abort this mission a bit, do you want me to stop doing it for a moment, do you want me to pull it back, so then because if he kept going at that point, they were gonna get caught right there - you see what I’m saying, so he was asking to pull it back for the sake of the mission and for the sake of themselves not getting caught and for the sake of the plan, so it's very interesting that this dream came now and it was the only part I was allowed to remember you know the Lord says, let everything that has breath praise the Lord in his Word, in his Word, it says let everything that has breath praise the Lord, that we will sing unto the Lord a new song - we sing unto the Lord, all the earth, so this is something that death and life are in the power of the tongue - to speak, you need the lungs, so in God's Word, the mouth is very important, either for death or for life - the occult which is intertwined in this whole disaster wants to stop people's ability to activate the word of God, because it's power and it's power in the realm of the spirit - they don't have an answer for, because they serve a fallen host - they don't serve Almighty God, they do not serve the One who rules and reigns on the throne forevermore - they serve a fallen host that was a created being -that's who they serve and what they want to do is try to weary people right now, so they can't speak and activate their faith and activate the Word and speak in faith and watch events occur, the Word of God says, if we have faith the size of a mustard seed, we can say to this mountain be thou lifted up and removed and cast into the sea - they know this - they want to weary people and prevent their ability to speak out and to fight and this is why you keep seeing the lungs focused on for this very reason, so I know this is something a little heavy-duty and serious, but the Lord wanted it put out there to warn the people to be aware and to look for around the time of fall early winter for this to occur - look for around that time, for it may even be released slightly earlier than that, because the gentleman in the dream was no gentleman at all, he's a monitor,  jumped the gun, went a little too fast, got a little too overly eager, so you could even watch for the time going into fall, perhaps around the beginning of September,  mid-September, even for the beginning mutterings of this to occur - The Lord wants his people prayed up, ready, warned and safe, so remember that that He loves you with an everlasting love, he sent the Holy Spirit, he's known as the Elohim in the Old Testament, in the New Testament he's known as the Ruach Hakodesh and he sent the counselor to us to counsel us and to reveal things to us, so that the Lord could speak to us, so then we, in turn, can bring his name glory first and foremost and we can warn when things are being plotted because, the Lord sees all things and He knows all things and in the Book of Numbers, it says your sin will find you out - this is why people are trying to launch preemptive strikes right now - this is why there are other things going on in nature,  because the Lord is allowing things to be shaken and stirred for a reason to bring all that settled at the bottom to the surface and that iceberg is still in play - that iceberg is still in play - the heaviest part has now gotten so heavy, the iceberg is going to flip and we're seeing all this stuff come to the surface now that was in the deepest darkest depths of the ocean and the Spirit of the Lord is moving, so much that Chet is singing in back of me right now if you can hear it - he's singing so praise Almighty God, praise to His name, he gives these things in his mercy - he doesn't have to - I take it seriously when he does - we give him all the glory for that and be prayed up about this - be prayed up and be aware right now, because the Lord is going to take his people deeper right now - he's going to take them into more detail - Barbara heard the word acuity - he's going to give them more acuity to know his voice and to hear what the spirit is  saying, in this hour, and we praise Almighty God for that and you know what, let me tell you something, packs of hyenas only work together until they don't, and then they turn on each other, 

packs of hyenas are incredibly aggressive and they hunt in packs to try to take down large prey -the problem is they're very vicious and they turn on each other and they will attack and literally try to devour - I’m not just talking about having an opinion about something, devour their own, so I know other people that have seen hyenas and visions lately and they turn on each other especially when things begin to go very wrong - they turn on each other and things are going to begin to go very wrong with this and get a little ahead of themselves in this and that's when you're going to see this come out more and more in the open and this plot and even targets the Lord is going to start to reveal targets to people, specific targets, that they're going to hit cities,  subways, hotels, hospitals, the Lord thy God is going to reveal specific targets in this hour, you know why, because he sees into the deepest depths that man can't and what the corrupt thing he doesn't, see, he sees it all, so he's going to reveal specific targets in this hour and give very specific information, to bring His name glory, to equip his people, and to get everybody ready for what is about to happen, because it is always the most pressure-filled and painful and exhausting right before birth, remember I’m saying this right now for what we're about to go into, it is always the most pressure-filled and painful and exhausting, for those of you out there who have had children, right before giving birth, in fact, I’ve heard giving birth compared to blowing a turkey out your nose, which I’m sure is not too far off, but that's what happens and just when you think you can't go anymore, it's too painful and it's too exhausting and you can't push anymore - that one final push that comes from the deepest parts of you brings the birth and when the birth happens, the pain departs and there is joy - weeping may endure for a night, my children, but joy cometh in the morning, says the Lord - says the Lord, this is going to be a bit of the weeping part, but in the process of it, God's people are going to be risen up with such fire and accuracy and acuity that it is going to make the kingdom of darkness tremble - it is going to make the corrupt very nervous, because and I heard this today, and actually Barry Wunch said it when we had him on Window into the Supernatural, which we'll be playing later on this week, this is the Elisha moment where the Lord is going to tell the Elisha's and the prophetic voices and those in tune with him, what the kings and leaders are saying in their bedrooms - are plotting in their bedrooms - are plotting behind closed doors - this is the crescendo of that Elisha moment - that is happening now, in this hour, where the Lord is going to give the information to his people of what the king and the leaders and the corrupt are plotting in their bedrooms, in their offices, in their tunnels, in their bunkers, in their secret meetings, on their islands, remember I said that, on their islands, on their tarmacs, remember that too, what they are plotting - God is going to tell and reveal to his people, in order to warn his people, so they can be prayed up, ready, equipped,  their armor on, and be waiting for them when they try - all glory be to God, we give God all the 

glory and praise for this - we do - we do and I can feel the presence of the Lord moving, so strongly in this office right now, so I’m just going to wait on the Lord for a moment because this is when the Lord wants to speak…. 

This is where the Word of the Lord came forth…

Friday, August 6, 2021

A Word from the Lord on the August 2nd, 2021 Broadcast (A Prophetic Dream & Word: Releasing An Attack Through Buildings Ducts!)

The Spirit of the Lord says this day.

The pressure is building my children. The pressure is building says the Lord. However, pressure can be utilized says the Spirit of the Lord this day for the good, or for the evil says the Lord. For pressure says the LORD, when applied properly, can create a diamond, can create something that reflects light, can create something that is multifaceted. Or says the Spirit of the Lord this day pressure can be applied, and those can be crushed under the weight of it. It can break them, it can break their plans. It can completely derail their lives. Pressure says the LORD thy God this day is a two-way street.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day and this hour you shall see that two-way street. You shall see pressure operating in both ways. You shall see pressure to reflect the incredible light of God in this hour, to reflect the light of God says the Lord in the darkness in a way that it never has, to reflect a very potent light and power that comes from me says the Spirit of the Lord this day. Or you will see says the Spirit of the Lord this day, the pressure crush those that were not prepared, says the Lord, that we're not seeking me, that were corrupted, that we're chasing things of the world they had no business chasing to begin with, that they fooled themselves with delusions of grandeur into believing I told them to go in that path. And says the Spirit of the Lord this day I am bringing correction in this hour to those people, I am bringing correction in this hour, and I am making it clear says the Spirit of the Lord this day, what is my voice, and what is a counterfeit, says the Lord, what is my voice says the Spirit of the Lord this day and what is the flesh.

For this hour says the Spirit of the Lord this day I will be the dividing line. I will be the two-edged sword that penetrates to that dividing line, that draws that dividing line, that separates wheat from tear, truth from lie, that separates truth and deception, that separates light and darkness says the Spirit of the Lord this day. I shall be that two-edged sword because I am the word. In the beginning, was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God and it is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword penetrating to the dividing line of soul and spirit of joint and marrow and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

And in this hour says the Spirit of the Lord this day. I am increasing the accuracy and the potency of discernment in my people. I am sharpening it says the Spirit of the Lord this day. Iron sharpens iron. And I says the spirit of Lord this day shall be that iron, shall be that power that sharpens my people in the midst of events that are about to occur that may not look like it makes sense, that may look like it's a setback says the Spirit of the Lord this day. But it is not a setback, says the Lord it is a setup. And when I do something says the Spirit of the Lord this day, when I give the strategy says the Spirit of the Lord this day it is unprecedented. It is powerful. It is brilliant, says the Spirit of the Lord this day.

And I say the Spirit of the Lord this day am activating and putting in place a setup says the Spirit of the Lord this day. I have set a trap says the Spirit of the Lord this day and those in their wickedness and their delusions of grandeur that are overly eager for more power, that are overly eager to advance their territory, that are showing false humility says the Spirit of the Lord this day, that are saying all the right things but in their soul, it is a jumbled, mangled mess of thorns and briars and darkness and confusion. I am exposing it says the Spirit of the Lord this day. I am going forth, says the Lord into all areas of leadership, and I am exposing it says the Lord.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day. The Rose Bowl. Watch for around that time as well says the Spirit of the Lord this day for massive events to take place. And says the Spirit of the Lord this day. They will attempt their breakouts, and they will attempt to send their destroyers, just as Egypt attempted to send their destroyers. However, I the Lord sent out a destroyer that was way more powerful than their gods, and their people and their Pharaoh who they worshipped as a God, which was merely a man. And I am exposing how truly weak these leaders are, who has been built up into an image of golden Nebuchadnezzar's, and of golden idols and of Golden Sun gods and of golden calves. I am exposing it says the Spirit of the Lord this day, I am exposing just how weak they are and how the images are greater than the men and the women. The image, the hologram says the spirit of Lord this day that's been projected all the way overseas to the idolatrous Red Dragon. Their holograms they have perfected and they have put out and they have attempted to set up on their thrones, I am short-circuiting their technology says the Lord. I am introducing bugs that they have never seen before says the Spirit of the Lord this day. And I will allow events of biblical proportion, events having to do with weather pattern and plates and animals to come forward says the Spirit of the Lord this day to prove the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. The earth is not man's in the fullness thereof. The earth is the Lord thy God's. The earth is not the fallen host that serpent of old the devil. It is not his says the Spirit of the Lord this day. The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. And I the LORD on my throne shall exalt and be exalted above these fallen principalities and hosts, and above these leaders who think they have such power. It is dust. It is vanity says the Spirit of the Lord this day. For the sins of Ahab, and the sins of Zedekiah and the sins of Solomon shall plague these leaders once again as things come full circle. The kingdom shall be torn away from Saul. For my spirit has departed says the Spirit of the Lord this day, my spirit has departed from them. The kingdom shall be torn away from the Sauls and this hour and given to others who I have found more worthy, who have hearts after me, who have come from meager beginnings says the spirit of Lord this day and been raised up for such a time, who have the fierceness of David, who have the fierceness of Joshua, who have the faith of Elijah.

Oh yes, I am revealing the secrets of the king in his bedroom says the Spirit of the Lord this day. I am revealing the secrets of leadership in countries. You don't hear much about but you will says the Spirit of the Lord this day. You will, says the Spirit of the Lord this day hear about leadership attempting to arise in countries that may seem insignificant but are becoming players right now, on a world, stage says the Spirit of the Lord this day, as what I have deemed on my timetable says the Lord, not man's plays out before your very eyes. Do not grow weary. Do not lose faith. For I the LORD your God, Yahweh I am in control. I have written the time. I have set it in stone. I have prepared my army for the hour.

And you shall see events unfold in this hour that are going to be shocking, that may not make sense, that may look like you've moved backwards, that may look that look like you've gone back says the Spirit of the Lord this day decades. However, says the Lord it is a setup. It is in my perfect timing. And I the Lord, the way I did, and the way I instructed Joshua at Ai have set an ambush, to demonstrate my power and my glory to a world that worships technology, to a world that worships idols, to a world that worships celebrities, to a world that worships athletes. I shall shake them in this hour says the Spirit of the Lord this day, and the King James and the Caesars of the NFL, and the Oscars of Hollywood shall be dethroned, says the Spirit of the Lord this day. Shall be dethroned in this hour for I have searched hearts and found those more worthy to take their place that shall bring glory to my name. For I am tearing those kingdoms away and those influences away and those positions away and giving them to those more worthy who in this hour will speak with a boldness and conviction of Almighty God that this world has not yet seen and in a fierceness and in a power that is going to perplex people in this hour, quaking at the fact that events have happened, that defy human logic, that defy the medical, that defy the fragility of human life. Prepare yourselves, my children. I love you with an everlasting love. I will never leave you nor forsake you. I do these things not to make you fearful, but to prepare you, equip you, and ready you because I want you victorious. And I want you ready. And I want you filled with wisdom. For the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Walk-in that wisdom now my children. Ready yourselves. Go deeper with me. Go deeper into my word. Allow me to correct in this hour. Allow me to reset in this hour. And I shall and will have my way on this earth. Thus says the Lord of hosts in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.  Amen and Amen.