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Genesis-chapter 2

Vs 3 so God Blessed the 7th day and sanctified it.

Definition of sanctified: consecrate, make holy, bless, and set apart
Sanctified because a great work had been finished and there needed to be such a day in remembrance every week of all the work the Lord put into creating the earth and all that is in it.
Also, that we may rest, take a day of rest to recharge with the Lord after a long weeks work
Hebrews 4:9-10- So there remains a [full and complete] Sabbath rest for the people of God. 10 For the one who has once entered His rest has also rested from [the weariness and pain of] his [human] labors, just as God rested from [those labors uniquely] His own.

Vs 5: the Lord had not caused it to rain on the earth, and there was no man to cultivate the ground- because when there is rain plants, trees, vegetation grows and there needs to be those who till, harvest, prune, for the trees and plants to continue to properly bring forth good crops. So the earth needed man to care for it properly and watch over all the Lord had created
Vs 6: but a mist, (fog. Dew, or vapor) would rise from the land and water the entire surface of the ground.

You know what I equate this to. You know when you go to the grocery store and you are in the produce section and suddenly you get startled by that mist that turns on and falls upon all the produce? That is what you can imagine on a greater scale this mist rising from the ground to be to ensure the surface of the earth was being watered because there was no such thing yet as rain.
Vs7 (READ)- so the mist is falling upon this ground causing the dirt to have a clay like consistency, moving towards modeling clay, where because of the saturation in the ground it was easily moldable.
Hebrew word for man: ha-Adam-the man( Adam is formed from a word that means “to be red’ because he was created from red earth, most likely containing quite a bit of clay.
Let me tell you good thing the Lord was not attempted to create man in upstate NY in the middle of winter because He would need a jackhammer to break up the ground and we would for sure end up looking like snowmen, Praise Jesus for the brilliance of Almighty God!
And so man is formed EXACTLY the way the Lord not only wanted man to look but ensured every feature man would need to function on the earth.
The Lord breaths into his nostrils sending the spirit of the living God permeating every cell, nucleus, organ, tissue, DNA strand and bringing it to LIFE awakening man and every part, visible, and microscopic, in that moment!!
Can you imagine the POWER and the LIGHT that must of occurred when every cell lit up with the spirit of the living God?!!! A complete work in body and spirit in that moment!!
So, the Lord has his firstborn child on this earth now Adam and what does the Father do, He decides to roll up his sleeves, put on some of those gloves, some sunscreen on his nose, and a visor, and does some gardening. The Lord plants a VAST, large, beautiful garden, an oasis, in the east and names it Eden.

Hebrew word for Eden translates to pleasure, also delight, even land of happiness (, amplified.

He takes Adam and makes Eden Adam’s new Address:
Now that there was a man to care for the vegetation and also eat of it for nourishment the Lord then causes every for food to grow from the ground up, all trees growing stretching towards the heavens
What I find interesting about trees the branches stretch out like hands towards the Heavens, growing up, branches appear like arms outstretched wide to the father in praise for life
Now there were two very important trees planted by the Lord in Eden:
1. The Tree of Life
2. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil
What was the tree of life- the tree of life stood in the center of the garden of Eden? It was a very real tree but also had deep symbolic meaning that God was and is the source for eternal life and also blessings. The Lord was to be center of Adam and eve’s lives and marriage just as the tree of life was intentionally planted in the middle of the garden of Eden. There are also references in Ezekiel and revelation that suggest it brings joy and healing (
What was the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil-This tree was most likely placed in the garden of Eden on the sixth day, however its location in the garden appears uncertain. From the scriptures this tree’s purpose appeared to have a dual purpose.
1. The first and more often considered purpose was to provide man with a choice, i.e. free will. To willingly love and serve god, or to rebel against the Lord and reject Him altogether. It was VERY important to the Lord that he give man a choice to serve Him instead of being forced. Because in choosing to love and serve Almighty God our Father and Creator we were choosing Him above all else as an act of our will and truly that held a lot of weight with the Father. He did not want to force us to serve Him.

2. The second purpose is more vague however there is something, a clue perhaps in genesis 2:9 that points at a possible option. It says EVERY tree was good for food. Now Adam and eve were given special instruction to stay away from this tree and not eat of it, HOWEVER it is never mentioned that the animals could not eat from it. So, this is a possibility. (

The two trees truly represented a choice that man has had since the beginning of creation into the present. To love and serve the Lord, His son Jesus, having eternal life, or death and separation from the presence of God for all eternity.

2:16 and the lord commanded the man saying “you may freely eat from every tree of the garden, 17. BUT only from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall NOT eat. , OTHERWISE ON THAT DAY YOU EAT FROM IT YOU SHALL MOST CERTAINLY DIE

OK so here is the single most important instruction DO NOT TOUCH THE TREE!!

It almost seems here the Lord knows they are going to eat from it and this is His plea to stay away from this particular tree.

Why would the Lord even put such a tree in the garden, again it goes back to choose, every day by rejecting that tree Adam and eve were choosing eternal life with the Lord

Now comes the fun part in vs 19, the naming of ALL the animals which were formed out of the ground as well and brought to Adam to name them, and what he named them that is what they were

So, if Adam had called an elephant a cat and a cat an elephant well that is how it would have been lol. Only God himself knows how long it took to name all these animals. Truly this was the first important and responsible task the Lord gave Adam in the Garden.

However still after all that there was not found a suitable helper for Adam

Vs 21 READ- this is where the first operation in History takes place with the lord being the surgeon!!
Of all things the Lord takes one of Adam’s ribs and forms Eve while Adam is somewhere off in dreamland

Now here is a bit of scientific fact about the ribs:
The ribs partially enclose and protect the chest cavity, where many vital organs (including the heart and the lungs) are located. The rib cage is collectively made up of long, curved individual bones with joint connections to the spinal vertebrae. At the chest, many rib bones connect to the sternum via costal cartilage, segments of hyaline cartilage that allow the rib cage to expand during respiration. Although fixed into place, these ribs do allow for some outward movement, and this helps stabilize the chest during inhalation and exhalation. The human rib cage is made up of 12 paired rib bones; each are symmetrically paired on a right and left side.

Some could argue that the ribs were not only one of the closest bones to the heart but were created to help protect the heart and major organs which in many cases what a wife does, protects the marriage and the family in many different ways

The number 12: The number 12 features prominently in the Bible. The Old Testament Book of Genesis states there were 12 sons of Jacob and those 12 sons formed the 12 tribes of Israel. The New Testament tells us that Jesus had 12 apostles. According to the Book of Revelation, the kingdom of God has 12 gates guarded by 12 angels (

It’s no coincidence we have 12 paired rib bones

Vs 22 READ- so now this is where it gets VERY interesting, Adam comes out of his anesthesia sleep it appears with no wound, it seems Adam was completely un-phased by this very involved operation

However, the even weirder state of events is that Adam wakes up and has a woman with no clothes on looking at Him. Now look at the context of the writing,
The Lord took even and presented her to Adam, sort of how a Father of the Bride takes his daughter and presents her to her husband to be, so this was like the first wedding ever and it looked VERY different from the weddings we had today. There was no tux, no wedding dress, no DJ, the animals were all the witnesses and the guests and the Lord Himself officiated in the most prime location one could ever want for a wedding, EDEN.

Genesis 2: 24 VERY IMPORTANT, you mamas’ boys and men out there listen up! ~! READ

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