Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Words from the Lord on November 14th, 15th, and 17th 2020


11.14.20 2am

Heard “The Lord is removing their tent pegs”

HE is removing their covering!! The pegs are what anchor the tent in the ground so it stays secure and doesn’t blow off of you

On 11/14/20 I heard morocco


Praise be to the Lord of Hosts the Great IAM, who sits on the throne as the Righteous Judge, Wonderful Counselor, Everlasting Father, Prince of peace, and the government shall rest upon His shoulders and to His Kingdom there is no end In Jesus name

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day….

I AM a Mighty God, My love for My children knows no bounds, as far as the east is from the west is as far My children I have removed your transgressions from you says the Lord of Hosts this day

And the Spirit of the Lord says major key puzzle pieces are being released into the hands of those seeking truth, who are fighting for truth, these are connectors, pieces that are going to cause the entire picture to make sense says the Lord for there is a common thread within these governments who have been involved from many continents, there has been a purse prize for them in attempting to overthrow elections, fracture America, divide the people there has been 30 pieces of silver in it for them as they do the work of the wicked one and attempt to turn an entire nation on its head

However, I AM the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, I the Lord have seen where this plot formed, I am bringing it down to its very origins and exposing that this plot the seed of it goes back in time to communist countries who had dictatorial puppets in place in order to siphon into the structure ideals completely against and in opposition to the Word of God, and now their lineage that sin was concentrated up the lineage of families of dictators and attempted to destroy freedom, to throw the eagle to the ground and destroy it, however I the Lord God have caught the eagle and am aiding in lifting up this eagle that it may soar spread its wings to Almighty God and mount up. I speak to you oh sick eagle and command you to MOUNT UP!! For I the Lord am breathing a new spirit into you oh country of the eagle, from sea to shining sea I am breathing My Spirit upon those crying out in repentance and prayer for the sake of the country. And the Lord of Hosts says  this day I shall take DOMINION and I shall dissect it to those who seek truth down to its binary function says the Lord and I shall expose a second trail a second shall arise a two prong approach was taken and I shall leave bread crumbs, for I give you this day your daily BREAD and I shall make a path that leads to a second program, that leads to a program that at its origins is a BUG says the Lord of Hosts this day

And says the Lord My Sprit is hitting the highest courts in the land and MY Righteous right hand shall touch down on the highest court in the land and I the Lord God Yahweh, who gave the law to Israel, shall enter the Courtroom with My ruling and I shall place it in the hearts and hands of the Justices says the Lord thy God this day, I shall unlock and release the spirits of wisdom council in the courtroom and a reverence shall fall upon them for I will make it clear that this is far bigger than attempting to usurp an election, this is about REBELLION being led against MY LAW in this land that has been tarnished, and mocked, and smeared with the filth and venom that comes from that serpent of old, the Devil

I the Lord am destroying the axle of the operation, they will suddenly fall off, the ENTIRE QUIVER FULL SAYS THE LORD OF HOSTS THIS DAY, for it is Hunting season says the Lord and hunted they shall be says the Spirit. The super predator shall become shaken prey as they shall attempt to push each other out of the way to run from the Sword of Justice and the scales of truth, their lies have been weighed, the blood on their hands has been weighed, their silver has been weighed that they so greedily took to betray a country attempting to remove the covering UNDER GOD, However I the Lord have heard the cries of the remnant, I have heard the sacrifice of praise that they have brought into the House of the Lord, and I the Lord says I will begin to dry up a river of blood that has given the kingdom of darkness its power and the proponents shall be brought to Justice, in some cases supernatural justice,, for their crimes and encouraging the people to pass their children through the fire, and I the Lord shall part this river of blood and expose its wells feeding it, and the wells shall be dried up as I the Lord begin to restore the imbalance in this nation that has purposely been made top heavy to fraudulently tip the scales in their favor

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day there is a path to the Presidency and it is paved with submission, and life, and the stones of truth I the Lord have laid. I the Lord am dealing with south America, I am dealing with the poison of socialism that has slithered through the grass into the United states of America, I the Lord am exposing the shadow governments in multiple countries operating in the shadows of deception and political blood money, and I the Lord shall over shadow them now and terror shall fall upon them as their books are opened and the web that reaches across the globe, their checkpoints shall be revealed as those involved were promise a piece of the PIE, and so sold their souls for a SLICE says the Lord

Another country in Europe shall soon emerge as being complicit as well, yes there is another and it shall soon be revealed and the CODES that were passed amongst countries, amongst servers, amongst leaders shall be revealed a system of CODES shall be gut open and more gasps shall rise up from the Unites States and the World as billionaire backers are exposed says the Lord. One shall be publicly struck their guards cannot help them, they have been warned over and over to repent and now the hour of judgment shall come upon them for I the Lord God am a force and a Standard that they have no answer for, and no counter. The partner of the man called soros shall be revealed, there is greater behind him and I the Lord am pulling the curtain back, opening the GATES and exposing what has layed behind an IRON veil of secrecy for too long, it is time it is time says the Spirit for the Lord to demonstrate His power to the earth and to shake the enemies key headquarters for the written law of the Lord God Almighty is going forth into the earth!

They shall make clanging noise, it shall be clanging noise for those who gave their soul over to works of darkness and marked money says the Lord thy God this day

Watch Holland says the Lord

I the Lord am set to deal with the headquarters of a false idolatrous doctrine, their dogma shall split and fracture, their speech, I the Lord am touching their tongues so the truth hidden in their souls comes forth, and I am opening up the deep corridors says the Lord thy God, I am opening the catacombs and the truth laid bare shall come forth smeared as a decree across their walls as their city within the walls shall suffer an unexpected shaking and shake up for I am a jealous God and I the Lord am set to show just how fallible the pope is for their have been delicate dainties of deceit pleasures taken part in that their walls can no longer conceal says the Lord

Open up the city says the Spirit blow the shofar the walls shall give up their secrets and the Lord shall be glorified as the One true living everlasting God!

I the Lord am dealing with the backwards in every area of life, I am reversing what has been made to look a certain order, I the Lord shall reveal the true order for the people are scattered in their thinking blowing with every wind of doctrine, chasing rabbits down holes says the Lord. When you seek Me you shall FIND ME, when you truly with your whole heart come before Me honoring who I AM says the Lord

In 2021 people shall crave truth, they shall thirst for it, they shall say “Just give us the plain truth” however it is all but plain, the depths of truth shall be opened in this country and in 2021 people will reject the fantasy they have been spoon fed and will seek and crave the meat of truth, they will search for clarity, greater vision, EAGLE EYES, you shall hear this in 2021 as the spirit of truth has been sent forth into the north the south the east and the west and you shall see well springs of truth, a wealth of crucial information spring forth from key states, one country shall blow the whistle on another, you shall hear the whistleblower across the globe says the Lord thy God this day, leaders shall RAT out leaders, businessmen and women shall hand over programs, minutes from meetings

Watch Jordan says the Lord and watch a very sudden and sharp maneuver that occurs within Israel as they are wrestling for Power, there shall be a power up for grabs a Jacob and Esau moment and the birthright shall be awarded to one and not the other

I AM The Lord your God. Walk circumspectly before ME, My sheep KNOW MY Voice and a strangers they will not follow, and they shall reject the voice of the stranger in 2021 for parties they thought they knew shall become strangers as a certain party splits and falls as its foundation corroded, corrupt, and sandy, collapses as they become the heifer and there will be much casualty amongst the rubble a natural disaster for the canker worm and the palmer worm have come to feast upon those who breed such things and attempted to send them out amongst the people to steal their freedom and chain them as slaves says the Lord of Hosts this day

Seek Me while I may be found, turn from your wicked ways, O wayward sheep your shepherd has gone forth to look for you and retrieve you for I am gathering the wounded wayward sheep, the young sheep and they shall be brought back to the fold

Worship Me the Lord your God in Spirit and in Truth and I shall pour out upon My remnant and this nation power from My throne that has not yet been experienced as My vessels shall be full, their cup runneth over and they shall fill those who have been walking empty vessels of fear and hopelessness amidst a principality of despair. My angelic army has them on the run. There is a great battle waging in the heavenlies and My Heavenly Army is fighting for you O America the beautiful, O America can you see the dawns early light, it is approaching and people shall praise Me on their knees in the streets for what I the Lord have done for I shall TRUMP and DUMP the wicked into the tar pit they so created for others

Watch and see, pray, praise ME proclaim My word and announce the captives to be set free for the Lord your God has announced His intentions to the people of earth, expect it, for your redemption draweth NI Thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts who rules and reigns forevermore and is Everlasting in Power and Wisdom, In the name of Yeshua, Jesus Amen….

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