Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Tree that grows 40 different kinds of fruits 40 key word, featured on national geographic, including stone fruits and almonds!!

I believe the Lord wanted me to see this!

This has happened by this man GRAFTING IN all sorts of branches to this single rooted tree and these branches grow in together and fuse and produce the fruit that was on the branch that was grafted onto the stationary tree.

I started hearing in my spirit:

You will know them by their fruits you will know them by their fruits!

There is a grafting process happening with my people says the Lord, I am creating a dynamic, powerful, fiery, fieriness group of leaders and soldiers. I am grafting in gifts into them that you would not normally find growing together, or find together in one individual. Gifts and talents that would seemingly not go together but for such a time as this I am grafting into my people multifaceted, multidimensional gifts traits and talents that create a unique dynamic people to take my word to the nations and the united states of America.

This grafting is a process, it is a process of melding together gifts and talents into a person who would seemingly not be thought to possess them. However when the grafting is complete the flourishing oh the flourishing will amaze as different fruits will be produced simultaneously says the Lord, and one after the other as well.

This dynamic people is a plan that only I the Lord can carry out. For a moment you may not feel comfortable in your own skin as the grafting process happens and  and the spirit are woven with these unique gifts and special for such a time as this, the anointings that are blossoming in this time says the Lord.

The blossoming has begun, I am accelerating the process, I am accelerating the process for My glory says the Lord.

These dynamic group of soldiers, preachers, teachers, prophetic it will be said of them “we have never seen a people like this in all the generations” how they could be so multifaceted and have so many gifts and talents that normally would not be found in one person will be a testimony for My Glory that I the Lord plant what I please, I graft what I please, I mold what I please and it is My good pleasure in this hour to ensure that these unique precious gifts and anointing are cultivated to bloom to their peak says the Lord.

Experiences as well says the Lord experiences will graft unique character traits onto my people as they wear it like a coat of armor of many colors says the Lord.

The number 40 it is symbolic, it is a new beginning a new chapter, a new phase for my children says the Lord, they are stepping into a new phase of their lives were everything I have grafted into them and their lives will burst forth and flourish like this tree says the Lord, a sight to behold as I am a VERY proud father at the tenacity of My anointed in this hour.

There shall be a sign to confirm this grafting the time is no it is happening now. This tree is a sign however there shall be another sign to confirm says the Lord.

You My precious children have been grafted into the family into the Kingdom of God through My precious son Jesus. And now on earth what you need, heavenly resources shall be grafted upon your lives and spirits and you will operate with much more passion, fire, accuracy, and boldness that it will shake certain areas cities countries for My Glory.

The enemy will not stop this says the Lord the time in now receive it says the Lord the process is well on its way and the product shall be truly miraculous for My glory thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts in Jesus name.

Remember in order to graft in a branch or branches must be cut says the Spirit, there must be a pruning to be a grafting. The pruning process may not be comfortable says the Lord but it is necessary for the grafting to seamlessly take the way it was meant to. In some cases the pruning and grafting will happen almost simultaneously says the Lord. Submit in obedience to the process for obedience is better than sacrifice and the process will yield a very unique experience and a unique outcome.

Around 4:30 pm driving to the store while my mom watched Chris, almost the entire time like for miles, I am behind this truck it looked like it was part of some tree surgeon service, and in big letters on the back it said BANDIT. Okay,  Lord maybe you wanted me to see this, and it appears so!

Looked up the word bandit the definition:
a robber or outlaw belonging to a gang and typically operating in an isolated or lawless area.
"the bandit produced a weapon and demanded money"
John 15:4-6 New King James Version (NKJV):
·         MILITARY SLANG-an enemy aircraft.

So then started coming forth that the Lord is putting an end to the spiritual bandits, they are going to be caught (court). They have been operating in areas of lawlessness for years. And the walls are closing in on them now, and these spiritual bandits according to numbers 32:23 where it states your sin will find you out, are going to in the name of Jesus Christ be caught now, they will be caught they will be cornered. their dirty deeds and operations, the way they have been siphoning, emptying, taking, stealing, robbing, in many regards, on many platforms are going to be exposed. They will be caught, they will not be able to continue to operate. They will, be exposed with all their dark deeds, their dirty operations, their sin and their secrecy.  they will in the name of Jesus Christ be contained now because these spiritual bandits have been after God’s children for years affecting them in ways they did not even understand until now. And now is the time when this shall be brought forth and exposed.

It will be exposed just how much they have taken over the years and altered things, circumstances, because they wanted to operate in areas of lawlessness in their lives in their families lives, when it comes to the world, different sectors of business and these bandits have been on the run, they have been trying to outrun for quite some time now and they have now reached the ledge, a DEAD END, KEY WORD AND now the Lord thy God is going to raise up, raise His mighty right hand, be the protective father, the fierce Father, the righteous judge that He is and always was and the gavel is dropping on these spiritual bandits and they are going to be rounded up, just like in the cowboy and Indian movies the wanted posters, they are wanted by Almighty God to call to account for what they have done. And their pattern of robbery and thievery and destruction and chaos, that reign is coming to an end says the Lord, that reign is coming to an end says the Lord thy God. So for Gods people right now it is important for them to praise like never before, to press in like never before, to take command and occupy in Jesus name Like never before and to be in expectation because we shall see this come to pass before the end of the year in order to set up for 2020 thus sayeth the Lord in Jesus name.

The antichrist is called the lawless one because he operates in an area of complete spiritual lawlessness not according to one principal, command or will of Almighty God. And so he is called the lawless one a man of sin, 2 Thessalonians 2:8-13. When  looking at the spiritual bandits there is a spirit of antichrist that in some regard surrounds them. In some way in their lives they are against Christ. they fight Jesus rebel against Christ, they follow a path that goes farther and farther away from Jesus Christ. So we must realize that with these spiritual bandits there is a spirit of antichrist attached to it.

Also the wasp incident today, Chris wanted a cover to do with his truck moved that had been sitting, and suddenly all these yellow jackets swarmed around me and one stung me and it may have stung but it did not so much damage. My hand swelled some but Glory to God I was fine beyond that. So the enemy has attempted t sting but the sting is not going to  as be as potent and will not cause nearly as much damage as the enemy thought, because the Lord thy God is applying the armor of God and the shield of faith and deflecting those attacks so that the severity of them are downgraded and it will not cause the damage that the enemy and his puppets and agents think its going to cause, instead the damage will be so minimal that it will have been in vain that the attack was launched in Jesus name.

I was in the car driving home from the store around 5:30 pm, and suddenly it begins to rain hard, simultaneously, on the sound of life Christian radio station 89.7 (they are great) this song called let it rain, let it pour,  Lord I need you more and more comes on the radio. And as I am driving, in my Spirit, I perceive to be the Lord is ministering to me and posing some questions and said to me “what does it really mean to ask for it to rain and to pour?” 

Well when things come down in a rain it comes down in a steady flow, so what you are really asking the Lord is to steady everything in your life, and to bring flow to it so it is not completely choppy, disgruntled, disjointed stop and go chaotic out of sorts. You are really asking Him to steady everything and bring a flow that will water everything in your life and give it the nourishment it needs to cause it to grow to cause it to bear fruit for the glory of God in Jesus name. which comes right back around to the grafting in and the bearing of multidimensional fruit, multi dynamic fruit, yes it’s the time of the super fruits to come forth from this grafting for the Glory of God where it will have to be said, only the Lord could of done this in their lives!

Psalms 1-read the entire chapter.

Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in Me.
“I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing. If anyone does not abide in Me, he is cast out as a branch and is withered; and they gather them and throw them into the fire, and they are burned.

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