Thursday, April 9, 2020


Suddenlys Springing Forth and Stopping the Negative Talk

I was praying in the Spirit this morning and the Lord said one Word to me and it was “Suddenly.”  And then He said to me, “suddenly springing forth in the Word of God.”  So I went to the Word of God, and sure enough – Isaiah 43:19 is the verse He wanted me to give you.  “Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth, shall ye not know it?  

I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”  All glory be to God.  So that’s the verse He gave me to go with “Suddenlys.”  Okay, we’re getting ready for promises to be birthed forth, for us to be birthed to the next level, for vindication and for everything hidden to be exposed and for major change.  In the midst of this, there’s going to be a lot of suddenlys that are going to happen in your lives.  

Why suddenlys? Why does the Lord do suddenlys?  

The Lord like surprises, but also, the enemy when suddenlys happen, the enemy doesn’t have time to plan.  The enemy doesn’t have a counter offensive, the people that are either disparaging you, or slandering you, or trying to hurt you don’t have anything planned to counteract that.  Some examples in the Bible of that is when Saul was in his camp and David snuck up during the night and cut a piece of his robe off and took his spear, I believe.  That was a suddenly, they suddenly came up that, David and his men and Saul was not expecting it.  The enemy was not expecting it and Saul did not have a counter offensive or a military strategy or anything else planned to combat that.  He was completely vulnerable at that point and he had no way to come after David when David was holding his spear and a corner of his robe to show that he could have killed him, and he showed mercy.  So, the Lord loves suddenlys, He’s done this with the Philistines several times in the Word of God also, where suddenly He struck them with confusion, where suddenly, He had David sneak attack them, where suddenly they turned on each other, or they retreated suddenly.  Where suddenly Goliath was killed by David and the Philistines ran for their lives, that was a suddenly; no one was expecting Goliath to fall at the hands of a shepherd boy with a stone and a sling.  But you know what?  That’s all God needs is a willing servant, God doesn’t need the latest equipment or the latest technology or the latest anything, He needs a willing servant to accomplish His purposes and tasks and an obedient one at that because obedience is better than sacrifice.  

So, be prepared for suddenlys, because the Lord told me in my spirit this morning there’s going to be a lot of suddenlys that spring forth in your lives to vindicate you, to counteract what the enemy is doing, to launch you to the next level.  It’s just going to suddenly happen, because the enemy has much less a chance of countering it or of launching an offensive against you if it is suddenly.  God is the greatest, most brilliant Military Strategist that there ever will be, that there ever was.  He knows that if He bring suddenly after suddenly, the enemy is going to scramble, the enemy’s not going to have a plan for it.  The people around you that are slandering you, coming after you; that the enemy is trying to use to destroy you are not going to have a Plan B to counteract that suddenly.  It takes them off guard, it takes them by surprise.  And once God has the enemy off guard, that’s where the breakthrough comes, that’s when the Lord can raise a standard against the enemy.  Because now the enemy has been taken off guard, they’ve been taken off balance, the people in your life or people that are coming after you have been taken off guard and they cannot think quick enough to do something against you.  Or to do something to try to block what God’s trying to do.  A lot of times, God will bring two suddenlys to open up, to make the way straight for your breakthrough.  To open up and unplug what the enemy and people around you may be trying to hinder and block, because a lot of times when suddenlys happen, people scatter, they are taken off guard and this is what’s going to happen now.  

So be prepared for a lot of suddenlys. The Lord loves to use them and He said that Word over and over again in my spirit this morning as I was praying.  Suddenly.  Be in prayer about this and watch for the suddenlys.  Watch for the surprises because they go hand in hand.  Some of them are good surprises to bless you, some of these suddenlys are going to be surprises to deal with those around you that have come against you.  Either way, we’re going to see quite a few of them come forth now; which is going to be very exciting to watch.  Because the Lord needs to take the enemy off guard right now.  He needs to take those around you, coming at you, off guard in order to suddenly unplug the way for your breakthrough.  Because when the enemy comes off balance, you break through the wall.  When the enemy suddenly just tips back a little, so the enemy’s like this (Amanda makes a wall with her hands), or the people hindering you, and there’s a suddenly, it’s almost like a bomb going off.  You know when a bomb goes off, it shakes everything, and it breaks things apart?  That’s what a suddenly does, it’s like a spiritual bomb going off that sends people scattering and parting, and it makes the way straight for your breakthrough, for the Lord to bring blessing, for the Lord to bring healing, for the Lord to promote you, to bring you to the next level, for the Lord to miraculously heal you.  So these are very important in breakthrough a lot of times, the suddenlys, and they’re the ones that gives the greatest testimonies.  The Lord just suddenly, out of nowhere came to the rescue.  He’s never late, He’s always on time.  Sometimes it feels like He’s late, but He’s not.  So if it’s coming down to the wire for some of you, know that God is always on time, He is never late.  He has everything perfectly planned out, He has the timing perfectly planned out.  It’s like this, we can only see what’s right in front of us, unless the Lord shows us what’s coming.  It’s like an ant, so an ant can only see what’s right in front of them on the ground, so they see these giant blades of grass and these giant plants.  An ant can only see what’s right in front of them, but we, looking down on them, can see every obstacle, every blade of grass, every rock, every stone, every plant that ant has to maneuver to get back to its ant hill, or to get from Point A to Point B.  So the ant can only see what’s right in front of it, but we can see ahead to every obstacle that ant has to overcome to get back to the ant hill.  It’s the same with us and the Lord.  We can only see what’s right in front of us, if the Lord gives us vision, praise God, in His mercy, sometimes we can see beyond.  But the Lord, just like we can with that ant, sees every obstacle, every challenge, every trial, and every task we have to endure to get from Point A to Point B.  So, as we look down on that ant and can see that and could assist that ant in maneuvering right or left to get to that ant hill quicker, the Lord does the same thing with us.  He sees from Point A to Point B, every little thing we have to go through, and then He begins to assist in maneuvering us and guiding us in order to get to Point B.  If we’re obedient and we listen, and we cut down on the negative talk, a lot of times we get there faster. 

That is something the Lord taught me recently, and He did it with me.  So I can tell you it works, because He had me do it first as an experiment.  Because we all get frustrated, we are all human.  I am human, I am no better than anybody else, I am a sinner, I fall so incredibly short of God’s glory, it’s not even funny.  He told me to cut down on the negative talk, cut down on it.  I will tell you, when you do that, when you stop the negative talk, when you stop the self-degrading; when you stop talking negatively about your situation, that it will never, or anything in that arena; prayer gets answered quicker.  So much quicker, it’s incredible.  And not only does prayer get answered quicker, the blanket of oppression lifts, the joy can get into your heart.  The angels aren’t tied up.  

Do you know every time you speak negatively, you tie the angels up in spiritual warfare?  Now battling these demonic forces that this negative talk has brought in, instead of the angels bringing you the answers and the blessings and the things that you need and the desires of your heart.  So when you speak negatively so much, that’s what you’re doing with the angels that are supposed to be bringing you the answers.  So the Lord told me to do this and I will tell you, it is incredible what happened.  Oh my goodness, prayer got answered quicker, resources came quicker, blessings came quicker.  The oppression lifted, you begin to feel the joy and the peace of the Lord.  Because the negative talk cancels it out.  So I did this with the Lord.  He kept telling me, “Amanda, just cut down more and see.”  I will tell you now, I’m very careful.  Do I still get frustrated at times?  

Yes, but I try to be very careful in my words, even when I’m frustrated.  Doesn’t work all the time, but I’ve cut down tremendously on the negative talk and I cannot tell you the incredible difference.  So, please if you are in the middle of a trial, if you are in the middle of something difficult, stop with the negative talk.  Start seeing things through the eyes of faith, call the things that are not as though they were.  Speak into your situation, inject it into the vein, like you would inject medicine into an IV; inject the Word of God.  Call the things that are not as though they were.  Inject it into the vein of the problem, because that’s the medicine, that’s the bread, that’s the life.  Inject it in, keep doing it, as tired as you feel.  Because you have to do it through the eyes of faith, this is where you have to go beyond the flesh and be disciplined in the Spirit and look through the eyes of faith and speak through the eyes of faith.  When you do that and you cut down on the negative talk, you are going to be amazed at what you see happen.  You’ll be amazed at how much quicker your prayers get answered, at how much more joyful you are.  When you’re more joyful, you’re speaking more positively.  You see it’s a chain reaction, that’s why the Lord wants you to cut down on the negative talk.  It is a chain reaction, because when you do it, the oppression leaves, the spiritual highways open for the angels to be able to bring you the answers that you need.  The joy comes back, which then breeds more positive talk.  More negative talk is going to breed more negative talk, it’s not going to breed positive talk.  That’s why the Lord says death and life is in the power of the tongue, it truly is.  

So please, I did it myself, the Lord made me do it first, I can tell you it works beyond what I expected.  And I have continued in it.  That’s why when you’re going through a trial, like when my dog became paralyzed, I didn’t speak negatively.  I just went to work taking care of him, I anointed him and stood in faith on God’s Word.  And I didn’t start speaking against what I wanted to happen out of my mouth.  A lot of times, we’re speaking against the very things we want, so if you’re speaking against the very thing you want, how do you expect God to do it?  You’re tying the angels up in spiritual warfare, you’re creating spiritual barriers that then God has to try to break through.  Instead, make it easy on yourself, just train your mouth to cut down on the negative talk.  

Speak through the eyes of faith, speak positively, and inject into the vein of the situation the Word of God.  As tired as you are, that is your flesh, you keep pushing in your spirit, because I promise you, those suddenlys now are going to bring breakthrough.  If you can get disciplined with your mouth, you are going to be amazed at what God does in your life, at the amount of time that is cut down where your blessings come quicker, where your prayers are answered quicker, where the answer comes quicker.  So, I’m asking you guys, please do it!  Do this with the Lord, let Him prove Himself right here.  Let the Lord prove Himself right in this.  Do this and let Him show you that it does make a difference.  Be prepared for those suddenlys because they are so coming, like they are here, the hour is upon us, the time is upon us for the suddenlys now.  

Which means breakthrough is here, which means change is here, which means the Lord raising us up into our assignments is here.  So the hour is upon us, don’t let the enemy frustrate you in this hour, don’t let him weary you with attacks.  Don’t let him do these things to you.  Because the Lord thy God is greater and He is your Father and He is your King and He is your Provider and your Protector and your Righteous Judge.  And you put Him first and you speak His Word first and you remember that death and life is in the power of the tongue.  And you watch what happens, the incredible things from that.

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