Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Knowledge from the Lord. The Passover, The Lamb, the flock 

In the Word of God, in the Old Testament, we are commanded, all of us really to celebrate the Passover.  What is the Passover?  

What the Passover is, is how the Lord delivered the Jews from the oppressive hand of Egypt.  The Jews were enslaved by Egypt when the Pharaoh that had welcomed Joseph, who was a Hebrew, to help oversee things in Egypt when a famine occurred.  What happened then is that when that Pharaoh died, a new Pharaoh arose who was not as kind and saw the Jews as a threat as they were multiplying in Egypt.  So they were enslaved and they were enslaved, I believe for about 400 years.  

The Lord heard the cries of His people and raised up Moses and delivered them from the hands of the Egyptians and the last plague, the death angel literally passed over Egypt and every firstborn Egyptian basically passed away.  Every firstborn male in Egypt passed away.  And anybody who had the Blood of the lamb on their doorpost, it was pretty much almost made in the sign of the cross, the death angel would actually pass over that house and spare that household of this horrific plague.  And the reason that this happened is because Pharaoh dug his heels in and would not let the Jews go.  There were many plagues that happened before this one, where the Lord was trying to Pharaoh to release his grip and Pharaoh refused and kept digging in his heels.  So what ends up happening is that God has to release basically the worst of the worst plagues and when that happened, Pharaoh did release the Jews.  He later on tried to pursue them, but the Lord parted the Red Sea and the Jews were able to escape.  And so Passover is a very special time of the year and I’m going to encourage everyone to not only go read the Passover story, but if you can honor the Passover, I encourage you to.  Look up on Google how to honor the Passover.  This is the time of year where the Lord opens up the windows of heavens and pours out such blessings on His people.  It is also the time of year where you will see a lot of deliverance happen in the lives of God’s people who have been faithful, who have been crying out for deliverance and relief from bondage, from oppression, from deception, from dysfunction, from problems, from abuse.

This is the time of year you’re going to see a lot of that deliverance happen.  So I encourage you to honor the Passover, read the Passover story again; prepare yourself because this Passover, the Lord thy God is going to visit His people.  And we are going to see amazing things happen this Passover.  Amazing deliverance's of God’s people, the chains are literally going to be broken and fall off and God’s people are going to be delivered because God is expediting the process of raising His people up into what He has called them to be in this season because the Lord needs to position His people because there is revival coming upon us.  And there is also going to be a restructuring of the Church and what is out of order brought into Divine Order by the Lord thy God.  So this is a very crucial time we’re in and in the Passover story in the Book of Exodus, the Lord actually tells them to make haste, to get dressed and eat in haste because they were going to have to leave in haste, they were going to have to leave Egypt quickly after this plague had occurred.  And so the Lord thy God is saying the same thing to His people now, make haste, get yourselves ready, be prepared, be in great expectation, because the Lord thy God is truly going to visit His people this Passover.  And we’re going to see amazing deliverance and people being freed from situations that they have been enduring for years upon years and it’s going to be a very exciting time.  

New beginnings are upon us, new beginnings guys are going to spring forth in the spring are coming in this Passover season.  We’re going to see the new beginnings and the restoration of Almighty God.  The old has been torn down, people have been enduring Job-like battles, and now we’re going to see the restorative hand of Almighty God come down and restore what these people have lost, what has been stolen from them, taken from them.  

What they have been afflicted with, what they have been oppressed with.  You know there are people out there who think they got away with their crimes, who think they got away with harming God’s people and I am here to tell you that the Lord thy God has seen everything!  And they are not getting away with any such thing, they are not and I’m telling you right now, the Lord is going to vindicate His children, He is going to vindicate His people in this season.  We are going to see children vindicated, restored and raised up into what God has called them to be.  

He has been preparing them through these trials, He has been preparing His children to raise them up, He has been disciplining them.  He has been training them as a soldier is trained.  That’s why I tell you guys, do not despise small beginnings.  There is a reason for this animal sanctuary, there is a reason for all these ducks and the geese that are leaving right now.  See you later guys, see you tomorrow (geese fly away).  There is a reason for all of this, you know why?  Because God has me feeding a flock every day.  He has for almost 2 years now, has had me feeding this flock every day, rain, shine, blizzard, bitter cold, thunderstorms, I have been out here faithfully.  

You know why?  Because the Lord was conditioning me to feed a flock, He was conditioning me to do something every single day faithfully no matter how I felt, no matter what I was going through.  He was conditioning me and He brought in these animals to do this because the Lord will use unconventional methods and the Lord knows I love animals.  I have a special place in my heart since I was a child for animals and the Lord knew that and He used that and He has been conditioning me through these animals to do something faithfully every day to prepare me for what He’s going to do next.  Because now I’ve proved to Him I can be faithful, I can do this faithfully no matter how I feel, no matter how much pain I feel, no matter what I’m going through I will go out and faithfully and obediently do this because the Lord commanded me to do it.  And you may think it’s silly sometimes or its insignificant if the Lord asks you to do a simple task or a task that other people wouldn’t think is glamorous every day.  Do not be deceived, it is the Lord conditioning you, it is Him getting you ready, it is Him getting you in habits, in consistency.  It is Him getting you ready and prepared to now be taken and raised up into the position that He has prepared for you.  Lots of God’s people are going to be raised up into their positions in this season, this is going to be very exciting year for many children of the Most High God.  So exciting!  So be obedient when the Lord asks you to do a task over and over again every day because you have to look at the bigger picture.  He is preparing you for greater things, He is going to show you great and mighty things which you know not, He is going to raise you up to do great and mighty things and so all of this is preparing you as a soldier is prepared in a boot camp.  We are being prepared in God’s boot camp, we are being prepared by the Holy Spirit, we are being taught and conditioned and molded and we have to yield to that, and we have to let God do it, and we have to submit to it as servants.  We are His children, but we also serve Him and we have to submit to that and make sure we are obedient and faithful in doing these tasks that He assigns us every day because He has something bigger in mind.  He’s got a much bigger calling in mind, but you know what?  You’ve got to start somewhere.  You know when Jesus came to this earth, he didn’t just go and preach to 10’s of thousands of people.  No, He started what, with his mother’s, then He went to the temple at the age of 12.  Then what did He do every day?  Carpentry with his father Joseph, he did carpentry every single day, which prepared Him, conditioned Him for when He went out and the Lord said it was time for Him to be raised up into His ministry and to do what He has been sent to earth to do.  So Jesus even started out doing simple tasks, simple things.  And here they go, they’re all flying as I’m talking about this, the flock.  You know what’s interesting about these ducks?  They fly as a flock, they arrive as a flock, they leave as a flock; they are of one mind.  They are completely unified.  What does the Bible say, one can put 1,000 to flight, but two can put 10,000 to flight.  You want to laugh?  Look at this.  All the ducks are showing up to listen to me preach, all of them have come up to the top of the hill to listen to me preach.  

Doesn’t God have a sense of humor?  Jesus did simple tasks, the Lord conditioned Him through simple tasks and other things to prepare Him and get Him ready, so when the time came and the Lord said that He had to go out and preach the Gospel and bring people to salvation, Jesus was ready.  And in this season, we need to make sure we are ready.  We need to say God, we are ready, here I am Lord, here I am, send me.  And we have to make sure we are ready for that because we are going to see revival and we are going to see people speak with the fire of Almighty God and we’re going to see the power of Almighty God really manifest itself in this season and in this year.  So be encouraged guys because the battle is always the fiercest right before breakthrough happens and my mentor and teacher Barbara Nelson Stone would always tell me, Amanda, the skies are always darkest before the dawn.  So if that’s what’s going on with you, know that the light of God is going to shine down on that situation and breakthrough is at hand guys.  

Be encouraged, God Bless you guys, Keep the Faith.

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