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Prophecy from 2017 Come to Pass
January 2 2018- Prophecy and Trumpets in the Sky

2017 Prophecies that have come to pass (posted on Facebook page):

January 30 2017- Prophecy excerpt:
Hollywood and other areas of California, as well as leaders in New York, are going to sorely regret shaking their fists and openly challenging the Will and Sovereignty of Almighty God.  Satan’s little trophies have run their mouths and it will be right into the gutter.  Watch these two areas, California and New York.  Hollywood is about to be doled out very heavy consequences for their little cult and for influencing the minds of the next generation.  The Lord thy God has had enough, Satan’s pulpit will be silenced, says the Lord, for many have attempted to challenge and now I meet that challenge, says the Lord of Hosts to you this day.  For these mere men and women will not stand in the way of My plan says the Lord.  They are injecting anarchy and deviance into the minds of the young and vulnerable says the Lord.  This is going to stop says the Lord, for I am making Hollywood a heifer and a laughing stock, says the Lord.  Very, very strong words here.  And it also says Hollywood will be put in their place for they shall not touch who I have ordained and they shall no longer mock My people without heavy consequences, says the Lord. 

June 15 2017: 
Again the Lord mentions Hollywood.  Now this is very strongly worded, I’m just going to warn you.  That whorehouse of Hollywood says the Lord, full to the brim of spiritual and physical harlotry, Hollywood will keep experiencing heavy blows.  Now, it was on January 30, 2017, and then that last excerpt was from June 15, 2017.  October 2017 is when the Harvey Weinstein story broke and the curtains were literally ripped back and Hollywood was literally exposed for all of the harlotry going on that the Lord warned about.  There was a clue in it, He said the whorehouse of Hollywood says the Lord, full to the brim of spiritual and physical harlotry, which is exactly what we now see being exposed, that it is chock full to the brim of it and now there is evidence coming out left and right of that.  And that was in June; that was months before this was exposed and the first excerpt was in January 2017, 10 months before this was exposed.  

Now in January 30, the first excerpt I read, there’s another clue in this and this is what it says here, they are injecting anarchy and deviance into the minds of the young and the vulnerable says the Lord.  Then He says this is going to stop says the Lord for I am making Hollywood a heifer and a laughing stock.  And when this thing with Harvey Weinstein broke, that’s exactly what began to happen, Hollywood in a way began to unravel.  So, the Lord also is doing this He says, because they are injecting anarchy and deviance into the minds of the young and vulnerable, which they are, they’re trying to puppet the young and vulnerable.  You know guys, there is a major spiritual battle, a war, going on right now for the youth, for the souls of the youth.  Please remember to pray for the youth, this is ever so important because there is a major spiritual battle going on right now for the souls of the youth.  Satan really wants to take all the youth down with him, he uses Hollywood as a platform to do it and the Lord warned way before October that He was going to make them a heifer and a laughing stock and that He was going to pull those curtains back and expose what was really going on in Hollywood.  And now more and more it’s like, what a tangled web we weave.  So praise the Lord that that was accurate, that that forewarned of this coming. 

January 2 2018:
Billy Graham Prophetic Word:
Now, there is another one that I had – yes, the Billy Graham one.This prophetic Word from the Lord was on January 2, 2018, it is on my Facebook page. 

Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not be faint or grow tired says the Lord of Hosts this day.  Change this year, says the Lord, this is a year of change and positioning says the Lord, and separating that which is making trouble for My children says the Lord of Hosts this day.  Get ready, get ready says the Lord, pivotal change will bring many of My children who have persevered under pressure, who have endured persecution, whom the enemy through fools has attempted to make trouble for, I, the Lord thy God, say a new direction.  Pivotal movements will suddenly and expeditiously take place in My children’s lives, and for what they have sown, unusual blessings will they reap and freedom in many areas of their lives will occur says the Lord.  The breaking of yokes that have bound, restricted and tried to weigh My children down are being broken at My Word.  Enough is enough!  I am raising up those I have been training, who I have been walking and talking with into positions where they will bring glory to My Name, where they will reach many, where what was once coal, because of pressure and refining will come out as beautiful as a diamond.  For I am the Lord thy God who restores and who speaks unto you this day through My prophetic voice and I the Lord thy God say do not build your house or your foundations upon sand for many of you have gotten caught in quicksand.  Cry out to Me this day, cry out to Me this day and I will rescue you and place your feet upon solid ground and a solid foundation says the Lord of Hosts this day.  I warned about Iran says the Lord, those foolish, foolish leaders who dare say they would blow My children, My firstborn, Israel off the map.  Well, they will reap to the fullest what they have sown says the Lord of Hosts this day.  Oppression builds tension, and when tension builds, it blows, and all their oppression is backfiring on them in big ways says the Lord of Hosts this day.  Watch for other countries near Iran will see the bravery of the people and begin to follow suit says the Lord of Hosts this day.  

The United Nations, says the Lord, will be covered in scandal up to their necks says the Lord of Hosts this day.  I laugh at those who think they are sneaking and think Almighty God does not see and I HAVE SEEN PLENTY says the Lord of Hosts this day.  The United Nations will find themselves in a pickle and I am allowing it to tie their hands so they cannot stop what I have led President Trump to do in recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, and moving the US Embassy there.  As he seeks Me more, he is becoming sensitive to My leading and because of this, he will have great victories that will bring glory to My Name; however, certain areas of the United States and the world need to brace themselves for natural disasters.  The earth is groaning says the Lord, and natural disasters of historic proportions will occur this year says the Lord of Hosts this day.  Keep your eye on the South, Southeast and California says the Lord, also an earthquake to occur in a state that doesn’t experience them, that has been “safe” from such phenomenons for quite some time says the Lord of Hosts this day.  A wave of truth says the Lord, truth is coming out in waves what has been hidden for very long periods of time will suddenly be exposed toward the beginning of the year says the Lord, paving the way to purge, to free, and to vindicate those who saw what was hidden by a thin cover, by a charade.  The curtains are being pulled back says the Lord and yes it will be quite a show.  This shall happen personally as well as government and Hollywood, I am not done with them yet says the Lord, and in the Church.  Ms. Chelsea Handler has been warned, says the Lord, and she is going to be embarrassed to speak the despicable things she does against the people I put in their positions.  Yes, she will be steeped in embarrassment and too distracted to bother spouting off at the mouth anymore, says the Lord, for I laugh at how important in her own mind she really thinks she is says the Lord of Hosts this day.  I am calling Billy Graham home this year, says the Lord, for he has run the race, he has persevered for the Lord and won countless souls for Me.  And a changing of the guard is raising the younger generation up, who are fearless in My Word and who have powerful anointings upon them, a force for My glory says the Lord of Hosts this day.  This is going to be a very interesting, exciting year for many says the Lord, and I am expediting matters to propel them into position and I am opening amazing doors for them, where those around them will say with certainty, this was the favor of Almighty God.  So praise Me continually, praise Me for breakthrough, freedom, vindication and harvest of prosperity will spring forth suddenly, will spring up and bloom even in the snow, says the Lord of Hosts this day.  And the Northeast, bitter cold says the Lord, show compassion to My creation, feed My creation and I will bless you for showing the love of God to even the smallest creatures, says the Lord of Hosts this day.  For I love My creation and want My love shown to them in their time of need says the Lord of Hosts this day.  In Jesus Name.

NOTE: That was Jan 2, 2018, and in it, the Lord said He was calling Billy Graham home this year, now that was January 2.  Nobody knew if Billy Graham was going to turn 100, if he was going home next year.  The Lord said to me on January 2, He was calling Billy Graham home this year and a little over a month after this Word was put out, Billy Graham went home to be with the Lord.  Now, what does this mean?  It means that a huge changing of the guard is going to take place now, it’s already begun, that the younger generation are literally being rocketed and out of obscurity into their positions that God has secretly been grooming them for, these are people who will speak unapologetically, with the fire of Almighty God to usher forth great, great revival, unique voices and unique characters God is going to operate through that He’s been grooming, like I said, in secret will now be vessels to draw in the people and to invoke major change for the Kingdom of God, as the Lord says, we are to occupy until His return.  So 2018 guys is s a year of change and the Lord bringing those into the fullness of what He has called them to be, that He has been grooming them for, like I said in secret, like soldiers, conditioning them and grooming them for such a time as this and bringing them into new arenas.  And for those of you that this is happening to, embrace the change, the Lord knows what He’s doing, yes, change can be scary, but embrace the change, because I think it’s going to be a wonderful, wonderful ride.  The Lord also referenced in this, because this was right at the beginning of the year I put this out from the Lord, and like I said, Billy Graham passed about a month and half after I put this Word from the Lord out, to watch the United Nations.  This is very important to watch the United Nations, to watch Iran, I’m also going to tell you to keep your eye on California.  California, something’s coming with California and that governor that is in California, that what he is doing is going to backfire on him, he is sowing a field of landmines, and those landmines, now symbolically I’m speaking here and those landmines are going to go off and when they do, he is going to have such a mess on his hands, he’s not going to be able to continue what he’s doing, and he’s openly challenging and the Lord’s going to meet that challenge.  God is going to rise to the occasion as He always does.  So keep your eyes on California, keep your eyes on the San Andreas fault line, because something’s coming with that fault line, it’s becoming unstable. 
Natural disasters of historic proportion, keep your eyes on that, I had put out a prophetic Word from the Lord right before the Alaska earthquake, I think might have even been in this.  Yes, it’s in this actually!  It says, “also an earthquake to occur in a state that doesn’t experience them that has been “safe” from such phenomenons for quite some time says the Lord of Hosts this day.”  Well, Alaska hasn’t had a large earthquake for a very long time and weeks after this word was put out, Alaska had a 7-point something magnitude earthquake that hit and I think we’re going to see other historic natural disasters occur this year because the earth is groaning guys, you know there’s all sorts of strange phenomenon happening on the earth right now, and thank you to Jagged Tiger, one of my subscribers for sending me that information in the links, that subscriber found some very interesting phenomenon going on with animals, large amounts of animals dying all around the world.  And the Lord did reference phenomenons in this prophetic word. 

Trumpet sounds from heaven:
Okay, so, there is a phenomenon going on around the world right now with people hearing sounds from the heavens that sound like a trumpet, I’ve listened to them myself.  There is a very interesting YouTube, if you search on YouTube “apocalypse sounds played at once” there is a man who took all the sounds people were hearing around the world and put them together and when you hear it, it sounds like a gigantic orchestra tuning up, getting ready to unleash musically.  Revelation 14:2 says “and I heard a voice from heaven like the sound of many waters and like the sound of loud thunder and the voice which I heard was like the sounds of harpists playing on their harps.”  

Matthew 24:31: “Jesus said He shall send angels with a great sound of a trumpet and they shall gather together His elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.”  So the Bible definitely references these sounds coming from the heavens.  Well, I petitioned the Lord and I asked Him, why are people hearing these trumpet sounds now?  Because its interesting coming into this season that people were hearing these, they were recording them, you can definitely hear them coming from the heavens, very clear.  And I perceive it to be the Lord, this is the answer I got from the Lord about this.  It is a call to wake up, in His mercy, He is literally opening up the heavens and allowing the sounds of heaven to be heard so people will literally look up and wake up because we’re on the cusp of great revival going on and this year, watch for pockets of revival to break out, watch for larger pockets of revival to break out all around the world because that is going to happen as well.  Also, I think South America is going to be a play this year, South America, I think we’re going to see some things, some pretty important occurrences happen in that country this year as well.  I hope this gives you guys some information to go on and some things to look for and praise God, some things that have already come to pass.  So I’m expecting, I’m watching and waiting to see the different parts of it to come to pass as well with all of you.  So if you guys have any insight also on these sounds that people are hearing coming from the heavens and these strange occurrences, I’m actually going to do another video on all these strange occurrences happening in the world right now as we are living in the end times.  We are living in probably one of the most exciting spiritual times of history because we are watching the Book of Revelation unfold before our very eyes.  So I’m probably going to do another video on all the strange occurrences going on, and as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man.  So stayed tuned for that next video, I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of the day.  God Bless you guys.  Praying for those who might be in the way of this snow storm, I pray that God just takes one big breath and blows it out to sea.  

So, until next time guys, God Bless you, keep the faith.

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