Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Double Agents in the Church and a Spring Cleaning Coming to the Church 

Happy Resurrection Sunday to you all, Happy Passover and Shalom to my Jewish friends out there – God Bless you!  I wanted to talk today briefly as I’m taking a walk around the property about judgment right now and double agents in the Church.  What do I mean by that?  Well, there is certain judgment happening.  

In the last video, I talked about how we’re in a season where everything hidden God is exposing and bringing to light, right?  So I spoke about this, which is true, we are in that season.  Everything hidden the Lord is exposing, it doesn’t matter if it’s in the government, Hollywood, politics, the Church, people’s families, it’s all coming out.  And it’s got to be dealt with.  So in the Church, I call them double agents right now, there are many congregants, even pastors, who are coming to Church and who are acting one way, so proclaiming to love the Lord, and putting on a good holy act we’ll say, while in Church, then they are living a double live outside of Church.  They are leading a live that really has nothing to do with God, that is incredibly ungodly, that is not spiritual; that is not pleasing and holy and acceptable to the Lord.  And yes, we all sin and fall short of God’s glory, but there’s a difference between that and what’s going on right now.  

You know, the Church should be a place where the sick come to get well.  Instead, many Churches are becoming a place where sin is enabled and fostered and coddled.  So that is turning many people into double agents where they come to Church on Sunday, they pay their dues and then what do they do?  They leave Church and go and do what they want no matter what the sin is.  And so they are leading double live and what does the Lord say?  

A double minded man or woman is unstable in all their ways.  Because if they are living a double live like that, everything else in their live is going to become unstable and you have pastors right now that are doing the same that need serious prayer, so judgment is indeed coming to the house of God.  What I mean by judgment is coming to the House of God?  What I mean is it’s not the good in the Church, the holy, the righteous, the acceptable the people that are living for the Lord, no, it’s the stench and the debris and the tares and the problematic in the Church that the judgment of God is going to hit and sweep out the debris.  So the judgment of God is going to hit and sweep that out of the Churches.  You know why?  Because God’s Church right now needs to get back into fighting shape.  What do I mean by fighting shape?  Well, when a prized fighter is going to have a big fight, what do they start doing?  They start training every day so that they’re in fighting shape by the time that big boxing fight comes.  If they didn’t train and they just decided to eat twinkies all day, what might happen by the time they get to that fight?  They might have love handles, they get winded if they try to walk too much or run, their heart rate goes up with any little bit of activity, they maybe get a lot of cramping in their body.  

Okay, the same way right now many Churches, they’ve gotten some love handles, they’ve maybe eaten too many twinkies, they maybe haven’t been spiritually exercising the way they should.  And what happens from that?  They’re not in fighting shape and right now with what’s going on in this world, God’s Church and His people have to be in fighting shape, equipped soldiers that are conditioned, that are alert, that are aware, that are holy and set apart, that are a peculiar people, that are in this world, but not of it.  And God’s Church and His people need to get back into fighting shape because the twinkies of the world have been indulged on too much and what does it do?  

Instead of conditioning, it de-conditions and it breaks down and then the Church is not as spiritually aware, they’re not as powerful because how can the power of God operate in a Church that’s not operating in it?  The power of God should be seen in God’s Churches now more than ever before!  What did Jesus say to us?  Greater things than these shall you do, heal the sick, raise the dead, if we drink anything poisonous, it will not harm us.  We’re supposed to see limbs grow back and people get out of wheelchairs, I was one of them that got raised up out of a wheelchair, all glory be to God.  We’re supposed to see cancer flee people’s bodies, we’re supposed to see people healed of auto immune diseases, of depression, of oppression, of bondage.  We should be seeing this right now.  And if the Church isn’t in fighting shape, or God’s people, guess what happens?  That power isn’t there, the enemy has gotten into the Churches and has sort of caused the Churches, not all of them, but some of them, to become spiritually lazy.  And the pastors to not be living a Godly, wholesome life, but to be operating with one foot in the world and on foot with God.  So, yes, a Spring cleaning and judgment is coming to the House of God, to those parts of the House of God that have strayed from Him, that have led people astray from Him, that have not been doing what is pleasing to the Lord, that have been mixing worldly practices with the practices of God.  Just as Israel, they mixed Egyptian practices with practices of God, that’s what got them in trouble right in Egypt.  So this is what’s going on with the Church.  And the Lord’s got to sweep this debris out.  

Last year I put this prophetic Word out from the Lord, that a judgment is coming to the House of the Lord, that a Spring cleaning was coming to the House of God.  And we are going to see this happen now, because God has to get His House back in order because in these times, we need to be winning souls for the Lord.  Because we don’t have, much of the prophecy has been fulfilled, when it comes to the Book of Revelation and we don’t know how much time we have left before the Lord returns.  So, we need to be out there being a living letter read by all men.  And the Church needs to be operating in the power of God where people are flocking to it, instead of running away from it.  And what is happening is people are running from the Church instead of flocking to it because too much of the drama Telenovela “Days of our Lives” have gotten into the Church.  

Too much of practices of sometimes, the occult has gotten into the Church, the ways of the world has gotten into the Church and now the people aren’t in fighting shape.  And there are some pastors out there that are actually leading their flocks astray and encouraging them to mix worldly practices with Godly practices.  And you know the Lord will not have His House in such disarray and the Lord will not have shepherd leading their flock to spiritual slaughter anymore.  The Lord will not tolerate it, He will not have it and the Lord is going to now do something about it.  And we are now going to see in the upcoming year, big names in the Christian world outed, and people are going to be shocked by what they are doing.  Because what is hidden is being brought to light and what is behind closed doors God is going to expose and God is going to clean House, He’s going to clean leadership, He’s going to change the guard like I said and raise those up into positions God has called them to be who will be obedient to the Lord, who will be unapologetic about the Word of God, and about what the Lord is saying in these times and who will call on the Lord for the true power of Almighty God, revival and the fire of God to ignite the Churches again, and hit the Churches where people are flocking to the Churches to be healed by Almighty God, to hear about Almighty God, to repent, to surrender their lives, to get deliverance.  So, in the upcoming year, we’re going to see a lot of this.  And I’ll talk about it more in another video, a longer one.  But, yes people, this is going to happen, because God needs His Bride ready and there are parts of the Church that have fragmented, broken off, and gone astray under the leadership of very confused individuals and so watch for this guys in the upcoming year.  Watch for this because the Lord wants people again to gather at the Churches and demonstrate His Almighty Power.  You know we’re mobile lights, so when we go about our business during the week guys, we are mobile lights for the Lord.  We are living letters read by all men.  

People should see the light of God wherever we go, and what’s happening is these lights have been dulled and dimmed by all the things going on in the world and the offensive Satan is launching right now and also by false doctrine, false teaching, people being double agents like I said and having double lives, by mixing worldly practices.  And then when the light is dimmed, the power is dimmed and we need to be power houses right now for the Lord, we truly need to be powerhouses for the Lord, spiritual powerhouses, all day long if you can, it doesn’t take long.  Stop for 30 seconds, speak the Word of God.  All day long, you can do it, stop for 30 second; speak the Word of God.  Get Godly time when you can, get a Bible on your smartphone, during your lunch hour, read a Chapter.  

All day long, feed your spirit because it is going to strengthen you up and right now we need to be calling on the Lord and waiting on Him, because those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not be faint, or grow tired.  So, I encourage you guys to really be consistent with the Lord, speak God’s Word, constantly be in communion and be talking with the Lord, constantly.  He wants to hear from you all the time.  And ask the Lord to show you great and mighty things which you know not, ask Him to give you vision and dreams, ask Him to open your spiritual eyes, ask Him to open up your ears to hear in the spirit.  Ask Him to speak to you, ask Him to give you opportunities to witness to people about the love of Jesus and what Jesus did for them. 

Petition the Lord for opportunity and wait on the Lord for those opportunities.  You know guys, timing is everything.  Be sensitive to the leading of the Lord with those opportunities and He will give them to you.  So I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of the day.  I’m going to do a teaching soon, I know one of them is going to be on as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man, in accordance with the Book of Enoch, I like to use that as a reference material.  

So I’ll be doing that shortly, and I’ll be doing another teaching shortly about women in the Church, which should be very interesting.  There’s a trend that’s going on that I’ve begun to notice and I’m going to do some research on it and then we’re going to talk about it.  .  

God Bless you all, Shalom, keep the faith.

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  1. So thankful that Father is moving through the church, and preparing us to be the bride! I cannot stand (faithwise)without Him. None of us can. Also I cannot stand(the flesh) myself without Him these days. My mind gets drawn into the drama and the pain of yesterdays far to easy. He gave me the words to speak when that happens. "As Jesus has forgiven me, I will forgive (the circumstance). So funny how it shuts up the king of distraction's minions. I smile boldly. This blog is a new and wonderful place for me to visit. I have followed you for a while now and love you and Chris and all of your delightful animals...gonna be an ark soon lol...hey no coincidence that you are ARK of Grace :)