Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Prophetic Update-Amanda Grace
Prophecy excerpt Hollywood:
Hollywood and other areas of California, as well as leaders in New York, are going to sorely regret shaking their fists and openly challenging the Will and Sovereignty of Almighty God.  Satan’s little trophies have run their mouths and it will be right into the gutter.  Watch these two areas, California and New York.  Hollywood is about to be doled out very heavy consequences for their little cult and for influencing the minds of the next generation.  The Lord thy God has had enough, Satan’s pulpit will be silenced, says the Lord, for many have attempted to challenge and now I meet that challenge, says the Lord of Hosts to you this day.  For these mere men and women will not stand in the way of My plan says the Lord.  They are injecting anarchy and deviance into the minds of the young and vulnerable says the Lord.  This is going to stop says the Lord, for I am making Hollywood a heifer and a laughing stock, says the Lord.  Very, very strong words here. Hollywood will be put in their place for they shall not touch who I have ordained and they shall no longer mock My people without heavy consequences, says the Lord.  

June 15, 2017: 
Again the Lord mentions Hollywood.  Now this is very strongly worded, I’m just going to warn you.  That whorehouse of Hollywood says the Lord, full to the brim of spiritual and physical harlotry, Hollywood will keep experiencing heavy blows.  Now, it was on January 30, 2017, and then that last excerpt was from June 15, 2017.  
October 2017:
Is when the Harvey Weinstein story broke and the curtains were literally ripped back and Hollywood was literally exposed for all of the harlotry going on that the Lord warned about.  There was a clue in it, He said the whorehouse of Hollywood says the Lord, full to the brim of spiritual and physical harlotry, which is exactly what we now see being exposed, that it is chock full to the brim of it and now there is evidence coming out left and right of that.  And that was in June; that was months before this was exposed and the first excerpt was in January 2017, 10 months before this was exposed. 
January 30, 2018:
The first excerpt I read, there’s another clue in this and this is what it says here, they are injecting anarchy and deviance into the minds of the young and the vulnerable says the Lord.  Then He says this is going to stop says the Lord for I am making Hollywood a heifer and a laughing stock.  And when this thing with Harvey Weinstein broke, that’s exactly what began to happen, Hollywood in a way began to unravel.  So, the Lord also is doing this He says, because they are injecting anarchy and deviance into the minds of the young and vulnerable, which they are, they’re trying to puppet the young and vulnerable. You know guys, there is a major spiritual battle, a war, going on right now for the youth, for the souls of the youth.  Please remember to pray for the youth, this is ever so important because there is a major spiritual battle going on right now for the souls of the youth.  Satan really wants to take all the youth down with him, he uses Hollywood as a platform to do it and the Lord warned way before October that He was going to make them a heifer and a laughing stock and that He was going to pull those curtains back and expose what was really going on in Hollywood.  And now more and more it’s like, what a tangled web we weave.  So praise the Lord that that was accurate, that that forewarned of this coming.  
January 30 2018:
California, something’s coming with California and that governor that is in California, that what he is doing is going to backfire on him, he is sowing a field of landmines, and those landmines, now symbolically I’m speaking here and those landmines are going to go off and when they do, he is going to have such a mess on his hands, he’s not going to be able to continue what he’s doing, and he’s openly challenging and the Lord’s going to meet that challenge.  God is going to rise to the occasion as He always does.  So keep your eyes on California, keep your eyes on the San Andreas fault line, because something’s coming with that fault line, it’s becoming unstable.  
October 10 2018:
(Hollywood Word)
A final blow of sorts is going to hit Hollywood in the coming months and is going to severely damage its infrastructure. The protective wall, as Jericho was, is falling down. I see a bridge and the wicked members of Hollywood have been herded and chased like cattle onto this bridge. And bright red and white mechanical arms come down like at a train track, trapping them on the bridge. A hand comes from the heavens and begins to cut the wires or cords on the bridge one by one, and with every wire cut the bridge shakes, and Hollywood screams and panics a bit more.
November 22 2018:
There is a sinister plot against the president of the united states of America president Trump. He has been kicking against the Illuminati machine on a mission to rescue those being taken into sex trafficking rings for their sick pleasure. Donald trump has thrown a wrench in their plans and what they have tried against the president has failed. However an attempt to endanger his life will be attempted. I the Lord thy God am not only going to thwart it but expose it where the corrupt will scratch their heads as top how the plot was found out but I will ensure the perpetrators are publicly brought to justice and in private sing like canaries says the Lord.

The Lord thy God I am laying out strategies at the beginning of next year. I the Lord will give president Trump a brilliant single stone to throw at the giant, to throw at the giants of Russia, Iran, to throw at gnat (giants) of Washington DC, brilliant plans that will outsmart the opponent in every shameful way because you cannot curse what I the Lord thy God have blessed, you cannot touch who I have anointed to be in office says the Lord. My angelic army is far greater than the secret service says the Lord. Far far greater and they are ready and willing to defend the president on all fronts as I minister to his heart through those I will place around him that truly have a heart for the Lord. He is a work in progress just like the rest of you remember that I am the potter you are the clay my precious children.

April 16.2019:

Those who have been labeled scapegoats will have that label eradicated from their lives this year says the Lord. The impeachment hearings were an attempt to make the president a scapegoat, the exoneration began at the end of 2019.

November 16 2018:

The Lord gave me a dream a year prior and took me underground under the Vatican where there were tunnels, rooms, etc. Arches steps things like that.
There were witches, one disappearing and reappearing, there were warlocks, there were court jesters, there were animal like demonic figures and they were doing this all around me however none could harm me because I was under the protection of Almighty God.
So when I had awoken I realized there were more satanic things going on underground within the Vatican than maybe was realized at that point.
Underneath the Vatican rumblings of hell, witchcraft, sorcery, why do you think child abuse with priests has increased says the Lord, that is of the occult in an attempt to split the soul to program those children to be pawns for the spiritually dead.
Specific ceremonies of the Illuminati and the occult beneath the Vatican.
Satan himself has walked the underground, even the interior of the Vatican says the Lord.
The Vatican priests are playing with fire, glazing over Gods word for good reason. What people do not know, they are programmed easier in the direction the heads of the Vatican want them to go.
This coming year 2019 shocking ceremonies and secrets deep within the walls of the Vatican  will be exposed, the news will cover it. The heads will scramble to give an answer but people will see right through it.
The Vatican is a spiritual mess with unclean spirits from all religions walking inside its walls.
Consulting of spirits are happening in underground chambers, asking these spirits these demon princes for influence over whole countries as long as they do the bidding and plant the seed of one world religion.
An assassination attempt against this pope by those who have seen his agenda watch for this says the Lord and watch for strange signs around the Vatican NEWSWORTHY  that will confirm these words and events in Jesus name.
March 11 2020:
The Crux Report
Speaking of things no one’s asking about right now, the Vatican still hasn’t issued its long-awaited report on who knew what, and when, about abuse and misconduct charges against ex-cardinal and ex-priest Theodore McCarrick. Before the coronavirus broke out, Vatican officials on background were telling reporters and others that the report is basically ready, that it’s being readied for translation and distribution, and that it should appear soon. Observers around the world, and especially in the United States, have pointed to the report as a crucial test of the Vatican’s commitment to transparency.
In a similar fashion, whether there are consequences for officials named in the report as having contributed to McCarrick’s long run in power despite concerns about possible abuse and misconduct is also seen as a test of accountability, something Pope Francis has extolled as key to a serious reform.
Given how much is at stake, this is probably a good time to be trying to make the report as bullet-proof as possible and because whenever it does finally appear, it’s likely the big guns will be out.

March 27 2020: 
The New York Times
“For weeks now it has been evening. Thick darkness has gathered over our squares, our streets and our cities; it has taken over our lives,” Francis, who is 83 and had part of a lung removed during an illness in his youth, said in remarks hauntingly delivered on the steps of St. Peter’s Basilica Friday evening.

He spoke alone and before a vast and empty square, its cobblestones slicked with rain and reflecting the blue lights of the police locking down Rome to fight the virus. “We find ourselves afraid,” the pope added. “And lost.”

The remarks on such a dramatic and grand stage amounted to a change of course for the pontiff, who throughout the first weeks of the coronavirus crisis in Italy — now the world’s deadliest outbreak — tended to talk about other things, or addressed the issue via live stream. When he came down with a bad cold last month, he refused to address whether he had been tested for the virus; some employees have grumbled about offices having stayed open too long.

But the Vatican confirmed on Tuesday cases of the virus inside its walls, and on Wednesday reports emerged that an Italian Vatican official who lives in the pope’s residence had tested positive and required hospitalization. Now the Vatican, which has also essentially canceled all public participation in Easter ceremonies, is testing scores of people and considering isolating measures for Francis. Top Vatican officials said Francis has had negative results to two separate tests and has said privately he doesn’t have the virus. And as is the case with most governments, some have questioned the Vatican’s handling of the crisis.
What is clear is that a new anxiety has seized Vatican City, with about 600 citizens and a population of about 246 people behind the Vatican walls. About 100 of the residents are young Swiss Guards, but the remaining denizens include the pope, a handful of older cardinals, the people who work in their households, and some laymen, making it in some ways as vulnerable as a nursing home to a virus that can be devastating to the old.
Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo, 85, the president emeritus of the Vatican City State, acknowledged that elderly people like himself were the “first candidates” and joked that given the elderly population of Vatican City, “the only place more quiet than this is the cemetery.”
He called the Vatican “a small island separated from the rest of the city” but nevertheless said that life in the Vatican now “is very limited” with people closed in their apartments. “We can also go out in the Vatican Gardens for a walk but always must keep distance from one another to avoid contagions,” he said.

February 22 2019
The sexuality of the priests at the top hit news sites because a book had been released.
August 16 2019: 
I The Lord am set and poised to have a mighty move across the United States of America.
This mighty move is strategic, it is powerful says the Lord. I shall move in ways people
did not expect says the Lord. Yes there will be judgment and recompense, potent pockets
of judgment and recompense in areas of this country that have become a pig pen of sin, a
cauldron of activity. If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves
and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven,
forgive their sin, and heal their land says the Lord of Hosts. Some will do just this and
judgment will pass them by as the angel passed over the Jews in Egypt and spared them
of the intense judgment that is sweeping through. Yes some I am bringing to their knees
says the Lord and they will not only be spared but I will operate through them to expose
the many hidden layers of this country that have been moving about undetected says the
Yes there will be potent pockets of judgment HOWEVER says the Lord there will
be these pockets of revival, miracles, signs and wonders that break out across this
land as the Holy Spirit is set to sweep across in a powerful way. He holds a cistern
that contains powerfully charged oil that is anointed, that is meant to bring inner
healing, deeper revelation, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. This year into
next My children the Holy Spirit is being unleashed like never before. Those
establishments that have attempted to treat Him as an outcast and bind him up shall
suffer outbreaks and be exposed for what they are, for the powerless 4 walls that
they are says the Lord. MY angelic army has gone to war says the Lord, yes I am
calling My people out of MOAB, I am visiting them and calling them out of Moab as
I did Ruth says the Lord. I am calling out to My children to come out onto the water
with Me says the Lord. I am turning back the clock and setting things right says the
Lord. The enemy has used the familial line to truly muck up, mess up, and confuse
the plans I had for My children and delay delay. I am putting an end to the delays,
the enemy has held things up long enough that serpent of old. It is time for law and
order says the Lord of Hosts and TRUTH. A HUGE Dose of truth will touch down
the remainder of this year in order to crumble the foundations of lies that have set
things in a backward like order says the Lord. This TRUTH, MY truth is meant to
expose, to purposely burst the wound and drain these cancerous infections in the
spirit that have caused devastating effects in the natural. This is meant to set things
up for 2020 says the Lord. 2020 is going to be a monumental year for many. I am
setting up the pivot says the Lord and ensuring that 2020 will be a KEY year.
Yes, right now This is a dual, a double edged setup, says the Lord that shall cause the wicked, those who are puppets, emptiers, interferes, diviners, manipulators to fall and sink with the millstone of their own making and simultaneously you shall see My children rise, rise to the occasion, rise above the fray, rise above the persecution.

September 7 2019:
I have My right finger on the pulse of very crucial pivotal and serious situations that I shall turn in the direction I desire by turning the hearts of the leaders and those in cabinets, parliament, and military that meet in these secret situation rooms to strategist says the Lord. I am there says the Lord I see ALL things and I know ALL truth says the Lord. TRUTH shall step forth out of these situation rooms and secret meetings that shall emerge to the public, in some cases announced says the Spirit. I am the Word says the Lord thy God and I will send MY WORD and pierce through volatile situations and bring balance and stability, and cause enemies to turn away, and turn back. for I the Lord have a covering a prayer covering, a tallit over areas of Israel, over areas of The united states of America, over areas of Europe, Africa, and even Australia. This covering also extends to groups and individuals, including parts of the body of Christ says the Lord.

I have planted Obadiah's in governments, Kings Courts, legal Courts, in the corporate world, fashion world, and Hollywood, even some churches says the Lord. As Obadiah was purposely positioned in Jezebels and Ahab's court to carry out My plans and Purposes and to preserve the prophets as an epic spiritual battle in the natural took place. So I the Lord have planted these Obadiah and positioned them to not only be a light in a dark place, BUT for such a time as this to be KEY players to further and accomplish MY agendas and to put down Godly roots, and to plant Godly seed that will drive back the tares says the Lord. These Obadiah's shall come to the forefront, you shall know who they are says the Spirit. Yes they are marked says the Spirit and they shall emerge from the shadows and operate swiftly, these are firmly rooted operatives in their faith that shall now covertly carry out My plans says the Lord. You will watch in amazement as this comes forth and you see evidence of this as in some cases it will be reported of and be MAJOR NEWS says the Lord. Oh yes I am a God that can make headlines with the greatest of Ease and I am creator of ALL things so whatever I do is newsworthy says the Lord (chuckling).

There are leaders privately seeking me on their knees, do not let their public exterior fool you for in private, behind closed doors they are earnestly seeking me coming before me humbly knowing the weight they carry is getting greater and that without Me they cannot continue, By grace, to carry and bear the load. However you will see them strengthen in this hour they have grown muscles in the spirit and natural they did not even know were developing and shall be used to deal with rogue fire coming from agents operating for the Kingdom of darkness. That fire shall be returned 10 fold. You will see some paralyzed, caught, cornered FROZEN, like a deer in headlights says the Lord you will know who they are, there is the clue says the Lord. This will be with leadership down the line to individuals watch and see watch and see says the Spirit.

September 16 2019:

The days of cookie cutter, of the old standard of how it should look, of this God in a box ministry package that man in their minds created are fast coming to a close. No more dictating what one thinks a person, ministry, circumstance should look like. It will look like no other time in history, able to bend many different directions, man created this fantasized idea of how a ministry, a person in ministry, the bones of a ministry should look, man created this idea not the Lord.

And with this new direction, where the Lord must lead in order to go this new direction is going to look a bit different unique, eclectic, its going to maybe even seem foreign but its not it’s a dynamic change in direction to truly go into the highways and byways and draw people in to hear the gospel through all new means that sometimes man would think God would not use this person, or industry, or unique personality, but oh He would and He is.

What was once seen as odd or different will be reworked, dynamically revamped by the Lord and used as a brand new tool and avenue to draw people in to hear the gospel or to take a fresh look at God when a bad experience years and years prior might of stagnated it. A surge, a spiritual power surge of ideas, plans, new avenues will cause those who would of NEVER EVER opened their ears to the gospel, to stop and say “gee maybe I should take a listen.” There is a removing of an old guard, there is a dynamic people that is willing to do things a bit differently for the Lord, who have toiled with the Lord, been tested, refined, been willing to do what other’s said were beneath them and these are the people being propelled forward, with a new direction and a spiritual compass that will guide into brand new territory that will become clear the Lord is using as a tool and vehicle for His Glory even though it may not be a cookie cutter approved method.

October 22 2019:

Down by “friendly fire” says the Lord, the enemy shall destroy themselves shall curse themselves and there shall be much chaos and confusion in the camp of the enemy as I the Lord drive them mad and by the time they come out of it they will be nowhere near in a position to attack My children because of all the fiery spears pointing right at them to take them out when the fog lifts and they see they are indeed surrounded says the Lord. I am playing harder ball with the enemy than I ever have says the Lord, however I have already won so it’s a losing war for him says the Lord. My children will bear witness and give testimony to the awesome ways I come to their defense now that will baffle those who drank the deceptive potion of the enemy who believed the lie, they will be dumbfounded at what I do and how I rescue My children, for when the enemy says “aha we got them” the compass shall be changed their direction confused and a spectacle of them attacking themselves will ensue to show and demonstrate I AM GOD, I BOW TO NO MAN OR ENTITY, MY FIRE PROTECTS THE FLOCK, AND I AM ALWAYS VICTORIOUS.

Guard your hearts and your minds as I go before you with My heavenly army and inject madness in the enemies camp like never before. For I love My children, My anointed and they will NOT dare touch what I the Lord have favored and blessed without losing seven fold what they dare try and take thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts in Jesus name.

Clear whom I am with truly says the Lord. I will make this very clear says the Lord.
You shall see much activity surrounding the upcoming feasts says the Lord. An
announcement in Israel surrounding the feast of trumpets will be pivotal and
crucial to the direction that nation goes says the Lord. New wine shall be poured
into new wine skins of My children surrounding the feasts. The enemy is aware and
is hellbent on causing terror and confusion right now using his elite undercover
mules, to cause terror and fear. However My children come into agreement and
 pray and that spirit shall lose its power says the Lord. I am visiting my people
coming into the feasts and there shall be key visitations, revelations, instructions, and
doors unlocking that will accelerate My children into the position the devil
Watch in amazement as you see Me come forth as the Roaring Lion, the Fire of
Almighty God is touching down on this nation get ready, anticipate it, expect it and
receive the incredible things I am now set to do thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts in
Jesus name.

December 8 2019:
Iran will suffer a very public mortal wound a gushing wound for what they have done to Israel and I am striking Hezbollah with madness they will go mad and suffer complete disorder says the Lord thy God this day.
January 5 2020:
Fox news reports.
General Soleimani is killed along with 7 others in a strike. He Responsible for thousands of deaths.

March 11 2020:

Senior Hezbollah officials test positive for coronavirus

Jerusalem Post Staff
Senior Hezbollah officials have been placed under quarantine after being infected with the coronavirus, Channel 13 reported. They may have been in contact with Iranian officials who also tested positive for the coronavirus.
Channel 13 added that Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah, is under quarantine to prevent him from contracting the coronavirus.

March 16 2020:
Aljezeera reports

COVID-19 has killed a member of the clerical body that appoints the supreme leader, according to Iranian state media, the latest official in the country to die of the highly infectious disease caused by the new coronavirus.

Ayatollah Hashem Bathayi Golpayegani, 78, died two days after testing positive for the new coronavirus and being hospitalized, state news agency IRNA reported on Monday.I would call this a public mortal wound a gushing wound because its one after the other.
Make no mistakes this is a sign this is setting the tone for 2020, that the enemies of God’s children, His anointed, and His firstborn Israel, are hereby put on notice that time is up the Lord will judge, they have been found wanting, much of this was spoken in 2019 pertaining to the end of 2019 and the year 2020. The Lord is weighing these individuals, rulers, nations, and groups and they have been found wanting.
A tale of the cup bearer and the baker from genesis pertaining to Joseph. A termination and extermination of the Hamans. This is the year you will see Haman after Haman terminated much of it will be public. There is going to be a clear line of separation as well as the wheat from the tares and the tares are getting torn up by the roots.
Cities foundations who have challenged the Holiness of Almighty God will be shaken and there are states within the US that will see such a shaking for their willful mocking rebellion that it will shock the nation. Make no mistake the Lord thy God is not mocked!
December 12 2019:
The Axe and the Sickle
Now the axe and the sickle look for the country that touts this, a complete shift and breaking news will come forth as these countries are dealt with who have been in dirty dealings with bureaucrats in the US and abroad, the blood will be exposed on the hands of those who were deep in it for they serve mammon not me says the Lord and mammon will turn them over and turn on them as I drop the axe says the Lord and mammon will high tail it out of there the coward that he is says the Lord.

As you see these things take place cleave unto Me for My children shall be under concentrated growth bulbs of My light and power and shall see incredible growth in 2020, new buds and new growth shall begin to emerge now and because of My power grow faster stronger and more beautiful in 2020 at an accelerated rate in order to demonstrate that I the Lord God know no bounds, I am not subject to the time of this world and I am far above their systems, this shall and will be demonstrated in 2020 watch for it and as it happens proclaim what the Lord has done, for I The Lord am the righteous judge, I am the Great I AM and your loving Father in Heaven. I am with you always even until the end of the age, I love you and Bless you in Jesus name.

December 23 2019:
peacock word

There have been major rulings against the enemy from the throne of God, he has had rulings damaging to his kingdom and his treasury and the Lord is forcing the enemy to empty his storehouses where he keeps the treasures and various things taken from the children of God as trophy and reserve, the Lord is forcing him by ruling from the throne to open up these storehouses as Moses opened them up for the people, and must give back 7 times, 7 spirits of God, number of spiritual perfection and completion, what he took to bankrupt the children of God and slow down the plans and progress, 7 times means as well 7 times acceleration of the plans and purposes of Almighty God. The Lord has done this to restore the time lost, to restore the lost blessings, and to give the resources necessary to carry out the will of the Father on this earth as it will become clear to those watching that these individuals are being supplied through supernatural means. The enemy has no choice in this matter he MUST give back what has been decreed therefore thrusting the children of God with power into the fullness of their call and purpose.

The Lord will through this sharpen the hearing of His children that they will clearly be able to hear the Lord and Holy Spirit through the noise around them the enemy has attempted to make. The enemy has attempted to make a racket to attempt to drown out the voice of the Lord However the Lord is concentrating the precision of your spiritual ears He is turning the volume up that you will hear through the noise and the enemy's plans will fail and will trigger a retreat.

The enemy has attempted to come in a coyote or wolf pack he has attempted to swarm, overburden overwhelm and overrun, However the Lord thy God has given the orders from His throne and warring angels are being sent out to assist and break up their line of communication and central command. If they cannot communicate when they hunt it becomes confused and disorganized, Confusion greater than babyl is hitting the camp of the enemy coming down like javelins plunging into the middle the nucleus of their operations.

Hearing the word nucleus the Lord is going after their nucleus, the nucleus is sending out the orders the Lord is breaking up their nucleus and breaking up their agreement, without agreement there is limited power.

Its all going off script now, the scripts the enemy has doled out its all going off script they are derailing the train derailment that occurred over the weekend in Cincinnati is symbolic of what will happen to those not only connected in Washington and the govt but churches and families, even businesses that have come after the anointed of God the children of God and attempted to Hijack the Lord’s agenda, massive derailments, another train derailment even larger is set to occur pray for the people. Its all going off course its all going off script the Lord is destabilizing the nucleus and the engine that is driving the train will suddenly stop the pistons are misfiring the misfires will prove costly as they are unstable and cause casualty to those who initially came forth as a pack to attack.

There is a breaking through happening in 2020 this is large, powerful changing the entire trajectory in a new direction with the Father in order to bloom forth the buds that were grafted in in 2019, the grafting and pruning happened in 2019 and the buds will come to bloom in 2020. individuals will operate in unique multifaceted anointings, as a rooted tree that has been grafted can bear multiple types of fruits so this shall be a demonstration of the power and endless bounds of Almighty God. And the blooms shall happen simultaneously and shall represent different areas of life. Some of the blooms may be deceiving because they will be what the world dictates as sad or tragic however these are crucial paving the way for a new chapter, a second chance, and newness of life that produces healthy full concentrated fruit for the Kingdom. 

March 31 2020:
A few nights ago as I lay in bed I audibly heard H1N1- I believe in the middle of this H1N1 is going to make another appearance. (Swine flu H1N1).April 2009 to August 2010-Key points of the H1N1 Last outbreak.

H1N1 originates in April, the month of Passover.
Passover began Wednesday April 8 and ended April 16.
H1N1 emerges April 12 2009!! Right in the middle of Passover-Hits Easter Sunday!
It was 16 months long.
H1N1 Information from the CDC:
The (H1N1)pdm09 virus was very different from H1N1 viruses that were circulating at the time of the pandemic. Few young people had any existing immunity (as detected by antibody response) to the (H1N1)pdm09 virus, but nearly one-third of people over 60 years old had antibodies against this virus, likely from exposure to an older H1N1 virus earlier in their lives. Since the (H1N1)pdm09 virus was very different from circulating H1N1 viruses, vaccination with seasonal flu vaccines offered little cross-protection against (H1N1)pdm09 virus infection. While a monovalent (H1N1)pdm09 vaccine was produced, it was not available in large quantities until late November—after the peak of illness during the second wave had come and gone in the United States. From April 12, 2009 to April 10, 2010, CDC estimated there were 60.8 million cases (range: 43.3-89.3 million), 274,304 hospitalizations (range: 195,086-402,719), and 12,469 deaths (range: 8868-18,306) in the United States due to the (H1N1) pdm09 virus.
This is a reversal from H1N1 where NO YOUNG PEOPLE had an antibody for it but 1/3 of people over 60 did and were better protected.
Now hardly any young people are getting corona virus and it’s the biggest threat to the elderly.
10 years later.
Beginning of January cases are reported in the U.S.
There are 10 plagues that came against Egypt.
There are 10 commandments.
10 being the number of order and completion.
Haman in the book of Esther, PURIM, had 10 sons that were executed along with Haman.
It was on march 10 that we see cases confirmed in the hundreds in the US on march 10 259 cases were reported.
H1N1 appears the first year of Obama's first term.
Coronavirus appears last year of President Trumps first term.
This year is the year of Purim, you will see Purim the entire year.
Instead of the day of destruction it was the day of their deliverance.
Covid-19= 766 gematria + 19= 785 (7+8+5=20)
We are in the year 2020.
7 is spiritual perfection/completion.
8 is new beginnings.
5 is grace.
There is a spiritual completion happening, that will bring new beginnings, by God’s Grace.
Obama leaves office making one of the biggest deals with Iran and Iran has been the hardest hit through this. How does this tie to Purim?
Obama leaves office making one of the biggest deals with Iran and Iran has been the hardest hit through this, Iran represents the wickedness toward the Jew, this deal put Israel in a position of weakness to Iran.
King Ahasuerus was King of the Persian Empire, Iran being at the center, Haman comes to the King, Obama comes to the leader of Iran and makes a deal with them that was destructive to the Jews and attempted to tie their hands when it came to Iran, just as Haman attempted to tie the Jews hands where once again they could not defend themselves.
Mordecai along with Esther is utilized by God to save the Jews from destruction and UNTIE their hands so they could DEFEND themselves.
CHINA GERMANY RUSSIA AND FRANCE are all involved in this deal, these are some of the hardest hit countries with the coronavirus in the world
officially sign up to China’s vast new One Belt One Road global infrastructure project.

The Lord has me seek this out a year almost to the day today is march 31.2019.
President Trump comes along and a REVERSAL happens.
May 8 2018:
New York Times
President Trump declared on Tuesday that he was withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, unraveling the signature foreign policy achievement of his predecessor Barack Obama, isolating the United States from its Western allies and sowing uncertainty before a risky nuclear negotiation with North Korea.

The decision, while long anticipated and widely telegraphed, leaves the 2015 agreement reached by seven countries after more than two years of grueling negotiations in tatters. The United States will now reimpose the stringent sanctions it imposed on Iran before the deal and is considering new penalties.

That same DEAL made with Obama President trump withdraws from , England withdraws from the EU these are the 2 countries who WITHDRAW from that horrible deal
Look at the countries who remained in a deal with each other and Iran, Italy, china, Germany, Russia, and France and these are some of the hardest hit nations in the world with this virus. It is a reversal of Haman's plot and agreement back onto these countries who made these deals with Iran and with china!

Italy’s Deal With China Signals a Shift as U.S. Influence Recedes

March 30 2019:
ROME, for decades, Italy felt the brunt of the Chinese economic juggernaut that the United States argues poses a threat to the financial and political future of the West.
China’s government-backed manufacturers, operating on a much larger scale with much cheaper costs, devoured small Italian companies producing machinery, textiles and pharmaceuticals. Chinese knockoffs infuriated its high-fashion brands. But this month, as the United States continued to engage in a trade standoff with China, and leaders of the European Union banded together to demand an end to unfair Chinese business practices, Italy took another route — China’s new Silk Road.

In a move that signaled geopolitical shifts from West to East, Italy broke with its European and American allies during last week’s visit by President Xi Jinping of China, and became the first member of the Group of 7 major economies to officially sign up to China’s vast new One Belt One Road global infrastructure project.


  1. Nov. 16/2018 the Lord showed you what happened later around oct./2019 The amazonian synod in the Vatican. I left a message on your youtube:
    Did you checked about Paganism in the Vatican? Last year around October the Pope accepted and venerate a statue of Pachamama, an indigenous goddess that represent mother earth or something. As an ex catholic that still love the people there, my heart broke up, as many other Catholics. You can check "the militant church" or "the vortex" a catholic channel that investigate this and other scandals.
    Satanic rituals and homosexuality, Freemasons, infiltration of communist, Wicca ... all in a docier, documents and investigation reports that mention names of the Vatican hierarchy. (Satan at the vatican)
    I repeat this is a catholic channel that seek for transparency and honesty in their own church.

  2. I first listen to your video cast with Blessed2Teach and you spoke of the 4 steps to pray, before we pray. I looked over your site, however, I cannot find where it is. Can you please guide me to where it is...
    I don't know if your familiar with Katie Souza, from Australia, I have found her to be an amazing teacher should you be interested. Would you please contact me and inform me of where you 4 steps to pray b4 you pray I will greatly appreciate....