Friday, April 3, 2020


Prophetic Update and a Season of Change 

We’re in a season where a couple of things are going on.  Two years ago the Lord told me and my mentor, Barbara Stone that we were coming into a season where everything hidden had to be exposed.  That is holding true.  And this year into next year, you are going to see the most jaw dropping things be exposed, not only with government, but with heads of Churches, who like the Pharisees have been doing things behind closed doors that they never, ever, ever been indulging in and then ended up going to the pulpit after doing that.  Kind of like when they caught Mary Magdalene, you ever wonder why they caught her.  Someone had to be with her watching her, you know what I mean?  

So, heads of Churches that have been raised up to high levels, their closets are going to be opened and they’re going to be exposed.  It’s going to be a very sobering reality for the Christian community that something has to be done.  We’re going to see that this year into next year.  This is people’s bodies, all the way to families, Hollywood, Churches, the government, everything hidden has to come out in this season.  Secrets that have been hidden for 20 years are going to come out in the open in this season.  We’re also in a season of change, so prepare yourselves ready for change, get yourselves mentally and physically ready for change because this year into next year, change is coming for God’s people.  Changing jobs, changing career paths, God is going to shift people in career paths to strategically position them for His Glory, and because of His favor.  People are going to be brought out of obscurity to prophetically speak the Word of God, to preach the Word of God, people that nobody knew are going to be brought out of obscurity to speak the uncompromised Word of God.  That’s going to happen.  

We’re going to see a lot of change and shifting in people’s lives, the Lord shifting things out, purging things, like exposing them and purging them and shifting them out for people to position their lives and get their lives ready and take the hindrances off of their lives, so He can accelerate them into Hiss plan for their life.  Also what’s required with change is that a lot of times restoration goes hand in hand with change, so the change happens first, and then the restoration.  In a next before a baby bird is old enough to fly, the Momma bird will make the nest so uncomfortable that the bird doesn’t want to stay there anymore and it will jump out of the next and fly and soar.  And that’s what the Lord is going to do in this season too, He’s going to purposely allow things to become uncomfortable so that we don’t want to stay there anymore and we want to move on and we want to move forward and we want to move into what the Lord has for us and we want to be positioned to shine for the Lord, for His Glory.  So the Lord may be making things purposely uncomfortable for you to bring you out of that comfort zone into a new arena.  

Many people are going to be brought into a new arena this season, to the next level, because of their obedience and because they have been firmly grounded and planted in the middle of raging storms and they have weathered the storm and they have not walked away from the Lord and they have sown and they have been faithful in a little.  And now because of that He is now going to give them much, and He is going to raise them up because of their obedience because He sees He can trust them.  That is so important, the Lord needs to know He can trust you with what He’s giving you.  In this season, I’m going to tell you to ask for wisdom, ask the Lord every day if you can for wisdom.  If you don’t have wisdom, how are you ever going to know what to do with what the Lord gives you?  So in this season, ask for wisdom because it’s going to be crucial in the new assignments God gives you, in the new arena He brings you, the new calling He brings you into, the new job, into prophetically if He’s bringing you in that direction, or to preach or to teach the Word of God, wisdom is crucial.  So ask the Lord to give you wisdom that can only come from the heavens because it’s going to be crucial in this season.  

Change can be painful, so when the Lord’s got to grow you, we have growing pains, you know when you grow up as a kid, you have growing pains?  It’s the same thing.  There’s growing pains, when the Lord is stretching you and preparing you to bring you into what He’s called you to be, it’s painful because He’s purging out what He doesn’t want, He’s growing you up, He’s shaping you and molding you like a jar of clay and then He presents you to the world.  And that’s what’s going to happen in this season.  Those of you that have weathered a very long storm, get ready because there’s a shift and a change that’s going to happen.  And you are going to come out of that storm victorious, the Lord wants you to know that you are going to come out of that storm victorious.  That He has seen your plight, that He has seen your suffering that He has seen your tears and you are coming out victorious in Jesus Name.  Those that have been obedient and steadfast and sown even when they had nothing, are going to come out victorious in this season, I promise you. 

Changing of the guard, watch for the changing of the guard.  In the Church, in the government, with the Royal family, watch the Royal family right now.  There is a lot that is about to go down with the Royal family, the changing of the guard applies to that too.  So, I want you all to know that it’s so important to keep your eyes on the Royal family now, because I heard in my spirit couple of weeks ago or so, “London Bridge is falling down” the entire song and so did my mentor Barbara Stone.  We heard it days apart and we didn’t know the other one heard it also.  So watch the Royal family right now for the drama to unfold and for a changing of the guard in the Royal family because that’s going to happen sooner than we think I believe, so keep your eyes on that too right now. 

At the beginning of the year, I put out a Prophetic Word from the Lord out and in it the Lord said natural disasters of historic proportion would happen this year.  That is holding true with the volcanic eruptions, with the flooding and I think it’s going to continue, so please continue to pray for the people in the way of that because the earth is groaning right now.  We’re in very serious times guys, we’re in prophetically charged times.  So keep your eyes open, ask the Lord to give you vision, ask Him to show you what He sees.  Ask for wisdom, and get ready, get ready for change everyone, get ready for a lot to be exposed and a lot of change and I believe about 6 months from now a lot of people’s lives are going to look very different because not only of how the Lord works, but He’s expediting these matters purposely to accelerate people into their positions right now and into their calling.  If you see your life shifting and changing, rejoice in it, ask the Lord to help you through it, to understand it and go with it, if the Lord is doing it, go with it.  As difficult as it may be, go with it because He knows what’s best.   

God Bless you all, keep the faith.

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