Monday, April 6, 2020


Prophetic Update 
Promises Being Birthed Forth & Brace Yourself for Major Secrets

I know I’ve said in previous videos that we’re in a season where everything hidden coming to light, and a season of justice and in a season of change. I think the three go hand in hand a lot of the time.  I believe that in the everything hidden coming to light portion of that – and I ask Lord Jesus, You guide my words because we want it to be Your Wisdom, and Your anointing in Jesus Name. 

In this season, secrets, now yes, we’re going to see secrets in the Government and in Hollywood pour out like crazy, I mean the dam is going to break and it’s just going to gush.  But, secrets that have laid hidden in leadership in churches, and in families; I’m talking secrets that have been kept for years are going to be exhumed and exposed by the Lord.  So if that’s going on, keep praying to the Lord to exhume it and expose it because it says in Numbers it says, your sins shall find you out, so if someone’s doing something they shouldn’t and they keep hiding it, that sin at some point God is going to allow to find them out.  But these family secrets and secrets in churches with leadership, because we’re in a season also where spring cleaning is coming to the house of God, has already started.  We’re going to see this year into next year major leaders in the Christian world, have to step down because of what’s exposed that they’ve been doing behind closed doors.  So when I tell you that secrets in families and in church leadership that have laid hidden for years are going to be exhumed and exposed by the Lord, I’m not kidding you.  

People would say, well why would God do that, well first, God hates deception, hates deception, He’s not going to help anybody continue to cover up their sin, but a lot of times, He leaves them to their own devices and they out themselves because sin makes people sloppy.  They get sloppy in hiding things, they get sloppy in their lies, they forget how many lies they are telling because they are telling lies on top of lie, and they get caught.  Also, God has to vindicate and help the people that these lies and secrets have affected.  You know when people bury secrets and lie and manipulate, it does a ton of damage to the other people involved.  

A lot of time, people innocently get dragged into families and they don’t know that these families are hiding things, either through marriage or friendship, even in their own families and they don’t know that these things are being hidden but it’s affecting their lives.  But yet it is affecting their lives an it’s destroying lives and a lot of times secrets and deceptions and lies are energy drainers, the people operating in them are energy drainers and they don’t care how much they destroy in you as long as they get to keep operating in their deception and their dysfunction.  So we’re going to see a lot of family secrets outed and I’m telling you, the time is upon us, the hour is here that we’re going to see this happen, so buckle up and hang on guys because these people that have buried these secrets in families and in church leadership especially, it’s going to be exposed and it’s going to be forcefully exposed and it’s going to be exposed in a way that they can’t rebury it or get out of it this time because it needs to be dealt with and the people that it’s hurting needs to be freed.  A lot of times deceptions and secrets and lies are very consuming in bondage, they keep people in bondage, they keep people stuck, they are stumbling blocks, they hinder what God really has for someone a lot of times.  So, God wants to move somebody into the next level and this nonsense going on around them can become a hindrance and a distraction, so that’s why the Lord has to flush it out too.  

In Hollywood, and in the Government, we’re already seeing it, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg, we are going to see so much exposed that is going to horrify people, horrify them.  Rude awakening types, we’re going to see a lot of rude awakenings in this season, not only in Hollywood and in the Government, but personally, and in the Church, because God’s go to wake His Church up.  Because a lot of them are on Easy Breezy Street where they don’t want to offend anyone, they don’t want to rock the boat, they don’t want to upset the congregants that are giving large amounts of money, and the Spirit of God isn’t moving.  The point of Church is for the Spirit of God to move, and the Holy Spirit to be welcomed to have His way in that Church.  And leadership sometimes gets greedy and they want to take the reins and they want to choke the Holy Spirit and that’s a gigantic mistake that Church leadership makes, is they try to choke, cage and control the Holy Spirit and once they do that they have allowed a spirit of control into their church and it’s going to squeeze, like the spirit of pythos almost, coil and constrict and squeeze.  You don’t want that, you want the Spirit to be free to have His way, you know Church leadership forgets that we are beneath the Lord and the Holy Spirit; we answer to Him, He is our King, He is our Father, we are His servants, we answer to Him, not the other way around.  So the Holy Spirit needs to become unleashed to do His work in the times we’re living in and that’s why God is going to deal so heavily with Churches, especially positions of leadership. 

Families, yes, God has to flush all of these secrets and lies out of families in order to rebuild them because right now, a lot of families are on foundations of lies, deception, manipulation and dysfunction and God can’t build off of that, it’s like building the house on sand.  So what does God have to do, He’s got to expose and He’s got to flush out, flush it all out in the open, tear everything down He doesn’t like so He can restore it.  And that’s the whole point of restoration.  You know people think restoration is great; it’s wonderful, it is, but the first part of restoration is very painful, where everything has to be torn down, everything has to be leveled so the Lord can build it back up the way He wants.  That’s the wonderful part of restoration, but the first phase of restoration is actually incredibly painful and we have to remember that when God is going to restore.  It’s a painful process, it’s a birthing process and right now a lot of us are really close to the Lord birthing us into our new assignments, into the next level, into new beginnings and what happens right before the baby is born?  That’s where it’s the most painful, that’s where the mother screams, yells, becomes irate, becomes agitated and upset, so if you feel that happening to you, try to check yourself.  Try to just stop and cry out to the Lord for help, but know you’re incredibly close to the new things the God wants in your life to be birthed forth.  Because the birthing process is painful, it creates something amazing; but it’s painful but the outcome is incredible.  So just prepare yourself, brace yourself in this hour of being birthed forth into new assignments, new beginnings, new levels, new phases.  Also, for what’s going to come out in the open, mentally prepare yourself for it so you don’t get shaken because things around you are going to be exposed, especially if they’ve been hidden for long periods of time because the Lord thy God has had enough of the deceptions, and the secrets and the lies and the spirits or manipulation and witchcraft, He’s had enough of it.  And He doesn’t want it binding His children, holding His children back, limiting them or keeping them on a dog leash any more.  And the Lord is liberating His children, He’s cutting the chains, He’s cutting the leash, He’s liberating His children to do what they want Him to do.  Now I’m going to prepare you; that means you may lose some relationships.  It means some people purposely by the Lord moved out of your life and new people moved in.  It may mean that you have to let go of some things in your life in order to receive the new things that the Lord wants to give you.  It may mean that families get fractured, it may mean that you lose a friendship or a relationship because God has to get those things out of your life to do what He needs to do with you.  The enemy loves to use people around you to hinder you.  You know why?  Because you trust them, you trust their opinion.  A lot of times, people around you with great intentions are cursing you, they are cursing you and they don’t even realize they are cursing you.  So be aware of that in this season and make sure immediately you cancel those words in the Name of Jesus and command them to be loosed from your life in Jesus Name so they cannot be a hindrance.  

Take authority over all word curses, spells and incantations that people might be speaking against you.  Cancel them in the Name of Jesus, command they are loosed from your life in the Name of Jesus and the cannot harm you in Jesus Name and cast to the pit of hell and bound and banished to the pit in the Name of Jesus.  Because the enemy is mad right now, the enemy is mad because the jig is up and God’s ripping the covers off, He’s ripping the covers off.  In the Old Testament, God talks about pulling someone’s skirt above their head and exposing them and that’s what we’re going to see happen and we just have to be prepared and stay level-headed through it and stay grounded because it’s going to be uncomfortable for a moment because people are going to be upset.  

Well, they chose to continue down the road they continued when God gave them a grace period to wake up, come clean and repent and they chose not to.  So now God is going to air out the dirty laundry and make them come clean.  Now God is going to rearrange things in your life how He wants it because He’s given them a grace period, they’ve refused to yield and some of them now have to be exited out of your life because they are going to harm you down the road and prevent you from getting to the promises that God has for you.  So if that happens, yes, it may hurt for a minute, ask the Lord to heal the hurt and get you through it.  But when you look back, you’re going to go Praise God He delivered me out of that, Praise God He removed those people out of my life, Praise God He opened my eyes, Praise God He exposed those secrets.  You know people get very mad when their secrets are exposed and they’re caught, they get very mad because they can no longer operate under the guise under the deception and manipulation in your life or in anyone else’s life any more.  And the Courts of Heaven and as well as the human courts are going to be handing down justice, I promise you.  

God Bless you guys, keep the faith.

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