Wednesday, April 15, 2020


The Tension Has Mounted and Here Comes the Boom

I can feel the tension in the Spirit.  By the Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ, may only the Truth come forth.  Holy Spirit, we invite You to this broadcast and Lord we pray You have Your way in Jesus Name.

I can feel the tension in the Spirit.  Things are going to blow!  I can feel the tension, I can also feel the warfare.  

The enemy is mad; he’s trying to barrage God’s people right now, I’m not even kidding you, with attacks, and a lot of them are going to come from people close to you.  People close to you that don’t have such deep roots, that are under spirits like, spirits of jezebel like spirits, spirits of witchcraft, spirits of deception, spirits of arrogance and haughtiness, spirits of even like exclusionary type things, meant to hurt you.  

Right now, the enemy is going to use those types of people that are close to you because you have a connection with them.  You have a connection with them.  So the enemy wants to hurt right now, and he wants to get people angry and he wants to, and it’s hard because we’re human, we do get angry at times.  Even Jesus got upset, we sometimes, its righteous indignation that we’re feeling at a situation because we know it’s ungodly.  So, the enemy right now is really trying to barrage God’s people and attack them because the enormous breakthroughs, the suddenlys, everything getting exposed, things being uprooted so fast and removed, as quick as its exposed, I’m not even kidding you, it’s going to be removed.  So, the people that are aligning themselves with these secrets and lies, deceptions, family secrets, secret cover ups in the Church, people aligning themselves with this, are in a way taking a position against God.  They are aligning themselves against God with the things the enemy is doing.  So when they align themselves in that way, and they’re sowing this kind of hurt against God’s people being puppeted and some of these people claim to be Christian people, but their roots are not very deep and they are easily influenced because their flesh wants something so bad and the enemy knows it.  And the enemy uses it like a toy, like a piece of bait and these people are falling for it rather than walking away from it so the enemy can’t play that game anymore, and letting God come in and have His way.  

Right now, the Lord wants to come in and have His way.  He wants to have His way as painful as it is, as hard as it’s going to be.  It’s crucial right now because we really are right at that moment where things are going to blow.  When things come spilling out in the open with force, it’s going to be with force, come rushing out in the open because they’re being exposed, just as quickly, God is going to take hold of the direction and remove it, so it cannot continue to hinder or fester, or linger in your lives.  Because right now that’s what’s going on in a way, there are issues that are lingering, old issues that are lingering.  Repetitive issues that are lingering in your life right now that are going on and the Lord is trying to counteract the enemy using the people around you to try to keep you in this kind of cycle.  Trying to keep you in this cycle of their secrets, their lies, their bad decisions, and their bad behavior.  Those that are judging God’s people based on their past decisions, based on their past mistakes, based on messes they got themselves in, and now they’re judging God’s people because God’s people don’t want to entertain the mess, enable the mess, be part of the mess, get in the mud pit, get in the filth and the pig pen, they’re blaming God’s people right now that don’t want to do that.  

They’re actually having the audacity to blame God’s people for the mess they created, they enabled, they let continue, they let go on, and it’s easier to drag God’s children into the mud pit and the pig pen rather than for them to identify what they’re doing, what they’re involved in that they shouldn’t be, and giving up, I’m going to call it, it’s like a drug, a spiritual drug, giving up that spiritual drug, laying it at the altar and letting God handle the situation because they are a lot of people right now with shallow roots that are trying to control things within their own power rather than letting the Lord do it.  There’s a lot of people right now, are trying to control and manipulate, and push, and bully everything to make it the way they want in their own power, not by the Lord, not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord.  And people are trying to control it in their own power and its backfiring and its making a bigger mess and they’re blaming the other party, they’re blaming God’s children, when it is them who are choosing in their own power, try to change something that God has to change, that God has to deal with, that God has to hash out.  And that’s what’s happening right now, and it’s happening too because the Spiritual warfare is so heavy right now, because of what’s going to break.  Right now we need to be fasting and praying, and speaking God’s Word and praying in tongues and walking around and call the things that are not as though they were and being vigilant about it because the enemy cannot hold back the Will of the Lord thy God anymore.  

God will not allow it, He will not allow His people to be hindered or afflicted because there are things going on in people’s lives right now that are holding them back, or getting in the way of what God wants them to do.  Meaning the other party is literally trying to stand in the way because of things their flesh wants, because of things they want and mistakes they made and because of their control issues, they’re stepping in the way of what God wants His children to do, the assignments.  Those people are going to be humbled and brought low, and some of them even removed.  Because God is making the path straight, literally now, for His children.  We are at the point of birth, that’s why it feels so heavy in the spirit realm, there’s so much tension, there’s so much spiritual warfare because when a woman is giving birth, she is not herself.  For those of you out there who have had children, and your partners, your husbands have been in the room, for those of you out there who have had children, you know this, that a woman is not herself when literally she is trying to blow a turkey out her nose.  I’m not kidding you, that’s what giving birth is to me, blowing a turkey out your nose.  So she’s not going to be her happy, hunky dory self, is she?  She’s going to be screaming, she’s going to be telling the husband she can’t stand him, that’s she’s had it, that he did this to her, because there’s pain and there’s pressure because you’re birthing forth something new.  It’s a new beginning, it’s a new chapter and the second it’s birthed, all that tension and animosity and anger and frustration departs.  Immediately departs, that’s what it’s going to be like when it happens now.  When it is birthed forth, that tension and anger and animosity, all of it is going to depart because it’s a new beginning and it’s a new chapter, and there’s new wine to go into new wine skins now.  

The Lord will not let the enemy hinder His people anymore through the people around them that don’t want to yield, that don’t want to listen, that want to keep entertaining the things of the flesh, or controlling things in their own flesh and power, making a bigger mess and those that want to walk around blind, and ignorant to the Truth, this is the point where the blinders get ripped off as fast as you rip off a band-aid, that’s as fast as it’s going to be.  There are going to be some rude awakenings now, rude, rude awakenings happening to those that have denied Truth and enabled lies, walked in deception, helped their own families cover up what they have done, and tried to drag the innocent into it, and tried to drag God’s people into it.  A lot of you have stood your ground and have said no!  No matter how much you were batted, no matter how much you were abused, no matter how much you were hurt, you stood your ground and the Lord thy God is going to honor that, that you stood your ground.  That you completely stood your ground.  That you took your position, that you knew what God wanted, that you knew that was ungodly, it wasn’t right and enabling it was just going to cause a corrupt seed to grow more and entangle itself like a weed around the good wheat.  Those that have brought in tares, have brought it in from their own decisions, from their own rebellion, from their own ignorance, from their own attitude of they know better than God, of their own attitude of they’re not going to go to God, or go with the leading of the Lord, they’re going to do whatever they want.  And a lot of these people, and they’re Christians, have created these messes, and these messes, like a thorn bush have snared onto other people, have tried to drag other people in and keep them in the thorns because every time they try to get out, it hurts.  Well, the Lord is ripping out those thorns, He’s ripping up that thorn bush, He’s tearing it up by the root and He’s making sure it doesn’t regrow.  Because the wounds that people are afflicting others with, that have to do with their past decisions, their past, their rebellion, that they are literally trying to dig into people’s souls and spirits to anchor in there, so then they can make them a minion, so they can just make them a puppet for what they want, so they have to live in the shadow of what that person wants and God doesn’t want His children living in the shadow of somebody else that has no Spiritual radar because they choose not to, because they don’t petition the Lord about it and because they choose to continue to not want to grow up in the areas God says “grow up.”  There are times that people want something, and it’s a toxic situation, and they want it so bad in their flesh, they’re willing to make deals with devils, they are willing to gamble with other people’s hearts, emotions and lives to get it.  This is what the Lord is putting an end to, and giving those people that have endured what is a very torturous battle, it’s an emotionally, torturous battle.  It tortures the emotions, it’s meant to torture the heart, and it’s a very torturing, taunting spirit, which is really grouped in with the jezebel like spirits.  The Lord is going to give those people such amazing new beginnings, He’s going to heal those wounds, He’s going to make sure that those wounds don’t exist anymore, that the soul and spirit are whole.  And He’s going to make sure that every bit they endured in that mess, He is going to make sure to make sure their cup runeth over, that their cup runeth over.  

That they are given the desires of their heart, that they are given people in their lives that will cherish them, and be emotionally delicate with them, and respect them, and want a true partner.  There’s going to be a lot of releases that are going to happen now, releases, in many different forms, some of them even relationships.  Because the Lord has given those time who have been under the influence of jezebel like spirits, of people operating in the occult, of people operating in witchcraft because of what they want, they have drug the innocent into it and they’ve made the mess.  And now they want to blame everyone else for the mess they made.  Because they don’t want to come to terms with the fact that they caused that mess.  They watered that seed, they kept feeding it, they kept running back to that situation, and they kept making excuses why they should be involved.  They started giving up things of God, these are Christians who are maybe not so deeply rooted.  For that situation, once people do that, whatever that situation or person is becomes and idol.  When you start sacrificing the things of God, taking praise away from Him and giving it to another.  When you start compromising the things of God and His Word, for the devil’s playground to gamble at the devil’s table, with people who are under the influence of the enemy, these people in their own power are trying to foolishly outwit demonic spirits.  This is why it’s backfiring on them, because without prayer and going in under the leading of the Lord, these people are foolishly going in and they’re tangling in their own power with demonic entities, who know their weaknesses, who know the bait they want, who know what kind of people they are, these entities know if they’re willing to sell out, if they’re willing to sell people out, if they’re willing to sell their loved ones out.  And these people are foolishly tangling with demonic entities.  And then they’re opening up channels and portals to cause problems in the lives of the people around them because now they’re making a connection and a channel between that mess and the people around them who are deeply rooted in the Lord, who are really trying to walk with the Lord and these people keep trying to pull them into a lukewarm, one foot in the world, one foot with God, compromise the Word of God when you want something type of relationship.  And if it’s a man, and a head of household trying to do that, he is bringing an enormous amount of condemnation on himself, especially if he is trying to lead the wife into sin, into a less intimate relationship with the Lord, into a more superficial relationship with the Lord, if that is the head of household trying to do that, he is bringing an enormous amount of condemnation upon himself.  Enormous, that’s going to happen now, an enormous humbling is going to take place for the proud and arrogant, who have stood in positions of leadership and heads of household, and tried to drag their whole family downhill for sins they committed, for decisions they made, for things they rebelliously tried to push forth and even though the Lord kept putting tension, and maybe putting up blocks to try to keep them from going there, to try to make them to wake up and see, if I’m having such a hard time getting this thing I want, maybe God doesn’t want me to have it.  Maybe that person’s not strong enough to deal with the demonic entities yet that are involved and they’re prematurely, and without prayer, and without deep roots, and without conviction, are going in to a suicide mission.  What happens from that?  A mess, an ungodly, unstable mess.  

There’s a lot of people out there that are dragging people around them into highly unstable, toxic situations and they’re expecting stability to come from instability.  Instability breeds more instability.  Stability never comes from it, but yet they’re dragging people in, they’re putting them in a pressure cooker, and then they’re blaming them when they get upset.  That is a manipulative spirit in the jezebel like family.  Where they drag you in, just to get you upset, put you in a pressure cooker, tension mounting, dysfunctional mess.  And then they blame you when you don’t follow them around like the pied piper, doing whatever they say, doesn’t matter if it’s Godly or not, throw God out the window because they’re trying to put themselves in the #1 position, that is dangerous ground.  Those grieving the Holy Spirit right now are on dangerous ground too.  Those mocking prophecy, and the prophetic, who have no spiritual radar because they don’t go to the Lord about these things.  They don’t go to the Lord and say, “Lord, is this person telling the truth?”  Father God, reveal to me whether this person is plotting against me; reveal to me in the Name of Jesus whether this person is lying to me.  God is not their Everything, they only go to the Lord when they’re in a crisis and they wonder why they’re in a cyclical sort of set of circumstances where their lives are constantly of crisis.  Where constantly they’re put in a position where they don’t have anything, and that’s when they’re on their knees.  And that’s when they’re spending time with God, and the second they get a little, what happens?  They start putting God on the back burner, giving up the things of God, not spending as much time with Him, they’re not on their knees anymore and they’re back to being arrogant, they’re back to their same old tricks, they’re back to trying to force people in ungodly messes that have done nothing but destroy everything they have touched.  If there is a mess that you are privy to, that has done nothing but destroy everything it’s touched and someone is trying to convince you that if you get involved in that mess, you’ll get blessed, do not listen to that person!  Go to the Lord and test the spirit, because these toxic, cauldrons, is what they are, bubbling, wicked, witchcraft like cauldrons, are meant to drag people in and basically boil them alive, meant to strip their spirit and their soul of anything good and anything Godly, meant to sear their minds so they are easily influenced.  And meant to hurt their heart so much that they feel like they can’t fight for what’s right.  And there are Christians that are trying to drag people of God, who are anointed, who are called, who are trying to push forth into the Lord, into these cauldrons and it is going to backfire on them now in the Name of Jesus!  It is!  

There is going to be a lot of backfiring because God has to put a stop to the ignorance, to the arrogance, to the detestableness, and the deceptiveness of these situations.  He has to put a stop to those saying this isn’t true, because they don’t want to face the truth now because they have made people pay so dearly and sow so much into it that now they don’t want to face what they’ve done.  But the Lord is going to make the Truth stare everybody in the face that has done this.  The Lord is going to bring it now to a breaking point.  He’s going to bring it to a point where it blows like a geyser now in the Name of Jesus.  

He’s going to bring it to a point now where nothing can be contained, nothing can be hidden, and they can’t talk their way out of it this time.  Where they are caught, they are caught, they are cornered and you’re going to see a lot of people run from that because they’re not going to want to face what they’ve done.  They’re not going to want to face what they’ve done to the people around them, they’re not going to want to face it and you’re going to see people run.  So be prepared right now because they’re blaming God’s people, which is what a jezebel like spirit does, but in the end, they’re going to be the ones that are going to have to face, face the Lord and face what they have done.  

So be vigilant right now guys, and get ready.  God bless you guys, keep the faith.


  1. Thank you! I listen on Utube.
    May God continue to bless you.
    And I pray complete healing for Chris.
    God bless you both. "Ornah "

  2. Hey Amanda. I am new to blogging. Where can I find your 4 points of prayer?