Friday, April 17, 2020


The Sprit of the Lord says this day, You serve a MIGHTY God My Children, A Might- Mighty God, NOTHING is too difficult for Me, says the Lord. Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE for those who believe. For says the Lord, this s a time of EXTREME faith, standing firm because you KNOW in whom you have believed, Jehovah says the Lord of Hosts.

As Isaiah the prophet said, and He shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father,  and the Prince of Peace. For MY peace surpasses all understanding, and says the Spirit of the Lord, this season out of your bellies shall FLOW rivers of living water. This is a season of extreme faith and Extreme Flow. 

For in the Flow of My Spirit, Confusion cannot stand, FEAR cannot stand, Doubt Cannot Stand, rebellion cannot stand says the Lord thy God for they are no match. For there is truly POWER in the Blood of My Son Jesus. There is POWER in your Faith My Children, knowing and confident that I the Lord thy God am not a man that I should lie. 

Put your full trust in Me for faith is the evidence of things unseen and the substance of things hoped for. Faith is DEVELOPED as you walk it out Circumspectly before Me with fear and trembling My children.

This s a time where those who have not walked circumspectly or in reverence to the Creator of ALL things, this is a time where a very serious humbling will take place. Men who thought they were mighty, who thought they were powerful, who thought they were invincible,  will fall and will be stripped of title of prestige of power, says the Lord thy God this day.

The secret meetings that took place involving parts of the United Nations, silicon valley, GIANTS, and the politically corrupt, shall now come under a microscope and their discussions and plans magnified to reveal the details says the Lord.

This is a time of magnification and what has been hidden by red tape, by paid cover ups, by secret oaths, what has been put under lock and key but you see, I the Lord thy God have the MASTER KEY and I shall unlock what is hidden and I shall MAGNIFY their dealings says the Lord.

An infectious scandal shall sweep through the United Nations says the Lord, every channel and branch will not escape this for their dealings, currency exchange, meetings, and backroom deals. These shall be magnified for the world to see says the Lord. 

The leadership in China shall be linked in scandalous ways to the largest organizations who, with other players, had been linked to these diplomatic covers through back channels, the back channels are being brought to the forefront says the Lord thy God Yahweh this day!

Diplomatic operations were not so diplomatic. A deceptive covering in order for the most corrupt ,the upper echelon of the medical community, members of the CIA, the music industry, supposed philanthropists, lovers of self, across the spectrum. Documents are going to emerge that are going to expose a very troubling and wicked web... says the Lord thy God this day. They want to puppet the world and now THEIR strings shall be cut, their tentacles shall be severed by the Holy Fire of God.

Their toxic tonic of healing "potions" that actually do the opposite and induce sickness more trauma, induce more sickness, induce FEAR and CONFUSION.

Yes, MY children FEAR and CONFUSION are at the center of their plan, for if they can manipulate public opinion through this they can far easier get you and take WILLINGLY what they administer and what they administer is POISON My children!!!!!

Now is the time! Now is the hour where some will fall to their own poisons, they will take their own poisons, getting a dose of their own medicine, says the Lord thy God this day, getting a dose of their own infecting plan says the Lord thy God this day.

The enemy has people as pieces on a chessboard and is quickly attempting to move them because we are about to see CHECKMATE, the Gates are closing says the Lord, the gatekeepers will fall.

I am the Lion of Judah, says the Lord and that Lion has been released against leadership in these countries that came into agreement with multi tiered organizations that had blood on their hands says the Lord. 

The Light of God shall now expose who has that blood says the Lord!! They have not washed it away for the light of God exposes what the human eye cannot see. A fracturing of alliances and relationships between the United States and worldwide organizations will give way to investigations and the safe shall be opened and the most intertwined web of alliances and cover ups shall be exposed and laid bare for the world to see says the Lord.

The timing of this virus and certain members of the medical community crossing the spectrum into extremes, attempting to put the United States on lock down and destroy its economic infrastructure in an attempt to hijack the election, a virus released that made a strong economy crippled attempting to cripple and tie down the freedoms of the United States of America to force their hands at the ballot box to vote for a puppet says the Lord.

Watch closely MY children the timing of the re emerging of Barack Obama for He has been baited to come back out says the Lord to support a puppet, a political howdy doody, and the puppet masters are some of the most wicked, some even from other countries that do not value freedom or serve Me Almighty God. The puppet will be silenced and the pulpit the puppet sits upon will crumble says the Lord as a baffling sequence of events shall take place heading to November that will leave those who are attempting to breakthrough and conquer, will leave them puzzled, disheveled, and in cohesive for I the Lord thy God shall agitate and turn them up and break the agreement and alliances forged in back room deals and secret locations around the world says the Lord thy God this day.

NOTE: Watch Japan, keep your eyes on Japan and what happens between them and China says the Lord of Hosts this day!

You shall see more news anchors who were puppets, bought and paid for
with stacks of entitlements, give it all up and walk away says the Lord for their spirits have been bankrupted by the spirit of propaganda and deceptive chatter. For the enemy utilizes these avenues to interweave sub messages, and tones and tricks to manipulate the public as the enemy has been behind every mass propaganda campaign in History all the way Back to pharaoh in Egypt. The Spirit of pharaoh will attempt to arise says the Lord however I the Lord by My Mighty power, and outstretched arm shall put down that rebellion and strip it of its power says the Lord. For those who serve it will have the hidden books opened and their perversions and preferences exposed. Yes says the Lord FULL EXPOSURE AND TRANSPARENCY you shall see the rest of the year for I am waking those in America and around the world up to the game that has been played at the expense of the people.

I the Lord thy God am the righteous Judge and I have ruled against them! There is no amount of money, power, organization, title, or leadership that can withstand that judgment and keep their seat says the Lord.

A dangerous game of Russian roulette are being played by some in Congress, by ambassadors, by the UN and a very HOLY bullet is going to be fired at them says the Lord thy God this day, They are getting more desperate and watch as the feast of trumpets approaches a desperate attempt that will sink their titanic says the Lord thy God this day.

Fear Not fret not worry not for it adds not a single day to your lives says the Lord, I am protecting MY flock HOWEVER I am the Shepherd and the flock shall now be separated for there are goats within the sheep and I will not allow them to hinder the sheep anymore who have chosen to serve Me. Who have truly with all their heart walked out their Faith and under the most intense and harrowing of circumstances, still chose to say “As for Me and My House We WILL SERVE THE LORD.” I am making the way straight for your exodus. My children will see much change during this time in order to make the way straight for there are chapters closing to make way for new chapters. There s a time and a season for everything My children under Heaven and this is now an appointed time for change and transition. Many of you will enter new phases of your lives and be positioned and elevated in order to serve Me so that the power and influence of Almighty God will be in key areas, companies, government functions and churches around the country and even the world says the Lord thy God Elohim.

Know this day you serve a Mighty God, nothing takes Me By Surprise. The enemy cannot come close to matching My power and authority and I have given the word, Heavy loss shall suddenly begin to be inflicted upon his interests for He must now pay back all he has stolen and the damage and chaos he has caused, HE WILL PAY IT BACK SAYS THE LORD, for I am the Alpha and Omega, I am HOLY, I change NOT, I am the same YESTERDAY TODAY AND FOREVER AND I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS MY CHILDREN SAYS THE WORD.  Now is the time to praise Me and demonstrate your faith that you KNOW before it comes to pass that I am a God that can do EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY ABOVE ALL YOU COULD ASK OR THINK, and you shall see this now come to pass right before your very eyes. 

Praise and revival will break out in pockets across the earth going into the second half of the year.

In May there are those that shall yell may day may day because they are on a sinking ship as My children watch firmly planted on the solid rock of Jesus Christ and rooted in Me. 

God Bless You My Children, in the Precious name of My Son Jesus Christ, the name above all names!


  1. I love it! Thank you and God bless you and your family plus your ministry!

  2. Praise the Lord for His great mercy and kindness! He is so good! I say this in Jesus' Christs name against the powers of darkness. I am not afraid or fearful.

  3. Thank God for revealing this to His prophet.May He protect you and family from backlash.I was encourages.

  4. I read a dream given to a 7 year old boy. He saw a green plant with a crown on it's head squeezing the earth. As the plant squeezed, tentacles were coming out. Then he saw a lamb with the head of a lion that shredded the plant up. The word, It will end April 30th. He had the same dream 4 nights in a row. I thought it was interesting because of the use of the word tentacles which the Lord gave you in your prophecy. Maybe a confirmation?

  5. This has just soooo lifted my spirit, as a confirmation of some of the things the Lord has give me to pray.

    I came back to the US in mid 2015 after spending time in the Dominican Republic as a missionary, The Lord gave me a directive to start to pray for our nation.

    He showed me a black shroud over Washing DC, and the hand of the LORD was coming down, and HE snatched it off! Cockroaches were running everywhere, and I began to pray that HE would set those little house cockroach traps in that they would run into and be stuck/trapped - Every one of them.

    Then HE gave me words:
    Containers - like you see on trains and semi-trucks
    Under the earth

    I used to walk along the train tracks, and every time a train would come by I'd start to pray about weapons movement and trafficking.

    Those words then led to research:
    I found that there were cargo containers that carry the K-Club nuclear missals, that could easily be transported all over the US. They look like regular containers but lift off the top and can be prepared to shoot. I began to pray that anywhere the enemy had placed them they would be discovered by the "white hats" and dealt with.

    Ports - discovered Port Canaveral had been leased by the Chinese, as well as other ports. NOT good - prayed about trafficking and troops coming in on the containers, as well as other nefarious stuff - drugs, weapons etc. President Trump has removed those leases!!! that were set up during the Obama administration.

    I began to pray about boardrooms and that the secret meetings of all manner of nefarious purposes be exposed. Asked that angels be assigned there to confuse the camp of the enemy and expose their communications.

    Pharmaceutical companies - that they would be exposed (along with drugs)

    Began to see under ground tunnels in the spirit,and pray about drug movement, weapons, movement, and trafficking. I saw them coming up in warehouses over just over the boarder.

    Government- all the nefarious secrets of the enemy be exposed.

    The Lord had me continue to research DUMBS, dig into the history, research things like Tavistock, Council of Foreign Relations, Buildabergers, all that type of stuff, - dig into a lot of history - still doing that.

    in March the LORD began to show me something - that HE was coming in like a LION but HE was not going out as a LAMB, - HE (the LION of JUDAH) was sending out HIS ROAR and it was going to keep getting louder and louder and louder, and KEEP on to crescendo that would not stop.
    As we continue to ROAR with HIM, a tsunami of frequency is going to be let loose, and over take us. Get ready for the wave of HIS glory, get low before HIS throne, and ready for the harvest of a billion souls.

  6. Praise The Lord !!! Thank You Amanda!!!

  7. Praise God. Such a powerful prophecy! And very welcome. We have been living in a parched desert across the earth for too long. Needing His living waters to soak it and cleanse it, bringing new life and purging all the unclean. And His light to shine in those very dark areas where such wickedness has taken place, unfettered fo too long now. That evil is now being exposed and rooted out.The time at last has come and all the captives shall be set free! Hallelujah!! Not a day too soon. Thank you Lord, what a mighty God we serve, still so compassionate, faithful, loving and true to His word despite our own many sins and follies. And now we can see very clearly what it looks like when we turn our backs on God. As people and nations, He has been pushed out of every area of our lives, right across the board, giving an ever increasing foothold to the enemy. When will we ever learn those lessons repeated throughout history. Welcome back King Jesus! Let your Holy Spirit come again now and seep across the earth in a mighty tidal wave!

  8. I am just finding your blog in 2022 but I read it all thru the day and get so much encouragement. I enjoy your bible studies very much also. I This says Men who thought they were mighty who thought they were powerful who thought they were invincible will fall and be stripped of prestige of power. I thought of Prince Andrew..