Thursday, April 9, 2020



Now says the Spirit of the Lord this day, I AM GOD THERE IS NONE OTHER THERE IS NONE HOLIER, THERE IS NONE MORE POWERFUL!  I AM the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the ending the first and the last, I AM HE who liveth and died and behold MY precious Children. I AM ALIVE forevermore. I RULE, I REIGN, I AM SOVEREIGN! I AM THE WORD says the Lord of Hosts this day and I AM A CONSUMING FIRE SAYS THE LORD A HOLY CONSUMING FIRE. MY FIRE MY SPIRIT IS SET TO SWEEP ACROSS THIS NATIONS SAYS THE LORD is set to sweep across England, says the Lord is set to sweep over Australia, over EGYPT, over various parts of EUROPE, I am igniting MY PEOPLE in this season with a fire and a power a double portion.

For as this year continues MY children event after event of great magnitude and biblical and prophetic significance will occur. There will be those that I put a hook in their jaw and draw them back out just to publicly deal with them says the Lord God Jehovah!

Leadership within this nation, Governors, Mayors, Senators, Congressman and women, former Presidents, the world health organization and CDC are hereby put on notice. YOU EITHER RETURN UNTO ME SURRENDER AND CONFESS BEFORE ME THE LORD YOUR GOD ELOHIM what you have done in secret what you have concocted in secret meetings, how you have fulfilled the agendas of the Kingdom of Darkness and the agendas of the corrupt underbelly of Globalists and secret societies, either surrender or I the Lord thy God shall indeed PASS OVER and there will be an upsetting of leadership, and turning up of leaders shall even more now upset theory systems and weeds so I the Lord God Jehovah shall expose channels, labyrinths, and upset their plans in order to severe and break up vast interconnected channels, cells of those who are like minded and those who have been completely corrupted and blinded by power.

George Soros,the hourglass is quickly running out, time is quickly running out and the fate of Herod shall be upon him, if he does not repent. Leadership in New York shall be shaken even more this year says the Spirit for blaspheming and grieving the Spirit for they pronounced death upon the state and welcomed it in when they signed with the blood of the innocent such a barbaric order that mirrored who those who worshiped baal, molech, the amalekites, the Hittites, the philistines would so defiantly and brazenly do. Leadership in NY and house majority leadership are creating a sprit of assisted suicide that so shall befall them, while the windows of Heaven are now opened, if they DO NOT REPENT fall on their faces before ME THE LORD GOD YAHWEH and relent of their wicked onslaught.

For events will continue to come in large waves crashing down the remainder of this year says the Lord, my children shall have such clarity, such insight, that  the Lord God Elohim shall give unto them pressed down shaken together and running over shall it be poured in great measure into their lap, and they will sound the trumpet, they shall sound the shofar, they shall sound the alarm for I the Lord always announce what My intentions are to carry out the agenda of Heaven here on earth.

In the word of the Lord, the book of Malachi, is a reflection of what you see happening across this nation and across the world says the Spirit.

Judgment begins in the house of the Lord your God and I am surely SANITIZING AND CLEANSING MY HOUSE through these Biblical events says the Lord of Hosts this day. Surely I shall flush out of MY HOUSE those who have been as circus animals, performing, those who to please those, with their tentacles too far in MY HOUSE, surely now in the midst of this there shall be a humbling and forced change says the Lord, there shall be forced change in MY HOUSE says the Lord of Hosts this day!

You shall see a significant change in leadership in the church the remainder of the year says the Lord for what is happening across this nation and the world shall bring to the forefront new growth and those who speak MY TRUTH, who do not water down and ignore the conviction, the power the TRUTH that only comes from the Throne of the Almighty God, in order to fill the seats as one fills and arena for entertainment, churches shall buckle who continued that course and those who ROAR with the powerful and shaking roar that comes from the Father shall be raised up and brought to the forefront for people will come out of this prophetic event, this plague like event craving truth seeking what the Lord is doing KNOWING that the Lord is the one on the throne and corrupt leadership cannot overpower or overruled HOWEVER I the Lord your God have over ruled them I have ruled against them and the principalities that oversee them!

The principalities of the airwaves, propaganda, mammon, blasphemy that utter such unspeakable things against Almighty God, Lying Spirits, Spirits of sorcery, that oversee dark arts I the Lord your God have ruled against them and these sprits must hand over and release who I the Lord God Jehovah Say .

Surely in this hour you shall see the miraculous take place and significant signs!

One very significant shall appear in the Heavens, there shall be at least 2 signs that appear on earth and manifest the remainder of the year that shall be jaw dropping to those who witness it says the Lord God Jehovah.  They will be connected to events and make a a very sobering and significant statement of the prophetic significance of these events.

The earth is shaking it is crying out says the Lord, explosions massive explosions shall take place.

Boris Johnson says the Lord, My hand is upon him He shall make a full recovery! He was intentionally exposed by those that are seeking to destroy him as a way to seize control of England and get it into the claws of those who have dictator like mentalities and who do not fear the Lord your God. My hand is upon him I have rebuked the devourer who was looking to sift him as wheat in order to destroy what I the Lord am reviving in England, however I the Lord shall bring forth a sign out of England.  Very significant and profound events the second half of the year shall occur and manifest and bring forth amazing change in that country.

Watch Israel approaching the feast of Trumpets says the Lord God Jehovah, Israel is a barometer My children prophetically for the World watch as that feast draws close because there shall be events that occur in Israel with sacrifice, with celebrations with Netanyahu and leadership and it shall confirm what I the Lord intend to do in this country for 2021 says the Lord God Jehovah.

Watch near the Galapagos islands says the Spirit watch that area says the Lord!

There shall be a changing of the guard in leadership around the world for the virus has been a catalyst and there will be a changing of the guard in leadership.

Watch the throne in England, watch what happens for major change is upon them says the Lord God Elohim!

Before the end of the year Italy shall be hit with yet another wave as a way to shake the leadership for they have come into agreement with china looking to them to ensure their security looking to saints, looking to a mere man who is not God and who is NOT supernatural; but has an a different agenda. The weaknesses of the Vatican are being exposed through this. The virus is bringing in a rushing wave of transparency on every level says the Lord!

Teachers, college professors, governors, leadership, are being forced to be transparent and what they say is being recorded ALL OF IT. There is a forced transparency taking place and where the line have been blurred, where the picture has been intentionally manipulated and blurred to confuse in order to rule. I am adjusting the picture says the Lord transparency is being birthed forth says the Spirit.  Blow the shofar for dictatorships shall fall from this, leadership kicking against the goads of the agenda of Almighty God shall fall! New leadership is being birthed forth, new transparency is being birthed forth, a higher level of accountability is being birthed forth.

California, Nevada and those areas in the west shall see another shaking the Governor of California has a small window of time to surrender says the Lord, for those who once spoke so boldly against the President have adjusted their tune says the Spirit, they have been put in a position of vulnerability where they need to come into agreement and work with the administration says the Lord, there is a dual movement taken place. Simultaneously while some are being elevated others are being subdued, opposite directions says the Lord.

My children shall prosper in the midst of this, in the middle of the pressure and the heat and the fear and the chaos My children My remnant who have cleaved unto me shall breakthrough and break forth for My Glory, and become bold and fierce in the midst. The enemy's camp is having heavy loss inflicted upon them says the Lord the enemy  is having heavy loss inflicted upon him for there are those dropping to their knees in the midst of this and crying out to Me says the Lord their cries are coming before MY Throne and I the Lord shall answer their cries.

A miraculous glimmer of hope in the midst of this shall break through, a powerful light in the darkness. Doctors will credit Almighty God, they are seeing miracles in the midst of this says the Lord, there are miracles and there is a cleansing happening, the earth is being purged MY children, however those who come under My wings and take refuge will be protected, will be spared.

Prepare ye the way of the Lord, hosanna hosanna blessed is he who come in the name of the Lord your God Jehovah!! It was finished at the Cross My children and truly those covered by the blood of the lamb just as My firstborn Israel was are being supernaturally protected right now

There is a turning toward Me parts of the world are turning towards the Lord your God for answers, and I am positioning those in My kingdom to come forth out of this trees planted by rivers of water. Who bring forth their fruit in its seasons whose leaves DO NOT WITHER and in all they do they shall prosper!!

Yield to My plans right now My children, tied to the mighty work that is upon you seek me more and worry less for it cannot add a single day to your life My children, through this there are those who will be birthed into a higher level of authority and anointing in the spirit, who will by supernatural means and divine meetings take their positions in the natural, the world shall see the remnant bolder, more prosperous in spirit and natural, and speaking the agenda of the Lord as it comes to pass right before the eyes of a world that is watching the church.  Make no mistake My children they are watching! Be wise as a serpent and harmless as doves for the world is searching for answers and I have positioned My children to be operated through in unique ways right now to deliver answers that come straight from the throne of Almighty God.

There will be promotion in the midst of Calamity, people will speak of Angels walking into their hospital rooms and touching them and the infections departing, they will see visions beyond the veil, There will be miracles and accounts of supernatural protection in the midst.

Speak to the storm My children command it to depart. Come into the authority I have given you and KNOW THAT I AM GOD I CHANGE NOT I SLEEP NOT AND TO MY KINGDOM THERE IS NO END.

Those in media who have had a bullhorn spewing forth talking points they are handed from those steeped in the Kingdom of darkness, we shall see a silencing
Pray for them to repent for their fate shall befall them soon enough if they refuse to surrender and continue to spew forth curses through the airwaves in an attempt to destroy leadership.

There is one in particular in the media with short hair and in black time is quickly running out she needs to repent for a spirit of arrogance and defiance has seized her and she thinks she is untouchable however that illusion will soon be shattered pray for her to surrender before this for she has free will.

There is a birth happening with what you are witnessing My children, yes the old is passing away and these things must come to pass.  What you will see occur from this for another event of biblical proportion shall come before the end of this year pray now My children!!

Hawaii shall see another shaking this year, those false Gods must fall and My spirit is rushing across Hawaii for the remnant of the righteous it shall be spared.  However the invincible facade within these states, for there was one who came forth as President connected to Hawaii watch for events surrounding him this year.

For there are matters that have come up before My throne, from family lines, and all the way to leadership that I the Lord am set to deal with starting Passover and into the summer says the Lord God Jehovah. 

Cleave unto Me My children seek Me while I may be found call on the name of the Lord your God Elohim and I will show you great and mighty things which you know not, surrender your life into my hands, plans change My children, do not plan out every detail of your life into the future because many times it does not happen as you pictured, for your purpose and your gifts and talents may differ. However when you surrender it allows Me the Lord your God to flow as a river and bring you into alignment with what is written in the books of Heaven about you so you see the fullness of the Lord in your life come to pass pressed down shaken together and running over it shall and will be poured into your lap.  However you must be ready to receive it, walk in communion with Me pray for leadership and for those being processed by Me to bring them even more into alignment with the desires of the Father. I will bless you and keep you My children, I will make My face to shine upon you, I will lift up My countenance toward you and I will give you peace that surpasses all understanding in the midst of a raging storm. 

God bless you in the name of My son Yeshua amen and amen



  1. I'm so happy that I found you. I love how you teach us to pray. I woke up this morning after asking the Lord to give me his work last night and saw a White Dove walking around our barn. The Dove was out there by our horse, with another Dove hanging out.

  2. With deep gratitude and love.

  3. With deep gratitude and love.

  4. Thank you for obeying the Spirit. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share what the Lord God is doing with holy boldness. I bless the Lord for allowing me to come into contact with you. Be blessed Amanda Grace and Chris be healed in the name of Jesus Yeshua. Amen

  5. Thank you for your ministry it’s such a blessing!
    I was drugged, raped, and blacklisted for exposing an evil network. My name and character were defamed, I saw everything I worked for disappear, which is a hard thing to recover from at the age of 60, I praise God!! For restoration in my life and for bringing me out of the storm, I’m a work in progress. Your teachings have taught me how to fight. It’s no coincidence I found your channel. Love the animals,love you and Chris!! ��❤️ Patti

    1. May God bless you always and continue to give you the strength courage knowledge and wisdom to get through this. Your an amazing person my heart goes out to you my friend.

  6. I know it is not by accident or chance that I found your ministry.God has strategically placed so many in my path since I prayed that he would take me beyond the veil and reveal His truth. I am very happy I found you and Chris. God is truly moving and it is an honor to be a part of His remnant. I loved seeing Noble today!👐😁🙏

  7. Awesome! May we deepen our reliance on the Lord and in humility be prepared to lead for His glory.

  8. Praise God 🙌🙏 for words into us my we fill All His plans and remember to pray for all of God's needs. Thank you for leading us . And to know what you Oh Lord our savior love you. Thank you Amanda that message is so important to know His mind and heart 💓❤️

  9. There is supposed to be 2 planets and the moon coming together to make a smiley face in the sky in May, I wonder if it is connected to the sign described here in the prophecy. It would coincide with Psalm 2 if it does.