Thursday, April 2, 2020


Portals, The Spiritual Realm, The Occult & Spiritual Consequences

Prayer to open: Father God, in the Name of Jesus, we all come before you Father God we ask You to forgive us of all our sins and cleanse us of all unrighteousness Lord.  Father God, we ask that You guide this broadcast Lord, that You help us to learn, that You enlighten Father God, that You give us wisdom that can only come from You Lord, and that You help us Lord in the Good Fight Father God in these times, in Jesus Name, Amen and Amen.

Portals, The Spiritual Realm, The Occult and Spiritual Consequences:
Oh my goodness!  Spiritual Portals-

Romans 6:6 says we get to choose our spiritual master, we have free will, right?  And Matthew 6:24 says a man cannot serve two master, for he’ll hate the one and love the other.  However, once we decide who we will serve, that’s why the Lord says, choose this day who you will serve, you know why?  Because once we choose who we will serve, we become a portal for that master to operate in and through our lives and affect and infect the lives of others.  What is a portal by definition?  I looked this up, a portal is a doorway, or a gateway into something else.  So, the King of Glory, Who is God Almighty, He will not beat down the doors of our heart, no, He has to be invited in, that’s why He gave free will, so He can take His rightful place in our heart, in our lives, as our Lord and Savior.  He should be both, He should be our Lord and Savior.  Revelation 3:20 says “Behold, I stand at the door and knock, if any man hear My voice and open the door, I will come in and sup with him and he with Me.”  That’s the King James Version.  So, the idea that people are portals are indeed a Biblical idea because it talks about it in Psalm 68 and 1 Corinthians 6:19 makes it very clear, it says “or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit Who is in you, Whom you have from God and that you are not your own?”  

That’s very interesting, so our bodies are a temple.  Temples are inhabited by what?  God.  They had temples for false gods in the Old Testament, New Testament and today.  So, if our bodies is a temple and a gateway, either God can inhabit it for His Glory, or the enemy can inhabit it for destruction.  So our bodies indeed act as gateways and let me tell you this, when you open yourself up to that entity; when you open yourself up to God, you are opening yourself up to everything God is, everything God has, you’re opening yourself up to that.  When people open themselves up to the enemy, they’re opening themselves up to everything the enemy is, everything he has at his disposal, every demonic spirit, every wicked bit of influence, they’re opening themselves up to.  That’s how dangerous it is, this is how serious a choice it is.  In the Bible, you see accounts of demonic possession, because when people open themselves up to that, they’re opening themselves up to everything that wicked entity is.  Now, we know as well that angels and demonic forces can come in and out of portals as well.  I believe we do have portals situated on this earth that they come in and out of that we don’t quite know how they travel all the time, but portals are involved.  In Psalm 24:7, it says “Lift up your heads O gates and be lifted up O ancient doors that the King of Glory may come in.”  So we’re talking about ancient gates and doors, which indeed are portals of access established by God from the Third Heaven.  What is the Third Heaven?  The Third Heaven is the actual dwelling place of God.  The Second Heaven is where satan and many of his demons are allowed to inhabit, with permission by God, they are allowed to inhabit, which is the air, that’s why satan is called the prince of the air.  And many believe the First Heaven, is actually earth itself, where demonic forces roam as well and it talks about this in 1 Peter 5:8 where it says satan roams like a lion seeking whom who he can devour.  Well, he’s got to roam on earth to do that, doesn’t he to do those things?  2 Corinthians 2:12 speaks of the Third Heaven, but Daniel 10:13 not only speaks of portals, but you see where spiritual entities battle.  Daniel 10:13 says “The Prince of the Kingdom of Persia was withstanding me for 21 days, but then behold, Michael, one of the Chief Princes came to help me, for I had been left there with the King of Persia.”  So, the Prince of Persia was withstanding Gabriel, the Archangel for 21 days to keep him from delivering a message to Daniel that he had been praying for an answer to, so much so that Michael had to be dispatched to help Gabriel cause this Prince of Persia to retreat.  So what can we learn from this verse about portals and spiritual entities and where they dwell?  

First, these demonic entities that have strongholds over entire geographical areas do exist.  The Prince of Persia had a stronghold over Persia, because that’s where Daniel was.  So, the Second Heaven is where this Prince of Persia was, because Daniel didn’t see where this battle was going on, it was going on in the Second Heaven.  God and His holy angels are the only ones who should engage in combat with them.  We are not called to engage in combat with demon princes and very powerful demons that have strongholds over entire cities and areas.  We are called to resist the enemy and we are called one-to-one to pray over people for the enemy to let go of his grip, praying over families.  That’s where we are called to do spiritual battle, we are not called to do spiritual battle in the Second Heaven unless you get a 100% no doubt, clear message from God that you are supposed to do that, because then if you do that on your own, you’re walking out from the hedge of protection from the Lord into a battle zone that you don’t belong.  So don’t pray against demonic entities over cities.  You can ask the Lord to lose His angelic army to defeat them, but you cannot come up against them. We are called to come against one-on-one combat, somebody who’s under demonic attack, somebody who’s dealing with oppression or other issues, we are called under the authority of Jesus Christ that we can command in the Name of Jesus, it to go and it’s got to go.  

That’s what we’re called to do.  Angels are called to fight in the Second Heaven.  These demonic entities look to stand in the way, this Prince of Persia held Gabriel up for 21 days, battling him because Gabriel was trying to get to Daniel, so we know this goes on.  From knowing that, there are portals, now we know that, and the enemy and his minions can indeed attach to things, objects, music, TV, the internet and use different portals and points of access to get into your life.  He doesn’t do it all at once, he does it gradually, he does it subtly, he’s very patient about it.  It’s a very subtle process, because if you were allowed, or a child was allowed to see what the fullness of the occult was, you’d pee yourself.  So the enemy does it a little at a time to get someone to build up a tolerance to it so it doesn’t seem so bad.  Now satan, yes, comes as an angel of light, that’s in the Word of God.  Something good shrouded by a thin veil of deception that has the stench of destruction just lurking underneath.  That’s what it looks like when the enemy comes, tries to come as something good.  And the enemy has a myriad of weapons at his disposal.  He’s got ideals, he’s got weapons at his disposal in the times we’re living; he has way more at his disposal now than he did in the Old Testament, way more.

So we’re going to go through them one by one, talk about it, I’m going to give you some info about it and hopefully you can use that to study a little further and begin to really educate yourself about the enemy’s tactics.  You know we as Christians really need to do recon on the enemy.  We should know his tactics, we have to be aware of what he’s doing so that he can’t slip something into our lives.  We have to be aware.  We have to be alert at all times, we’re soldiers.  Soldiers when they’re on their posts, watchmen, they are watching all the time.  So, TV, let’s talk about TV for a moment.  TV is a HUGE portal for the enemy, he can cover a myriad of topics and get them into your spirit.  Your spirit is a sponge guys, it soaks up everything, as a sponge retains water.  Our spirits retain all of this junk that’s being fed through the TV that is veiled as “just fun” or tongue in cheek.  However, there is a slew of spirits attached that can influence you and your children.  We’re going to talk about Hollywood in a minute because a lot of the TV has to do with Hollywood.  We have to be careful what we play on the TV, how long we’re on the TV, the TV can become a false idol if we’re on it too much and pretty soon it’s influencing us more than God does. 

Radio, I’m going to go back to TV, don’t worry, we’re going to cover one by one, then we’re going to get into it.  Radio, Lucifer, who was satan, still is, was the minister of music in heaven.  Before he fell, that’s what he was, he literally had pipes built into his throat so that he could sing the praises of God Almighty all day long.  He was the most beautiful angel God ever created.  Lucifer, you know what happened?  He got too cocky, he got too proud, he thought he was all that and a bag of chips and he was going to overthrow God.  So you know what happened?  Yep, God threw him out of heaven.  He tried to rebel with 1/3 of the angels and the Lord cast them out of heaven.  When he was cast out, he took that gift that God had given him of music and completely perverted it, twisted it, darkened it, made platforms where America and the world could worship musicians that the enemy raise up to be his puppets.  These musicians are puppets of the enemy.  I’m going to prove to you how, they are literal puppets of the enemy and his minions.  They’re carriers of witchcraft, the occult, darkness, perversion, immorality and anarchy.  Just as cancerous cells are carriers that infect other cells in a person’s body, what satan raises up out of the music industry and Hollywood are cancerous carriers with a sole purpose to infect other people’s spirits, their minds, their hearts and the sole purpose of this is to draw them away from God.  Away from the things of God, into idol worship, the occult, immorality and perversion.  So yes, radio and TV have been raised up as a platform by the enemy.  

Let me tell you something about the enemy’s tactics, he has no problem feeding starving children in Africa through a celebrity to get people to listen to that celebrity, their ideologies, their music because people are thinking, oh, look, they are doing a good deed.  Satan has no problem doing a good deed if he can make many people fall from it.  He’s got no issue doing that, so we have to be careful.  We really have to scrutinize, know people by their fruits.  So you see, many of the enemy’s ploys have a false aspect of good attached to it and we have to learn to identify that false aspect of good. 

Hollywood, let’s get into Hollywood.  By and large, and the music industry, follow the teachings of somebody named Aleister Crowley.  If you have never heard of Aleister Crowley, look him up.  Who was he?  He was one of the biggest followers of satan and the occult that there ever was.  He’s an occultist by admission, his own admission, he’s an occultist.  And his famous saying, the saying he constantly promoted was “do what thy wilt shall be the whole of the law.”  Now if you go look up many of these celebrities, you will see them saying this very saying and wearing these sayings on t-shirts.  Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law, those are the teachings of Aleister Crowley, and they wear it on their clothing, very easy to identify who’s following these teachings because most of them do, not all, but most of them.  

Who was he, who was Aleister Crowley?  Well he was born in England, which is at the height of spiritual harlotry right now, England has always been into witchcraft and witches and things of that nature.  He was born in England and look up the Eon of Horus.  He apparently was visited by a spirit that told him he had to usher in the Eon of Horus.  Look up the Eon of Horus and how it connects to Aleister Crowley and Hollywood, you’re going to be shocked.  Because that’s what he was trying to usher in, the Eon of Horus.  You’ll see a lot of celebrities say, this is a new eon, it has to do with the eon of Horus.  And Horus connects back to an Egyptian god, I believe, so look that up and how that connects.  So we know many are following the teachings and they’ve been made famous by the enemy to create mindless probes who will follow the satanic cult and be initiated into the satanic order and they do not even realize they are being inducted into that order until it’s too late.  The music industry uses the occult as its foundation and the teachings of Aleister Crowley.  Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Rock and Roll, Heavy Metal, all have a foundation of satanic practice and the occult.  You don’t believe me?  Look it up, there’s plenty of material out there to read, good reliable material.  Most of these big names in music, I’m going to name them right now, Nicki Minaj, BeyoncĂ©, Jay Z, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Def Leppard and Led Zeppelin in the 90’s, even the Beatles have all talked at one point or another of being possessed and influenced by spirits, that wicked spirits were feeding them the music, feeding them the lyrics.  

So, as the Bible is our Spiritual food, to feed our spirits, to produce the things of God, these wicked spirits in the occult is the food for those people, so they produce what is of the occult, the words of occult, the ideas satan wants to push.  So demonic entities will feed weak or willing vessels spiritual food of the occult and of music, steeped in the dark arts.  Let’s take Nicki Minaj for an example.  She has even gone so far, and I’ve seen her do it, to name one of the wicked spirits that comes and inhabits her and his name is roman.  Roman, what a coincidence, the Romans were one of the most wicked, perverted, vial, destructive people that ever lived, and this is the name of the spirit, by her own admission, that comes to inhabits her when she’s on stage or gives an interview.  Same thing with the Beatles, I’m going to tell you a story about the Beatles right now.  

John Lennon’s girlfriend, Yoko Ono, actually went to South America, visited a witch, a real witch, paid her $60,000, they sacrificed an animal and Yoko Ono sold her soul to the devil to try to resurrect John’s Lennon’s career.  And the man who shot and killed John Lennon was a Satanist himself, he asked satan to inhabit his body so he could kill John Lennon.  This is all tied together, the Beatles were immersed in Eastern mysticism and this eon of Horus, and the teachings of Aleister Crowley. That’s why when somebody has powerful spiritual entities like that operating through them, why do you think people used to go crazy and pass out with the Beatles?  Masses of people following them, only spiritual entities could draw people in like that, whether it’s God or the enemy.  So, we’re talking about spiritual entities behind these people here, it’s dangerous, they’re getting themselves involved in dangerous things. 

Let’s talk about Disney for a moment, Walt Disney.  People think, oh, Disney’s innocent, wrong!  Disney is not innocent and I’m going to tell you why.  The enemy uses things about Disney and what they make to ever so innocently get junk into a child’s spirit early on in life.  Now Disney is getting more and more perverted now, they are getting more and more twisted and occultic in their movies, and they gently begin to induct children into the way of the occult.  You don’t believe me?  Mickey Mouse was dressed like a warlock in Fantasia, with a magic wand and it’s not innocent.  It’s like, oh it’s a sweet mouse in a little costume, that’s exactly what the enemy wants you to think so you’re not on to the mysticism and warlock the occultic practices behind that.  Not only Mickey Mouse, the heroes and heroines Disney has been using, it’s been getting worse because they take part in magic and mystical powers to save the day.  They never call on God, no, they take part in magic and mystical powers.  Disney is attempting to impart eastern mysticism into the lives of you and your children.  I’m going to talk about that in a minute, what Walt Disney believed in.  But they are attempting to impart eastern mysticism into you and your children, ever so gently inducting them into the ways of the occult, because if the enemy did it all at once, these children would be scared beyond and never ever go near anything of this nature ever again.  So the enemy does it ever so gently and methodically and what happens from that is, he does it in bits and pieces until your child is being indoctrinated all the time.  So he does it in bits and pieces until your child is watching Disney movies constantly, all the time and all those little eastern mysticism occultic nuisances are getting into your children’s spirits and they don’t have the spiritual tools yet to fight it.  So it’s a very easy in for the enemy, he hardly has to fight at all to get that into your children’s spirits and minds and hearts and begin to indoctrinate them and it indoctrinates them into the hierarchy of the occult.  If you don’t believe me, start digging and doing some research into who Walt Disney really was.  When Walt Disney was an adult, he joined something called the Ancient Mystical Order of Rosae Cruces.  AMORC, which is the largest known organization of it’s called, Rosae Crucism, its eastern mysticism, it’s a form of mysticism that has many Egyptian teachings as its foundations.  Walt Disney took that and attached it to witches and wizards and genies and alchemy and spells galore through these innocent looking cartoon characters.  These were the foundation of Disney movies and still are.  

Christians have to start waking up and separating themselves!  We are called to be a peculiar people guys, we are in the world, but we are not of it and more and more, God is going to demand us to scrutinize these things, separate ourselves, know the tactics of the enemy, do our research and understand what’s going on and understand that these things are based in the occult.  You know why Israel got themselves in trouble and got enslaved for 400 years?  One of the reasons is because Israel adopted all the false ideologies and idol worship of the Egyptians.  They mixed eastern mysticism and the idolism practices with God and that’s how Israel got enslaved.  The enemy slowly indoctrinated them and indoctrinated them until their spirits were so tainted, God had to let things take their course.  Then He had to deliver them out when they were good and ready and so sick of the Egyptian’s ways, that they weren’t these amazing people they thought they were, that God had to deliver them.  So, we really have to understand and do recon, like I said at the beginning of this, on the enemy, his tactics.  What the music industry is based in, movies, the foundation of those movies, because we can’t fight an enemy we don’t know.  David never went into a battle without doing recon on his enemy, without making sure he knew his enemy’s tactics, how big the army was, what weapons they had, what battle attire they wore, what their battle tactics were.  David made sure he knew everything before going into battle, and in the same way, we need to learn and ask the Lord for the gift of discerning of spirits.  The gift of discerning of spirits is one of the most important tools Christians are going to need in this day and age.  The ability to discern what wicked spirit is behind singer, movie, book, person; that is one of the abilities that we really need to ask the Lord for.  The ability to discern which wicked spirit is what, otherwise, we’re swinging blindly.  So we have to make ourselves aware of satan’s tricks and his plots and his subtleties and what these things around us are based in.  A lot of times, demons will give themselves away.  What do I mean by that?  They are so proud of arrogant and they want so badly to be like God, which they will NEVER be, that they will give themselves away because they want to glorified.  Example, you know those spirit Halloween stores that pop up in the fall?  

Right there, it’s being exposed, that there is a demon that just presides over Halloween.  There is a spirit that presides over everything to do with Halloween, everything that horrific that day is, there’s a spirit that presides over it and the retail that goes along with it.  There’s a spirit that presides over it. So our eyes have to open and our minds and hearts enlightened and our spirits sensitive to what the enemy is doing, and we must ask the Lord for the ability to discern spirits, that is one of the most important abilities we need, the ability to discern what wicked spirit, or what entity is behind what’s going or what, if there’s more than one.  The Lord giving people that ability to know, is a great tool in the fight that we’re fighting down here on earth, the good fight that we’re fighting.  Paul had the ability to discern spirits, the Apostles did, the Disciples did, Jesus did, and Jesus said greater things shall you do, as long as it’s under Him and His authority.  So, books, oh yes, can spirits attach to books, oh yes they can.  Wicked spirits can attach to books and objects.  I pray over a lot, I make it a habit to pray over, even food that comes into this house, you know why?  Because whoever’s preparing it, what’s behind it, I don’t know. I pray over it, I plead the Blood of Jesus over it, I rebuke in the Name of Jesus anything unrighteous and unholy.  And I’ve made a habit of that because I’m aware of this fact. 

As believers, we have to be more and more careful what we bring into our homes, what we bring into our inner circle.  Harry Potter is not an innocent fairy tale, burn those books if you have them in your house.  It is inducting children into the occult and the teachings of Aleister Crowley and the order of the occult.  Those spells are not made up spells that they do in those movies and those books, they are real spells.  And J.K. Rowling by admittance herself, has said she heard voices feeding her these stories.  These things are conjured up by the enemy and his minions and then commercialized just enough, manipulated just enough to make it palatable for people to digest and ingest and if people were allowed to see the entity that is conjuring this stuff up, like I said, they would pee themselves.  So, I’m going to compare what the enemy does with books and Hollywood and movies and Disney to the process of making Canola oil appetizing for consumers.  First, the fact that canola oil is heart healthy, it’s a lie, it’s not true, it’s not!  However, if you can convince people something is good for them and it doesn’t look too terrible, they’ll buy it.  The process of making canola oil is similar to what the enemy does, first the lie.  How satan does this, is he concocts the lie, oh its innocent, oh its imaginary, it’s not imaginary… oh, it’s harmless fun, there’s the lie.  Now, we’ll go through the process of canola oil and you’ll see what I mean.  First they have to buy the lie, the people.  

Okay, the canola oil is manufactured by using rapeseed, and it is bleached, then injected to get rid of the bitter smell, because if consumers saw canola oil in its raw form and saw what goes into making it look nice and pretty, they would never touch it, they would be completely turned off by it.  This similar process goes on when the devil and his minions concoct an idea and they want to get people to consume it.  First, they concoct the lie, like I said, then what they do, they clean it up a little bit, they bleach it, they inject it, they manipulate it and then they present it all pretty for consumers.  All pretty for humans to ingest, but if humans saw the wicked entities behind these ideas and these books and these movies and this music and saw how vile they are, they would never touch the stuff.  It’s very similar to the process of canola oil, very similar.  So, then of course the enemy markets it as something total fun and wonderful, oh its harmless fun and that’s how it’s marketed.  And in fact the enemy wants to be glorified so bad, that there’s even a TV show on Fox called Lucifer.  Oh Lucifer’s not such a bad guy, he wants to do good, he’s so misunderstood.  

Cry me a river, seriously, cry me a river because that is the biggest crock of you know what, he’s not harmless, he’s not innocent, he is foul and he is vile and you know what, Jesus has defeated him!  And that’s all we need to know, that Jesus has defeated him, and when we become aware to his tricks and his plots, we know exactly how to rebuke in the Name of Jesus off our own lives, our family.  So it’s important for us to understand the vile entities that are concocting these things and that these willing vessels are allowing these entities to inhabit them and use them to serve as a mouthpiece for their message as we serve as a mouthpiece for God Almighty and His plans and purposes.  So these puppets in Hollywood and the movies and books and magazines and TV are serving as mouthpieces to get across the vile agenda of the enemy.  And people will say stuff like this, “oh, Nicki Minaj speaks of that demon stuff, but look, she has a charity for underprivileged children, oh she’s so good.”  Oh no, satan will help a couple of underprivileged children if it means that those wicked spirits inhabiting Ms. Nicki Minaj can be spoken over tens of thousands of people, though song, though what the enemy was originally created, to be in heaven, singing the praises of God.  People have got to wake up to these tactics, it’s time for Christians, this is a wake up call, this is a call to wake up, to understand the practices of the enemy, to understand the occultic foundations of these industries and get educated, okay?  

Man is gorging themselves on spiritual garbage and they cannot figure out why their homes, their lives, their children, their lives are upside down, why tragedy after tragedy happens to them, why their children act possessed.  You cannot fight a spiritual entity physically, it has to be fought using the Name of Jesus and the Word of God.  And you becoming wise to the enemy’s tactics will help you purge this garbage out of your lives and the lives of your children.  The occult is swarming all around the US like a bunch of hornets.  We have to stop buying into their tricks, these demons are not your friends, they’re there to help you become successful because they like you, they’re there to help you become successful so then you can infect others with the occultic garbage they are spewing in order to make them godless and rob them and their souls of the chance of knowing Who Almighty God truly is.  You know what?  After demons are done using them, they just destroy them, if that person is a complete puppet for them, they destroy them.  They have no loyalty, they’re not your friends; they’re not there to help you.  They have no faith, they spew the most horrific things about God, because you are made in God’s image, they hate you.  They are deceptive, they are destructive, they are corrupt and they are loathing.  And the Name of Jesus and Jesus Himself is the only Person they fear.  They tremble when the Name of Jesus is spoken, they tremble.  That’s the only thing they fear, the only thing.    

So, I encourage you guys to do that. 
Love you guys, God Bless, keep the faith.