Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Thus says the Lord of Hosts this day, I AM God; there is none other.  It is said that March comes in like a Lion and goes out like a Lamb, and this will indeed have deep meaning in the month of March says the Lord.  For the physical manifestation of storms of historic proportion, which I warned would come, says the Lord are physical manifestations of what is happening in the Spirit as well says the Lord of Hosts this day.  For lions roar and I AM the Lion of Judah says the Lord.  And storms in different forms will happen in the month of March.  Whirlwinds of events, says the Lord, meant to stir up what has been hidden in plain sight and meant to blow out and carry away what needs to go in My children’s lives, says the Lord.  

For My children, many have been enduring long battles, have been crying out for relief, and I the Lord thy God, in a demonstration of My power am bringing this relief in.  Yes, it is blowing in suddenly, and changes, many changes, will happen now at My Word.  For I am opening new chapters in My children’s lives, who have truly been faithful.  Bringing to a close other chapters that drug on way too long says the Lord of Hosts this day.  The enemy is kicking and screaming because of what I am going to do now says the Lord.  Yes, he and his dark forces are being fiercely sent in retreat by My angelic army says the Lord.  And the enemy and his forces are being forced, literally by force, to let go of My children and their lives and to cut the chains of bondage, strongholds, dysfunction, sickness, corruption, lies, oppression and sorrow that has been attempting to restrict My children says the Lord.  However, My children, My beloved precious children have fought the good fight.  They have pushed, they have persevered, they have clawed and crawled to keep moving forward says the Lord.  Praising Me and doing My work even when they were so hurt and wounded themselves says the Lord.  However, Spring is on the horizon says the Lord.  Those wounds are being healed and new growth shall suddenly spring forth in the Spring says the Lord.  Yes, new growth, new beginnings for My children, breathing a breath of fresh air they have not felt in a very long time says the Lord.  I have taken away the power from the enemy.  He will NOT sift My children like wheat anymore says the Lord, for the enemy has been using their own families, the church and potholes, spiritual potholes, meaning for My children to hit them and fall, says the Lord.  

However, says the Lord of Hosts this day, I have commanded that My children be delivered, yes, as Passover approaches, My children, you shall be delivered from the oppression and the hands of Egypt and you shall move on into what I have willed for your lives and leave Egypt and all its darkness and dysfunction behind says the Lord.  For Egypt had its chance and I am commanding that spirit and those circumstances to depart from My children’s lives says the Lord of Hosts this day.  For I am not a man that I should lie says the Lord and truly this will be a Passover to celebrate says the Lord of Hosts.  Freedom is at hand, get ready, get ready!  Make haste My children because you are moving on into the Promised Land the yeses and the amens says the Lord of Host this day.  And says the Lord, Egypt and its tricks and magicians and its idolatry and its bondages shall not harm you or consume your lives anymore says the Lord for My children in this hours must be powerful vessels for Me to fill and operate through says the Lord.  And no quarter tie can be attached to Egypt for I need My children to have the freedom to move in any given direction at My Word says the Lord.  So yes, March is coming in like a Lion and going out like a Lamb.  And the Lamb, My Son, My Precious Son is bringing peace and stability into the lives of My children that have endured dysfunction and chaos because of the rebellion and ungodliness of others. 

On the road to Damascus says the Lord.  I shall meet those on the road to Damascus who need a wake up call, who need to be stopped in their tracks and rerouted for the road they are on will only continue to lead to the destruction and dysfunctional fun house the enemy has attempted to make those believe are good.  Whoa to those who call evil good and good evil says the Lord of Hosts this day, for I shall pull the curtains back, remove the scales from people’s eyes and make it very plain to see evil for evil and good for good, no more confusing the two says the Lord of Hosts this day, for the enemy has suddenly injected confusion into the Church, the lives of My children and into society says the Lord of Hosts this day.  My children, some whose judgment has become clouded, I am lifting the fog says the Lord and yes the truth can hurt says the Lord, but it is so very necessary in order for Me to rectify what has been made wrong by choices and by those who claim to have the good intentions of My children in mind; however, are greedy and corrupt to the core and I shall expose this ugliness says the Lord, not only in My children’s lives and family, but in the Church and in the government.  These greedy, greedy gremlins, yes, these do exist in the underworld says the Lord, have cost My children and this nation a lot.  My children have been robbed by a host of wolves in sheep’s clothing and even by the Church says the Lord of Hosts this day.  I warned says the Lord, that a Spring cleaning is coming to the house of God and I MEAN it.  I need My House back in order says the Lord, and the disarray, the corrupt motives, the cauldron of secrets, ENOUGH!

You are witnessing a changing of the guard right now says the Lord and I am raising up the younger generation, these will leap forth from obscurity into a new arena and they will speak with heavy anointings and the fire of Almighty God that will be  like a two-edged sword penetrating to the dividing line.  My people will once again catch the fire of God and a spiritual refreshing that will breath forth through pockets of revival in this nation of the United States of America says the Lord of Hosts this day. 

So this day My children, I say unto you, get ready, make haste, be in expectation, many changes will take place.  I am expediting matters and speeding events up for the sake of My children, who so desperately need relief.  And this relief shall come like a whirlwind, sudden, quick and to the point says the Lord.  Breakthrough, vindication and freedom are all here, so lift up your voices and praise Me today for before your very eyes, now major changes will take place at My Word, where those will look in utter and true amazement and say “only Almighty God could have done this thing” says the Lord of Hosts this day.  In Jesus Name.


  1. Was in a dream. In a humble house, lots of people crowded in, thought they were intercessors. Washed coffee cups and dishes all night. Washing teacups and pots. Pots dented, old. Felt the Lord going to clean vessels and give us new. Old pots and pans to be changed into new. New anointing, deliverance. Ministries that had worked hard, to be made new again. Church being cleaned and broken people given new. Saw old broken cups being replaced with new. Great anticipation even though weary from the work. Great reward coming in love and fellowships. Newness refreshing coming. Stay the course. One more batch of teacups to clean. Almost done.