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Double salting
12.8.19 double salting:
Iran will suffer a very public mortal wound a gushing wound for what they have done to Israel and I am striking Hezbolah with madness they will go mad and suffer complete disorder says the Lord thy God this day
Make no mistakes this is a sign this is setting the tone for 2020 that the enemies of God’s children, His anointed, and His firstborn Israel are hereby put on notice that time is up the Lord will judge, they have been found wanting, mene mene tekel upharsin was spoken in 2019 pertaining to the end of 19 and the year 2020. The Lord is weighing these individuals, rulers, nations, and groups and they have been found wanting.
A tale of the cup bearer and the baker from genesis pertaining to Joseph
A termination and extermination of the Hamans.
This is the year you will see Haman after Haman terminated much of it will be public
There is going to be a clear line of separation as well as the wheat from the tares and the tares are getting torn up by the roots.
Cities foundations who have challenged the Holiness of Almighty God will be shaken and there are states within the US that will see such a shaking for their willful mocking rebellion that it will shock the nation.
Make no mistake the Lord thy God is not mocked.

This is just the first blow for Iran a bigger one is coming, the ayatollah will be shaken of Iranian govt will be shaken down to the foundations and there will be big falls and a whistle blower will come forth who used to be part of the regime, who will have an encounter with Jesus and I believe will become a way for the US and Israel to stay plugged into the vein of what Iran is doing. They want to shake their fists then Almighty God shall shake them and do it publicly
The Lord will expose just how weak at their core they are, Iran, leaders caught with their pants down.

This will be a Joseph and Esther type of a year and a year the Hamans and the bakers will be removed. The baker from the prison whom Joseph interpreted his dream along with the cup bearer. However the Lord spared the cup bearers life because he was integral in the plans of God for Joseph. However bakers like to cook things up behind the scenes.

Esther 3:5-15
Casting lots , the lots cast against the people of God here is going to be a reversal and the people whom casted the lots will have lots secretly cast against them and it shall be too late by the time it is made known.
Those who attempted to destroy, harm the people of God His children, His anointed the lots they cast against them will doubly reverse onto them and their households.
Esther chapter 4
Esther 5:14  
The gallows 50 ft high, 50 is the jubilee year where all the Jews lost are restored unto them and what happens against Haman and his sons using the very gallows he built to hang Mordecai is the Jews jubilee.
Esther 6
The King cannot sleep and wants the book of records and memorable deeds read to him. I believe this was the Lord disrupting his sleep in order to discover what Mordecai had done in saving his life to force Haman to honor him.

Esther 8 READ
Because he stretched out his hand against the Jews
Those who stretch out their hands against God’s children, his anointed, and his firstborn Israel this year will have their own plot and plan backfire and will fall by their own sword. Those who are intent to do this will experience very public downfalls, stripping of positions, exposing of exploits done in darkness, and secrets kept under lock and key until now for such a time as this glory to god for such a time as this.

12.8.19 Double salting Word Cont’d
This will be a year of learning to discern the presence of the Lord impressing upon you and directing you to carry out instruction and of clearly getting to know the voice of the Lord and the leading of the Holy Spirit. This will be the year where you will be put through your paces as the year progresses your discernment will get sharper, your sensitivity to the Lord will become stronger, and you will learn without hesitation how to do what the Lord is telling you to do knowing he has you and TRUSTING His leading.

12.12.19 Double JOY Justice Of Yahweh
Double twelves, double!
 Talk about the second joy pig showing up double Justice! The 2nd pig showed up the day after I delivered that word from the Lord-the second pig was a sign from the Lord as confirmation on his last word from 12-12-2019.

A double portion:
Justice, the Justice of Yahweh Almighty God shall be BRANDED UPON them for all to see
Swift justice, divine Justice says the Lord of Hosts is coming to the wicked, to the ring leaders of a three ring circus that is all pomp and no circumstance says the Lord
As livestock is branded Says the Lord I am branding MY Justice upon those who have attempted to usurp and overthrow MY AUTHORITY MY PLANS AND MY ORDER says the Lord of Hosts this day.
They shall be lifted up as in a title wave thinking their locking of arms shall do them good however I the Lord God am crashing that title wave down and breaking that chain says the Lord and there shall break out suddenly squabbling and disagreement within that party and within Washington to break the agreement to weaken severely the enemy’s power and his plans.

For I the Lord God Jehovah rule and reign, I am the righteous Judge and those who wanted to be Lord of the flies shall now be Lord of the dung says the Lord that they continued to spew forth from their mouths lie after lie, manipulation after manipulation.

I the Lord God Jehovah shall brand them now with My justice you shall see this emerge in 2020 and a scarlet letter shall be hung around their necks for daring to touch My children, my anointed and daring to shift with the enemy, the plans of darkness instead of advocate and fight for the things of Almighty God and My Kingdom says the Lord of Hosts this day
This year will be the year of the axe and the sickle says the Lord of Hosts.

My children shall have that sickle placed in their hands as they will work their harvests I am bringing to full crop, there shall be a bumper crop in 2020 for My children says the Lord of hosts this day! My children as they go forth in obedience staying the course and working the harvest I am blooming and giving them shall see a bumper crop pressed down shaken together and running over in order to go forth for My Kingdom and do what I have called them to do with greater precision potency and accuracy says the Lord for the mantle of supernatural favor shall rest upon their shoulders.

However, says the Lord the axe is to chop down and to bring down and there is an axe in my right hand as well says the Lord and the name of the axe is Justice and Vindication.
I the Lord God am taking the axe to the diseased stumps of these brambled and entangled mess of these very crooked trees that grew in a winding and serpent like fashion because their roots were drinking from the rivers of darkness not of the living water of MY word says the Lord. The sickle is the hook I the Lord speak of in Ezekiel, putting a hook in their jaw, and I the Lord am doing the same. I have put the hook in the core of what drives them power, control, a thirst to oppress and depress in order to attempt to elevate their father the devil, I the Lord have put a hook in their jaw and in their core and am leading them in their delusions and illusions while the axe is being taken to their stump. And soon TIMBER shall be yelled and the crash will be loud says the Lord and send shock waves and fear amongst those who were doing their bidding who will now be caught. Watch for advertisers to walk more and more.

Among the news that will be humiliated by the truth and the big story will be they are not reporting the news but propaganda as Hitler attempted to use to harm My child Israel says the Lord. Look for that panic to ensue amongst those who have been the page boys and reporting dirt and mud thinking the people could not see through it. Oh the mud will be washed away and the entangled web exposed underneath. Pigs and livestock play in the mud says the Lord and this is why they shall be branded as such says the Lord of Hosts this day.

Now the axe and the sickle look for the country that touts this, a complete shift and breaking news will come forth as these countries are dealt with who have been in dirty dealings with bureaucrats in the US and abroad, the blood will be exposed on the hands of those who were deep in it for they serve mammon not me says the Lord and mammon will turn them over and turn on them as I drop the axe says the Lord and mammon will high tail it out of there the coward that he is says the Lord.

As you see these things take place cleave unto Me for My children shall be under concentrated growth bulbs of My light and power and shall see incredible growth in 2020, new buds and new growth shall begin to emerge now and because of My power grow faster stronger and more beautiful in 2020 at an accelerated rate in order to demonstrate that I the Lord God know no bounds, I am not subject to the time of this world and I am far above their systems, this shall and will be demonstrated in 2020 watch for it and as it happens proclaim what the Lord has done, for I The Lord am the righteous judge, I am the Great I AM and your loving Father in Heaven. I am with you always even until the end of the age, I love you and Bless you in Jesus name.

Hearing Sanitize
The Lord is not only sanitizing His House in 2020 but sanitizing the gifts and the mantles as those counterfeits have come in and muddied the waters a tool of the enemy to confuse, and those who were in it solely for position and personal gain, the accursed things, the ins and outs of achkan shall be exposed in the house of God and eradicated so once again not only will the Holy Spirit flow but it will open up the floodgates for revival to occur. Where these accursed things and pleasures have been hidden in people’s tents, the Lord thy God is marching in, digging them up and with His mighty right hand pulling them out and exposing it before the people.

Hearing Salem witch trials
Paranoia engulfed that however the Lord thy God will expose the witches and those in the occult who have been operating undercover in the camps of the children of God, enticing them to sin and cursing their growth their blessings, their bodies and their minds, the cursed, the occult will be outed in the churches starting now and will sweep through 2020 in Jesus name, the watchers and monitors sent out into the churches will have the anger of the Lord burn against them and will be caught and driven out by the Lord and by those He is training and raising up to spot them amongst the crowd. The mixed soil will end, the Lord thy God is putting an end to it and bringing order and Holiness back to the House of Almighty God in Jesus name!! Those churches who have truly preached the word of God and held fast to it the Lord s going to honor and reward for their faithfulness to Him and His Word in 2020.

12.23.20 Peacock Word
Peacocks are beautiful yet lethal when it comes to snakes.
They silence the danger of that snake.
Thinking about it the neck moves the head if the neck is clamped the head cannot moved and the head is where the venom is its in the mouth of the snake.

This is what the Lord is doing to the plans of the enemy and the tools and people he uses to carry out his plots the Lord thy God is getting that plan and attack by the neck, the Lord is going to reveal to you exactly what part that is in the attack, petition the Lord to help you get the plans of the enemy by the neck to paralyze the head of the operation and then command in Jesus name for every part of that plot including the puppets and agents to be violently shaken until they release and retreat in Jesus name. That is a strategy right there!
In 202 the Lord is going for the neck of the enemy to paralyze the head and cut off the strike, there are angels that will be sent out fierce warring angels released to do this work as well.

The enemy has attempted to come in a coyote or wolf pack he has attempted to swarm, overburden overwhelm and overrun, However the Lord thy God has given the orders from His throne and warring angels are being sent out to assist and break up their line of communication and central command. If they cannot communicate when they hunt it becomes confused and disorganized, Confusion greater than babyl is hitting the camp of the enemy coming down like javelins plunging into the middle the nucleus of their operations.

Hearing the word nucleus the Lord is going after their nucleus, the nucleus is sending out the orders the Lord is breaking up their nucleus and breaking up their agreement, without agreement there is limited power.

Its all going off script now, the scripts the enemy has doled out its all going off script they are derailing the train derailment that occurred over the weekend in Cincinnati is symbolic of what will happen to those not only connected in Washington and the govt but churches and families, even businesses that have come after the anointed of God the children of God and attempted to Hijack the Lord’s agenda, massive derailments, another train derailment even larger is set to occur pray for the people. Its all going off course its all going off script the Lord is destabilizing the nucleus and the engine that is driving the train will suddenly stop the pistons are misfiring the misfires will prove costly as they are unstable and cause casualty to those who initially came forth as a pack to attack.

There is a breaking through happening in 2020 this is large, powerful changing the entire trajectory in a new direction with the Father in order to bloom forth the buds that were grafted in in 2019, the grafting and pruning happened in 2019 and the buds will come to bloom in 2020. individuals will operate in unique multifaceted anointings, as a rooted tree that has been grafted can bear multiple types of fruits so this shall be a demonstration of the power and endless bounds of Almighty God. And the blooms shall happen simultaneously and shall represent different areas of life. Some of the blooms may be deceiving because they will be what the world dictates as sad or tragic however these are crucial paving the way for a new chapter, a second chance, and newness of life that produces healthy full concentrated fruit for the Kingdom. 

You shall work the fields in  of a bumper crop of a harvest and you will see them come to season one row after another one area after another and you will work the harvest and utilize the crop for the Kingdom of God and to enlarge your territory and claim that soil for the kingdom for your feet shall touch down on new soil and territory that is rich and ripe for the Kingdom to plant and bloom forth even what shall be an oddity to those witnessing it however you are children of the King of Kings and the Lord thy God shall make that clear n 2020 and give a bullhorn and a voice that carries to the nations, tribes, tongues, kings and leaders.

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