Saturday, March 28, 2020


McFiles Broadcast with Host Christopher McDonald & Guest Amanda Grace!

And says the Lord thy God this day...fear not my children, fear not, fear not,
in the midst of the storm.  For when I am standing in the midst of the storm with
you my children…have I not said and will I not do, says the Lord?

For when I am standing in the midst of the storm that is where it's the calmest the storm may rage around you says the Lord.  The wind may ,with the rain, may fall the
floods may come but I have you under the covering of Jesus Christ, the blood of
Jesus Christ, I have you under the arch says the Lord thy God this day and when
My children cleave unto Me in the middle of a crisis the power of God says the
Lord is multiplied in a way man does not normally see, and right now says the Lord
the churches may be on lock down but My spirit is not on lock down says the Lord!
The power of God in My children is not on lock down says the Lord my God this day
rise up My children, rise up….take hold of shield and buckler and stand up for your 
help right now says the Lord! I will deliver you from the snare of the Fowler and the perilous
pestilence I will cover you with my feathers and under My wings you shall take 
refuge, my truth shall be right now your shield and buckler, says the Lord. 
You will speak My truth says the Lord, I am releasing says the Lord a double portion 
of anointing upon those that I have raised up for such a time as this for those I have positioned in the middle of this….This did not take me by surprise says the Lord I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the ending I am he who liveth and died and behold says the Lord thy God this day I am Alive for evermore. I see what the leader of China is doing, I see what Washington is doing says the Lord, I see what their plotting, says the Lord. None of their plots are working, they will not prosper, they ultimately are going to fail says the Lord thy God this day because My mantle says the Lord rests upon the President of the United States, My mantle rest upon the Vice President of the United 
States says the Lord, they have been positioned for such a time as this, and when the
enemy comes in, says the Lord, like a flood the Spirit of the Lord thy God will
raise a standard, a standard out of this virus as the Lord I am going to raise a
standard a new standard for My people a new standard for the church those that
were in the sea says the Lord of lukewarmness, says the Lord this day, they 
will end up being sifted, the wheat from the tares shall be separated says the Lord, 
the truth from lie shall be separated says the Lord. I am allowing these things 
to take their course to separate the wheat from the tares and the truth from 
the lie because I says the Lord thy god this day will be the sword penetrating 
to the dividing line because I am the Word says the Lord I am living and active 
says the Lord thy God this day, and I penetrate to the dividing line says 
the Lord of soul and spirit of joint and marrow. I am going down to the very 
dividing line to the things you cannot see, to the things done in the dark, 
to the things done in secret, to the plots says the Lord. The plots of murder
the plots of assassination the plots to usurp every foundation I put in place in the 
United States of America to be a beacon of light and a friend to My firstborn Israel 
they shall not usurp the foundation I the LORD thy God this day used the forefathers 
to lay brick by brick, for I says the Lord thy God this day will hold that foundation in place.
However, restoration says the Lord the first part is to level what no longer belongs
and I the LORD thy God this day will level what no longer belongs says the Lord            
to build up says the Lord what should be and in the process you will see those fall in 
Washington in the media leadership in the world keep your eyes on China says 
the Lord I have the church in the palm of my hand in that country not a hair on 
their head shall be harmed says the Lord thy God this day I have the Christians 
in Iran crying out to me in the palm of my hand and I will keep them safe says 
the Lord, I will keep my people safe in this country as they rise up… the lion of 
Judah is going before you says the Lord, rise up this day you are soldiers of the Living
God, you are My children you have my breath and My spirit in you, and know this
day that I am with you always even until the end of the age, and I the LORD thy
God this day say that watch for what comes after Passover into the
summer says the Lord. Watch what happens, the crumbling foundation of a certain 
party shall buckle, shall crumble says the Lord and the spokespeople they want to 
attempt to put out says the Lord thy God this day are going to fade back into the 
shadow says the Lord because what they have done in secret will most certainly be
poured out before the country to see says the Lord. Now is the time of exposure, 
now is the time we are entering a period of great exposure says the Lord, watch for it, 
expect it for the gasps shall rise up from the United States of America and around the 
world as I expose this interconnected web that reaches across the globe says the Lord
thy God this day, it shall be exposed, there shall be those that are brought to
justice. Dictators shall fall says the Lord, parties shall become fractured, the fist of
socialism is going to suffer a very heavy blow, before November, says the Lord
thy God this day, and I will send that spirit in retreat, says the Lord thy God this day.  

The Eagle, you shall mount up with wings like eagles, you shall run and not be weary 
you shall walk and not be faint, and not grow tired this day My children for that
spirit is rising up in this country, said the Lord thy God this day. It is going to 
soar, it will soar again, but this has to be allowed for a time says the Lord. In order 
for circumstances that have been foretold, what has been prophesied, what needs to 
be dealt with in the area of justice and vindication. And the scales of justice, they have 
been weighed and found wanting says the Lord mene mene tekel uparsin, they have
been weighed and found wanting, and those are the ones now says the Lord watch 
for their power to be suddenly ripped from them and their foundation fall from under them.
Do not fear My children I am with you, my peace surpasses all understanding cleave onto 
Me, cleave unto My word it is living and it is active right now…come to the secret 
place I am calling you into the secret place with Me… come to the secret place praise Me 
like never before cry out to Me continuously call on Me says the Lord and watch before 
your very eyes the work that I do not only in the United States of America, but I shall
lift Israel up now says the Lord I shall lift Israel up before the world and give them favor
in the midst of this virus the enemy does not want Israel lifted up he does not want 
them to prosper in the midst of this, he does not want them to be given key insight 
into this virus and Israel shall be given it and they shall break it down in areas that other
scientists are not, and Israel shall be vindicated before the world for what they were 
accused of by the Palestinians, and by the UN, and by China, and those countries that 
want to dare like Iran attempt to blow my children off the map no says the Lord! 

Your country now shall be shaken to the core for daring to touch my firstborn and 
My children says the Lord. They have been put on notice, we are seeing it happen 
and we will see the second part come to pass now as you watch with great anticipation my

Praise me like never before, seek me while I may be found and trust and
put your trust in me.  For I am your Father, your Creator, the King of Kings, and
Almighty God, thus says the Lord of Hosts in Jesus mighty name.



  1. GOD IS AWESOME!! I am tearing up while reading His words. Thank you for being a willing vessel to God! You bring such Hope by bringing God's words to us. God Bless You and Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

  2. Wow! God is so GOOD! I wasn't expecting a word on Chris's show that night. What a blessing! Bless you Amanda and Chris! Praise God!