Monday, March 2, 2020


The Lord thy God the Great I am says this day.....

I am coming in as the lion, as power, might, and majesty, says the Lord of Hosts this day. Now says the Lord is the time that I shall ROAR and rule over All Rebellion!!! I am putting down the rebellions says the Lord thy God this day.  I am usurping the plots down to the very places of origin, says the Lord!  The Lord thy God says,  I am Coming in as the WORD, as The Way, the Truth. and The Life.

The Lord now says it is the time for TRUTH to be revealed on many levels. I the Lord am set to reveal the intentions of the heart, the intentions of governments, leaders, those in the Church, and their believers says the Lord. Now is the time says the Lord where I am set to release a scroll of TRUTH throughout the earth and what is hidden shall be revealed, the Plot shall be reversed says the Lord thy God this day! I am reversing the Plot and I am ripping the positions away from those who have plotted in secret against My people, my anointed against my firstborn Israel.

Now is the time says the Lord for the Hamans to be revealed! What has been concealed shall be revealed, says the Lord thy God Yahweh this day. Those who have been driving and steering these corrupt plots against My children, against My people, those who have been doing this against entire countries, shall be hung out to dry, they will be exposed because of FAVOR for I shall grant favor to those who have MY TRUTH in their mouths and MY Word and TRUTH shall enter as a sharp precise arrow and shall splice the lies in two says the Lord thy God this day!

I the Lord gave time, I gave mercy, I gave in good measure for them to stop their crimes, stop their rebellion, stop their stiff neckedness, and  stop their defiance. However, it has continued and I the Lord thy God am bringing a sudden halt and redeeming those who choose to continue the courses, birthed in the flesh, who manipulated and used their positions to attempt to obtain things that I the Lord thy God never gave or gave permission for.

Watch for the gallows meant to hang the righteous, meant to hang my anointed, My children, the plot shall be reversed and those who have attempted such wicked escapades, shall now hang themselves says the Lord God Jehovah!

The covert operations that they thought in the U.S.A. as well as abroad, that they thought was contained, that they thought was concealed, the truth of what has been done undercover within the governments, within campaigns, and within the churches shall be revealed.  The tares have deceptively grown with the wheat and it is harvest time for the tares says the Lord.  I will not allow the imposters to mimic righteousness and TRUTH anymore. When truth is NOT in their hearts and they have deceived themselves into thinking a false truth to continue agendas that they have become stuck in as tar says the Lord thy God Elohim.

I am usurping what has been concealed beneath what looks to be good soil and I am exposing what is lurking underneath. I the Lord am exposing some of the biggest deceptions being perpetrated against man, now is the time says the Lord thy God this day, now is the Hour, for the Pharaohs of this World and the Hamans of this world and they do not stand a chance to remain in a position of influence after they have tampered with and corrupted the office in order to hurt My children. I am exposing the snake oil salesman says the Lord of Hosts this day.

Those who are selling the world in a bottle, claiming they can hand the people EVERYTHING and it will cost them little to nothing, the pipe dream is being exposed says the Lord.

For those who loathe the Gospel, who loathe the name of Jesus, Yeshua, shall be exposed for who they truly are and for all the instability in their plans it shall fracture and break in two.

I am splitting the rock open in this hour and water shall pour out and come forth says the Lord.
The Pharaohs with their spells and incantations, shams and tricks, will not be able to escape this ruling that is coming down from My throne, says the Lord thy God the Righteous Judge this day.
This shall affect those in the U.S.A. with a bullhorn lulling the younger generation into a stupor dulling their minds to something called ethics and morals.

This shall affect communist, totalitarian, dictatorships, and socialist structures around the World. They shall see a fracturing up to the highest ruling class within their nations, says the Lord thy God Jehovah this day.

The Holy Spirit says there is an announcement, blow the shofar, says the Spirit for the Lord has announced His intentions and it shall be carried out with precision, might, and power, get ready get ready!!

Those churches whose structure is corrupt, who have ripped pages out of My Word and created a false doctrine, a false Word of God, for it is incomplete, a ruling has come down says the Spirit from the throne of Almighty God!

They shall be shaken says the Lord and it will show just how powerless and ill equipped and luke warm the people and the Shepherds the leadership truly have become. For with what shall come, the world, and the people will look for those churches rooted in the Word of Almighty God, that is solid and immovable.  They will Crave the truth in an hour of lies and propaganda.  The Hamans are spreading much propaganda to try and falsely obtain power, however chance meetings will crumble their plans expose the deceptions and topple the foundation.

There shall be BIG falls now from those who were overly confident they could rise above and win while being an enemy of Me, and an enemy of the Gospel says the Lord God Jehovah.
There is a doctrine of anger and rebellion that is being fed to the masses and I the Lord God am going to expose that doctrine layer by layer and prove just how it is built upon nothing but empty words, godless lies and seduction of a vulnerable younger generation.

NOTE: I the Lord thy God will NOT allow the enemy to take the younger generation.

I the Lord am positioning Israel for Victory while having enemy’s surrounding them, pronouncing judgment upon them, attempting to seduce the world into hating them, but I the Lord shall cause Israel to RISE above. I shall FAVOR them in intelligence, military, medicine, agriculture, and MASSIVE breakthroughs and discoveries shall come forth from Israel where the world will have NO CHOICE but to yield and receive from Israel what they so desperately need.

NOTE: I am bringing to account the regimes who have martyred my people around the world.

NOTE: Boko Harim, a HEAVY Blow will come to them and shall fracture their core, says the Lord thy God this day.
Revival is coming to parts of Australia, My people shall RISE from the Ashes and be bold in the gospel and pockets of revival shall break forth and these shall be reported worldwide says the Lord.  The churches operating in a false power in Australia, that have sold out to the false platform the enemy has created, false ideas not in MY Word for I the Lord thy God AM THE WORD, their core their leadership is being exposed it will be shaken and there will be a forced change that begins to take place for the sake of all those who have been spoon fed this false doctrine, says the Lord thy God this day.

Secrets in MY WORD  that are hidden within the word until this time shall be unlocked and exposed. I will enlighten those and reveal to them that have been in the scriptures before them all along.
MAJOR archaeological discoveries will further solidify the validity of My Word confirming that it is not a FAIRY TALE but ACCURATE, REAL, AND TRUE, SAYS THE LORD THY God Yahweh this day.

NOTE: There will be a MAJOR discovery that  will cause more of My firstborn Israel to call on the name of Yeshua!!

NOTE: Chili, watch chili! Also watch south America right now.  The volatility is getting worse and a major overhaul in the governments is taking place.  A dictator will attempt to arise however as quickly as this dictator attempts to arise, is as quickly as there will be termination of the plan and position says the Lord of Hosts this day.

A breakthrough with the valves of the heart a breakthrough for cardiac patients will be widely reported says the Lord for I am giving ideas to those who are listening to help the people of planet earth for such a time as I need the church ready, fit, and able to speak the Word with power and might.

The ENTIRE WORD for the entire Word makes a complete picture and when parts of it are cherry picked, it does a grave disservice to those listening, for they truly in this time need to understand who I the Lord am, the great I AM, the Alpha and Omega,  and My Word is a Sword and if activated now and used and truly BELIEVED in by My people, they will see a change in position, in health, in power, and in circumstance, says the Lord.  For I will move and shift much right now in the lives of MY children, My anointed, to position them to be a voice crying in the wilderness.  There is much wilderness in the world right now. The enemy is attempting to cause mass fear and mass hysteria in order to control the narrative,  however,  I the Lord am Greater than any of his devices and I the Lord shall speak into the storm and they shall hear MY VOICE, those in China shall HEAR MY VOICE those in Iran SHALL HEAR MY VOICE the younger generation shall HEAR MY VOICE those in north Korea SHALL HEAR MY VOICE and shall chase after Me with desperation to come unto Me says the Lord of Hosts this day.

I am correcting the misconceptions says the Lord, for I have given unto My people power to tread upon all the power of the enemy says the Lord and the enemy would LOVE nothing more than to draw them into cycles of war baiting them into firing war declarations in the spirit that they do not even realize that is what they are until it is too late. I the Lord am NOT a man that I should lie, if help cannot be found by submitting before Me or By going to My Word then help will not be found for I am an ever present help in times of Trouble I AM NOT MAN, I AM ALMIGHTY GOD YOUR FATHER AND CREATOR, do not elevate men above Me and expect your lives to be in order and at peace for no one is Above Me says the Lord! I have ruled and reigned forevermore who was and is and is to come, Almighty God says the Spirit abide in Him listen to Him keep Him first in ALL things and watch order replace the disorder in your lives!

NOTE: Watch the Midwest of the United States.

Watch California for the plagues that Egypt challenged Me to bring.  We shall see California get a taste of such, says the Lord thy God. A far worse shaking is coming to California, those who are mine I will protect says the Lord, however, the wickedness has taken over like a dark cloud over that state. There is an oppressive rule that has taken over and they are being judged says the Lord. They have challenged Me and I shall now answer that Challenge in a way the leadership and that state will not soon forget.  There is still a short time to repent and turn and  separate yourselves now.  The flock is being separated, the sheep from the goats says the Lord.  I the Lord have tired of My children being tainted and corrupted by concoctions and mixtures of My Word with other dogma and doctrine that will prove to be damaging the longer it is abided and believed.  I am bringing My people back into My Word, into resting, in My presence, all amidst the chaos. I cannot have tortured souls contaminating the flock says the Lord, so there will be a quarantine of leaders and shepherds who have been playing with fire dangerously close to the enemy and there shall be a quarantine and a separating for the sake of My people and to protect My anointed in this hour. So, their lives and influences and their accuracy and their wisdom will increase as a sign and a wonder in order to reach those around the world deep in their souls and spirits. This is to chisel past, the stone and touch them in the most vulnerable of places that I the Lord have come to clean out and disinfect the soul wounds that are halting growth and leaving My children stuck.

There is a spiritual disinfecting that is happening I am cleaning out the wounds , I am healing the open sores that the enemy has caused to hurt over and over in cycles of over inflated fear, anger and instability to get My people to be afraid of every little thing in the world I created.
Many of you are entering rest in the storm you shall have peace and rest focus and clarity in the middle of difficult situations, and it shall be an incredible testimony to what being anchored In Me and having peace in the chaos truly means. I the Lord will keep those in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Me.

I am pouring out FAVOR unprecedented FAVOR upon My children and MY anointed in the middle of chaos, fear, pandemics, propaganda, and dogma, I am in double measure pouring out MY Favor to position those I call faithful to be a sign and a wonder and a light in the darkness for those Who Have being shaken through the chaos to be drawn to and see truly that there is no fear when I the Lord hold the situation in the palm of My hand.  When I am in control when you allow Me to have control you do not need to Fear MY Children for, I AM FAITHFUL ALWAYS SAYS THE LORD GOD JEHOVAH.

You shall be above the Fray and be an example to those searching for peace and stability amidst much shaking. My people around the world shall boldly come out into the open and boldly speak through the storm and it will miraculously change hearts in the midst of crises and calamity.

Surrender before Me,  seek My instruction, and  learn to KNOW MY VOICE and watch what I the Lord God Jehovah the Great I am will do on this earth. Now is the time, Thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts in Jesus name!

NOTE: Watch New York

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  1. Hi Amanda,
    What is the Lord referring to here? Are we not supposed to engage in spiritual warfare in His name?

    "I am correcting the misconceptions says the Lord, for I have given unto My people power to tread upon all the power of the enemy says the Lord and the enemy would LOVE nothing more than to draw them into cycles of war baiting them into firing war declarations in the spirit that they do not even realize that is what they are until it is too late."

    1. I think we're always supposed to engage in spiritual warfare in his name.

    2. the sentence you quoted says "I am correcting the misconceptions.." implying that some of our "declarations" and understanding of spiritual warfare needs correcting.. I have a witness on this meaning...

  2. Thankyou so much...that is complete confirmation in what I believe He has been showing me. I am going to absorb this beautiful message from God. Listen to His voice in these times of pain, pray for wisdom knowledge and freedom for the people and of course the children. Everyone please pray for the Children and Gods childern, that the mighty angels be set for on all corners of the earth and guard protect and war with the pricipalities of darkness of this world so that the enemy shall stumble and that what has been in the dark be forced to come into the light.. in Jesus' precious precious Amen.


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