Tuesday, May 26, 2020


Word of the Lord: Teaching on Grace and Unexpected Prophetic 

So today, I’m going to talk about a very interesting topic – Grace.  How it is to be extended and when it’s at its most effective.  Because the Church touts grace, you hear all over, it’s like the Church and even some of the networks that have to do with Christianity have become top heavy with grace.  It’s almost like grace is being taught more than almost anything else in the Bible when really, the Bible is the complete, absolute Truth of God, then all facets of the Bible must be taught for it to operate effectively in our lives, right?  So, I’ll tell you how this happened and how the Lord showed me this.  Because the Lord gave me a revelation about grace, I perceive it to be the Lord and I want to share it with you.  This all started when I was on Facebook.  I saw a clip from a movie called the War Room and this is basically the clip.  There’s a women in an abusive marriage, so apparently the man is highly abusive, verbally.  And she’s talking with an older woman, I believe in her late 70’s about this and the older woman says to her, “well, you have to give him grace right now because God gave you grace and you’re not perfect, and you’re a sinner.”  So basically she has to stick through the marriage and be abused and give him grace because God is “a great defense attorney” and will come to her defense if she did this.  And I felt this righteous indignation swell up in me as if all at once I felt all the hopelessness of women that have watched this clip.  Because grace has been twisted so much that people don’t follow the spiritual laws of grace.  

When I began to get upset about this, I even called my Mother, I was so upset, and I told her how I felt about maybe about how some of the Church is teaching grace, about these movies, about what’s going on with this.  When I got off with her, I began to talk with the Lord about it because I was upset about it.  What He said to me was “there are spiritual laws for grace, and if you don’t follow those laws, it’s going to misfire and instead of being a tool for God’s good, it’s going to be a tool to enable evil.”  What do I mean by that?  Grace is its most effective, this is what the Lord showed me, I perceive this to be the Lord.  That grace is most effective, when it comes from up to down, not down to up.  What do I mean by that?  The Lord gives us grace, He is in the Superior position; we are in the inferior position.  We are His servants, okay, He is greater than us.  He is greater; we are lesser.  So when He extends grace upon our lives, it frees us, it is a tool and agent for change in our lives, it gives us peace, it gives us hope, so when grace comes from Superior to inferior is when it’s at its most effective.  The Good Samaritan, at that point, the Good Samaritan was in the Superior position, because that individual wounded on the road, was weak, and wounded and sick, so the Good Samaritan was in a position to extend grace.  A king can extend grace to their servant, a servant cannot extend grace to the king.  God can extend grace to us, we cannot extend grace to God.  In every example in the Bible of grace, it always came from a superior position to an inferior position.  

Even in the Book of Esther, Esther, she was taken to king Xerxes in the Royal residence in the 10th month, in the month of Tibeth, in the 7th year of his reign.  Now the king was attracted to Esther more than any other woman and she won his favor and approval more than any other.  Ok, so that grace, God’s grace for Esther to do that came from top to bottom.  Somebody that is in a financial stable situation can extend grace and favor to somebody who that’s not in a financially favorable position.  So, grace is its most effective when it comes from top to bottom, like a trickle-down effect, and this is what the Lord showed me.  Now what happens when you try to go from bottom to top with grace?  Let’s take the example of the War Room, now the way God made the hierarchy of marriage is the man is the head of the household and the woman, he’s supposed to love her and give himself up for her as Christ did for the Church.  And the woman, is supposed to submit to her husband because he’s got all her best interests at heart, he’s a good leader, he listens to the Lord and so she can trust him.  So now what happens when a woman is in an abusive marriage and she hears these grace teachings and she tries, now she’s in the weaker position at that point, he’s the victimizer; she’s the victim.  What do you think would happen if a gazelle tried to extend grace to a hungry lion?  On the food chain, the lion is at the top and the gazelle is down here.  What do you think the lion is going to do?  The lion is going to perceive that as weakness and the gazelle has basically handed itself over as a meal for the lion.  So when there is an abusive individual, we’ll say the man in this case because that’s how the War Room was set up.  The man is up here, he’s the abuser; the woman is being victimized, so she’s in the weaker position.  What happens if she tries to extend grace up to the victimizer?  What happens when someone in a weakened position opens themselves up to a predator?  The predator is going to take advantage of that and what happens in a case like this is that God’s grace is made an accomplice to evil.  

I once heard John Hagee say “to forgive someone without demanding a change in behavior is to make God’s grace an accomplice to evil.”  What does that mean?  It means when somebody is in rebellion and they are abusing you and you try to extend grace upward, instead of that grace being effective to humble and being an agent for change, what happens is grace becomes an enabler for the sin to continue.  So when the woman in the weaker position tries to extend grace to an abuser, the abuser sees it as an open door to continue abusing, because they’re not being told it’s wrong, they are being given permission that it’s okay.  And because they are seeing that vulnerability, a predator is going to pounce even more.  So instead of God’s grace being an agent for change, God’s grace ends up becoming an accomplice for evil when you go from down to up, or when you try to extend grace in a weaker position to an abusive individual.  Because they’re not going to take it as you forgiving, or you showing the love of God.  They are going to take it as you are weak and it will trigger something in their brain even more to abuse.  So the issue becomes with grace is that it was always meant to go from higher to lower in order for it to be its most effective.  You can forgive anybody; forgiveness a different issue.  Somebody wrongs you and you want to forgive them because God commands us to forgive, that’s fine.  However, with forgiveness, doesn’t mean you have to stay.  It doesn’t mean you have to let somebody keep ripping through your life like a tornado.  Take abuse out of it for minute, robbery, drug abuse, a destructive family member, a dysfunctional family member, it seems like everything they touch, they destroy.  You can forgive them and pray for them from a distance, but you don’t keep letting them rip through your life like a tornado, that is not extending grace, that is being foolish and making God’s grace an accomplice to evil.  You don’t want to do something like that, you don’t want to make God’s grace an accomplice for evil to continue.  God’s grace, when it’s used effectively, it’s supposed to suppress evil, it’s not supposed to enhance it.  There is a spiritual law with God’s grace.  For it to be most effective, we have to follow it.  What’s happening with some churches is they’re preaching like anybody can give anybody grace and anybody can do this, and what’s happening is grace is misfiring all over the place and backfiring and making the problem worse.  You can teach forgiveness, and teach people how to pray for their enemies from a distance, because you never hand yourself on a silver platter to your enemies, that’s not what God wants.  People get so trigger happy with Jesus that they walk into foolish situation thinking that God’s grace is going to cover them, while the Holy Spirit is screaming at them not to do it.  Because they are then putting themselves in the weaker position for the enemy then to use that grace as accomplice for evil to hurt them.  If you know a person is violent, unless God, and you know 100% God tells you to go near that person and witness to them; you pray for that person from a distance because then you are walking into the enemy’s playground.  And if you walking in without God going before you, like David never went into battle without God going before him, because he knew if went ahead of God, what he was doing was enabling the other side to get victory over God’s people.  So, the Church is so top-heavy on grace and these Christian channels are so top-heavy on grace; that they’re not teaching the other parts that go with it, like forgiveness and praying for your enemies and listening for the voice of God.  And having an open line of communication with God at all times, if I am angry and frustrated and I don’t understand, I tell God.  It doesn’t mean that I stop praising Him, but I tell Him and I tell Him how I feel, because that’s the most important is to have an open line of communication with the Lord.  What happens then with grace is that grace instead of being an agent for change, becomes an agent to enhance the wickedness in somebody and enable them and show them that there’s no consequences for what they’re doing.  And you’re basically giving that predator, or victimizer, or dysfunctional person permission to continue in their reign of terror, in their dysfunction, in their destructive patterns, in their destructive behaviors.  You can tell somebody you’re praying for them and you can love them from a distance, but when you get involved with a known victimizer and you encourage their cause, you are not only helping the enemy to further his cause, but you are making God’s grace an accomplice to evil.  People who are victimizers should not be encouraged in any way, shape or form.  Jesus never once encouraged a victimizer to continue in their victimization.  He never once encouraged the Pharisees to continue doing what they were doing to the people.  In fact, he avoided them at all costs.  You know why?  Because He knew they were victimizers, He knew what they were doing.  He knew their heart and what they were up to and He would much rather help people that wanted to seek the Lord  that point, that wanted healing, that wanted change, than to deal with people who were so power hungry, that they were willing to oppress people to continue it.  And Jesus knew that God’s grace would be an accomplice to evil if He did that, so He stayed away from the Pharisees.  It’s the same way with us, we have to make sure we are using God’s grace effectively and in the right scenarios, because I notice these movies and sermons always seem, most of the time to guilt women to staying in bad situations, under God’s grace.  Now, God’s grace is not for anybody to be a punching bag, emotionally or physically.  It is not for somebody to live in a demonic world of the occult, or witchcraft, or dysfunction or drug abuse, because those things will do more to hinder you than to help you.  I’m going to encourage all of you to go through your homes – anything that you have that is even slightly demonic in nature, CDs, books, videos, get rid of them.  They are hindering and creating more spiritual warfare in your life.  I have begun to do this in my own home to make sure that nothing is in it that is demonic in any way or that satan could use as a portal or an open door.  Because we don’t want to make God’s grace an accomplice to evil, we don’t want to give the enemy a freebie.  We really have to get stringent about who and what we let near us, what we let into our lives.  Wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove, and we really need to get stringent about this because the world is getting worse, and satan more and more is trying to destroy people.  And he’s doing it through a lot of different means, music, books, TV, video, idol worship, dysfunction, he’s got so much in his arsenal that he’s trying to use that we shouldn’t be falling for.  And yes, we’re going to get frustrated and we’re going to get upset, and we need to take it to the Lord and let the Lord deal with it.  And let the Lord give us instruction on how we are to deal with it, and what we are to do, because yes, there are times it’s going to feel like we’re in a pressure cooker.  I’ve felt that for the last few weeks, I felt like I was in a pressure cooker.  You feel the oppression, you’re in the middle of a battle, you’re in the middle of being assaulted, onslaught by the enemy and you have to fight and kick and claw your way through it by having an open line of communication with God, reading the Word of God, speaking the Word of God.  There are times I walk outside in the morning and I am so sick, and you know what?  I push myself to recite Bible verses, even though it may not sound the most happy and joyful, I’m pushing myself through the battle and I’m still reciting it and I may sound weak, and I may sound tired, but you know what?  I’m still persevering through, I’m still reciting those Bible verses, I’m still fighting.  And that’s how God’s grace works!  God’s grace when used effectively, gives you the strength to do what you could never do on your own, what you could never, ever achieve on your own, or accomplish on your own, or persevere through on your own.  So what God’s grace does is it truly gives us the ability and the strength to endure what humanly we could never endure by the grace of God, there go I.  And I have to do this every morning, and that’s when God’s grace is most effective, when it coming from the Lord, or superior to inferior.  In order to enable us to be all we can be, not to enable wickedness to be all it can be.  And that’s why it’s so important that you use God’s grace effectively, and that you use it in the right circumstances and that you know the spiritual law surrounding it, because there will be times when you are under spiritual attack and you’re in a bunker and you are praying for the missiles to stop, you are praying for the onslaught to stop.  You are waiting for a break in the battle. 

I will encourage you in that, as hurt as you may be, as upset as you may be, that you keep pushing forward in it, in the Lord.  Because there is a break in the battle coming very shortly.  As frustrated as I am right now, I can still feel it, and there’s a break in the battle coming shortly.  Break – through. Ok?  The enemy is fighting a lot of you so hard because he knows that sooner than we think, God is going to intervene, breakthrough is going to happen.  We are going to be freed from the pit, we are being raised up out of the prisons, we are being raised up out of confinement to do great and mighty things for the Lord.  And people that do the most amazing things for the Lord go through the most suffering, go through the most hurt, go through the most pain, get dragged through the mud.  Joseph, Esther, anyone in the Bible, Elijah, they all went through it.  So, I know soon breakthrough is coming and justice is coming.  That I know from the Lord – Justice is upon us.  People are going to be vindicated and see justice happen for those that the enemy used to try to attack them, and hinder and manipulate and take down their lives, justice is coming for you guys.  Know in the Name of Jesus today that justice is coming, that breakthrough is coming, that new beginnings are coming.  That the time and the hour is upon us for these things to happen says the Lord. 

Unexpected Word begins:
And the Lord thy God wants you to know this day, by the Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ, may only the Truth come forth.  And the Lord thy God wants you to know this day that I have loved you with an everlasting love, that I have never left you or forsaken you, My precious children.  And know this day says the Lord that I am intervening on your behalf.  That I see what you do not see, that I see the things in the secret places that nobody thinks I see says the Lord.  I see your pain, I see your suffering, and I have bottled every one of your tears says the Lord.  And know this day, says the Lord thy God, that I AM declaring victory over your life and that the Job-like battle, these long battles of suffering you have endured, there is a purpose for it says the Lord and I AM raising you up into that purpose and in this season says the Lord, I AM declaring victory for My children and I AM raising them up to do great and mighty things says the Lord.  Things they never thought they could do, things they never knew they could accomplish, strength they never knew they had says the Lord thy God this day.  That I AM bestowing upon them gifts, I AM watering those gifts, I am flourishing those gifts that I have put in them, the mantels I have placed upon their lives says the Lord.  And this day, says the Lord thy God, know that I AM your shield, your glory and the Lifter of your head.  I AM the God that knows all things, I AM the God that sees to and fro on the earth what is happening says the Lord.  Nothing escapes Me says the Lord.  I AM Sovereign, I reign on the Throne and I see My children’s lives from the end to the beginning and the beginning to the end says the Lord thy God this day.  And know says the Lord thy God that this year is the year of breakthrough for My children.  The year that is pivotal, the year of change, the year in the Name of Jesus says the Lord, that I AM raising My children up out of obscurity to speak with the fire of Almighty God says the Lord.  To speak with the wisdom of God, to speak with prophetic knowledge and Words that only God could give.  To speak with ministries and mantels that only I, the Lord thy God could give, and My children that have endured the most says the Lord, and have pushed and crawled and clawed when they felt like giving up, but they continued, even in their frustration says the Lord, they continued – suddenly says the Lord, suddenly, in the Spring and suddenly this year, says the Lord thy God, you will see Me deliver these precious children of Mine from the snare of the fowler, says the Lord, from their enemies, says the Lord.  From the father of lies, satan himself who has tried to shackle them, and hinder them and frustrate them and he has fought so hard against them says the Lord thy God because he knows they are a threat to his kingdom, that they are tools in My hands, that they are vessels that I fill and My Word comes forth, pouring like streams and rivers of living waters says the Lord thy God.  So know this day, the Lord thy God says I walk every step with you, I hurt with you, I love with you, I laugh with you, I rejoice with you, and this day says the Lord thy God, victory is at hand!  Deliverance is at hand!  Healing is at hand!  Those who have cancer, the Lord thy God says, I AM healing.  Those that have chronic illness, says the Lord thy God, I AM healing.  I am positioning those, says the Lord thy God, to be blessed financially, to further My Kingdom.  I AM blessing them to further My Kingdom and to help those that were once in their position says the Lord.  Justice says the Lord thy God, I AM bringing justice this year!  I AM bringing justice!  Those that have wickedly hurt their children, those that have tried to cover up their plots, those that have lied, those that have stolen, those in the Church that are preaching My Word, says the Lord, and behind closed doors, are doing every detestable thing in secret, I, the Lord thy God say, those plots will be exposed, those cover ups will be exposed, what is hidden, says the Lord thy God, I shall bring to light.  Thus says the Lord of Hosts this day.  And those preachers and so-called prophets, who have been in secret what I find detestable, says the Lord, those in politics, who have been doing in secret, what I find detestable, says the Lord, thus says the Lord thy God this day, I AM GOING TO RECTIFY AND RESTITUTION SAYS THE LORD THY GOD!  This year, I AM going to rectify says the Lord, and those ministers and in ministry that are doing every detestable thing in secret, and then coming out and touting My Word, and pushing My Word to further their agendas, and to fill their cup says the Lord, so they in secret they may indulge in the detestable things the Pharisees indulged in, thus says the Lord thy God this day, I AM exposing them this year.  And you will see major people in ministry, major figures have to step down says the Lord, because what they have done in secret is being brought to light now says the Lord thy God.  For there is a changing of the guard happening says the Lord, and I AM raising those up into those positions who will be obedient to Me, who love Me, who have open communication for Me, who desire to help others.  I AM raising them up into their positions says the Lord thy God, and I AM removing those who are just trying to fill their cups in their flesh with detestable things, using My Name, and My Word in a Ponzi scheme says the Lord in order to fill their own pockets and their own egos, and their own image and their own agenda.  And thus says the Lord thy God this day, it is enough.  I say enough, says the Lord!  I say Enough!  And you will see these things come to pass this year, thus says the Lord thy God as I speak this day through My prophetic voice.  And thus says the Lord of Hosts this day, I AM dealing with things in the government and yes, a particular foundation is going to be found to be covered in blood.  And I am rescuing those children that have been used and abused, by their parent’s agendas, and by the government.  And I AM intervening says the Lord thy God, and those scandals and those schemes that were running in secret will be exposed for the public to see, thus says the Lord of Hosts this day, in Jesus Name.

I didn’t expect that, but Praise God it came out anyway.  All Glory be to God.  Continue the good fight, continuing praising Him.  I can feel the Presence of the Lord, I can feel His Presence.  And even though in our flesh, we get tired, when you feel the Presence of the Lord, you feel refreshed, and I know He is here, and I know He’s watching and I know He is going to intervene.  So hold onto that Word and hold onto your seats because it is going to be a very interesting ride in Jesus Name.  

God Bless you guys, keep the faith.


  1. Thank you Amanda for this word mist especially regarding grace and distance. I have a situation in standing in the gap for and didn't have the answers. Bless you and my you we strengthened and encouraged.

  2. Wow Holy Holy is our God almighty! Thank you in the the name of Jesus for delivering your word through Amanda Grace. 🙏

  3. Hi, the timestamp of this post is "Tuesday, May 26, 2020" but the title says "WORD OF THE LORD MAY 5-4-2018." Is the date a typo or is this a re-post of an older word of some kind?