Saturday, May 23, 2020


Word of the Lord Given 5/21/2020 at -Approx. 5:30 a.m.
Delivered By: Amanda Grace

Who is Like God, Maker of heaven and Earth? Who on earth can withstand His Presence, there is none who could match His Holiness! Holy,Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come! He is far above any principality power or might and he rules forever and ever, Amen.

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day, watch and pray! Watch and pray My children for a crucial hour is upon you says the Lord! The Spirit shall manifest in powerful ways! Arise My children! Arise, take up sword and shield, arm yourselves with My Word, ready yourselves for as areas of the earth shake, and you see quaking in many areas in the natural, my children shall arise strong in the Spirit! For what the enemy utilized, mobilized, and attempted to subdue you, with I the Lord, have reversed and utilized it to bring you higher in the Spirit, to elevate you in the natural.

For this is an hour where the enemy has launched an onslaught, a tiring onslaught of attacks against My children, against their minds, against their bodies, utilizing what is around them, stirring up chains in others to attempt to coil around My children as constructing serpents in an attempt to bring them back into old cycles, habits of the bloodline, and confusion, says the Lord.

The Enemy has launched an attack of oppressiveness and fatigue attempting to make things so heavy that taking even another step seems impossible. This is also meant to distract you, confuse you, causing you to question My power and attempting to tire you so your break your habit of communion with Me, time with me, of speaking the word says the Lord, for if the enemy can cause you to abandon your sword, to put down your sword, then your defenses weaken and he more easily finds and in, says the Lord God Jehovah.

DO NOT give the enemy the in, ask for grace and strength in greater measure for My grace is truly sufficient and you shall see that release and activation in your lives where you continue the course, as I the Lord your God order your steps. For the steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord your God! Stay your course and press in in this hour My children, Press in!! For in Pressing in you are resisting. RESIST the enemy and he shall flee from you! Take up your sword, take up your shield, speak into the situation the word of the Lord, speak into the situation the LIVING, ACTIVE, POWERFUL, Words that are in My Word, shod your feet with the preparation of the Gospel, for it is THE WORD MY Precious Son used to force a retreat on the enemy’s part when he was weak in the wilderness after fasting 40 days and nights, it was at his weakest the enemy came to Him attempting to bait him to come into agreement with him, so he could defeat the plan of redemption for the world says the Lord God Jehovah!! It was the Word that made him retreat! In this hour press in! Fast and pray! Draw closer to Me, praise Me, for that lifts the spirit of heaviness, that has truly come upon those in this hour, like a weighted blanket. Use the Sword of the spirit to cut it in two and force it to release and depart in Jesus name.

For many, as the world is contracting, as you see birth pains. My children are being positioned worldwide, who truly know Me and Know My Voice and speak MY Truth with a power and precision that only comes from the Spirit of Almighty God. They are being positioned and elevated, for those who seek and pursue after the things of this world before the plans of God shall see those things crumble in this hour says the Lord God Jehovah.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and ALL these things, not some of these things, ALL of these things shall be added unto you! And it shall in good measure when you truly put Me first, pursue Me first, honor your Father in Heaven before men. For I the Lord God know what the sparrow needs, how much more do I know what you need My children to do the task at hand. Would I withhold from My children what they need to be victorious in an hour where the world NEEDS to see the children of God arise amidst the chaos, the confusion, amidst the uncertainty, for I the Lord God do not submit to an earthly system, for My ways are far higher, I am not bound by economies and currencies, and earthly laws, and rules. I am so far above, Heavens perspective is what shows and reveals the whole from beginning to end, knowing everything you need for your appointed tasks on this earth and the ability to endlessly supply it to you My children for those who walk in reverence obedience and who truly seek the heart of the Father says the Lord of Hosts this day.

I am releasing healing in this hour says the Lord of Hosts this day! The enemy over years has attempted to chip away at My children’s bodies, minds, and souls in order to keep returning as a lion hunts prey, striking the weakest areas, attempting to completely to tire and stop the forward progress of My Children. I the Lord say this day, your God, Elohim, that I am releasing healing oil, anointing from My throne the weak areas of armor on my children shall be fortified, the parts of the body that are suffering shall be rejuvenated, restored, and brought into order. For there is disorder in the body of the church in more ways than one says the Spirit! The Lord your God is calling the body, is calling the court to order!!! There shall be much shifting in this hour in order to bring things in the lives of My children into order. However, with shifting there is friction, there is change, there is new order, entering a new season of your lives says the Lord God Jehovah! My church body cannot be in such disorder and work the harvest and move forward as fierce warriors, when much of the temperature is lukewarm. You need fire for revival, passion, seeking the Lord your God with a passion, BELIEVING that I truly can move mountains, part the seas, open canyons, make the broken places straight, cause provision to bloom in the desert, elevate you above the fray above the panic of the world says the Lord of Hosts this day. Believe MY children, for many of you will watch in amazement, as I birth forth a new life right before your very eyes, and yes there will be pressure, yes there will be some pain, there is the old that will depart, chapters will close, doors will open some will depart and others will be positioned in your lives for such a time as this to assist you for the position at hand says the Lord God Jehovah.

Know This day you serve a mighty God and that the infestations, and the things from years past that have attempted to make nests in your lives, that have attempted to usurp and steal, attempting a hostile takeover of MY PLANS in your lives, that rebellion shall be put done quick and hard says the Lord God Jehovah! The ghosts from the past shall now re emerge, you will not be swayed, you shall stand in the resolve of the Grace of Your Father in Heaven and know in whom you have believed as you, as the world suffers, My children shall receive flow in many areas, an oasis in the desert. My children shall be refreshed, for many are tired in the midst of fierce battles, hurting bodies and tired hearts and minds, I the Lord God Your righteousness shall pour out upon you from your head to your feet refreshing oil of gladness, the anointing of restoration, I shall rejuvenate your bones and just as Elijah was given strength and energy, By My Power and outstretched arm to surpass those on chariots, so I the Lord your God shall give you greater supernatural provision in every area to equip you for this next chapter, to ensure you have supernatural grace, strength, provision, resolve, energy, and supply to march through the landmines the enemy has attempt to plant and you shall not be touched my children says the Lord!

Oaks of righteousness amidst saplings and weeds says The Lord all of what you have endured will strengthen you for the particularly important tasks you have been appointed for says the Lord of Hosts this day.

Watch the capital of New York (Albany) watch those in the political arena reemerge as two- headed snakes with one head doing the talking for the other, that is unable to do the job at hand, however that serpent shall be caught and eradicated says the Lord God Jehovah.

Watch Detroit and Chicago, and  Ohio watch the swinging that occurs and how I the Lord God shall swing the pendulum back to My plans and purposes!! The rats are being found out and demoted, their nests exposed their feeding source cut off, a forced move will occur says the Lord of Hosts. Miracles will come forth out of Israel and it will cause a response from surrounding nations. A second shaking of China says the Lord, I shall continue to shake that government and the corrupt, events out of India. India key events out of India will change the channels of commerce, says the Lord for I the Lord am funneling out of China and new avenues with new countries shall open as China is deflating.  Italy shall deflate more, as they have created a vacuum with china says the Lord, they have turned to the wickedness of that government, they have turned to Pharaoh instead of toward countries highly Favored By Me the Lord, for religion leads that country in chains, that spirit of religion masquerading as the Lord their God has ensnared them, they need to turn fully to the Lord their God and cry out to Me and Me alone for their deliverance. There are countries that will thrive in the midst of economic paralysis they shall thrive and bring forth new commerce. The enemy is flooding the airwaves with enormous amounts of information that is skewed, seek me for discernment, so you can see the plumb line and what is folly in order to lure people into agreement with a scheme to save them and not Almighty God. This s a crucial time, walk circumspectly before Me seek Me while I may be found there shake be phenomenon from My power manifesting on this earth and I shall now cause all the grafting in your lives to bear fruits in greater measure, It doesn’t not matter my children what is shut down, if I the Lord can multiply loaves and fish and can bring forth fruit in your lives at miraculous speed, I can multiply what appears to be little and cause it to continually flow! 

Pray for flow My children, KNOW I am with you always even until the end of the age and I am set to do what man would deem impossible, insurmountable odds, I the Lord will crush that and bring forth a miraculous season that will testify of My power while the earth quakes, and  countries shake, you shall have blessed assurance in your Creator and will be a living letter read by ALL men, 

Shalom and God Bless you My precious Children, My peace I give to you in Jesus precious name, AMEN!


  1. Hello Amanda Grace , I just heard you Friday for the first time. Blessed2Teach.
    Thank you for being obedient and giving the Word from The Lord. Just got done listening again to it on your You Tube channel . I found Rick from a gal named Cirsten who has a man who calls himself gene decoder. My question to you is, have you heard any of them, Rick, Gene and Cirsten, talk about the cloning of humans? Barack Obama, Pres. Trump, Pence,Hillary Clinton etc, etc. ? If you have, what do you know about that? Also, with your connection to Dr. Larry NSA , has he ever talked to you about the validity of the cloning? Would very much like your take on this. BTW, I'm not young in age or Christianity. I've been in ministry most of my 44 years as a Christian. Spirit -filled from day one . God has had me fasting and praying 3 days a week for over 2 years. Spending those days seeking His Face and Heart. Desiring to be ready for this coming Awakening as Holy Spirit reveals His Glory and Power like has NEVER been seen in history.
    Appreciate your response. Feel free to respond thru my email.

  2. Hi Amanda, I think you mentioned in this video that you had provided some information on testing the spirits in another video or somewhere on your site. Can you direct me to that? Thanks and God bless. Laura K.



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