Sunday, May 17, 2020


The following is what Amanda Heard in the Spirit Pertaining to the Lord and A Strong Tower:

Lord, I just pray You guide this broadcast.  In the Name of Jesus, Holy Spirit, You are welcome, have Your way Lord because this is all for Your Glory.  In Jesus Name.

So I perceive it to be the Lord, this morning I heard audibly, “I AM installing a tower in the lives of My people to restore them from the crises they have been through.”  I went oh my goodness!  So, I immediately went to the Word of God, my Bible is right here next to me.  I looked up about the Lord and a tower.  In Proverbs 18:10 it says, “The Name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous runeth into it and is safe.”  So, praise the Lord, that’s Biblical!  So, there’s a connection here and I felt the Spirit of the Lord begin to flow, and so I began to type and this is what I received. 

Call upon the Name of the Lord, for calling upon Him and using His Name, taking authority and using His Name, it causes a strong tower to be erected in our lives that we can run to when we need safety and shelter to protect us from the storms, to put us in the eye of the storm and we know in the eye of the storm, it’s very calm.  The storm may be raging around us, but the eye is calm.  He will keep all those in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him.  In my spirit as I’m typing, a chorus began to play of a song and I’m going to read you the chorus.  It’s by Ryan Stephenson, and it says “in the eye of the storm, You remain in control, and in the middle of the war, You guard my soul, You alone are the Anchor when my sails are torn, Your love surrounds me in the eye of the storm.”  All Glory be to God, this was playing in my spirit as I was typing and it is truly in the Name of the Lord that a strong tower in the spirit forms in us, in our souls, that shelters us and steadies us, that anchors us from being tossed by the wind and the waves of trial, tribulation and the enemy’s attacks.  

The Lord right now is truly building and installing solid ground in place of sand.  Solid rock and on solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.  And that solid foundation is truly, truly being formed in the lives of God’s people in this very hour.  An immovable tower, an immovable tower and foundation that steadies us with what we go through and endure because the Lord doesn’t want us to snap and be tossed back and forth.  He wants us to be steadied in Him.  The Lord is indeed your Strong Tower and your Anchor, and your Lord, and we must call on His Name and make declarations over our lives in the Name of Jesus because the Lord matches those declarations.  We must be decreeing and declaring over our lives in the Name of Jesus, because death and life is in the power of the tongue.  These foundations are much, much stronger than we had before.  So the Lord is putting in foundations in our lives that are so much stronger than we had before, but you have to want it and declare it, pursue it, believe it and most importantly, receive it!  Father, in the Name of Jesus, I receive the solid foundation of the Lord in my life.  

So, yes, many of us are truly “under construction” right now, because the Lord is building something so much stronger and better and greater faith-wise, soul-wise, life-wise, health-wise, position-wise than you ever had before and you must let go and let God and let Him do this and give all the control over to Him.  It’s so important right now to let the Lord have His way.  It’s so important to let the Lord have His way.  The Lord is doing this right now to set our faces like flint, to stabilize our lives, to make our foundations solid, so then we can go and help pull those who right now are on shaky ground, who are going through very difficult times and they will see you standing on the solid rock of the Lord and the love of the Lord oozing out of you and it will ignite in them like a spark.  Like how a spark ignites dry brush.  Do you know when a spark hits dry brush, it immediately ignites a fire like spreads like wild fire?  There’s a lot of dry souls out there right now that just need one spark, and a determination for them to get their feet on solid rock, there are people very determined right now, they want that and they want to draw closer to the Lord and seek Him.  And we need to be doing the same thing, because of the times we are in right now, there are some very difficult things happening in people’s lives.  

There are hard times happening, there are some very serious things happening all over the world and the Lord wants those who are afraid, who don’t know what to do, who are on shaky ground to see the beacon of light on the solid rock that His people are emanating.  And those in travail, those in trial, those in pain, those hurting will persevere toward that same light and get their feet upon the solid rock of the Lord and His Word.  The whole point of a lighthouse, a lighthouse is always built on solid rock, a good lighthouse is always built on solid rock; you never see it built on sand.  You know why?  Because when the winds and the waves and the storms bash against that rock, that lighthouse is solid, and it is beaming that light out of it for ships who are in the middle of the storm to see and move towards.  It’s a marker for them too, and they begin to move towards it.  The same goes for us, we are to be that lighthouse, on that solid rock, beaming the light of God, so those out there being tossed by the winds and the waves and storms and hurt and hard times will begin to move towards that light, will want to move towards that light and that solid rock.  So that is why right now, the Lord is installing this strong tower in the lives of His people who are truly seeking Him out, walking and talking with Him, in communion with Him every day.  True relationship, He is installing this, because people are going to see this and you’re going to be the light in the dark place right now.  You’re going to be a light in a very dark place.  The Lord needs light everywhere in the world, everywhere in the world, He needs light, and He sends people to all parts of the world.  To the highways and the byways, to all different positions, to all different jobs, to be that light.  So yes, we as God’s people, are under construction, being built better than we were before, more solid and rooted than we were before, so we can truly, the Lord can pour into us and we can pour out onto those who truly need it.  The light of God, the love of God, the peace of God, the blessings of God, the joy of God, the comforting of God, the anointing of God.  So yes, we need to let God finish the construction because He really, truly is building something great and amazing, brick by brick in the lives of those that have truly been seeking Him out.  Because He reveals Himself to those who truly seek Him out.  

So I pray that you pray about this and that you let the Lord have His way.  A lot of its going to be new areas that He is doing construction in for all of you, that He is building up for all of you, and just yield to His Will and allow Him right now to have His way because it will be so much bigger and better in your life as a whole.  You will reach so much more people, you will help so many more people.  You will be an example and hope and salt and light for so many out there.  So I just pray you meditate on this and you enjoy the process of watching the Lord build something truly amazing in your lives. 

God Bless you, I love you all.  Keep the faith.

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