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The Kentucky Derby and The Season Out of Nowhere


Word from the LORD--April 9, 2022

And says the Lord of Hosts, there is another horse emerging pay close attention to the name says the Lord of hosts.

The Kentucky Derby was something amazing to watch. The Lord said another horse is emerging pay attention to the names and this particular horse was Rich Strike. 

The race was 80 to 1 odds this horse was going to win. Now, what I'm about to say is prophetic. Everybody had their eyes on Epicenter. Now Epicenter in an earthquake or something else means the center of the activity the place in which all other activity surrounds is the epicenter. Everyone's eyes are on Epicenter right they think this is the horse that's going to win the race–this is the horse that's going to be able to go the distance. And as you watch the race, the horse in the back that no one's paying attention to all of a sudden the jockey begins to weave–this jockey begins to seamlessly weave like I have never seen in and out of the traffic of these other horses working his way ever so patiently and with precision to the front of the pack. He gets to the front, now it's him and Epicenter and the jockey opens this horse up so he stops tightening up on the reigns of the horse--he opens the horse up and this horse takes off running at a speed that floored so many people and this horse beat Epicenter I think like by a full length of a horse he beat him and so this race was one of the most historic races they have ever seen at the Kentucky Derby with 80 to one odds and this horse came out of nowhere--this is why we're calling this the season of out of nowhere because this horse comes out of nowhere the Lord had warned me to watch this particular Kentucky Derby. It doesn't happen every year, but remember the Lord pointed Medina Spirit out to me last year, and then Medina Spirit I said it's not done with this horse watch what happens to this horse. This horse ended up dying at the age of three which is unheard of for a well-taken care of racehorse and Medina Spirit died--the Medina spirit died. Then you have this horse that comes out of  nowhere–out of nowhere and just moves his way to the front of the pack when no one was looking at him in the first place. Now, I'm going to read you this article because there are some prophetic things in this article for us to keep our eyes on going forward. This is from the New York Post and this says Kentucky Derby winner Rich Strike’s trainer Eric Reed nearly quit the sport after the barn fire tragedy. Eric Reid nearly lost everything six years before the horse he trains pulled off one of the biggest upsets--keep in mind the word biggest upset--in Kentucky Derby history Saturday at Churchill Downs. Reed the trainer of the 80-1 long shot winner Rich Strike admitted that he nearly walked away from horse racing after 23 horses were killed by a fire at his Mercury Equine Center in Lexington in 2016. Isn't it interesting that in 2016, you know it seems something happened where a fire happened at this gentleman's equine center 13 horses survived the fire which was reportedly caused by lightning. When we drove up that night I told my wife, we've probably lost everything–we've probably lost everything Reed said according to the Louisville Courier Journal by the grace of God the wind was blowing in a direction that kept it from getting to the other two barns by the grace of God the wind was blowing in a direction that kept it for because I believe now we'll read further but Rich Strike may have been in one of those other barns. The next morning when we saw the devastation because this happened in the middle of the night I just thought no it can't be he's only two years old. I just thought of all the years and all the stuff we had done to get this beautiful farm and have this happen–all the years of building all the years of rebuilding just to have the fire happen and try to devastate it kind of like this nation all the years right of trying to rebuild and 2016 and you're building and you're building and then a fire by the name of C19 tries to destroy everything you worked for right. Let's read on...that something might be telling me it's the end of the line. Rich Strike was originally listed as an alternate but he was added to the 20 horse field Friday morning when Ethereal Road was scratched by the trainer so the only reason this horse got in this race is because another horse was scratched. Another horse was removed from the race which allowed them to put this horse in this race. In Reed's first Derby training appearance Jockey, Sunny Leone guided Rich Strike from the back of the pack approaching the final turn past favorite Epicenter. Past the favorite Epicenter, along the rail down the stretch for the second-biggest upset in the 148-year history of the first leg of the triple crown. We don't go out and buy the big horses Reed said we just try to have a good quality stable we always perform well our percentages are always good we take care of the horses first and the rest falls into place. Reed also noted his appreciation for several prominent trainers who supported him after the paddock fire six years earlier. I think that kept me going Reed said then I just decided I wasn't going to let it take me out thank God we're here today.

Now there are a lot of prophetic things in this article I'm sure the New York post wasn't going for prophetic when they wrote this but there are certain phrases in here the way it's said like they thought they had lost everything and this horse was originally not supposed to race this race and the only reason he got in is because another one scratched and everyone's looking at Epicenter thinking Epicenter is the sure thing–he's sure to win this race and what happens this horse is put in when another horse has to be taken out he is put into a position to contend for greatness–this horse contended for greatness–this horse was contending at that moment for greatness. He had 80 to 1 odds and it was a matter if the jockey who knew this horse inside and out could contend with the horse they could do it together for greatness in that hour and they not only contended they pushed and that horse ran the race of his lifetime this derby and this is the hour of not only contending for greatness and seeing it happen but out of nowhere this is the season of out of nowhere good and bad you will see things happen out of nowhere some of them will look sad or upsetting or hurt you but the Lord is doing it to literally pull you and protect you so you're gonna see these out of nowhere circumstances arrive not only in your lives but in the nation you're going to see something so incredible happen out of nowhere approaching 2024 because we've got an Epicenter going on and everyone's looking at the Epicenter and you've got a Rich Strike that's coming up the ranks that nobody sees coming. His name too, the Lord said to pay attention to the name of that horse--Rich Strike. I'm going to tell you somehow this name is going to come back up and what comes back out in the open--this name Rich Strike is going to come back up but the way this race was run by a horse that was never supposed to race I think is a prophetic picture of what we're going to see in the political arena happen not only in this nation but in other nations normally the U.S. and Israel run hand in hand. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw the same thing run in tandem with the U.S. and Israel but this race–Medina Spirit followed suit with the cheating. The horse ran the race–he won because the trainers cheated. The horse got something that gave him an advantage–he won the race by cheating and then stripped of his title, so let's look at the prophetic picture between last year's Kentucky Derby and this year's Kentucky Derby. You got Medina Spirit; Medina Spirit wins has a substance that is well over the legal limit that apparently happened through a cream and he is stripped of his title because the trainers cheated and he dies. Rich Strike is coming up the ranks and nobody sees him coming so after the demon spirit dies you've got Rich Strike that's been coming up the ranks and nobody sees this horse coming he was bought in a $30,000 purse race–a race where you can buy the horse–the horse is up for sale. And here he comes up the ranks and nobody sees Rich Strike coming. I would even look for an incredible oil strike to happen in this season–an incredible worldwide news oil strike also to happen in this season and that's just coming to me now praise the Lord and you see him coming up the ranks and nobody sees them coming because of what happened last year to Medina Spirit and now everyone's got their eyes on Epicenter thinking Epicenter is the sure thing he is going to win he's got one of the best odds to win he won the Louisiana Derby and everyone's got their eyes on this horse except this horse doesn't have enough gas in him to make it to the finish line to beat this horse that he didn't even see coming.  The jockey on Epicenter was not thinking about Rich Strike when he was running this race he might have been thinking about Messier he might have been thinking about Cyberknife–there are a few  names of the horses in there, but he certainly was not thinking about Rich Strike, so the jockey for Epicenter is not paying attention to the fact that the jockey that's on Rich Strike knows how to ride a seamless race with this horse in the right conditions so just when everybody thinks Epicenter is going to pull it off–he's pulled to the front–he's racing–these racehorses go at almost 40 miles an hour--I mean it is intense and it is fast and just as people think Epicenter is going to pull this off he sputters out and Rich Strike flies by him in such a historic stunner that I think so many were in disbelief at what they were actually historically watching so if this race was historic most likely you're going to see a historic run happen in the political arena because remember everyone's eyes were on Epicenter and Epicenter right when he was gonna go to the finish line something happened, and the horse did not have enough gas to get there and you had Rich Strike that came from the back of the pack that had the right jockey in the right circumstances at the right time to pull off the historic and almost the impossible because 80 to 1 odds is just incredible. Now, some people are saying that Rich Strike has Secretariat in his bloodline and further back Seabiscuit. If this is going to be a rerun of Secretariat, I think we are in for a treat. What I'm saying is in the political arena some people may have some thinking it's a sure thing and by watching this race it's not a sure thing and this is why it takes prayer because this horse came out of nowhere another horse is emerging pay attention to the name a Rich Strike watch for those names; watch for those names to come out together watch for those names to come out in headlines and news stories and watch for one of the most historic times we have ever seen occur in our nations happen now because this is the season of out of nowhere--this is the season of out of nowhere good and bad out of nowhere, it's going to come where people are going to be like "whoa I didn't see that one coming" this is the season we're in right now this is the season of out of nowhere in your personal lives and in the political arena in this nation out of nowhere stunners historic jaw-dropping incredible we're going to see it in this season I promise you we will because I'm watching what happened between Medina Spirit last year and this year and it's making an entire picture–it is an entire prophetic picture if you remember back when American Pharaoh won the triple crown me and Barbara had discussed this on the phone and said this is the indication right here that Obama wants to be the American Pharaoh and he's gonna try to go for the triple crown one way or another and we discussed that on the phone when it happened and watching it so I'm watching between these these two races this year one after the other you know Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Derby--I'm watching the whole picture emerge–horse wins by cheating–Medina Spirit second holiest city in Islam–spirit dies indeed a spirit dies–I feel terrible that that horse died and I'm a little suspicious why a three-year-old supposedly healthy horse would die trainers are suspended for cheating the trainers are the horse's handlers–the handlers are suspended as well for cheating and then this Kentucky Derby Rich Strike no one knew till the last minute he was in the race because one of the horses scratched he wasn't even supposed to be in the race he wasn't supposed to be there however, he was positioned there to contend for greatness to contend for you know this incredible historic victory to contend against Epicenter and some of the best horses in horse racing, and this horse came out of nowhere with this jockey seamlessly beat them all that said something right there. I'm telling you the season of out of nowhere where you're going to expect one thing and it's going to be another you're going to expect one thing to happen and a jaw-dropper is gonna happen and the historic is gonna happen. I am telling you this is the season after watching these two back-to-back. I see it praise the Lord. It is happening. We are watching it happen. I am going to do a little more digging on Rich Strike because the Lord would have not warned on April 9th that another horse is emerging--now when something emerges what happens it comes out into the open it's hidden and then it emerges this horse had remained hidden and he suddenly emerged in this race and now everybody knows who Rich Strike is. You know my father worked at Yonkers raceway for 10 years and he would have been jumping up and down screaming watching that race because it was just such an incredible race to watch and you know in the word of God and in our lives, we're supposed to race we are supposed to run the race that is set before us. This horse ran the race with an incredible ability that was set before him thanks also to the jockey who was driving him and we're supposed to run the race set before us and in this season it’s the season not only of now out of nowhere but when many of you are going to contend for greatness and you are going to be raised up the ranks and you are going to be brought from the lowest positions and then you would never find yourselves in doors opening to positions in the governmental arena you never thought would have ever happened this is the season of the people of God within the midst of the mess going on contending for greatness--this is the season for it this is where they press towards the mark of the high calling--this is where the Lord places them in the highest positions to be the most influential for the kingdom of God because He knows they're grounded they're focused and they can handle it. That jockey and that horse were grounded and were focused--that horse was so excited about running that when he got done the horse that's supposed to lead him out he grabs on the horse's reins and kept tugging on it because he was mad because that horse just kept wanting to run--Rich Strike just kept wanting to run he did not want to stop he was not happy when they made him stop running you know why because he was fashioned and he was trained to run and we are fashioned by Almighty God and we are trained to run the race that is set before us no matter how grueling how hard what the odds are stacked against you the Lord thy God and this season is turning that narrative and the odds that were stacked against you you're gonna see Almighty God before you and not against you you're going to see Him before you and raise you up and take you places you never thought you were going to be taken and I'm going to tell you how I got another confirmation of this too when I was driving with Chris I'm trying to think where we were going it was over the weekend oh yes we were going to his best friend's Ricky’s sister's house to watch the Kentucky Derby and as we're driving catch out of the corner corner of my eye and now normally when the Lord allows me to see a bald eagle like really see it something big is about to happen on the way to the house to watch this race I see out of the corner of my eye a bald eagle and I see this bald eagle being pursued by some crows, some black crows are pursuing this bald eagle and trying to chase it and trying to torment it and this bald eagle instead of running away found the highest branch at the top of the tree and perched there and planted himself there and would not move or be intimidated or be pushed around no matter how they circled he stayed planted at the highest position that is what the Lord is going to do with you. Plant you at the highest position–plant you at the most advantageous position–plant you in a position where those that want to mock you and scorn you and slander you and chase you are going to be running and retreating scattering because not only are they not moving you but now they are getting moved and they are reaping what they sowed and it will come out of nowhere this is the season of out of nowhere–this is the season of the historic–it is the season of seeing the unprecedented–the incredible and the amazing, and we're watching it transpire before us, we're watching this happen and this is where you say to the Lord, I will not be moved–will push forward in what you have for me–I will run the race set before me–I will stay focused if I'm tired if I'm weary–I will press towards the mark of the high calling until I have the fulfillment of everything God has deemed for my life. This is what needs to happen in this hour, and I am watching this; I am watching this with my own life–I am watching the craziest things happen–I am watching foolish things happen that other people are doing–I am watching the Lord change things to turn things and in this season the Lord may even back you out of some things because he's trying to protect you from what others are foolishly doing, so the Lord may even try to back you out of some things in order to protect you all to position you to run your race so that He orders your steps and you can tend for greatness and you see the historic happen and you see the incredible happen–you see the unprecedented happen in your lifeyou see the Lord take what nobody thought would ever amount to anything and raise it up to be such an incredible force to His kingdom raise you up to be an advisor to kings and leaders raise you up into arenas in the corporate sector raise you up into arenas in the medical sector all to be an agent of change with the force and power of Almighty God behind you pushing you towards greatness--the Lord is going to push you in this season more than you have ever been pushed before and you are going to contend and be pushed towards greatness and there are going to be growing pains and there are going to be unpleasant things there are going to be learning curves but He is the one that is pushing you and driving you to contend for greatness because the people of God in this hour you need to run your race in this nation because just when they think they have it--just when they think they're going to get it--just when they think it's a sure thing--the Lord is going to snatch it away from them and give it to another that he has chosen as worthy not that man is chosen as worthy that God has searched and found worthy this is what we have to remember who God chooses for positions is who He has searched and found to be worthy of that who will listen who will submit who will do what he's asking to be done who will run the race set before them who won't get distracted by other ventures they want to do. You know I think some of the biggest problems sometimes with leadership is they get distracted by other ventures they don't stay in their lane God gives us a lane when the horses run in the derby or the Preakness or the Belmont Stakes they are loaded each into their individual right; their individual I call them little stalls that they have before the race starts and they're each loaded into their lane now when the bell rings, and it opens and they all start running and they settle into a position and then as they're getting closer to the finish line they start really contending and jocking and I think one of the biggest problems with leadership sometimes is they get their eyes on delusions of grandeur they get their eyes on other things outside their scope they get their eyes on other things that satisfy insatiable desires deep within them to do certain things they get their eyes on things fallible tangible mortal fleshly and they are pulled away from the greatness they were meant to contend for and I see this happen all over again, and I see this happen now what God has raised people up to do they begin to get itching ears and wandering eyes and they begin to want to go into other areas of power and influence, and when they get outside of that what God has wanted them to contend for they are setting themselves up for a fall, and I am watching that happen a lot during this time–I am watching that happen and this is why you hear me say a lot stay in your lane; stay in your lane right well God has given me a lane--now that lane may change in different ways they may change in positions of advisement--may in positions of administration, but I'm still in that lane--prophetic advisory teaching–I am in that lane–I stay in that animal sanctuary right what the Lord has us do–I stay in that lane yes sometimes is it hard and I'm exhausted and I want to give up and I want to say uncle and I want to go yes because you know what we're all human but then I collect myself and I remember what God has given me to do and what God has built me to do and what God has equipped me to do and if the devil wants a derby he's gonna lose in this season the derby the devil tries to set you up for and tire you out with and race you with he is going to lose in Jesus’ name–his own derby that he thinks he's fixed he is going to lose in this season in the name of Jesus. Do you know why? Because the people of God are rising to the occasion they're being put in races they never thought they were ever going to end up in and they're going to contend for greatness and they're gonna do it for the glory of God and God is gonna take people and yank them out of their positions in this season who weren't happy enough with what he gave them and wanted to go into other areas and put people in those positions more worthy with a humble heart a listening ear and a surrendering attitude and that is what we are going to see happen in this season and praise the Lord. The Lord has fired me up tonight because of all of this that's happening and because you know what when the enemy wants to try to get on my last nerve you know what I do–I go on and I speak the word of the Lord and I give him an enormous headache and I resist and I push as tired as I am you know why? Because resist the enemy and he shall flee from you that is a statement and a promise in the word of God and that is what you have to do when you see him right now trying to get on your last nerve trying to hurt you trying to use the stupidity of others to hurt you--trying to do it in so many different ways you know what you do you contend and you run your race because you know what you're gonna surpass all those that thought they were so big and so mighty and doing so well you will surpass them in this season because you ran that race nobody ever thought that a girl would be taken and plucked out of the Bronx New York and be raised up to do what I do now nobody thought that would happen you know why because the Lord loves to take what others have discounted and written off and see as not someone that would contend and raise them up and fashion them as his instrument and fashion them as His weapon and equip them and put them in a race where He knows they are going to contend for greatness and they are going to achieve it praise the Lord all glory be to God yes greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world and you know what? This is why the Lord wants to order your steps because in every area of life when He orders it; it doesn't balloon out of control yes sometimes things happen upsetting things happen things get frustrating but when you allow the Lord to grow things and do things in your life at a pace that you can handle at a pace you can learn at a pace you will never get so big and ahead of the Lord that you end up falling, so this is why it's important we try to do that an Ark of Grace we have wonderful people that work for us that do that they're always checking themselves and that's what you need around you because it's the quality of the growth that matters sometimes not the amount of growth it's the quality of the growth that matters. It's like if you've got a 3,000 square foot home that is built really solid and it's built on rock and it's built of really great materials and it's been storm-proofed and everything is done well that house can withstand 40 plus years and then you have a house that's twice its size a 6,000 square foot home and there are things falling apart and the wiring is antiquated and the foundation is cracking. Which do you think is better is more solid and is better to have as a covering? The three thousand square foot home that's built really; really; really well or the six thousand square foot home that's falling apart? That is the question the Lord is posing to you tonight because if that six thousand square foot home or five thousand or seven thousand is falling apart there is no benefit in having that extra space in that bigger home if all of it is compromised, but if you have a 3,000 square foot home that's in pristine condition and the foundation is excellent and the wood is excellent and the interior is excellent and the wiring is excellent and everything is done to excellence that is the covering you want. It doesn't matter how big it matters the quality of what God does with it. One person can make a huge impact–one person can make more of an impact than 10 people. It all depends on the quality and the contending and the willingness and the focus and the obedience to Almighty God and what He has set for you to do, and I see this in this season. I see this going on–I see things that are ballooning–that are going to burst–I see things that are going to come out of nowhere. I'm telling you, there's a season of out of nowhere–unprecedented historic jaw-dropping–didn't see that one coming–that's the season we're entering right now. It's a good thing because it shows that God is God and we are not. You see, we see in part and we speak in part as people in the prophetic. How can I illustrate this for you? I have a flashlight, so if I'm in a dark room and I put a flashlight on, I'm going to be able to start to see some things. I see a picture over there and that’s what the picture is–I see some books over there and that's what those books are so it's like in the prophetic the Lord is taking a flashlight and He's shining it on certain areas in the dark for us to see but the rest of it we don't see God sees. He gives us these pieces so we can announce and His light is piercing the darkness and showing us things that we didn't see before or things that are coming–or like in a dark room you don't see anything until the light is turned on and then you can say…“Oh, I see this, and I see this, and I see this”. That is the prophetic in a nutshell and the Lord in this season of out of nowhere some of it is gonna be announced and we're gonna be able to say okay watch for this the Spirit of the Lord says and some of it is going to be completely like everyone is floored just complete just didn't see that one coming because these are the type of zingers in this season God is executing and watching what's happening in this nation so I praise the Lord for that. I give God all the glory. I think it's going to be an incredible season–I think we're going to see the most incredible things happen in this season. Interestingly enough, you're even seeing it happen in other arenas–in the corporate arena–Elon Musk today was even talking about if he dies under mysterious circumstances. The Lord had talked about Tesla being struck at the head. I would watch what's going to happen with this whole thing with Elon Musk and what's going on because there is a civil war going on within the artificial intelligence world and within the world of those that attend things as the world economic forum. There is a civil war that is happening amongst them and some of them don't trust the other, so some of them may be corrupted but they're not as corrupted as the others so therefore they don't trust the others so they're doing things to hedge their bet. Remember I said this–hedge their bet. In this season you're going to see many of them doing weird things like Elon Musk buying Twitter to hedge their bet because they don't trust the other titans at the table they don't trust them there's going to be so much mistrust within their communities and a civil war that's going to spill out into the public eye because they're all trying to build Babel and they're all some of them are trying to hedge their bet and protect themselves in the midst of what they see happening.  These are shrewd businessmen we're dealing with right now, so I would watch for that also in this season. I praise the Lord and I give God all the glory. Just pray and watch and test the spirit. Keep the faith. We love you and we praise Almighty God.

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  1. Odd that you mention strange happenings.I took off a week with pay to complete some carpentry projects that have been hanging out there,paying gigs.Nothing was completed due to three separate injuries but in my meditation it seemed I was being told rest it will save.Life has been very challenging since Feb pray and reading get me through.