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Supreme Court Prophecies and Prophecies About the Serpent--Recently Spoken by Dr. Ardis and Dr. Bartlett

October 6, 2020

Prophecy: There shall be a clash of the titans in Washington DC the likes of which has never been seen, historic says the Lord of Hosts this day. However, in clashes there shall come forth casualties and there shall be those exposed in both parties who have been liaisons for wicked interests of foreign entities says the Lord of Hosts this day BOTH PARTIES. And a core shall arise and come forth a core that fights and stands for truth, MY word of truth says the Lord, My truth shall go forth in the midst and expose a chain gang of players all working together to overthrow not only the foundation of the United States of America BUT all sense of morality and faith in God. They are looking for a demolition says the Lord and a demolition they shall receive upon their own heads watch and see says the Lord of Hosts this day!

November 17, 2020

And says the Lord My Sprit is hitting the highest courts in the land and MY Righteous right hand shall touch down on the highest court in the land and I the Lord God Yahweh, who gave the law to Israel, shall enter the Courtroom with My ruling and I shall place it in the hearts and hands of the Justices says the Lord thy God this day, I shall unlock and release the spirits of wisdom council in the courtroom and a reverence shall fall upon them for I will make it clear that this is far bigger than attempting to usurp an election, this is about REBELLION being led against MY LAW in this land that has been tarnished, and mocked, and smeared with the filth and venom that comes from that serpent of old, the Devil.

I the Lord am destroying the axle of the operation, they will suddenly fall off, the ENTIREQUIVER FULL SAYS THE LORD OF HOSTS THIS DAY, for it is Hunting season says the

Lord and hunted they shall be says the Spirit. The super predator shall become shaken prey

as they shall attempt to push each other out of the way to run from the Sword of Justice and

the scales of truth, their lies have been weighed, the blood on their hands has been weighed,

their silver has been weighed that they so greedily took to betray a country attempting to

remove the covering UNDER GOD, However I the Lord have heard the cries of the remnant,

I have heard the sacrifice of praise that they have brought into the House of the Lord, and I

the Lord says I will begin to dry up a river of blood that has given the kingdom of darkness

its power and the proponents shall be brought to Justice, in some cases supernatural justice,

for their crimes and encouraging the people to pass their children through the fire, and I the

Lord shall part this river of blood and expose its wells feeding it, and the wells shall be dried

up as I the Lord begin to restore the imbalance in this nation that has purposely been made

top-heavy to fraudulently tip the scales in their favor.

Watch Jordan says the Lord and watch a very sudden and sharp maneuver that occurs within Israel as they are wrestling for Power, there shall be a power up for grabs a Jacob and Esau moment and the birthright shall be awarded to one and not the other.

December 18, 2020

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, ancient ones are being released from the abyss by that serpent of old, the devil, they are being released in this hour to attempt to cause a blockade to attempt to block the way, to block the path, I the Lord thy God have set for this nation. However, says the Lord I am far above every principality power and might, and they attempt to block. I have dispatched the warring angels and Michael to not only hit them with a Holy Force but a Holy Decree from My throne and they WILL MOVE. There are judges, heads of state, heads of corporations, heads of pharmakeia, heads of media, heads of military and legal justice branches, former presidents, spouses of former presidents, and heads of the UN all involved in this attempted blockage, to rob the people, to rob those who have no idea they are being robbed says the Lord. Who are freely handing over their freedoms thinking their freedoms will be safe and secure in the hands of a wicked council and their cardboard cutouts propped up in positions of leadership to be just that. However, says the Lord they God this day, cardboard cutouts fold easily, they destroy easily and the slightest wind knows them over.

December 28, 2020

There will be an escalation that shall bring forth and shall open the gates for a legal flood to begin to purge the courts of this land for they are filthy with unholiness, bribes, many of these supposed judges have emancipated themselves from the laws of the land, from the constitution, and most importantly the laws of Almighty God, And says the Lord of Hosts since there has been an emancipation and they have gone rogue I the Lord your God shall cause them to fall and carrying into 2021 you shall see MANY judges fall and their cases shall be opened and their hidden briefcases with the blood-money of bribes, verdicts for hire, and illegal contracts shall be exposed as shame shall cover these courts and they shall lose the trust of the people. However says the Lord of Hosts, there are those Judges I have positioned to carry out Justice, to do My will, to have the boldness and the courage of their conviction to stand firm in the face of threats and intimidation, and I the Lord thy God shall drop the gavel for My verdicts My rulings have already come forth in the realm of the Spirit and are being opened up, the sealed scrolls I the Lord sent forth through My holy Angels, these scrolls are being unsealed and the judgments of men, leaders, facilitators, placators, and those serving the interests of the Kingdom of darkness shall be carried out. I shall uphold the Judges in this hour whose hearts have been searched and found worthy, you shall know them for I the Lord your God am highlighting them in this hour and writing My word on their hearts and filling their spirits with the wisdom that goes forth from MY throne says the Lord of Hosts.

February 25, 2021

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day so as it was in the book of Esther, so shall it be, so shall you see the same come forth before your very eyes. For there are those I have chosen in this hour in the political arena in the judicial arena in the prophetic, lawyers with a call and those over the airwaves, men and women in this hour I have chosen to rise up and speak truth and lead My people through this very narrow way a path being carved in order to snatch the country back from the grasps of the serpent, from the grasps of the dragon, from the grasps of baal, from principalities and rulers of darkness in high places says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day this is only being allowed for a short time, for their

runaway train will crash as it is just that a train reck, reckless decision, reckless, orders upon

orders, what a man sows, therefore, he shall reap says the Lord and the season of reaping is

here for men shall be given their wage in full for the engineered and manipulated seeds they

have planted, for the documents they have forged, duplicates shall appear and it shall become

clear a GIANT forgery has taken place and there shall be even more pressure upon the judges

to act uprightly or step down as the Supreme court is no longer supreme says the Lord, for

they have allowed darkness to rule over them and I the Lord your God shall expose this and

shake the courts says the Lord, many courts shall shake and quake as their dirty dealings fall

to the ground.

(the serpent Dr. Ardis Dr. Bartlett)

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day the captain of the army of the Lord of Hosts

has been dispatched along with the warring angels, to do just that, war and cut the

serpent that has intertwined itself around the feet and the wings of the eagle

attempted to squeeze and constrict it until there is no life left. However says the

Lord I have given the command from My throne and I have dispatched the captain

and the warring angels in this hour to lead you in this battle as they cut in pieces

the serpent from the eagle, for I the Lord have taken mercy on the eagle for the

sake of My children, a remnant crying out, repenting, seeking My face, a remnant

crying out in the wilderness saying “prepare ye the way of the Lord in this hour”

and a way I shall make says the Lord of Hosts. For as in the Book of Esther there

was a sudden change of events as a few brave I had chosen within the Kingdom

for such a time as this submitted and listened to their Father in heaven and

petitioned the King, exposing the plots of the wicked Haman, of Lucifer, another

attempt to destroy the Jews so the seed of My son Jesus Christ would not come


March 9, 2021

The Supreme Court shall feel what I the Lord God have set out to do, for a power struggle has ensued behind the scenes of the courts a hostile takeover says the Lord as they have sold their powers off to the highest bidder for men are filled with lawlessness and do not fear the law because they have taken control of the law and make and manipulate their own, do what thou wilt is not the whole of MY LAW says the Lord of Hosts and My righteous laws are touching down and being carried out in many areas of life, not only personally but up to the highest seats in the land says the Lord of Hosts.

They are all in it together says the Lord, a “good ole boys club flying under the radar says the Lord, who as well offer to “make problems go away” for other churches that are struggling, however, says the Lord they attach puppet strings behind the scenes and then for that “help” begin to tug that church in the direction they say thus creating an unholy string attaching MANY churches all echoing the same thing, operations mocking bird says the Lord however who they have so chosen to mock is ME the Lord God the Lord of Hosts!!

I just want to show you why the Lord is saying Mocking bird, and yes there is a bird called a mocking bird but its deeper…the Holy Spirit descended like a dove and rested upon Jesus Christ, the dove brought back the olive branch to Noah so operation mocking bird within the churches is a sheer mocking of the Holy Spirit.

March 10, 2021

However, they are causing the people to doubt and err even more so as they continue to play

the blame game to elevate themselves on such an intellectual peak. However, says the Lord

many shall tumble off that peak now as a sudden change in direction in this country will

leave many speechless who had no vision and discernment to see the writing on the wall,

For I the Lord God took My hand and wrote on the wall a judgment against King Belshazzar

for praising the gods of wood and gold and silver elevating himself, forgetting that I the

Lord appoint kings and leaders and I the Lord in moments can as well remove them.

June 22, 2021

Watch the Supreme Court says the Lord in this hour the landscape is changing, the judges are changing, a dividing line where the sheep shall be separated from the goats, the true justices from mere imposters playing a role, the supreme court will be shaken says the Lord of Hosts, shaken in a way not yet seen, as a sign to the nation that I the Lord your God AM A GOD OF JUSTICE AND RIGHTEOUSNESS AND TRUTH AND NOW THE AXE SHALL BE TAKEN TO A VERY LARGE STUMP A DEEPLY ROOTED STUMP AND IT SHALL BE CHOPPED UP AND TORN UP AND SHALL MAKE A GIANT HOLE IN THE CENTER OF LEADERSHIP IN THIS COUNTRY AS THIS IS THE TIME THAT THE DISEASED TREES SHALL UPROOT TIMBER SAYS THE LORD, WATCH FOR IT IT'S COMING!!

June 28, 2021

They will not speed up this clock, they will not skip ahead, there were secret plans to destroy this country and you have backward rainbow groups, working with, secret orders, working with the gates of this world, working with the judges of the land to the highest court to alter the country’s laws, the country spiritually, the family, the mind, to place their UTOPIA as the ruling body, The Lord thy God has HIS own time clock, HIS timetable, HIS WILL, and HE SITS ON THE THRONE and there is going to be some shaking, breaking and bending as the Lord pushes back and makes sobering statements through HIS action to highlight the unholiest, blasphemous, perverse, and corrupt actions.

October 20, 2021

The scales of Justice are weighing in the balance for the enemy, the wicked the corrupt have attempted to weigh it down and tie it down so it cannot be brought back to its rightful balance says the Lord of Hosts this day. However says the Lord, a sword in the Spirit has been sent, carried by heavenly Hosts and approaching the end of your year the first cut shall be made that shall severely weaken what they have used in an attempt to bind justice up and hinder it from moving and going forth into the earth.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day toward the end of your year Justice a scroll of Justice that has been written and decreed shall be rolled up and at My command hurled into the nations says the Lord.

A tipping point shall occur in the Supreme Court going into next year as a scarlet thread shall be found tied to 2 judges says the Lord, scarlet, red for the blood of the innocent and the blood of those lost in the quagmire of events in your nation of America. A record has indeed been kept of the judges records says the Lord including multiple appellate court Judges who are tied to these scarlet threads.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day for acts to give abortion life to give it a way to progress through the decades so I the Lord By MY HAND and outstretched arm have begun to turn back the clock and reverse pacts that were made between Drs and lawyers and activists long ago, an unholy triangular plot with each one piercing the atmosphere and the radio waves and the scales of Justice and stirring up resentments from a cauldron of oppression and declarations of inequalities for decades prior says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day a quill dipped in ink shall in the Spirit and the natural begin to rectify History and write new law and this quill this feather quill shall go across state borders rewriting and rectifying law as events in Texas and NY you shall see an event in tandem as the sins are dealt with and what man has written and judged the blood of the innocent I the Lord thy God shall Judge and decree life and a rewriting of the Law as I write on the hearts of listening men and women to act in their states as a victory cry begins to faintly be sung first and then shall become as loud as a war cry across your nation says the Lord of Hosts.

(serpent Dr. Ardis Dr. Bartlett)

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day the serpent and the scorpion shall attempt to constrict and to sting however going into your new year you shall see both the serpent and the scorpion cut in two and the content of what the serpent so feasted on revealed.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day for the remainder of the year into next you shall see this, who has been hidden, concealed for a season rise to the surface and come back out for air. Some I the Lord am bringing back to the forefront and others have pushed themselves back out into the forefront and have gotten out of MY timing says the Lord.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day the word LAUNCH shall be heard and used in more than one way as you see people, missiles, missions, launch.

There shall be many twists and turns as the unexpected and unprecedented takes place as a rushing wind a rushing Holy Wind shall gust through the Supreme Court and Washington DC and blow out that which has so desperately been turned over on the tables says the Lord of Hosts this day.

It is by MY power and outstretched arm you shall be redeemed, come unto to ME all who are heavy laden and I the Lord shall give you rest. However, for the wicked, it shall storm indeed the most unusual storms in various parts of the world to confirm what I the Lord have spoken this day.

Come let us reason together as I show you things beyond the veil as I am increasing in those dreams and visions to prepare the people for a steep dip to come followed by an incredible rising and soaring like the eagle says the Lord of Hosts. You shall run and not be weary you shall run the race you shall press toward the mark you shall plant the flag next year says the Lord of Hosts this day you shall law (lay) claim for Me the Lord your God to the areas which I have given to you.

Wickedness shall be delayed says the Lord of Hosts as it has attempted to jump the gun to jump the clock to jump ahead and now I the Lord thy God shall order it back in retreat and you shall see retreats coming that are historic says the Lord of Hosts. Believe in Me Trust in Me and know I am God, that I AM. thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts in the name of Yeshua amen and amen.

November 4, 2021

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day change is upon your nation Oh America, pangs of change, the pangs before the transition have seized your nation as there shall be birthed forth in your nation a change of heart O America, for America has been suffering from a heart condition says the Lord of Hosts, from disease of the heart spiritual and natural says the Lord of Hosts. And the heart of America is changing as these uncomfortable contractions have indeed begun, the process of repentance and turning back to the Lord, and honoring life and the one who gives it the Lord your God.

And says the Lord of Hosts I am issuing a warning says the Lord for I am STILL the righteous Judge I still sit on the throne and I the Lord thy God am the same yesterday today and forever. And says the Spirit, hear this day the Lord your God is issuing a WARNING TO THE HIGHEST Court in the Land, this warning shall be noted this day in the book of records. Thus says the Lord, Stop serving your own interests and your fallible and skewed vision of what is right and what is wrong, what is life and where life is not human, stop playing God and manipulating the laws of the land and aiding and abetting the most heinous of perpetrators and those with agendas that are far from roses and rainbows but it is bitter gall says the Spirit. Hear this this day O Courts, O Judges, this is your warning to turn now and line up with what is Almighty God's rulings, cleanse yourselves, and abandon the unrighteous acts and transactions and acquisitions you have so done in secret to elevate yourselves and secure your seats even further. For your seats are far from secure, and one shortly, their seat shall be shaken for the Courts and Judges need the fear of the Lord to fill them which is the beginning of wisdom. Do not align with the agenda of the Kingdom of darkness and do not take their temptations and indulgences and bribes that they are dangling before you for it shall be your sentence if you so choose says The Lord of Hosts. Choose this day whom you will serve.

December 17, 2021

march a march that will start out as a faint rumble and will increase to a deafening march that shakes the foundations of wickedness of the high place, 1 major high place is set to fall in 2022 as the wicked shall be divided and oppose each other it shall be a game of exposure from the very ones who kept such things hidden, watch and see it is upon your nation And says the Spirit of the Lord this day  I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD, I AM RIGHTEOUS, I AM HOLY, I AM TRUTH I AM VICTORY I AM SALVATION I AM ALMIGHTY I AM ALL POWERFUL I AM THE RIGHTEOUS JUDGE I AM THE HIGH PRIEST I AM THE COUNSELOR I AM YOUR FATHER and you need to see Me as such.

January 2, 2022

It was dark and three large powerful demons stood before me, they were not allowed to come near me.

The first was muscular large horns deep loud voice body like fire and could turn a to a ball

of fire with a lion letting out a gut-wrenching roar (Molech or Baal).

The 2 others:

One was silverish looked like armor. 

And then there was a third that was a darker figure may have been wearing a cloak.

The 1st demon with a thunderous voice boasted as did the others about what they were going to do in the courts.

Each demon represents a different issue in the Supreme Court.

Demons represent a mock trial will operate through an attorney or 1 or 2 of the judges.

The people are going through a mock trial right now a trial run, trial, and testing.

The government and the worldly order want to see how far they can go with all of this.

Entering the time of Daniel-which we will get into at another time.

Prince of Persia type of a demon that is trying to block the United States

Shadrach, Mesach, and Abednego no compromise.

21 days fasting and prayer with Daniel for the angel to show up for Gabriel to come which

the prince of Persia engaged and Michael was summoned to move ion (in) order that the

message may be delivered A man battling the principality of the prince of Persia over a


That principality had a hold of the leadership over that entire area.

This has to do with the unborn.

With a mock trial.

A trial run.

April 9, 2022

And says the Lord of Hosts watch for a MAJOR shift during Passover and resignations says the Lord of Hosts. Watch the Supreme Court says the Lord of Hosts.

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