Monday, April 11, 2022

Word from the LORD--April 9, 2022

Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty Who was and Is and Is to come. Who sits on a throne of Righteousness and placed the sun the moon the stars and the earth in its place. Lord of Hosts, King of Kings, and to His Kingdom, there is no end…

And says the Spirit of the LORD this day seismic activity is set to occur, My children, as there will even be a great shaking under the sea says the Lord that creates BIG waves.  This is a manifestation of what is occurring in the Spirit as great clashes during Passover are set to occur. As the enemy is stirred up in his anger as Passover is a reminder of My Son Jesus Christ’s victory over Him at the cross, as it is a reminder of his great defeat in Egypt as he had a great hold on that nation.

And says the Lord of Hosts as Spring Blooms phenomenon's in nature shall occur, the unusual, the unlikely shall happen in tandem to unusual and unlikely events in your nation of America, in Israel, there shall be a very unusual; and baffling occurrence in Turkey says the Lord of Hosts.

Oh, Turkey, I see you says the Lord, I see what you are plotting. I see your secret meetings and alliances with other nations in desperation to attempt to jump ahead of Israel as the world's eyes are on Ukraine and Russia. Bears get trapped, says the Lord, because of their power and strength, they must be trapped, says the Lord.

And says the Lord of Hosts, a great trap has been set for the one who has come back out of the shadows, for the one who thinks he is the American Pharaoh. And says the Lord of Hosts, I have allowed this so a great revealing can occur. Marching former leaders back out to try and stabilize a crumbling structure and Whitehouse is not going to keep it from such a collapse, says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day watch Tanzania.

And says the Lord of Hosts those who think My Son Jesus Christ, who sits at my right hand is “fake news” is a “fable” I shall shake them and their beliefs and their platforms and shall cause them to get tongue-tied as their true agenda is laid out before the people, their hidden tentacles will come out in the open, and it shall reveal a tie between them and an unlikely company, a company you would of never thought would be involved with such blasphemous wickedness, that reveal is coming says the Lord of Hosts.

I laugh at the wicked, says the Lord I laugh at their “doctrines” I laugh that they think they have figured out all there is to the human body. A shock is in store for them says the Lord of Hosts for if they desire to challenge the sanctity and validity of the Lord thy God the creator of all things, then indeed they shall receive the pushback and the exposure and the challenging they so deserve for I AM GOD AND THERE IS NO OTHER.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day.

A sudden snow squall watch and see says the lord. Snow is cleansing, another unlikely occurrence to confirm what is being spoken this day.

And says the Lord of Hosts for whom the bell tolls, watch that area says the Lord (The novel is set near Segovia, Spain, in 1937 and tells the story of American teacher Robert Jordan, who has joined the anti-fascist Loyalist army. Jordan has been sent to make contact with a guerrilla band and blow up a bridge to advance a Loyalist offensive.)

And says the Lord of Hosts watch for a MAJOR shift during Passover and resignations says the Lord of Hosts. Watch the Supreme Court says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the Lord of Hosts, the crypto chain that threads around the world a channel opened to continue the flow of evil and the plans of the wicked. To be able to move assets and money quickly into influencing elections nations, leaders, colleges, and schools, that crypto chain shall suffer a MAJOR break that will be major news as they panic that their unholy chain has been broken and their assets halted, a major strike to what they were pooling in this nation as well as others says the Lord.

And says the Lord of Hosts, the windows of heaven are near to opening My Children, honor ME during this time position yourselves to receive a WAVE of blessings while the wicked suffer their blows. Yes, a wave of blessings and FAVOR shall come upon you during this time, and the next door is being unlocked in the lives I have readied and positioned for such a time and assignment, these doors will begin to unlock around the time of Passover, and you shall walk through them my children as other doors in your lives and chapters are ending and closing. It feels like two different lives My children, I understand how you feel, yet march forward in faith, And I will bring peace amidst the chaos and confusion in your nation. I will bring peace as you set your face like flint and stand UPON A SOLID FOUNDATION AND PUT YOUR trust in Me, the Lord your God.

And says the Lord of Hosts, there is another horse emerging pay close attention to the name says the Lord of hosts.

And says the spirit of the Lord this day leaders caught with their pants down, yes their pants down says the Lord of Host's embarrassment on a world stage for the leaders who have dug in their heels and stiffened their necks, and laughed as if they were untouchable. I the Lord your God, am exposing their nakedness and the lewdness that has hidden behind the walls of the capitals in which they dwell.

And says the Lord of Hosts, the next round of infection shall suffer a snag as there will be a misfire that shall backfire on those attempting to once again lockdown. Their misfire will cost them, says the Lord, for they will not again be able to release another rollercoaster of lockdowns and lockups and coverings their wheels shall get stuck, their labs shall suffer blows and breaches that they were not prepared for, as there are labs that shall be short-circuited and suffer its own bug that they will not soon get rid of.

And says the Lord of Hosts, The liars, the deceivers in this hour WILL be exposed, and it will be costly to them as they willfully lied and caused unnecessary paranoia to lead people astray and build THEIR PLATFORMS, NOT MY PLATFORM SAYS THE LORD OF HOSTS THEIR PLATFORMS. They have built nothing on Me and My glory, but their own with their dark closets  that they have guarded, and those locks are being broken and what has been hidden upon My command says the Lord shall be marched out.


And says the Spirit of the Lord this day a changing of the guard is set to occur rivers overflowing says the Lord will be widely reported as the swell has begun and will spill over and rush through area of your nation and the World.

And says the Lord of Hosts, there are well-known atheists who I the Lord shall visit in this hour and it shall turn their worlds upside down, one has a very large following and has been unknowingly wrestling with me. I shall and will visit them, and it will turn their world, and what they thought they knew right side up, yes I said right side up says the Lord for over the airwaves they have been speaking much wrong with some right, that is going to change says the Lord as I visit them and shake their world and what they thought they knew for they have been purposed to be used as an instrument for My Glory and they will see the suffering for My namesake says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day watch Wisconsin and Michigan says the Lord, watch the leadership.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day I am pulling the curtain back to expose the pathetic curtain behind it. The Noah’s are just talking serpents mouthpieces for the dark ones behind them, they are chained captives prisoners to the father of lies watch what happens to their platforms in this hour.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day one with another biblical name shall arise who has nothing to do with the Word of God. Partly Jewish blood as they arise and unlock a door to AI and controlling the people and taking the implanting of things into the human race to a whole new area says the Lord, watch as this occurs for their babyl will suffer a MAJOR setback says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day I AM GOD THERE IS NO OTHER I am moving on behalf of My children to vindicate them in this hour from the corrupt who has in obsession and anger attempted to harm, hurt, harass them. I am putting a shield in Infront of My children, and vindication and recompense in this hour shall occur. They shall be delivered from the snare of the fowler they shall be delivered from those attempting to cover up their wrongs by pursuing them. Yes, you shall see this occur in serious ways and manners in this hour as I the Lord rip up their civil cases as well, and the condemnation shall turn in this hour back to which it came from says the Lord.

And says the Lord of Hosts, those I have anointed have lost their way a bit and ventured down roads and rabbit holes and ideas that are toxic and destructive, and in this hour I am setting things right, says the Lord of Hosts.

Those who point fingers in a heard shall suddenly point fingers at each other instead, a very sudden flip shall occur as the mess they have sown turns upon their clan all the way to the highest leadership in the land.

And says the Lord of Hosts trust in Me believe in Me look to Me, not man, men are fallible My children, they are tools and instruments in My Hand so look to your creator in this hour look to My Word, wait on me for instruction for I am the ALPHA AND OMEGA OMNISCIENT OMNIPOTENT I AM HOLY.  Take refuge under My wings, earnestly desire to serve Me, and you shall see the tide turn in your life as you desire My will more and more, for I am putting things back in their proper place.

Thus says the Lord of Hosts King of Kings Righteous Judge everlasting Father and Prince of peace Amen and Amen.


  1. Re the comment of "another horse emerging" - here are the upcoming horse races to check new names:
    May 6th–7th, 2022. The Kentucky Derby. Churchill Downs, Louisville, KY.
    May 1st, 2022. Preakness Stakes. Pimlico Race Course, Baltimore, MD.
    June 11th, 2022. Belmont Stakes. Belmont Park, Elmont, NY.
    November 4th–5th, 2022. Breeders Cup. Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, CA.

    1. Some interesting names at include "Forbidden Kingdom" sired by "American Pharoah"; "We the People" sired by "Constitution"; "American Sanctuary" sired by "American Freedom"; and "Pioneer of Medina" sired by "Pioneer of the Nile". "Epicenter" sired by "Not This Time" is at the top of their list.

    2. Thank you for that link! Did you see "Volcanic" sired by Violence!?

    3. Thank you! Those names are amazing!

    4. Rich Strike. 80-1 odds. Wins Kentucky Derby. Only came to race on Friday due to a scratch. Would love to know if this name has some meaning to it. I believe I read that he decended from a horse named Gold Strike.

    5. The (relatively unknown) jockey did a masterful job of navigating the field. However, without the will to win and power for the distance of the horse, 'Rich Strike' may have been an 'also ran'.
      God's hand was also in the race, as a good share of the field swung to the 'right' which allowed a clear field and nice 'hole' to run through.
      Interesting to contrast that both the authority and power which Holy Spirit imbues upon us, is likewise necessary for Christians to finish our own race. (Also, liked logo(R), RED racing and Reed - trainer)

  2. Pray for our Navy and all of our ships, subs; all of our sailors. Pray for their safety on the seas!

  3. Thank you Amanda! Thank you and glory to our Father God! We needed this uplift for our human spirit.

  4. I believe the American Pharoah refers to Barack Obama. There is a pic of him wearing a Pharoah's headpiece.
    Yuval Noah Harari had been talking abt hackable humans and AI. He is an advisor to Klause Schwab of WEF.

    1. Yes! That very well may be the Noah reference! Wow!

    2. Maybe... I first thought of those like: Trevor Noah and others also potentially controlled, talking heads, and fake news media mocking birds to lose their platforms and influence.

    3. Well it did say Noah(s) so can be more than one.

    4. I was just reading a comment somewhere about Obama looking like an Egyptian pharaoh. The person commenting said he had actually been within a few feet of Obama, when he was campaigning, and presented a pharaoh-type appearance.

      I've also seen that/a similar picture.

  5. I like We the people sired by Constitution. These last two years have all about the loss of American freedom and Our Constitutional rights. Can't wait to see the fruit of this Word, & how it unfolds. We stand with you and the Prophets Lord. Hosanna to the Son of David!!!

  6. Am hoping the atheist (or a Christ-denier at least) who converts will be David Icke but that is just speculation.

    1. “Bill Gates will Open the Gates of a Financial realm for the Church” Kim Clement

    2. David Icke was the first one I thought of! I too am hoping it will be him!

    3. Maybe Joe Rogan or Peterson

    4. I’m was wondering if it was Elon Musk

  7. This word from the Lord is so spot on and so encouraging for those who aren't quite awake yet but also, to those that are trying to find answers to doubt that was seeded in their hearts from man that they followed. They will be set free from those doubts and see the Lord is clearer than ever in their life! Praise God!

  8. For whom the bell tolls - there is a song of the same name by Metallica - based on the book. I would take a look at the lyrics as well as we watch things unfold....

  9. Let's all be silent before the Lord God Jehovah and let His Holy Spirit tell all of us what to do in this coming event!

  10. AI... Gates, Cook, Brin, Page are all in on the scheme.

  11. This has nothing to do with this Word but knowing that Chet (?) can sing the Andy Griffith theme, I thought you’d get a kick out of this story!

  12. "And says the Lord of Hosts, those I have anointed have lost their way a bit and ventured down roads and rabbit holes and ideas that are toxic and destructive, and in this hour I am setting things right, says the Lord of Hosts."

    I am not saying that I am one of those 'anointed', but I DO see this true Word happening in my own experience. The Lord is pulling me back from & out of this destruction.

  13. Klaus Schwab, the leader of The Great Reset, has a right-hand man named Yuval Noah Harari. In several speeches, wherein Harari has laid out the Reset's plans to interface humans with technology through AI, thus robbing us of free will, Harari has referred to Jesus as "fake news." I found it stunning that that term was referenced in the word Amanda has received. Glory to God!

  14. Thank YOU Lord God for your words. I will continue to pray for our nation and the other nations like Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, and all the nation on earth. We Praise You Lord God! We give Glory and honor you every single day of our lives. We are thankful for your prophecy words. Glory to YOU, GOD!!


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