Tuesday, July 28, 2020

7.28.20 Prophecy Fulfilled Updates!!

Prophecy fulfilled 2020: All Glory Be To Almighty God!!

9.30.19 Word from The Lord
You shall see the rewards and be exonerated of false accusation, that scapegoat spirit is being loosed from you says the Lord. My anointed will not be the scapegoats for the outright rebellious deeds of the family line, or heads of business, in govt, they will no longer blamed for following Me, walking circumspectly before Me, choosing to walk and talk with their Abba Father, they will not be blamed for the broken disjointed reckless choices of those who think they can mix darkness and light in a tonic and expect not to get sick. 

Dr Francis Myles had a vision recently of a goat that had the blood of others thrown on it and everywhere it walked there were these bloody footprints. However there was innocence in the eyes of this goat. The Lord showed him this was the plan against the President make him a scapegoat and throw the blood of others shed onto him and blame him for that

February 9 2020
A tidal wave says the Lord thy God this day you will see a tidal wave Heading up to November, it shall be triggered by a violent shaking Says the Lord thy God this day.
May 26 2020 is when the violent protests began being attributed to Mr floyd
Phenomena will break out across the earth that will be compared to biblical events they will be very similar in nature get ready get ready says the Lord for what pharaoh witnessed at the hand of Almighty God the countries that have hardened their hearts and are serving a false versions of Me will see these biblical phenomena break out and it will be historical says the Lord thy God this day.
(voanews.com) Chinese authorities issued more flood warnings Friday as weeks of torrential rains have caused the worst flooding in more than 30 years, destroying the homes and impacting the livelihoods of millions of people, with experts warning the worst is yet to come.  
According to the Ministry of Emergency Management, floods have left 141 people dead or missing, destroyed at least 28,000 homes, affected at least 38 million people and caused around $8.6 billion in economic losses. Heavy rains are expected again in provinces in the southern part of the country in the coming week. 

As many as 33 rivers have reached record highs, while alerts have been issued for a total of 433 rivers, according to a release by China’s Ministry of Water Resources on July 13. Poyang Lake, formed from the overspill of the Yangtze River, is 2.5 meters higher than its warning level.

Vice.com  As if 2020 hasn’t thrown enough curveballs already, desert locusts are setting off a global panic.
From Kenya to Pakistan to, most recently, Argentina, locust swarms have been on the move. The infestation is most advanced in East Africa, which is experiencing the worst locust outbreak in generations.
There’ve been six major locust plagues in the last century, one of which lasted nearly 13 years, according to the U.N. But the current infestation in East Africa is technically an upsurge, as defined by the Food and Agriculture Organization. Depending on locust control efforts and favorable breeding conditions in terms of moisture and soil, the upsurge could spread even further and get upgraded to a plague.
(Dailymail.co.uk ) Chinese officials have warned that parts of the country could be ravaged by a locust plague between now and September after armies of the insects already 'invaded' the country.
Swarms of yellow-spined bamboo locusts have destroyed about 26 square miles of fields in Pu'er after raiding the city from China's border with Laos, the local government said.  
The Pu'er forestry authority yesterday issued an early warning, predicting a potential locust 'disaster' in China's southern border regions after the spread of the pests 'accelerated'. 

May 21 2020 Watch Detroit and Chicago,
Police: 64 Shot, 11 Killed as Weekend Violence Continues in Chicago (wttw.com)

July 20.20 Gunfire in a Detroit eatery late Sunday that killed three men and put a fourth in the hospital was one of the latest examples of what the city's Police Chief James Craig called a "senseless shooting," which is a part of a rising violent crime rate. (Detroit free press) \
The word said watch Chicago and Detroit and now these are the two with the most violence on the rise and the talk of now sending in federal agents

June 30, 2020 A medical breakthrough for those suffering from Emphezema will come forth, there will be multiple medical breakthroughs including the brain and eyes to see says the Lord of Hosts this day.
July 15 2020 Israel to perform first Synthetic Cornea transplant, this is a huge breakthrough with covid 19 because they were researching an alternative to human corneas

June 30 2020 There are plans being made with the conventions, watch the sequence of events leading up to them, says the Lord of Hosts this day. 
NOTE: Watch for a MAJOR event to come forth from Florida, Florida is a key in November says the Lord of Hosts this day.

July 23 2020  NPR: The Jacksonville, Fla., component of the Republican National Convention has been canceled, President Trump announced on Thursday, as cases of the coronavirus continue to spike across that state.

June 30 2020 July will be a BIG month of BIG change and transition, some chapters will close in July and others will open. There will be much activity in Washington DC in July as well watch and see says the Spirit!

7.13.20 I the Lord am removing the dam, the block
By My mighty power and outstretched arm it shall be dismantled. To open up a flow disrupted
Forceful removal of the dam. The dam blocks and contains. I the Lord am freeing and causing what has been disrupted to flow
Constant flow, the enemy has to try too hard to disrupt a constant flow.  All that was blocked by the dam will now bring forth a STRONG current, a strong flow. You will see a dam a large dam breaking in the natural to confirm this

7.26.20 : China’s 3 gorges dam, largest in the world in danger of collapse
BEIJING – Weeks of heavy rain have put the Three Gorges Dam, the largest hydropower project in the world, in danger of collapse putting 400 million people at risk.
The flooding has been described as the worst since 1949 with natural disasters being declared in 24 provinces and municipalities in the southwest and central China, especially in areas near the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and the Three Gorges Dam,  causing the reservoir’s water level to exceed the flood control line.

The Washington post July 7 2020 TAIPEI, Taiwan — Chinese public health authorities are taking precautions to prevent a bubonic plague outbreak in a remote northern region after a herder contracted the disease, although experts say the risk is low given the limited number of cases so far and the availability of modern medicine.
The health commission in Bayannur in Inner Mongolia raised its public health warning to its third-highest of four alert levels on Sunday and banned the hunting, skinning and transportation of rodents that might carry the bacteria, known as Yersinia pestis. The municipal government raised its alert level by one notch to “standard plague outbreak alert,” which means humans have been infected.

June 22. 2020 A spirit of terror has been released to paralyze people with fear, to cause people to bow to groups they have no business bowing too, for I am Almighty God and the only bowing that should be occurring is to Me before My throne!! Those groups that have literally caused others to bow will find themselves especially their heads forced to their knees says the Lord of Hosts this day.

All over the news the increase in violence in chicago, detroit, and cities across the country


  1. Hi, my husband started listening to your videos last year. I started listening recently as well. We both are thankful that you obey the Lord and share all the things you do. I felt like there was something I heard and it made me think of the movie Moana and how the island is the people worship false Gods. I also wanted to tell you about the cool thing that happened last year. I went to a womens event where they were talking about joy. After I kept seeing the word joy which was at Christmas so I figured that was my word for the season. Then I listened to your interview on 1/5/2021 and I loved you said the Lord gave you that word and it meant Justice of Yahweh! Thank you and God bless! We will continue to look to the Lord!

  2. I appreciate these updates. Thank you!