Tuesday, July 7, 2020



The Spirit of the Lord says this day….

I am sweeping through and sweeping out the lukewarm churches, deadening the spirit, draining the power that should be flowing through My people. Having a form of Godliness but denying the power thereof. This is going to be subjugated. (To unyoke, uncouple; to free.). I the lord God am dividing the wheat from the tares. I am doing this in all areas of life. HOWEVER, judgment begins in the house of God. There are many shepherds leading a flock of spiritually dead sheep when this is a time I need My people Spiritually Fit, healthy and tuned in, discerning what the Spirit has to say!

I AM GOD THERE IS NO OTHER. The Word, I AM THE WORD. I am living ad active and sharper than any 2 edged sword penetrating to the dividing line of Soul and Spirit, of Joint and Marrow. The Dividing line has been drawn! AND THE WORD will separate the sheep, the true sheep, from the goats, from those who do not serve but indulge the flesh while their shepherds partake with them! I the Lord God Elohim am separating the wheat from the tares. The tares are exposing their buds. They have grown with the wheat but they are not so, imposters playing a role BUT NEVER Truly can be what the wheat is. The imposters, the counterfeits, the cloaked ones are being exposed says the Lord of Hosts!! There will be a changing of the Guard in the Churches. The wayward Shepherds must step down for they have lead the sheep on a road of perdition and lackadaisical actions and thinking. Those sheep have been completely undisciplined in their walks and have no reverence for who I The Lord truly Am, THE GREAT I AM! I THE Lord am loosing the Holy Spirit to clean My House, for My House Must come into order says the Lord God Jehovah.

What will NOT come into order will break, will crumble, will fall says the Lord. For the pulpit itself has become an idol, the shepherds have been elevated to a celebrity like status says the Lord and they play the Role! They have played a role instead of Shepherding My people. For some it has become a Simon the sorcerer like performance where it is NOT MY POWER that moves but a falsified, fabricated power that the enemy has injected into the vein of these churches. This is a fabricated power that causes the true anointing of God to become tepid and through that supposed shepherd the enemy creates a wall where no true power can flow. Where the people have sold their souls for a feel good, sweet as can be, non convicting speech that leaves their mind filled with puffed up ideology, and their spirits and souls on life support. They want to be comforted rather than convicted says the Lord of Hosts this day. The gap has widened between much of the church and Me the Lord their God where they cannot hear Me , not do they care to. For they would rather be lead on a road astray, filled with delusion, an alternate reality to the power and authority My children in this hour should be freely and assuredly walking in. My children who serve the True Shepherd, the Lord their Righteousness, Psalm 23, in this hour as they seek Me the power and authority shall increase in great measure to bring Glory to MY NAME. The remnant shall shine brighter for My Glory . The true Shepherds shall be honored in this hour, and I am positioning MY true servants on earth to demonstrate to the World that there is a God in Heaven Who rules and reigns forevermore, AND there shall be powerful encounters, My Spirit saturating areas as deliverance, healing, surrender, break forth. I am bringing spiritual eyes into focus even more in this hour , you shall speak forth what I reveal to you. This is a call to rally for the people of God. Soldiers in the army of God to rally in one accord and watch the mighty move of My hand and outstretched arm SWEEP through.

I am your father in Heaven, your Mighty God, YOUR RIGHTEOUS Judge, nothing nothing absolutely nothing, nothing is too difficult for Me. Know it, Believe it, Walk by faith not by sight, for there is a shift happening. There is a mighty move taking place! The gates of hell will not prevail against what I the Lord am going to do in this Country! The battle is the Lord’s and I the Lord WILL have the victory..Thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts in Jesus name…


  1. Amen! God is dividing the tares from the wheat. His remnant army is rising!!

  2. Praise God for you and Chris, Amanda! Thank you for keeping us updated on the heart of God and posting so quickly and timely. God bless and keep you and your ministries!

  3. Amen, Amen, Amen!!! I am ScarletRoseRed on you tube --- First time for me to post here. Love you Amanda, Chris, Sarah. Thank you more than I have words for your ministry.
    So much to say about the Word - THANK YOU for TRUTH!!!, and also the Dream of the Rat. But the Rat, I have such a long comment, I will do only that, tonight...
    The big rat in red paint ----- You should see the cartoons of BIG RAT, Ted Cruz, CANADIAN CITIZEN-BORN, without dual citizenship - without ANY USA Citizenship, trying to set himself up for the Supreme Court, and who is the 20 yr Father of the North American Union of Mexico, USA, Canada.
    His father a Cuban Citizen/operative of the CIA, was connected to Lee Harvey Oswald, for quite a few years up til just before the Assassination of John F. Kennedy, when Mr. Cruz high-tailed it to Canada.
    Ted Cruz SEALED all his and his parents DOCUMENTS related to Birth Certificates and Citizenship in January 2016, AND BEFORE THAT in several other Fed Courts, in 2015, after being confronted by Dallas Morning News in August 2013.
    There are also some professional caricatures of him as a SNAKE. After watching him try his hand in the 2016 Presidential Campaign, I could NOT AGREE MORE with ANYTHING, more than THAT.
    I am from Texas, and he definitely LIED to us, coming out of George Bush, & Rick Perry's administrations, but not coming to Texas until after 2005, when Rick Perry was Governor here. CLAIMED he was raised in Texas, but he was NOT. Grew up in Calgary Canada then straight to Harvard and Yale, then to CLERK for the USSC for one year, THEN to DC Bush Campaign where he met Goldman Sachs CFR Heidi who was already Mother of North American Union, as he himself was already FATHER of NAU, by that time. They married one yr later.
    I think he is one of the VERY MOST most dangerous and ominous men in DC of those still in the CLOSET. Also, he reminds me of Santa Ana, the dictator from whom Texas won her freedom at the Alamo and at San Jacinto, 1836.
    At the Presidential debates, his small daughters were more comfortable and happy with Trump family, than with their own parents. Other occasions, too.
    All my prayers to you and Chris and Sarah, all my blessings and love, for Every Need and provision and encouragement, as well.

    1. FYI ANY person born abroad to a United States citizen, is by law a "natural born citizen". You do not understand how United States citizenship works. His Mom is a US citizen & therefore he is by law a citizen no matter where he is born. I am not sure of any of the other stuff but just wanted to let you know at least in regards to the citizenship matter, he is a citizen of the US. The Washington Post has a good article that explains this.

  4. Rat-symbolic of a person with low character, morals, and ethics. Please do not respond to my email address. I'm locked out.

  5. Worshipping Him in Truth and in Spirit. We win.

  6. I am a Texan and my grandfather fought for Sam Houston and Texas in the Revolution and has a county named in his Honor. I apologize for the person spewing hatred and full of judgement above some statements are in error. Ted Cruz family moved to Houston in 1974, and he graduated from Second Baptist Church Houston, Texas. He attended Princeton University and also interned at the U.S. Supreme Court as a younger adult. He did come back to Texas around 2005 and was also a Justice for the Texas Supreme Court. Sorry fellow Christians.