Monday, June 22, 2020


And the Spirit of the Lord says this day….

My Children get your eyes off of circumstance, your eyes off of the physical state of events, and redirect your focus to me the Lord your God and to the Sword of the Spirit MY WORD. For I am the WORD. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word WAS GOD! The enemy in this hour wants nothing more than to silence you for truly death and life are in the power of the tongue. This is an hour where the people of God, My soldiers on earth MUST rise up and SPEAK MY WORD and saturate the atmosphere of the United states of America and around the world. This is a time where evil is attempting to overshadow what I the Lord am doing in the United States, South America, and in Europe. Evil is attempting to tip the scales.

HOWEVER, I the Lord your God hold the scales and I weigh those and find them wanting. Mene mene tekel Upharsin, the writing is on the wall, and there are those in this hour marching right to their demise says the Lord of Hosts this day. I the Lord will now shake areas of the United states of America, for evil has saturated that area of earth and the earth and the people cry out. A spirit of terror has been released to paralyze people with fear, to cause people to bow to groups they have no business bowing too, for I am Almighty God and the only bowing that should be occurring is to Me before My throne!! Those groups that have literally caused others to bow will find themselves especially their heads forced to their knees says the Lord of Hosts this day. For the fabricated power they have been given by the enemy is no match for My presence the true power and glory of God! I am positioning my angelic army to strike. Those who want to cause evil to overshadow the covenant I have with this nation will find their cause, their leaders, their message suddenly struck, divided, pierced into the areas the public cannot see and all the gall, the poison, the deals, the money exchanged, exposed. For My Children many of these concentrated groups of destruction the enemy has formed cannot survive if their people prosper, if their people are freed from bondage, if their people are educated and have wisdom, discernment, and insight, their groups cannot prosper! Behind the scenes deals have been made by the heads of these groups to attempt to ensure their people stay in peril and in oppression so they can confuse the truth, confuse the language and use them as pawns to benefit the few at the top of a very disturbing and intertwined pyramid says the Lord of Hosts this day. I am the Lord God Jehovah, I created Life and I say this day ALL life matters. Those who are attempting to pull strings will see them snap! My Children this is a call to proclaim MY WORD, to Speak it Forth, Blow the shofar and shout for I the Lord already have given the Victory.

I am the Lord God and My power has the ability to pierce through every darkness, every storm, every evil and truly disable its power. Pray My children petition Me the Lord to disable the power of the entities behind the rage, behind the terror, behind these groups terrorizing communities, pray to disable that power for as the power of baal was disabled at Mt Carmel, no matter how much the people cried out baal could not answer could not demonstrate his power, so I the Lord say this day petition My throne for the powers and principalities to be disabled by my angelic army, that they are silenced, bound and restrained says the Lord God this day. My power is going to restrain says the Lord, you will see the physical manifestation of this, they shall be as Sodom, and for the destruction they have caused a double portion shall be upon them and their households says the Lord God Jehovah this day. The tables will be turned and those who want to reign in terror shall have terror reigned upon them.

This is their last chance to repent and turn back for the Spirit of the Lord will sweep those areas and you shall see a dismantling and fall of the powers that be ruling over those areas thinking they have it under lock and key. However, My Holy Angelic army has already been positioned and they will strike. However, all the evil, the new age, the turning away for the Lord your God, the violence being pumped into the atmosphere from the television portal, from the news, the do what thou wilt mentality, has opened a legal door that the enemy has fully exploited and these areas being looted, destroyed and terrorized are areas that have turned away from the Lord and promoted a very liberal, “do whatever you feel” “ where  pleasures and perversions openly rule, and it has built up enough in the Spirit that the enemy took advantage and he struck with his soldiers bringing a wave of darkness into the areas. The way to defeat it is for those areas to cry out to me for if My people who are called By my name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and TURN from their wicked ways I WILL hear from heaven forgive their sin and heal their land says the Lord God Jehovah!! I have set before you this day death and life blessing and cursing choose life that you, your people, and your cities may live says the Lord of Hosts this day!! Saturate the area with the word of God for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down and destruction of strongholds.

There is a reason My children “outdoor dining” is being promoted, it is easy to scout and an easy target for terror My children. They are looking to one after the other promote and execute different acts of terror, confusion, strife, and violence says the Lord of Hosts this day. They are scouting and recruiting says the Lord of Hosts this day.

Outdoor church services need to anoint and pray for I the Lord will protect but there will be an attempt says the Lord of Hosts this day. The masks easily conceal so identification is interfered with. They are attempting to make the country look as if leadership has lost control says the Lord, campaigning has halted, and violence has increased it is not a coincidence. At key points you will see the Obamas even the Bush’s reemerge says the Lord of Hosts this day, watch the timing, watch the events says the Lord of Hosts this day.

Seek me, Ask seek knock I will give instruction I the Lord will warn and thwart their plans.
A multi city terrorist attack will be attempted the enemy is attempting to bring terror upon the whole nation in an attempt to put puppets in leadership that will truly unravel the country, look at the cities my children where that leadership stands right now, look at their condition, for when leadership opens up portals of hell you will see the manifestation in the natural.

However My Children Psalm 91 speak it proclaim it, the Lord is your strength and your Song, I am your shield your Glory and the lifter of your head the Spirit of the Lord is coming upon those mightily in this nation and I the Lord will compel them into the positions where truly they will speak and change will happen says the Lord of Hosts this day.

Yes, there is a great battle happening in the Spirit and I AM, and the enemy is NOT! NO weapon that he forms will ultimately prosper and we will see evil crumble and collapse and leadership turn on each other and as those who are walking in violence turn on their own groups, I the Lord God will cause them to turn on each other and fatally wound their own cause and toxic message, they will fall. It is a desperate attempt of the enemy filled with flaws and I the Lord God see way ahead of him and his plans will be stopped short of succeeding says the Lord God Elohim!


You will see sudden change My children, you will see sudden change. Blow the shofar for I the Lord am coming to protect My people and destroy the enemy’s camp for the battle is the Lord's and you will now see those giants fall as the solid rock of My Son Jesus Christ destroys their idols, their powers, their agreements, their weaponry, their strategy and their financial channels.

Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God Almighty who was and is and is to Come and who rules and reigns forevermore! Amen and Amen


  1. Thank you for this word. My spirit is in agreement with all that was spoken.

  2. Thought you’d be interested in this after your most recent Word from Lord, so totally lines up with your Word and the whole anarchists in Seattle ‘takeover’ Of course I shared same Word/Prophecy on this ‘tweet page’. Love & blessings to you all, Karen & Drew Clancy

  3. Blessings Amanda to you, your family and ministry ❤️ Thanks for sharing this powerful word of God with us, so much needed at this time! I would like to know if you are going to post also the word regarding the situation in Seattle because I live in Washington State, although not in that area, but I’ve been praying about that, and asking the Lord just that same thing that He revealed to you. Thank you for your faithfulness Amanda! May our Lord and King Jesus keep you and Chris and your family and all the beautiful people the Lord has put beside you to help you in this hour and cover you all with the blood of Jesus! Love U❤️ Keep the Faith��������

  4. Thank you, Amanda and may God bless you, and bless us with His words through you.❤��

  5. Thank you, Amanda and may God bless you, and bless us with His words through you.❤��

  6. I was wondering as I've been looking for it to show up here, is the Prophetic Word about Seattle (chop zone) in here somewhere? Very interested in getting that portion as well as I live near there (not too close thank the Lord, about 15 or so miles), in Snohomish County which is directly north of King County where Seattle is located.

  7. Amanda, here's link to your guest appearance on "Up Front in the Prophetic Radio", it just came up on my YouTube recommendations. I heard you mention it on this Word from the Lord video but had no idea how/where to find it. I'm sure your other subscribers might be interested in seeing this as well. Fantastic show by the way! (Trying to figure out where I know the woman 'host' from, I have seen her before and recently!).

  8. Amanda, being introduced to you has completely changed my life. My faith is the strongest it's ever been. I feel very close to God. I ask that anyone who reads this please say a pray for Texas. The media is definitely attacking us by providing false information. I get the sense that our Governor is making decisions based on this false information. Many great Dr's have come forward about testing capacity and numbers but no media outlet is posting that information. I ask for pray to just open the eyes and ears of our leaders and for God to give them the knowledge and wisdom they need to make the best decisions possible based on accurate information.

  9. You have been a blessing to me as well. You and Chris, thank you.


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