Friday, July 15, 2022

Word from the Lord--July 13, 2022

Approximately 7:30am

An infection from a spider shall be mutated.

Praise be to the Everlasting Ever Enduring King of Kings and Lord of Hosts, Who sits on a throne of grace and judges the nations. And to His Kingdom, there is NO end!! Hallelujah!

And The Spirit of the Lord says this day, the San Francisco Bay area says the Lord watch for something to arise out of that area to attempt to throttle the northwest, however, I the Lord God Elohim shall raise a standard like a flood and My Spirit will come in with Holiness and Truth sharper than a two-edged sword penetrating to the Dividing line, and begin to cut out the root cause of the cancerous growth that the wicked have fed off of to stay in power in that area.


And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, a ROOT CANAL says the Lord, a route canal indeed says the Spirit for squabbles over canals shall break out as unusual events surround them and the waterways near them says the Lord as there is a battle bubbling over for control of the ports says the Lord of Hosts, especially one in particular on the west coast and one in a particular on the east coast, watch an attack on the ports, in some cases literally as odd occurrences with barges at sea shall occur, for their desperation has mounted to an alarming level as they are cornered, they have backed themselves into a corner says the Lord and now they shall be pinned on three sides says the Lord of hosts, a triangular trap of their own making says the Lord their feet shall now step into and ensnare them says the Lord.

Why do the nations rage and the people plot a vain thing says the Lord of Hosts. The wicked take counsel together however I the Lord thy God shall hold them in derision for I laugh at the wicked and their foolish plans for the devourer shall be commanded to turn on those who released such a soul spirit and a foul stench shall hit the capital of Washington, DC a foul stench shall fall upon Albany says the Lord of Hosts, a foul stench shall fall upon the legislative body in Texas says the Lord of Hosts, a foul stench shall come upon Georgia says the Lord and the capital of Pennsylvania. A foul stench indeed the product of their misgivings says the Lord of Hosts, the product of their corrupt dealings, what a stench in My Nostrils says the Lord of Hosts these leaders have released and it shall fall upon them, the stench of shame and humiliation shall fall upon them, they shall be cloaked in it says the Lord of Hosts. For I have given time and I have given Mercy, I have allotted a time of grace for such leadership and now that time of Grace for them has thinned and the pit of their own making they shall now fall into says the Lord of Hosts. For the Pit that they have dug shall now be their downfall, the net that they have laid for MY people, they shall now be trapped in themselves says the Lord.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day. It is MY desire that none shall perish, NONE. However says the Lord, these leaders, their convoy have made a choice says the Lord, they have chosen whom they will serve and now I the Lord your God from My throne shall evoke and enact MY rulings and begin to unseat and remove such from the states that have been the most active behind the curtain, for the curtains are being pulled back and all those directing such a production shall be exposed, who have been operating in the shadows in Texas shall be exposed, for the tentacles of the wicked have wrapped themselves around the leadership of Texas and has blackmailed them to look the other way from the Border says the Lord of Hosts, they took dirty money says the Lord, laundered from Mexico, laundered from the enemy’s drug market, they took such says the Lord and it has ensnared them to look the other way. It shall come to a clashing head at the Border says the Lord of Hosts as a severe hit to the cartel, a Holy hit carried out By MY army says the Lord shall tumble them and their interests and their markets and their avenues and buyers back says the Lord, as they shall lose an alarming amount of their claim as events in Texas now begin to unfold for I the Lord thy God shall PINCH their channel and it shall block the flow says the Lord for the time has come for their cup of iniquity to be poured out for the blood of the innocent is crying out from the earth it testifies against them says the Lord of Hosts, as did the blood of Abel against Cain. And this testimony has come before MY throne and I the Lord God have issued a scroll of Judgment that is carried on a very large sword, and it shall impale their operations as it is now hurled towards Texas and Mexico and the border by California says the Lord of Hosts this day.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day Montana watch for this to become a  battleground area, for in the mountains there have been operations, there are operations deep in the mountains and it shall come forth says the Lord of Hosts, for they are attempting to move their operations for the places they have been rooted for so long are being weeded and uprooted and found out, they are on the move they are on the run says the Lord of Hosts, watch for a major shifting of operations in multiple large companies that have been feeding this hideous beast attempting to rule the nation. They shall go to puzzling areas and move their headquarters to such, The people shall scratch their heads as they see this occur however it is I the Lord causing such so what has lied underneath their buildings, what has remained hidden deep within their operations can be found out says the Lord of Hosts this day.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day As Samuel so ministered before the Lord, I am calling MY people to minister before Me and bring true worship back to Me so that I may reveal the deeper things to them. For I the Lord am hovering above the deepest depths of the waters, Ruach Elohim, the Spirit of the Living God is hovering in the deep and you shall hear trumpet sounds come from the deep says the Lord of Hosts. I am calling My children who HEAR MY VOICE OUT IN THE DEEP. I am calling you out do not wallow in the shallow where so many have been content to stay thinking they can keep their status and names and Twitter tweets, and influence in such a shallow wading pool for they are nearsighted says the Lord when My people should be vision-sited, seeing far into the visions I the Lord see, the future I the Lord see. However, they are content to wander in the shallow while yelling and accusing those in the deep. You shall be drug out like a beached whale unto the sand now since you have so refused to stop your accusations, and manipulations and lies for you have listened to the sirens lulling you into bondage and they shall now be exposed as well says the Lord for who they really are, darkness parading as light, speaking of every foul thing stretching out their finger to accuse, however that foul stench they accuse others of has so infiltrated them and fallen upon them, their accusations are making a MAJOR U-TURN and headed back with force at those who continued to cultivate such.

For the wood is cut down and sent to the mill and repurposed, once that occurs the growth of that tree stops and says the Lord the Growth of these diseased trees, the oaks, the maples, the magnolias, shall be uprooted now and their reaches halted for they have abused the voice and the talents that I the Lord gave them and built something diseased upon a foundation I gave them,. And that disease has now seeped into the foundation and corrupted the entire structure says the Lord of Hosts. It is Forrest clearing time says the Lord, the whole diseased entwined mess must go!

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, the area of the world where Slovakia lies and Romania, oh Romania I the Lord am reviving you I am visiting Romania, I am visiting the Koreas says the Lord. And says the Lord Of Hosts the Saudi Royal Family shall make an unexpected move as there is a very shrewd maneuver that will have other Arab nations puzzled, however there have been talks secretly and they have welcomed new avenues with some that other nations consider an enemy, watch as fools rush in the spectacle that comes forth from that area as visits hit a speed bump.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, Let freedom RING and let what other countries have planted in this nation and idolized fall says the Lord of Hosts, Ellis Island just watch says the Lord.

The New York City skyline is changing yet again says the Lord as well as leadership in an unexpected troubling step down from office for I the Lord am causing multiple step downs and a step up says the Lord.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this Day, I love My children with an everlasting love, I am calling out to you, come unto Me you who are heavy laden and I the Lord God shall give you REST.

REST in this season amidst upheaval and shifting coming one after the other, however you shall watch such and your strength shall be in Me and you shall REST as you see these events unfold for even the Hay for such farms shall tumble and be strewn about as what has been rolled will now fall apart at the seams My children.

Watch Nebraska, for not only such a Renewal but an event that will impact the nation says the Lord of Hosts for My hand is upon Omaha and I shall bring forth such power from an overlooked state and the dust shall be kicked up and it shall go forth and remove what thinks it has settled and hunkered down, you shall see crabs, thousands come forth from the oceans unto the streets of the coast for they shall even feel the shift and they represent what was crawling in the depths emerging.

You serve a mighty God, nothing is too difficult for Me however My children there is a time and a season for everything under Heaven, and know your appointed time is approaching soon where there shall be an unexpected turn and leadership emerge forth from it that I the Lord have called for such a time, they are being molded, readied and pruned right now to prepare them for such, pray for them as they emerge for it will shake the establishment and unnerve both parties as their ringmaster of the circus they have so done, is dethroned before the people.

Thus says the Lord of Hosts in the name of Jesus Christ the King of Kings, Amen.

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