Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Two Dreams, The Vatican, The Capital & What Has Perched There & Monkeypox

Dream 1:

It was very brief but it runs very deep…

I saw a dome that was like St. Peter’s Basilica, that was like the capital in Washington, DC. And came and perched atop that dome was a very large demon, head of a jackal, muscular body of a person, it spread its very large and vast wings out, it was all brown, and then I woke up.

Angels and Demons

The Catholic Church mourns the sudden death of Pope Pius XVI, and prepares for the papal conclave to elect his successor in Vatican City. Father Patrick McKenna, the camerlengo, takes temporary control of the Vatican during the sede vacante period.

Meanwhile, at CERN, scientists Father Silvano Bentivoglio and Dr. Vittoria Vetra create three canisters of antimatter. As Vetra goes to evaluate the experiment, she discovers that Silvano has been murdered, and one of the canisters was stolen. Shortly thereafter, four of the preferiti, the favored candidates to be elected pope, are kidnapped by a man claiming to represent the Illuminati.

He sends the Vatican a warning, claiming he will murder each of the cardinals from 8 p.m. to midnight when the stolen antimatter will explode and destroy the city, hidden somewhere within. Having attracted the Church’s attention after searching for the Priory of Sion in Paris and London, American symbologist Professor Robert Langdon is brought to the Vatican to help. After listening to the assassin's threat, he deduces that the four cardinals will be murdered on the four altars of the Path of Illumination, in locations relevant to the classical elements. McKenna gives Langdon access to the Vatican Secret Archives to research the altars, against the wishes of Commander Richter, head of the Swiss Guard. Langdon and Dr. Vetra examine Galileo Galilei's banned book, finding clues to the first altar. Initially believing it to be at the Pantheon, they eventually discover it to be the  Chigi Chapel. Though they rush to the chapel, accompanied by Ernesto Olivetti and Claudio Vincenzi of the Corps of Gendarmerie of Vatican City, they are too late to save Cardinal Ebner, who is found dead, having suffocated on a mouthful of dirt and branded with the ambigrammatic word "Earth".

Following the clue left by a Bernini statue at the Chigi Chapel, Langdon discovers the second altar to be a Bernini-created sculpture in St. Peter's Square. Upon reaching it, they find Cardinal Lamassé mortally wounded, his lungs punctured and his chest branded with the ambigram "Air". After reading a threatening note left on Lamassé's body, Vetra comes to suspect that Pius XVI did not die of a stroke as believed, but was actually murdered with an overdose of tinzaparin, which he had been secretly taking for his thrombophlebitis. This is confirmed when McKenna and Vetra secretly inspect the body in the Vatican necropolis. After returning to the Archives for further research, Langdon, Olivetti, and Vincenzi eventually identify the Santa Maria Della Vittoria as the altar of fire, where they fail to save Cardinal Guidera, branded with the ambigram "Fire" from burning to death when the assassin appears, who kills everyone except Langdon before escaping.

After consulting a map of Rome, Langdon identifies the final altar as Piazza Navona's Four Rivers sculpture. Escorted by two Vatican police officers, they find the assassin attempting to drown Cardinal Baggia, who is branded with the ambigram "Water",  in the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi. The officers are killed by the assassin, but Langdon manages to rescue Baggia with the timely help of bystanders. Baggia tells Langdon he was held with the preferiti in Castel Sant'Angelo.

Richter confiscates Dr. Silvano's journals, thus convincing Vetra that he is a conspirator. Langdon, Vetra, and the police storm Castel Sant'Angelo. Langdon and Vetra find the assassin's lair, discovering the four brands used on the cardinals, and deduce that the missing fifth is meant for McKenna. Before escaping, the assassin claims he was hired by men of God. Guided to a car by his unseen contractor, the assassin is killed when the vehicle is destroyed by a car bomb. Langdon and Vetra find a secret passageway leading to the Vatican, warning the Swiss Guard of McKenna's fate. They find Richter hovering over a branded McKenna. Richter and Archbishop Simeon, an alleged conspirator, are killed. Langdon retrieves a key from the dying Richter's hand.

The antimatter container is found in Saint Peter's tomb, due to detonate in five minutes, the cold temperature preventing its battery from being changed in time (according to Vetra, the device would not have enough residual charge to keep the antimatter in suspension). McKenna, a former helicopter pilot, seizes the canister and pilots a helicopter into the sky, parachuting out seconds before the antimatter detonates. The explosion unleashes a powerful, blinding shockwave that causes damage and injuries throughout Vatican City but no lives are lost and the Church is saved. 

McKenna is hailed as a hero, with calls for him to be elected pope by acclamation. Langdon and Vetra retrieve Silvano's journals from Richter's office, finding he kept tabs on the Pope with hidden security cameras for medical reasons. Using the key Langdon retrieved from Richter, they discover that McKenna was the true mastermind behind the attacks. The Pope had invited Silvano to publicly present the antimatter as proof of a divine power, bridging the gap between religion and science and potentially ending the conflict between them. Considering such a claim blasphemy, McKenna orchestrated Pius XVI's death and hired the assassin, plotting to have himself elected as pope while making the Illuminati the scapegoat. The footage is shown to the papal conclave. McKenna, realizing he has been exposed, commits suicide via self-immolation after refusing to be taken alive.

The following morning, Cardinal Baggia is elected as the new pope. He chooses to take the name Pope Luke, an allusion to the biblical Luke being both a doctor and an apostle—symbolically bridging the gap between science and religion. The Vatican also announces McKenna has died from injuries from his parachute landing, which leads to calls for sainthood (since the people are not aware that he was the mastermind). Cardinal Strauss, the Pope's new camerlengo, gives Galileo's book to Langdon as thanks for his help, asking that he ensure it returns to the Vatican in his last will and testament. Pope Luke gives Langdon and Vetra a thankful nod, before stepping out on the balcony to greet the crowd below and give the traditional first  Urbi et Orbi as pope. 

This territorial spirit is protecting something like a chicken protecting an egg and has perched there to guard the dome, something there is being threatened, the dome is like an egg this spirit is protecting what's under the dome potentially, he was perched at the highest place on the dome. 

Something getting ready to manifest itself and this territorial spirit is guarding that area. They are perverting everything that the Lord said to Peter upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

Peter the Roman – last pope has to do with this as well, but for down the road. A great persecution against the people of God when Petros Romanos arises.

Example: Hitler was a catholic evil dictator who viciously attempted to destroy the Jewish people. Reltih is Hitler backward. It means: The one who leads and does good; A mirror image Hitler Forwards: a ruthless evil dictator who utilized the catholic faith to try and annihilate the firstborn of the Lord God Elohim, the Jews.

This is exactly what the antichrist will be, he will come in and lead and do “good” however at the 3.5 year mark he turns into the embodiment of lucifer on earth and becomes a ruthless dictator.

Now back to this dream:

The capital in DC and St Peter’s Basilica are mimicking each other. Within Vatican City, they have some sort of enforcing of laws as does the capital. This demon is involved in both. Has to do with the shedding of innocent blood BUT it also has to do with the change of leadership that is set to occur both in the capital and at the Vatican. This territorial demonic spirit is trying to keep this claim. This demon is venal which means motivated by susceptibility to bribery. So this demon has to do with bribery, greed, temptation, and power. He is guarding the corrupt transactional agreements where bribery is exchanged for power and influence. HOWEVER, that is not the only reason he has perched upon both places. This goes back to a dream and a prophecy I was given and we will tie it all together. It goes back to the dream with the spirit of antichrist and the European Union I just spoke of as the Vatican is at the center of their dealings as the capital in DC is at the center of many dealings and the EU. Is set to prematurely through the enemy let that spirit of antichrist in because of this, there is someone at the Vatican who is coming ready to pass, it is a pre-fabrication of events of revelation, putting the cart before the horse.

The Vatican is like the mecca of religions all over the world controlling the banking system, and stores globally and on a local level as well their tentacles are there. Now who was the demon, well it looked a lot like Anubis who is the false Egyptian god of embalming and accompanying dead kings into the underworld, false god of the dead…THE DEAD.

Now, I want to take you back to a word. November 26, 2019 (before covid): They are not the ringmasters says the Lord they are indeed the fools and the clowns in a very convoluted charade that has been put on display to open the eyes wide of the people and yanking up by the root for all to see the true motivation of these false excavations that the enemy’s agents have taken part in a witch hunt where they shall now become the hunted for dare attempting to hunt my children down and take them down says the Lord of Hosts. How dare they, the hunter shall now become the hunted.

September 14, 2020

The Hunt is on says the Lord the hunt is on!! The Hunter shall suddenly switch in the blink of an eye and become the Hunted. For I the Lord God am reversing the current I am reversing the current.

An assassination…A Hunting down...Someone attached to the kingdom of darkness is about to die, a recognizable someone or someone connected to the capital in DC and at The Vatican. These events will happen in tandem. 2 deaths of some kind in tandem of a like nature causing an interim(s) leader to attempt to arise however, their calculations are off and there is a surprise set to arise in both.

Now we must go back to the dream I had in early 2021 where I saw Joe Biden so sick in bed and Obama at his bedside. Biden's family was nowhere to be found. Biden appeared grief-stricken like he could not go on living, there were 3 different pairs of shoes on the floor representing 3 former leaders, and Obama was at his bedside dressed in a nice suit and ready, excited at thecondition of Biden, there was a crowd of middle eastern people gathered around waiting as well potentially representing different countries in cahoots, and a piece of apricot candy, known as Turkish delight on the bed, and I fought through that crowd and I reached and snatched the candy away from them and ate it so they could not have it. That candy represented a celebration and victory as is prevalent in the Muslim and middle eastern culture and it was snatched away from them, and I represented WE The People Fighting through and rising up, I also represented the prophetic, rising up and being utilized by God to destroy their plans.

How do you get Joe Biden to not want to continue being the frontman? How do you get him grief-stricken in bed…and get him out of the way? Well, he has lost 1 son already BO, Hunter is his only living son, THE HUNTER SHALL BECOME THE HUNTED. When you hunt something you are looking to kill it and take it down, or capture and/or kill, like a manhunt those end many times in the perpetrators' death. The Hunter shall become the HUNTED, you just don’t send Hunter to jail, one would completely destroy him and leave Biden with no sons as Hunter has become an enormous liability to their plan, and when one becomes an enormous liability to their plan, they are destroyed, that is how the kingdom of darkness works. And since we are dealing with what appears to be an Egyptian false god of the dead or an evil spirit in that vein, I will read this about the ceremonies that took place upon the death of a Pharoah.

During at least some of ancient Egyptian history, it is believed that human sacrifice was part of the pharaoh's burial. Servants attached to the king in life were obligated to remain attached in the afterlife. This meant they either volunteered or were compelled to drink a poison potion and travel onward with the pharaoh in his burial chamber. I am focusing on the poison part here but it is something to watch for. 

Dream 2 : 

These bumps began appearing under my skin and I thought it was monkeypox, HOWEVER, when I went to the mirror and looked closely at my upper left chest where it had formed as well, it was hives, an allergic reaction… So something is going on or has been released that is made to simulate monkey pox but really it is an allergic reaction, potentially severe depending upon the state of one's immune system or if it has been compromised. There is a deception being perpetrated where you are being told it's one thing or diagnosed as one thing but it is really another that requires an entirely different treatment.

Watch for this because something is definitely up with this.

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  1. We have to remember God Knows ALL....He knows our thoughts, our motives and sees all and hears all. These "criminals" aren't going to get away with their EVIL agendas forever. God is on the move. Judgement is coming for them all. I pray they renounce Satan and truly mean it and their EVIL deeds and choose Jesus Christ the Son of the Most High God as their Lord and Savior. Satan counterfeits everything; there is actually a "Jesus" on the dark side as well. I am obviously talking about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel. If they don't repent before they leave this world it won't go well for them; or anybody else that rejects the SON of God. I pray they use wisdom and make the RIGHT decision and choose LIFE with Jesus the Son of the Most High God and not torment and torture and trauma in Hell; even if they think Hell doesn't exist. It does and we get to decide where we want to spend the rest of eternity when we leave this world. You can't fool God; so don't even try. Don't mock Him, it won't go well for you.