Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Two Prophetic Dreams That Are Very Important and Shared on the October 7th, 2021 Broadcast

October 3rd Dream #1

I was in an airport, it actually looked very similar to the Tulsa airport. There was a man, mid to late 30’s short blond hair, shaved on the sides styled on top. Had a black pin stripe-looking suit on with a white shirt. He was trying to run away and I was pursuing him and I stopped and pointed and said “come back and face me you coward!” well that stopped him, he got upset turned around and started marching towards me, suddenly there was an interception of him from what looked to be someone in the authorities, there was a woman in her 40s with blond hair to her soldiers that seemed to be caught in the crosshairs of what this man was doing. As this was happening, I ran to this suitcase and opened up thinking maybe there was something in it I could use to help this woman. When I opened it up there were twisted and frayed and knotted wires, a bunch of black tweezer kits that were in these clear bags that looked sterile attached to each other, and electronic-looking plugs. However, there was vomit all over these things as if a cover-up was being ensued. I must have been in the spirit because when I tried to rummage through the suitcase, as gross as it was, for a closer look I could feel the coldness ad stickiness of the vomit.

After I woke up...

However, what was in that suitcase looked like material for making a bomb so be in prayer and be in prayer about Tulsa because the enemy is literally looking to set off a bomb in Tulsa because the Lord is raising many might men and women up from that area right now that will and is impacting the nation.

Dream #2 was during the night of October 6th 

It was dark outside. I was going into what looked to be going into some sort of house that was a business. For some reason, Chris’s uncle, his father’s brother was there. Now the reason why this is significant is that this particular uncle worked for Regeneron for a very long time and still may. There were tv screens in this place with what appeared to be reporting on wall street and the stock market. There were men in there it appeared they may have been doing some sort of stock transactions. Suddenly, in gold words URGENT, all capitals are flashing across the screen and these men are getting tense because stocks were plummeting!! And, they kept on reporting the numbers going lower and lower and lower, and URGENT in gold letters is flashing across the screens. 

The fact the word URGENT was in gold is very significant and timely.

I would watch Regeneron right now, their company, and their stocks because these chose to create an antibody treatment for c19 rather than any inoculation and their treatment works so well it hurts the other companies campaigns for inoculations and I believe something very sinister is being plotted because Regeneron’s stock is at $553 a share currently and up 6 points or dollars.


  1. Hey , Amanda I know you love , Animals , So have you heard any , Good News , Concerning , The rescue of the -50- K- 9 , Service Dogs ? That were left in , Afghanistan ... ✝️

  2. Same day as Colin Powell’s death…REVEALED: Fed Chair Jerome Powell sold up to
    $5million worth of stock options just before Dow
    Jones tanked last year as central bank reels from
    resignation of two regional chiefs who also cashed

  3. Was trying to locate your word regarding "them turning on each other". I heard that Jill Biden was inquiring today bc about options to remove a sitting VP via the 25th amendment 😳😼I believe this is confirmation and only the beginning.