Saturday, October 2, 2021

Part 2 Prophetic Insight, A Tower, An Arch, Build Back Better – from the BROADCAST on 9.18.2021 –

Hello everyone - welcome - it's Amanda Grace here with you on a Saturday afternoon for part two of this prophetic insight on the towers, the arch, build back better, how it relates to Isaiah chapter 9, and prophecy that has been given. 

God is good - we give him all the glory, honor, and praise. We are just beginning this dig, so there's more than likely going to be other broadcasts done about this - this is just the beginning, so we're going to get right into it - we just pray the Lord leads and guides us in all wisdom, counsel, might, and power - fill us Lord - reverential fear of the Lord – precision, accuracy, and acuity and speaking your Word in Jesus’ name 

Amen and Amen 

Thank you, Lord.

So, where we left off - we were talking about the arch of Baal and how it went from London to New York City where 911 happened - it's 50 feet tall - 50 not only has to do with the Jubilee - the Seven Shemitah's leading to the Jubilee on the Hebrew calendar, but it also is 50 cubits high that Haman built the gallows to hang Mordecai on in the book of Esther - Purim happened - there was a divine reversal - Haman was defeated - the Jews were saved by the hand of God and Him using those who were faithful to Him such as Esther and Mordecai, so where we leave off is, the arch now makes a reappearance eight days prior to Yom Kippur in 2018. 

So, September 26, 2018, is where the arch makes its reappearance - we were talking about how eight is the number that is associated with the letter in Hebrew “Chet’. Chet happens to look like an arch - if you want to go look up that Hebrew letter, it happens to look like an arch - that is no accident - it literally means a fence or a hedge and literally, after what happened in 2020, fences went up all over Washington DC - so I don't think that was any coincidence how this all went down - now we're going to take it a step further - we're going to circle back now to 911 where this all began - where build back better - were grooming the people for that - Isaiah chapter 9 which is really a defiance against God - to groom people to do that - How does this have anything to do with the Berlin Wall?

There's a reason they chose 9 11 and it doesn't only have to do with 9-1-1 - the people internally, that did this, knew dates and were very methodical in what they did - if you look at the mirror image of 911 - you get 119 - you get November 9th - it is very important to examine this day in history -

November 9th, 1965 - the great northeast blackout, left much of the northeastern states and part 

of Canada in blackness and without power, however, that's just another interesting historical fact. It was November 9th that east Germany denounced the Berlin Wall on November 9th and the next day the wall was torn down - the wall is denounced November 9th which is the mirror image of 9 11 - and the wall is torn down - it was also on November 9th that German Jews were terrorized by Nazis during Kristallnacht - they terrorized German Jews on that day, so on the 9th of November, you have the coming down of the beginning of the fall of the Berlin Wall and you also have German Jews that were terrorized by Nazi officers on November 9th - which is the mirror image of 9 11 - they chose that date for more than one reason and this has to do with it also - the fall of the Berlin Wall, the date of 11 9, the terrorizing of German Jews - this is no coincidence that this has happened - how these dates match up now - you then have the beginning of the coming down of the Berlin Wall on November 9th and then you have the beginning of the coming down of the towers on 9 11, and somehow this arch or something pertaining - I’m going to tell you this - the fact this all started in New York city was no accident. This was plotted way before - it is tied to the Berlin Wall - it is tied to the arch and somehow this arch or something pertaining to Baal or the altar of Pergamon is going to make another strategic appearance - somehow that is going to happen again, but it's going to backfire - it's going to backfire - now let's go back to the present day - let's go back to what happened this year. 

So now we're coming up to the present …

We've prophetically connected the dots - we see what's happening - now we're gonna go to September 14, 2021 - the day before Yom Kippur - the day before the Day of the Atonement - the holiest day of the Jewish calendar – News about General Milley and China breaks - all I saw were some of the headlines - I didn't want to go into it much, but news about General Milley and China breaks - the day before 

the Day of Atonement – If you remember - it was December - I had talked about a dream I had -

I’m gonna go over the dream briefly again - in December I had a dream - I was in a white car - It was nighttime out - it was darkness - I had my headlights on so I could see - there was a very narrow way - this car had to go through - there was no other way for the car to go through, but this narrow way - suddenly appears in the opposite direction - a white car and the gentleman driving the car blocks the way, so I can't get through and now I’m out of my car because even in the dream, I’m still a Bronx city girl, so now I’m out of my car - door's flung open and I’m looking at this guy like what the heck - this gentleman had some distinguishing features - he wore a military khaki shirt and military pants - no medals on them - short military style haircut -incredibly bushy eyebrows - longer thin nose - more chiseled face and he's angry and he's blocking the way - suddenly to my left appears somebody that looks like Lin Wood - this gentleman who resembled Lin Wood kept saying - was pointing at the car with the man in it, from the military, and he kept saying he had to do an illegal maneuver to get into this position - He said it like three times - he had to do an illegal maneuver to get into this position, so I talk about this on December 18th and December 19th - you can go back and find the videos where I talk about this dream and the gentleman looked like General Milley - a little bit younger version of him - a little, but I remember those eyebrows and that nose - that I remember - he had to do an illegal maneuver to get into this position. 

So now the day before the Day of Atonement - what happens? This news breaks about General Milley and basically what happens is that there seems to be some accusations about some sort of phone calls that were had with China behind the then president's back, which was President Trump - so the fact this is happening right before the Day of Atonement is no accident - the fact all of this that has happened, leading up to 2020 and what happened, is no accident - the fact of what happened in 2020 with certain viruses, shall we say, when 2015 the UN had this disaster relief meeting, because they were planning on doing this in 2016 is no accident, so now what we're going to do is we're going to go to the prophetic words that tie everything together I’ve spoken about today - When we go back to January 14th, 2021 - we're going to start in January and we're going to work our way up here, so January 14th, 2021 and the spirit of the Lord says this day…I am exhuming what they thought was dead - what they thought they buried and hid in the cracks and canals of the underground and underworld beneath that area - I the Lord of hosts and commanding to come forth - the most heinous of dealings - the most heinous of operations, blueprints - the most heinous of crimes - pure blasphemy and perversion of their father, the devil. I the Lord and commanding this day, these things be unearthed, turn up the soil says the Lord of hosts - open the caskets of what they so foolishly thought they buried so well - I the Lord of hosts say this day - what shall be exhumed shall change the course of this nation and shall cause to cry out for a complete purge of their government - this is January - for I the Lord God say this day - your keys and codes and GPS points of burial that you so hid - I the Lord God decree this day in so order for my Holy angels, my warring angels, to go forth and remove the principalities and powers that are so guarding these key pieces and take them to put them into the hands of those I have chosen to lead the fight for truth, Godliness, justice and recompense says the Lord and says the spirit of the Lord this day – towers - now this is where 9 11 comes into this - so towers once thought dead and gone, I the Lord and resurrecting the true and rightful tale, story, and plan for the world to see attacks that happened long ago, including in Oklahoma says the Lord - what is in the earth shall cry out and those who have stayed hidden in secret with key pieces to the puzzle, who have the information to make entire pictures very clear - I the Lord God - I’m calling them out from the shadows - I am calling them out from deep within the government - I am calling them by name to come forth and inject the very explosive evidence into the fight - there will be even more panic, not only on the part of the donkeys who took payoffs, but the elephants who took payoffs - to look the other way from what they saw and conversations they witnessed - for their many shrines and empires shall fall as it is made even more clear - these politicians do not serve the people - they do not serve me - the Lord your God. They serve the interests of wicked insatiable principalities who have been lording over Washington DC - January 14th word goes on - Donald and a select few went digging and what they found was frightening, sickening, darkness that brings you to the point of being physically ill and they panicked - these snakes, sorcerers, and thieves panicked, because No One was supposed to find out who was not puppeted by them, to keep them in check - there was not one string they could pull to reign him back and so they went on a quest - they made a pact to not only destroy him and his family, but to destroy the entire country as punishment for the way they so voted their conscience and their voice and so says the Lord of hosts - they met with the great red dragon and worshiped the dragon and committed harlotry with this blasphemous being and plotted every evil that only comes from the pits of hell, that was so-called up by lucifer himself and contracts were signed - pacts were made and so in their desperation, they attempted to unleash hell against this country and attempts to get them to turn on the president and put their trust in the very people who went on a mission from hell to destroy them - whose allegiance is to principalities and powers, not to the Lord God - The Great I Am - and not to the people says the Lord - and says the spirit of the Lord this day -  this is from January 14th  - now is the hour where I the Lord God shall gut open the great red dragon and pull forth out of its belly all it has consumed and its contents that is highly sensitive material - there were codes exchanged with the great red dragon - codes for missiles as well and just as they have so wickedly opened the door for infiltration in this country, purposely giving jobs in favor to those who were indeed operatives - just when they think they have a hold - I the Lord God, Yahweh, say this day - I shall raise my right hand in judgment against them and shall send in a fierce warring army to literally rip them out of their bunkers, offices, and positions - I the Lord God will strike a fatal blow to the red dragon and that sickness shall carry to Persia, for their hands shall be cut off for dipping their interest into such a wicked scheme and the god they serve will be deaf to their cries as shaking, quaking, an explosion so go forth in that country - they will be sorry they ever tried to harm America and Israel and so their operatives that have been waiting for their cue deep within the government in America, and other areas of the world, those operatives shall be pulled forth out of their offices and hiding places and the media of deceptions shall quake as these things come forth and the people shout for their dismantling says the Lord of hosts this day - still January 14, 2021, a surprise with the presidency is imminent, for the pit is literally one step away for those who have become drunk on the cup of hardiness, pride, perversions and lust of every power, they could their spirits out for says the Lord of hosts. And so I shall fight for you O’ America I shall fight for this covenant nation and shall break the eagle of its bondage and the blood covenants made on behalf of the sons and daughters of perdition and sin and Balaam and I the Lord shall break the chain of command and constrictions of that covenant and shall evict lucifer from what he so illegally took and inhabited in this country - the hostilities shall grow against those in Washington DC, as the people completely reject their officials and their false way of government - for they have been operating in a government in the shadows, that runs opposite with the laws of the land state - the persecuting spirit has gone forth to attempt to persecute truth and its soldiers as their coliseums and monuments and contracts that they so built are falling apart at the seams - are crumbling in a complete panic - they have gone forth against those who are standing for truth, law, and order - The persecution shall turn on them since they so chose to serve their father the devil - so this is January, so it talks about those meeting with the great red dragon - it talks about those high up in the government exchanging, missile codes, which could also translate to when they're going to strike or when they're going to attack - this was January - this just happened - what was it nine months later - the day before the Day of Atonement, this news breaks, now what we have to watch for, before I continue is if Milley - what kind of role he's been assigned to play - that's what you have to watch for in this - that's what we're going to watch for in this - it goes on - two banks shall take such a major hit and blow for their willful arrogance against the people - one of those banks - now this is January - one of those banks was Chase bank - with what they did to General Flynn initially closing his credit account, because they didn't agree with his politics and they took such a major hit for that - that they reinstated it, so this is back in January - the Lord talks about two banks - we'll see who the other one is, but Chase was one of them with the whole incident with General Flynn.

And says the Lord of hosts this day as My People, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray - will humble themselves before me and pray and Seek My Face and turn from their wicked ways - I will hear from heaven - forgive their sin and heal their land says the Lord - now is the time that the cries of the people to their creator will cause massive change and  intervention - for I the Lord God desire to deliver you Do Not look to a man to deliver you - Do Not set man up as an idol - for man is a tool in my hands - nothing is too difficult for me and no circumstance is impossible to overcome when you have the Lord your God fighting for you - the next year so this is January 2021 - the next year says the Lord is going to be a crucial fight to regain the country out of the hands of the wicked - I the Lord have set my face against them and so shall I release my wrath upon them for attempting to open up the gates of hell against America - you have a sword - it is the Word - utilize it right now and speak it - root yourselves in it as I the Lord God send help, oh America, for she needs her freedom once again - that's how He ends it - she needs her freedom once again thus say the Lord of hosts in the name of Jesus Christ

Amen and Amen.

Those are excerpts from the January 14th word - a lot of this is happening now - all glory be to God and especially the things with China and the missile codes we see rumblings of that now as well happening - so that's nine months later - this is coming to pass now May 17th, 2021 - there was a word given… 

May 17, 2021

There shall be crippling blows to leadership in their plans and one who sits high up in the party of the elephant shall be found out to be a wolf in sheep's clothing and their face and name shall be smeared across the screens and tickers says the Lord of hosts - this could have to do with General Milley - this was May 17, 2021 - this could be him and maybe what we can do - we will look into publishing a bound book with the words, so then notes can be made, and we'll figure out how everybody can get one - so we'll look into that, because there are companies that will do that for us just publish bound books of the words that you could actually take notes and not like a paperback book, that you can't really take many notes in - let's go on from this May word hearing CNN, watch CNN says the Lord of hosts just watch and says the spirit of the Lord this day - a cave shall be discovered and more scrolls shall come forth as I the Lord and pulling what is hidden from deep within the earth - they are attempting to dry up the resources to cause desperation in the people to wind them up and send them in the country of the eagle in the way they, as the corrupt council and leadership say, they should go says the Lord of hosts - in an attempt to resurrect a deal that was on life support from the beginning and I the Lord shall send my warring angels to cut the cord and the life source of that deal for there shall be sudden happenings to leadership, secretly meeting, to attempt to put this unholy mess of cracked shells and spilled yolks back together as I the Lord God so tore the kingdom away from Saul - why is this sentence important right here - I recently delivered a word from the Lord on August 31, 2021 - the Lord repeats himself when the Lord repeats himself after time has gone by, it means the event is getting very close - that's what I’ve noticed with words God has given me - as I the Lord God shall tear the kingdom away from Saul, you shall see kingdoms torn away in this hour from those who dare to harm my children and blaspheme and challenge My Name, meaning the Lord and My Authority says the Lord - for as I put on a demonstration before Pharaoh - before Jericho - before Gideon - before Goliath and the Philistines I the Lord your God shall indeed do the same in this hour and phenomenon similar to the plagues of Egypt shall hit strategic cities and areas that are involved, both openly and under a secret cover of an oath, says the Lord of hosts - I’m not too sure what that means yet…


And says the spirit of the Lord this day, I the Lord in pressing Washington DC - I the Lord I'm pressing to expel what is hidden for behind the veil of secrecy - secrets will come back to the forefront of those who chose to blackmail and threaten those standing for truth - for there is a core that I the Lord your God am operating through in this hour, to oppose the dark oppressive Godless agenda - that those who are part of the council have laid forth and are expecting their henchmen and women to put forth and to speak forth, however, the more they speak the infectious filth and blasphemies a righteous anger shall arise more and more in the people and there shall be clashes even within the military, interesting, the underground inner workings that you do not see - there are clashes as a reverse coup takes place, says the Lord of hosts, and says the spirit of the Lord this day watch the Pacific Ocean going towards the far east says the Lord and a near-fatal public blow to China and those who hold hands with leadership in this nation of the eagle - a near fatal public blow to China and those who hold hands with leadership in this nation of the eagle - that may go back to what we see coming out now too about these secret China calls - remember my children they are bound up in an unholy court, one falls, they all take the blow and fall says the Lord of hosts this day. 

Now May 24th, 2021 - this one's important too - here's the excerpt, as in the country of the eagle, the leadership shall release another scare upon the people - I think this has to do with delta -another scare upon the people says the Lord of hosts - expect a mockingbird to be accelerated as they attempt yet another scare however, this shall cause sections and cornerstones of news networks to crumble and cave causing quite a fall says the Lord this day - why is that important because the Lord on August 31st, 2021 repeated himself about an entire news network falling, so now that he's repeated himself about this, I would look for it to come in the near future - so this is from May 24, 2021 - the Lord repeated himself August 31st, 2021 however, it is time to Wake Up - there are those who will be shaken out of their slumber as a shaking occurs in part of your nation - for in the realm of the spirit there is a great war in the heavenlies For the Soul of your nation and It Is Not the enemy's time says the Lord of hosts, as he attempts to accelerate and speed up, I the Lord will slow down and rewind, now this is important, the turning back of the clocks in fall, that's in October - I believe - the turning back of the clocks in the fall - watch says the Lord watch for around the time of the Jewish feast there shall be Many Reveals - the day before the Day of Atonement this news broke with the general - there shall be many reveals that shall change the direction of nations that shall change majorities that shall change the guard with royalty says the Lord of hosts - so November 1st is the turning back of the clocks this year - the Lord is saying to watch for the time of the turning back of the clocks - in fall watch for around the time of Jewish feast there shall be many reveals - well we saw that start - we saw that start even before the Day of Atonement, these many reveal so watch for the time of November 1st, around that time he says - the Lord could be two weeks before two weeks after - watch for around that time - though what's important about this is in the August 31st word, the Lord talked about an October surprise - that October surprise would lead into the turning back of the clocks which is in the beginning of November - whether it's November 7th a lot of people are saying - it's the first week of November - so the turning back of the clocks is the first week in November, so this October surprise is going to come right before the turning back of the clocks, so I’ll say it again the - Lord says the turning back of the clocks in fall, watch says the Lord, watch for around the time of the Jewish feast there shall be Many Reveals that shall change the direction of nations - that shall change majorities - that shall change the guard with royalty says the Lord of hosts – 

Praise the Lord - so I should go to the word from the 31st for everybody, so we're going to pull this up right now - we're going to pull up the word from the 31st - here we go 

I got the word from the 31st because this ties into what the Lord says in this word - he goes into Israel in the first part of the word, but he talks about, interestingly enough, so we talked about the arch of Baal right and we talked about, it was strategically planted in New York City and in Washington DC and in London - in this word the Lord says, which ties it back to what we were talking about, infighting within Israeli leadership shall spill out as the deeply corrupt within Israel are attempting to turn the people to Baal - that is exactly what was going on in this nation when the arch of Baal was making its little guest appearances in these strategic locations -

So, they're trying to do the same thing in Israel - I believe, if I’m not mistaken, this year is a Shemitah year - I’ll double check that don't quote me on it, but when we continue to go through this word because of what we started with in part one, because all of these words tie to what has been put together prophetically in part one - praise the Lord this is what the Lord says, there is much blood on the hands of your leaders, Oh America, that the time has come for an account - Oh America, I have given you a window to repent and call out to Me - meaning the Lord and I will answer you and more are crying out to me, meaning the Lord and looking to me for the answer says the Lord there has been a changing of the tides in the spirit and you shall see evidence of this in the natural as I shall shake the administration, I shall shake their president and vice and secretary of state, I shall shake this unholy union says the Lord, for they have spilled much blood and now much shall be required of them for it is as the kingdom shall be torn away from Saul - if we remember going back to the words I just read, from January and May, the Lord mentions the kingdoms being torn away from Saul - the Lord is repeating himself here, which means we start looking for it - it's getting closer basically - it's nearing - kingdom shall be torn away from Saul says the Lord of hosts and just when Athaliah thinks it is up for grabs, something unprecedented in your nation shall occur as I the Lord raise leaders up and I cause them to fall - for they have desecrated what is holy - they have mocked my authority - they have praised the gods of gold and silver and principalities, which leads back to Baal oh Belshazzar the hand is coming for the writing on the wall is at hand – “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin - you shall be judged and found wanting and those propping you up shall be judged as well, for this is a shadow presidency within a shadow government, says the Lord this day - a prop a ruse and puppets are indeed disposable says the Lord thy God this day - so he's telling them, the Lord, to their face, you're a puppet for the enemy and he's just gonna get rid of you - I’m saying it in my very Amanda Italian way, but this is, in a nutshell, what the Lord is saying here. 

He said… It goes on…I shall make a spectacle of them as the people return unto me - it is not a man that shall save you, O’ America, remember he said that at the beginning of the year - it is by my power, an outstretched arm, you shall be redeemed and wash and cleanse, as a river of blood has run through your nation, that I the Lord am damning up their channels and avenues and “quarries”, remember that word he puts in parentheses, and I shall dry up your supply of what you take power from says the Lord thy God this day - two days after this word was given I believe news broke in Israel that they found an ancient quarry that supplied stone to ancient Israel, so two days after this word, this ancient quarry I believe, was discovered in Israel and the Lord said remember this word “quarry”, now this word “quarry” is going to come up again, so just keep that word in mind - Praise the Lord – 

So the Lord basically says they have defied the living God and I have given time for repentance and change for I am long-suffering however, it is minutes to midnight and there shall be an October surprise, says the Lord of hosts this day, and says the spirit of the Lord this day - the airwaves, the towns, the tents of meeting, shall be filled with my Word with an appeal to their creator proclaiming the works of the Lord - proclaiming my power and as this occurs, we're in the middle of that right now, there shall be a collapse of an entire media entity - as this occurs what Babel has built shall be confused and fall says the Lord of hosts this day, as these high places shall come down as an event in your nation - shall bring forth an even greater exodus for those to search out the truth through other media sources that shall and will glorify my name, so here it is - the Lord repeats the collapse of an entire media entity - he repeats it - so now we watch for it - we watch for it - what Babel has built shall be confused and full - the high places are coming down - watch that Freedom tower - watch just the area surrounding the Freedom tower in New York city - so this is why I wanted to go over because this word from August 31st ties into the other words that were given starting at the beginning of the year and it ties into part one of us connecting; build back better, 9 11, the arch of Baal, the Berlin Wall, what's happening now in this nation - it all ties in and I know it's a lot of information, but it's necessary and we're gonna do another video on this so basically we're gonna dig even more as the Lord permits and we are going to put even more pieces together prophetically so you see in the realm of the spirit what they've been building up to, how they've been planning it, why they choose dates they choose, why they choose to position things eight days out, why they choose to put things 50 feet high, there's all a really deep significance for it - a deep spiritual significance, because they are trying to attain their power in the spirit first by corrupt means of the kingdom of darkness, to carry it over into the natural – 

Now there's another part of this word here he talks about Belgium in the EU - somehow Belgium in the EU is going to come out as being wrapped up in a pretty little bow with everything that's going on, so I would watch for that also Belgium in the EU - the Lord talks about by January there shall be an eruption, meaning in the nation - the Lord talks about by January there shall be an eruption, as evidence, that all they have hidden is being compelled to the surface - He talks about generals past and present have met in secret, so current military and former military generals have met in secret and the Lord is going to help them outmaneuver the enemy's plans. He compares it to what Washington did crossing the Delaware on Christmas Eve in a nor'easter, which is crazy, but it wasn't, because it was a plan God divinely inspired - it was a sneak attack on the enemy and what happened it was the turning point of the Revolutionary War - there's going to be a turning point here and we're on the precipice of that turning point - is it going to get a little worse before it gets better? Yeah …it is, but it's going to be necessary - the Lord also says rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, says the Lord thy God this day, and so those ceremonies done within the White House and the halls of Congress so shall be broken as well as I the Lord, with my fists, shall fracture their oats and their chance and their contracts by blood to serve for a power that is filled with death and darkness - for that is their portion says the Lord of hosts this day - a shaking in the halls of Congress shall occur and an overthrowing suddenly of leadership whose seat they thought was so secure, however, I the Lord have denied the continuance of such, as a changing of the guards must occur, so the Lord is also saying here those who seek him out He's going to give weak points and loopholes that are in the enemy's plans and he also mentions areas of wire fraud so deep it was covered up by a company who claims to do good but has been involved deep under the Hood.

We're going to know it when it comes out - we're going to say that was it - that was the company - that was the company, so you see this word ties into all these others that started, what in January, they started before January too - I mean all glory be to God, it was in 2018 - we'll go to California for a minute as we're going on this whirlwind tour of everything going on. The United States of America - it was in 2018, I began prophesying about California and the leadership in California and how the Lord was saying that that governor, meaning Newsom, is sowing a field of land mines – well, what happens when you sow a field of landmines, they're buried and you don't know where you step, what's going to hit what, and right now after what happened with the recall, he has sown a field of land mines - he has sown a field of land mines and he's going to step on one and that's going to be the end of it, so it's not over in California - in fact, it's waking people up more, if anything, to the corruption in elections and that there are things going on in elections that should never be and there are practices from communist nations that are interwoven into even state, county, and local elections, so this is acting as an enormous wake-up call, to not only the rest of California but the rest of the country and this is where you're going to see the people become super restless and I mean really truly restless and we're at a point because the Lord's giving a lot of insight, He's helping those seeking Him connect the dots, to encourage the people, He is giving words – In the book of Amos, it says the Lord does nothing until he first reveals his secrets to his servants first, but the enemy right now is so upset - the enemy is so upset right now and so desperate and so angry I’m gonna tell you about something that happened to me last night as an example because right now one of the ways the enemy is attacking ferociously is he's trying to attack people's minds - he's trying to attack people's minds - he's trying to afflict certain parts of the body to try to weaken people - he's so desperate right now - those who serve him are so desperate because we're on the precipice of the titanic hitting the iceberg - remember the Lord talked about the Titanic would reach impact -

When you have certain officials at the FDA jumping ship, you know the Titanic is about to hit the iceberg and so last night I was in bed and I was having trouble falling asleep and I could feel that my mind was trying to be attacked, so I shut my eyes and I see this hideous demon - I mean hideous and the Lord has muted him, so I’m not allowed to hear what it's saying, but it's like trying to like conjure or do whatever the cray-cray it's doing and so I immediately begin to rebuke in the name of Jesus, so I begin to rebuke in the name of Jesus - I begin to quote scripture, pray in the spirit, ask the Lord to send his Holy warring angels in to remove and I just kept rebuking and then I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ - in the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke you - and as I did that more and more it was being tortured and it put its hands on its ears like this and it was shaking its head and he was screaming, except the Lord had muted, so I couldn't hear, but I could see, and after about three minutes or so, he dissipated and he disappeared and then all these colors flashed in my room - which I’ll get into another time, because I’m not quite sure what happened there yet, but I saw it, my eyes were open, and I saw it, but there are very strong demons that are assigned right now, to go after the people of God - to distract them - to go after their mind - to weaken them - to try to afflict them - they're assigned right now in droves, because they're so desperate and because people are getting a righteous anger and a righteous indignation and they're rising up and they're calling out on the name of the Lord more, and the name of the Lord is being carried on the airwaves, more so than it probably ever has - you have all these alternative news agencies speaking about the name of the Lord -they want people on that are going to talk about the Lord - how the nation needs the Lord - how the nation needs to turn back to the Lord and the Lord says if my people, who are called by my name, so not the world, if His people will humble themselves and pray and seek his face and turn from their wicked ways, so His people have to acknowledge their culpability in what happened in this nation - you know the church sat hands off for a while - a good part of the church went completely hands off - went completely…just sat there and weren't being watchmen and allowed this to happen, because it should have been the church that rose up first and stopped it, and now you've got some of the churches acting like Walgreens and CVS in their band of merry pharmacists, so now you've got some of the church doing that so when God's people humble themselves and they call on him and they acknowledge we've sinned, we've fallen short, we should have been more vocal further ahead of time Lord - we should have stood up…then the Lord says I will hear from heaven forgive their sin and heal their land, so this is dependent now on the people of God and on people coming to the Lord and humbling themselves this isn’t dependent on the world right now, this is dependent on the people of God to do it, and everybody can play a part in this - everybody can do something - everybody can make a sacrifice and speak up, even if it's going to your local school board meeting - even if whatever it is - it is praying for the nation every night or taking turns or having groups that - everybody can do something - we are soldiers in the army of the living God, we all have a role - we all have our assignment and now is the time where the enemy - it's gonna be a lot of pressure - this is like the big squeeze -This is what I’m gonna call it - this is like the big squeeze - going into October - you can feel it in the realm of the spirit - it is manifesting itself in the natural - it is making itself clear in the natural and known and the enemy is frantic and trying to every which way he can to afflict - this is why, if you have to get on your face before the Lord constantly, do it - submit yourself to the Lord - resist the enemy and he shall flee - in submission there is resisting - when we submit to God, it immediately resists the enemy because in our submission to the Lord, the enemy doesn't have a way in to afflict - in our submission, the enemy loses his affliction - he loses his ability to afflict - it becomes harder because we are submitting under the authority of God and that is very difficult for the enemy to contend with, when you have submitted - this is why using the Word, using our instrument, death and life or the power of the tongue - speaking it right now - what I did last night when I saw that demonic entity and I think the Lord is trying to show me, this is what's trying to do this right now, so it could be rebuked in the name of Jesus Christ - they're being dispatched, so you need to be prepared for it and you need to be ready for it, because they are going to try everything they can and I wouldn't be surprised if some arch or some altar came back out in the open and were strategically positioned in some strategic city right now - for them to try to wrap things up in a little bow that they started before 2001. I wouldn't be surprised right now - if that happens, because this is the time we're in, but this is a time that is biblical - that is of great deliverance - it is the time we're on the cusp of something incredible. God is outside of our confines of space and time God's ways are higher than our ways - His timing is not our timing, but we see the signs - we see the signs and we see these things prophetically happening and we see the prophetic timelines of what is leading up to what, in this hour, in this moment, in this time, so the best thing we can do is stand up, armor up, speak up, and show up, so we make the enemy want to throw up - seriously that is what we can do right now - we've got the Word - we've got a relationship with the Lord - we have death and life in the power of the tongue - we have our instrument - we have the weapons of our warfare that are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down and destruction of strongholds - we have all of this - we have all of this - many countries right now, are watching what America is going to do - they are watching - right now, in Israel, they're attempting to turn them completely over to Baal - pray for Israel right now, because the crazies who want to run their government are attempting to turn the people to Baal and the United States is not doing their job in rising up right now, to speak out and to stand up to the wickedness within Israel - that will change after the Lord has his way and as we as a nation turn to Him, we will see more and more change happen in this nation, but we've already seen some big reveals going into the Jewish feasts - buckle up for October. 

You know a few months ago I saw something twice in a day I saw a Crimson tide – Twice -

Crimson Tide - I sat on it, and just yesterday was brought back to my remembrance, so I would watch for something with that too - that wording - that slogan - Crimson tide and… 

Heaven's armies, right now, are battling with the powers of the air for this nation - they are going after those principalities that are trying to hang on to this nation and they can bring out whatever arch they want right now, let me tell you something…the people of God calling on the name of Yeshua Jesus Christ and calling on the name of the Lord is way more powerful than any arch they could bring out - it's way more powerful than any guide stone they could put up - it is way more powerful than anything they chant in the halls of congress - we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus – Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world - we have been given the power to trample upon serpents and scorpions, against all the power of the enemy, so nothing shall by any means hurt us - we have to utilize it - we have to get serious about faith and understanding our authority in Christ.

I had authority in Christ last night when I rebuked that entity in Jesus’ name - we have authority in Christ Jesus and if they're panicked that should make us want to call on the Lord even more right now - the wicked are panicked - the enemy is panicked - their plans are crumbling - the lies they're pushing people are believing less and less – yes - you've got some people that blindly believe whatever the media tells them - if the media told them to go out and drink sewage water because it would make them lose 10 pounds, they'd go do it, but we as the remnant have an authority in Christ Jesus that the enemy doesn't - Jesus is king - He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is the Lord of hosts - the government rests upon His shoulders and he will have His way and you will see Saul like moments in this world and in this nation - you will see these moments occur - it's always the darkest before dawn - it's always the most pressure filled and painful before birth - it is always the hardest right before the finish line and now is not the time to get weary or hopeless, but now is the time to know that we serve an awesome God who is the Alpha and the Omega and it was bigger and more powerful than we could ever comprehend in our minds ever and he wants to demonstrate his power in this nation - he wants people to submit to him and to surrender and he wants to do a great work in this nation - he desires to do it and I believe we are going to see that as long as we stand firm - stand still - hold our positions in God and see the salvation of the Lord happen – interesting, the Crimson tide Alabama football team's mascot is an elephant - someone just wrote that - thank you for that - I found that very interesting 

Praise the Lord 

All Glory be to God 

Keep the faith everyone 

Get ready - I know it was last September I heard Red October - now I don't know if it pertained to last October or this October, but I remember last September talking about this that I heard read October and I went to the Hunt for Red October, which was the movie about the submarine the Russian submarine, so but it was months ago - like two months ago - I saw it twice in a day Crimson tide and I went what is going on - so I sat on it till now and now I’m speaking about it Praise the Lord.

So, this is where we're going to end part two. I pray that now you've gotten a lot out of this, but this encourages you to go and research - to go and pray to go and dig deeper from what I have given you today - then we just have to trust the Lord. I know God is faithful. I know He is. He always has been faithful, and He always will be. 

He is a faithful God 

He is an awesome God 

He is incredible in every single way - He constantly blows my mind 

We give Him all the glory. He deserves all the glory, because without his breath in us we don't even have life. He deserves all the glory - we are merely instruments that He uses for His glory and for His plans and purposes that are just incredible and amazing in every way so

God bless you all 

Keep the faith 

Shalom We love you 

God Bless! 


  1. Hello and God Bless you, Chris and Amanda Grace!

    I just wanted to share a couple of things that I was looking at regarding "Crimson Tide".

    1. There is a very beautiful old hymn titled : Grace Greater Than Our Sin, written by Julia Johnston. The line I am referring to reads, "Dark is the stain that we cannot hide; what can avail to wash it away? Look! There is flowing a crimson tide; whiter than snow can you be today". (UM Hymnal 365)

    Also, it's kind of interesting...the mascot for the Crimson Tide (Alabama football team) is a very aggressive elephant. The way that the team got it's nickname was by a sports writer who observed the game between Alabama and Auburn in 1907. Auburn was favored to win. The game was played on a very muddy (red mud) field and Alabama held them back at 6 to 6, against all odds. Because they had white uniforms, that were stained red by the mud, there steadfastness and hard push earned them "the Crimson Tide". I thought it was interesting, the "white stained red" goes with the theme of the hymn I mentioned. The reporter said they played in a "sea of mud" which is what Pharoh's chariots got stuck in when the Red Sea was parted, if I'm not mistaken. It is often said of the Crimson Tide fans that they "bleed red". The signature chant of the Crimson Tide is "Roll Tide". The writer of the 1917 game said when they were moving against the other team, they looked like a tide of the ocean going against the opponent. In the article I was reading, it said that "Roll Tide" can mean : Fight On, Don't Give Up, Keep Fighting, Never Give Up, Never Surrender. Another article in Wikipedia said : "The Alabama-Auburn series was originally thought to have been discontinued in response to violence both on the field and among fans during and after the 1907 game. What's interesting to me, when you look deeper into this story regarding Alabama and Auburn rivalry, it gets VERY political and has ties back to Washington big time!!

    I saw something else, but don't remember my source that said that Crimson Tide is mentioned twice in the bible in Isiah 63. One reference has to do with God's Day of Vengeance and the other has to do with Redemption.

    Also, there is something that can occur in the ocean, particularly the gulf, called Red or Crimson Tide. This is toxic and can cause marine life to die and can be harmful to humans. This happens usually in the late summer or early fall.

    And, in Rev 16:3, One of the judgments of God is turning the sea to blood.

    That's all I have.

    Praise be to God in the Highest, may he help us all to live and move and have our being in Him! Thank you, Jesus!

    PS: I couldn't change my email and this is not correct. It should be attn: Elaine

  2. Hello again! (and, Happy birthday, Chris!)

    I just found this article that looked interesting for some reason:

  3. I read about a book of these being made. I would live this. I have such a hard time reading from my phone due to glare. Thank you for all you do. God Bless Sandy. Cheyenne Wyoming

  4. Hi Amanda,
    Crimson Tide U of Alabama football game was where the F Joe Biden chants began that have swept the country. Hunt for Red October was Alec Baldwin who was head of Movie production where he recently shot Halyna Hutchins a Russian woman married to a Clinton lawyer. She grew up near a Russian submarine instillation. Her tweet teased she was about to reveal information 4 days before her death. Alec Baldwin is alleged free mason. I would call those 2 prophesies fulfilled