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Philippians 3:10 states that our true citizenship is in heaven. We truly are passing through this world, living in it but not of the world.

The Lord is making a serious adjustment in this country right now. As a Chiropractor adjusts and you hear the cracks and the noise, so shall it be now.

The Lord is dropping a plumbline, a measuring rod.

There are 2 camps

Camp 1:

Those out of fear of losing what they built are recanting what God said out of peer pressure are repenting before the people because they fear the people.

Those who are regressing back into the flesh. 

Those who are concerned about their profits.

Those who choose to lump everyone into one category and accuse; accuse because they have filled their spirits too much with Q, the news, and immersed in exposing the deep state.

Camp 2:

Those who are standing firmly in what THE LORD (KEY) said refusing to back down, fearing God more than man.

Those who are marching ahead getting bolder in the Lord.

Those concerned about watching over the promise to its completion.

Too much Q, news, deep state rabbit trails lead to paranoia, false accusation, jealousy, and casting shadows of suspicion on everyone.

The world system goes way beyond 501c3 and we are going to get into the WHOLE TRUTH about the options ministry has in America. A whole body of evidence that then you take to the Lord.

I was up with the Lord for hours during the night. I was awoken around 1am and went to bed after 430am

I will tell you the Lord told me to take a look at the Paul/Peter argument over circumcision and eating with gentiles because in a way that is what is going on.

Paul Opposes Peter in Antioch

Galatians 2:11-14

11 Now when [d]Peter had come to Antioch, I [e]withstood him to his face, because he was to be blamed; 12 for before certain men came from James, he would eat with the Gentiles; but when they came, he withdrew and separated himself, fearing [f]those who were of the circumcision. 13 And the rest of the Jews also played the hypocrite with him, so that even Barnabas was carried away with their hypocrisy.

14 But when I saw that they were not straightforward about the truth of the gospel, I said to Peter before them all, “If you, being a Jew, live in the manner of Gentiles and not as the Jews, [g]why do you compel Gentiles to live as [h]Jews? 

How could such a conflict occur between Paul and Peter after they had reached an agreement to support one another?

According to Paul's report about Peter, before certain men came from James, he used to eat with the Gentiles (v. 12). In Antioch's fully integrated congregation of Christian Jews and Gentiles, Peter had regularly followed the custom of eating with Gentile Christians. His practice of sharing meals with non-Jewish Christians must have also included sharing the Lord's Supper with them. Undoubtedly his presence at table fellowship with Gentile Christians was taken as an official stamp of approval on the union and equality of Jews and Gentiles in the church. We can imagine that the Gentile believers in the church were especially encouraged by Peter's wholehearted acceptance of them. This picture of Peter eating with Gentiles is consistent with the account in Acts of Peter's visit with Cornelius after he was taught by a special vision not to call anything unclean that God had cleansed (Acts 10:1--11:18). After that vision, Peter knew that God approved of his table fellowship with Gentile believers. In fact, to refuse to eat with Gentile Christians would have been to go against the clear revelation he had received from God. Peter's Separation from Gentile Christians (2:12) (

It is difficult to understand how anybody could have persuaded Peter to stop sharing common meals and the Lord's Supper with Gentile believers. But apparently, that is exactly what certain men with connections to James did when they arrived in Antioch. Who were these men? Were they actually sent from James? Or were they members of James's circle in the church but without a direct commission from James? Fortunately for them, Paul cloaks them with anonymity. But he seems to lay on James the responsibility for their disturbance in the church in Antioch.

It seems that during the late forties and fifties, Jewish Christians in Judea were facing bitter antagonism from Zealot-minded Jews for socializing with Gentiles. The fierce Jewish nationalism rampant in Palestine at that time led to the harsh treatment of any Jew who associated with Gentiles. It is likely that the delegation from James simply reported to Peter that his open and unrestricted association with Gentiles in Antioch would cause (or had already caused) the church in Jerusalem to suffer greatly at the hands of the circumcision group, Jewish nationalists.

If Peter expressed his own reason for separating from the Gentiles in Antioch, he may well have voiced his concern about the detrimental effect his table fellowship with Gentiles had on the Jerusalem church's mission to the Jews. When non-Christian Jews in Jerusalem heard that Peter, a prominent church leader, was eating with Gentiles in Antioch, they would not only turn away from the witness of the church but also become actively hostile toward the church for tolerating such a practice. Confronted by these practical concerns for his home church and its mission to the Jews, Peter acted against his own better judgment. He separated himself from the Gentiles. The Separation of the Other Jewish Christians from Gentile Christians (2:13)

It is important to note that Paul accuses Peter and the rest of the Jewish believers in Antioch of hypocrisy, not heresy: the rest of the Jews joined him in his hypocrisy (v. 13). Their action was inconsistent with their own convictions about the truth of the gospel. They were more influenced by their common racial identity as Jews than by their new experience of unity in Christ with all believers of every race.

From Paul's perspective, however, Peter's action was not accommodation for the sake of the gospel; it was a compromise of the essential truth of the gospel. And on that basis, Paul was willing to confront Peter with the inconsistency and hypocrisy of his actions. 

Now I went through this because this sort of comes into play with the things I am about to discuss. I ask you to take all this to the Lord.

It appears the 501c3 and ministry, you are only getting 25% of the story, I am going to give you the whole. Those I have explained the whole to have asked me to please share this.

Now Ark of Grace Ministries is a 508c1A partly because we have an animal sanctuary as well, I will explain what all this is in a few minutes.

If 2 people are given the same exact gun there is a choice. On both accounts, it’s a deadly weapon. However, it's what the person chooses to do with this weapon that distinguishes them as responsible by law or reckless and careless. The first person responsibly separates the gun and locks it up, takes gun safety, and only utilizes it as protection in imminent danger. The second person takes the same gun, carelessly leaves it out, waives it around as a big shot to their friend, and recklessly shoots in in unauthorized areas. It’s the same gun, they have the same exact weapon, WHAT THEY CHOOSE TO DO WITH IT IS THE DIVIDING LINE. Should the person who responsibly uses this gun be demonized with the person who recklessly uses it, should they be categorized and judged the same? Weapons are part of the world, it was never God’s intent for us to get our hands on them, BUT once man fell and this happened the Lord made allowances for weapons for Israel and people to defend themselves, although NOT His original plan, allows it for the sake of His Will to be accomplished. At times the Lord will allow what he hates to accomplish what He loves

Being judged with a scarlet letter while never looking at the evidence. In the word of God, it tells you to search a matter out and that is exactly what we are going to do

I will also say this, there are those making mistakes in their frustrations and tunnel vision of allocating more power to the deep state and the corrupt than to God, thinking that God does not have the power to grow what he pleases when he pleases in whatever circumstance He so chooses. If the lord God Almighty can bring water forth from a rock, if he can produce manna in the desert, if He can execute 10 plagues on an entire nation of Egypt, SURELY he can bless and grow what he pleases, what ministry He pleases, what person He pleases. The second everything that may grow or prosper gets accused of being deep state is the second the deep state has been set up as an idol more powerful than the Lord. This is where discernment becomes numbed and neutralized the more people go down the rabbit holes of Q, the news, and the deep state more so than filling their spirits of what is of God and HIS Word. What I am saying is if that is what you immerse yourself in, you lose your discernment and ability to hear God correctly and everyone, good and bad, looks the same to you…

This is why I watch little to no news, I don’t follow q, and I am very careful about letting paranoia in through these avenues.

Good ministries and faithful leaders are getting judged and ostracized because the lense in which one sees these things through is severely compromised.

You cannot make an educated or Godly decision with ¼ of the information.


501c3 in gematria

5=he=the, or behold,


1=alef=3 letters make up alef. Meaning 1 composed of 3 parts


3=gimel=benefactor or someone who gives to others

5+1+3=9=TET in Hebrew alphabet=connected to Hebrew word TOV which means good

9=finality and judgment

Many companies outside the IRS classification use 501:

Levis 501 jeans their most rugged pair created for tough work motor and car parts

Mcfarlane aviation has product codes that end in 501

Lego makes the 501st legion clone troopers from star wars is a pharmacy online

So 501 appears in many areas for many different reasons



Under option one, you would be categorized by the IRS as a Sole proprietor and FOR-PROFIT of yourself and yourself alone. Under this any and all donations you receive, unless you can prove you gave not one bit of spiritual teaching or counsel for that advice the IRS considers it taxable income. This means all donations and gifts that come to you, because they are written out to your name, are taxable income. And then the government can take the taxes you have to pay with the donation money and can use it to fund all sorts of programs you are VERY against and preach against. However, you have no way to protect this.

Secondly, if a church, home church, person, or ministry chooses to keep this status, what one person negligently does wrong within the church or ministry ALL MEMBERS can be sued for equally. So in some ways it's like playing Russian roulette with your members and their livelihoods. So you are it, there are unlimited liability and no barriers to making people think twice about greedy and foolish lawsuits. So this is option one.


Now in Establishing an LLC, a Limited Liability Corporation, is considered in the eyes of the law a legally operating entity that you are an employee of. Example founder and CEO you are still an employee. However, this is in the eyes of the law considered as a FOR PROFIT ENTITY. You do have limited liability so it acts as a barrier meaning, you yourself, your home your vehicle are protected. All donations that come into a for-profit entity are considered income so they would be taxed, and whatever you took to live on is considered income and I believe can be taxed. Because you are taxed at the corporate level of 21%, so if you take in 75,000 the corporate tax taken would be $15,000. On top of that whatever you take as a salary to live on is taxed on the personal level so you are taxed twice with gifts and donations! And the government can then take that donation money you paid in tax and put it into all sorts of programs you are VERY against.


Ark of Grace Ministries is under the 508c1A code of the IRS which you are considered a church/faith-based organization. We do not have to file 990 forms and what we take in is private. In this case, it was created as God governs you in many regards. This is a not for profit, keep in mind we have the animal sanctuary too and to operate in NY State we need to have legitimacy established. The donations are not taxed, however, any income you have to take is taxed on a personal level, personal income taxes. This is considered a free church. There is no political muzzle, we can freely speak out and preach under this section.

Section 508(c)(1)(A) states that “churches, their integrated auxiliaries, and conventions or associations of churches” are a mandatory exception to section 501(c)(3), they are already tax-exempt without notifying or applying to the government under section 501(c)(3). Churches receive the same tax-exempt status and benefits as a 501(c)(3) organization, without the partnership with the government. We do not have to lose our voice!

We are seen as established separate from the state. However, you have those at the IRS who are not faith practicing attempting to set parameters of what “church” is and they want to see a catholic type service which is NOT what the early church was! And now with virtual churches and memberships, those parameters become even harder to try and keep.



8=khet=man untouched by the sword of justice


1=alef=1 composed of 3 parts


This provides the same covering that all members cannot be sued for the fault of 1, as well you are allowed to sue if wronged by persecution or other acts under tort law.


501C3 is a section of  The IRS code, as there are sections for a sole proprietorship, LLCs, corporations, etc, that allows a charitable organization, faith-based, or non-faith based to file and be registered as a, not for profit. Now technically that means all the money does not go to you, you are not in this for profit as a sole proprietor would be, you have allocated a certain amount of what you get to do good work or help others, etc.. Unfortunately, very corrupt organizations do hide behind charities and do some terrible things by using codes in a very wicked way. However, these organizations hide behind LLCs, s corporations as well.

Members of an unincorporated association are individually liable for wrongful acts of agents or employees of the association if the act is committed within the scope of their authority. This means if an employee or agent does negligent or criminal acts they can sue you the head because there is unlimited liability. One of the key features of a sole proprietorship is unlimited liability.

Banks loan to churches easier that have some form of legal formation.

Members of a church have a shield of liability available that renders them not personally liable for acts committed by other members. Meaning without a shield if one member steals a bunch of money all members can be sued for their actions without that shield. 

As a standing entity whether by LLC, 508c1a, or 501c3 the church has the right to go to court and seek damages for wrongful unlawful acts committed against it.

Now one of the biggest arguments, well there are 2 about 501c3 are: 

  1. You are agreeing with the state to muzzle your beliefs for a tax right off and not speak out politically.

  2. Ungodly organizations can get this certification as well.

So let's tackle 1 first THE MUZZLE.

IN 1954  Johnson, then Senate Democratic minority leader introduced an amendment to section 501(c)(3) of the federal tax code dealing with tax-exempt charitable organizations, including groups organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, literacy and educational purposes, or to prevent cruelty to children or animals. The objective was to restrict the involvement in partisan politics of organizations that wanted to be exempt from paying taxes.

Now president trump on May 4 2020 put forth an executive order that states

"The Secretary of the Treasury shall ensure, to the extent permitted by law, that the Department of the Treasury does not take any adverse action against any individual, house of worship, or other religious organization on the basis that such individual or organization speaks or has spoken about moral or political issues from a religious perspective, where speech of similar character has, consistent with law, not ordinarily been treated as participation or intervention in a political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) a candidate for public office by the Department of the Treasury."

What he did is make it much harder for the IRS and others to go after 501c3s for politically speaking out, giving their opinion, and exercising their free speech. There is a bill introduced that would get rid of the entire johnson amendment altogether.

Now are their faith-based organizations who are 501c3s who have all along REFUSED to ascribe to their muzzle and who have stated to the IRS that the Bible is the one true living Word of God, actually yes there are and they get persecuted terribly for it have to use a lawyer to fight it and by the grace of God have come out of that battle triumphant in that they will not comply to such muzzle or denouncing the word of God.

So if the muzzle is the main point of coming into agreement with the state for tax-exempt status and one fights with the IRS and state because they will not comply with the muzzle, they are not in agreement with the state they are at enmity with the state.

2 The point both godly and ungodly corporations can get the same code 501c3 so, therefore, you are in agreement with them:

SO by this logic both ministries who choose to be sole proprietors, another area of tax code, are not the only ones who can file this way. In fact, vape shops, marijuana shops, liquor stores, deli’s, and other small business all under DBAs which are sole proprietorship can file with the IRS the same exact way...which would mean any sole proprietorship who is a ministry would be linked and yoked with vape shops, marijuana shops, liquor stores etc..

The same goes for LLCs: a ministry that chooses to remain a for-profit LLC would have to file under the same corporate tax law and code as companies like Coca-Cola, Macy's, Disney, Facebook, and others. You are filing under the same code they are. You have to register in each state of operation as they have to. Same corporate tax rate of 21 percent. So then any ministry or Christian business like a publisher, or bookstore would then be yoked to all these ungodly entities according to this train of thought.

So we cannot say all 501c3s are yoked together but all sole proprietors and LLCs are not because that would be a double standard.

NOW if a 501c3 ministry did an event with planned parenthood or a Buddhist organization and through that event endorsed them and even helped raise money for them or make a donation to them, THEN YES you have a point that that would be coming into agreement with what is of the world.

Also, it is almost impossible to get into a jail or onto an army base to minister unless you are a 501c3 so truly it’s the laws that must be changed.

Now if this 501c3 is being utilized for jet after jet and Ferraris and enormous homes and vacation homes then yes that would be using it for very corrupt means.

Let's take Obadiah as an example and plug him into the equation today. Why Obadiah. Well to make this argument about agreement let's take a look at how many Christians work for wicked corporations where they are helping the corporation further their bottom line and getting paid by this corporation. Wouldn’t that be yoking yourself to nefarious interests perhaps?

Yes, people have to make a living but the Lord has a greater picture here, enter Obadiah.

Obadiah would have been lynched by religious folk in this day and age. Why you ask? Because Obadiah worked in Jezebel and Ahabs court serving two of the most wicked people who ever lived!! Now was Obadiah coming into agreement with them OR was he planted there by God for such a time so that someone who obeys the Lord and knows His voice would listen to him to feed the 2 camps of 50 prophets in hidden caves, on Jezebel and Ahab's tab and food, to keep them alive in order to pray so when Elijah went for the showdown on Mount Carmel those prophets were saturating the ground and atmosphere with prayer?

Say Obadiah said “I'm not doing this Lord...I'm not working for them. I cannot be employed by them...they worship Baal and they are the government” Then Mt Carmel may have turned out VERY different. Jezebel and Ahab attempted to muzzle people like Obadiah, God was greater.


Is 501c3 and the entire tax code flawed? YES, IT IS THE WHOLE SHABANG THE ENTIRE TAX CODE IS CORRUPT. Could God position lights in dark places dropping them behind enemy lines to be a light in a dark place and accomplish His purpose, YES HE CAN

When we start saying God cant, when we start thinking the corrupt are more powerful than God, that could doesn’t put people to be lights in dark places, that God cannot prosper the obedient amidst corruption, that the corrupt could ever pin down God where he could not accelerate and bless in the middle of persecution, then we have just allocated more power to the enemy and his puppets than to God and His Kingdom thus making them an idol.

We have to take everything to the Lord on a case by case basis.

Police officers are all sworn in under the same oath, have the same weapons, the same car, and the same authority. Do we then say for the cops who choose to act incredibly wicked and corrupt in that power given them that ALL police officers are bad because they are all sworn in under the same code of conduct? The upright ones follow that code of conduct and use what they have been given to protect and defend. The corrupt ones abuse their power and authority and use every loophole they can to get away with what they do. Every day they have to go out into the world system and choose to do the right thing or the wrong thing and on one side of town, while a police officer is rescuing a child from an abusive situation, they other is taking drugs they confiscated and reselling them as a side business. Both under the same umbrella, making a choice of THEIR OWN FREE WILL TO USE THE SAME AUTHORITY VERY DIFFERENT.

And this is at times how we must look at what we see happening in this world, the IRS, tax codes, companies we pay money to, people we work with, public servants who swear to serve the people… on a case by case basis we must examine each against the word of God and what they are doing with what they have been given, taking it to the Lord and letting the Lord tell you what he thinks about each one.

I certainly hope this has helped give many of you a very thorough perspective and that you will take this entire teaching to the Lord yourselves and see what HE says, which will help you have a  more discerning and meaningful walk with Him.

Another point 

Now the 501c3 code of the IRS is available to both faith-based/religious, and non-religious organizations. Both can apply for this certification or status, however, faith-based organizations who state the bible is the one true word of God are very much persecuted, faith-based organizations who won't ascribe to a muzzle are given a very hard time.

My time with the Lord from 1.18.21

Brazil Rio de Janeiro.

Seattle and Oregon are being brought down there is a supercell in one of these areas.

Meetings in Montana.

Watch the husband of Kamala Harris.

Medtronic and other medical device companies will be drug into the scandal.

Indonesia, a plot against the United States.

A high ranking Chinese general is going to defect and give the US crucial evidence and information.

This is the time of Numbers 32:23, their sins shall find them out.

Transylvania which is in Romania, there appears to be one in North Carolina as well!

Take it all to the lord and pray as always he is the best source of information and wisdom! To God be all the Glory!


  1. Umm...I feel like we are missing context for this post? There are many disjointed concepts being combined; it's difficult to follow.

    1. I watched the you tube video as I read this and it helped fill in gaps for me. Maybe it will help you as well? Blessings

    2. Ah, good call. I will give it a watch. Thanks for the tip!

  2. What was the name of the scripture app you played while sleeping?

  3. Hi, Amanda,
    Just watched March 12, 2019 on Utube..."A Spirit of betrayal & a Setup for vindication and deliverance" WOW! What a NOW word!!! Is there any chance you recorded that as you spoke (toward the end of your teaching)? My husband and I watched a utube video a couple years ago that included Trump and Pence. Don't remember subject,in White House however. We saw a woman in uniform pass a note to Pence that he slipped into his pocket quickly behind President Trump's back. We played it back several times watching movements and facial expressions and it was indeed meant only for Pence. So sad. Blessings to all, and the little critters. Your doing such a great job for the Kingdom...Semper Fi, Tulip

  4. My dear sister in Christ, thank you for your explanation of the 501(c)3 issue; what is the current mindset on this never set well with my spirit. In all that you said, I was reminded of Jeremiah's letter to the exiles (Jer. 29:4-6). We so easily forget that we are in exile. Yet, while in exile, we're to "seek the welfare of the city." One of the aspects of my Christian life is the joy in being used by God to bring a little bit of His shalom into my little corner of "the city." That's what we Christ followers are to be: light and salt. In the world but not of it, all the while impressing upon our hearts and minds that it is for these people, too, that Christ died. In this way, we have God's heart; in this way the desires of our hearts will be fulfilled. --Sandie

  5. What is the Q?
    I am rereading to understand it better! Thanks for taking the time to enlighten us!

    1. My perception of the Q movement, was a military operation to get people to open their eyes through researching subjects for ones self. Not relying on media networks and the like for truth.

  6. Amanda. Just listed to 1/18. You mentioned the Lord spoke to you about Transylvania and following that NC. I am from Transylvania county NC. We have a remnant here praying and trusting the Lord in all of this. I wonder if He is speaking of our area. Will you let me know if He clarifies what He s speaking about our area? There are many believers here and we have been praying for months alongside you and our brothers and sisters around the world re that election and all that is being exposed. Thank you! For the King! Liz

    1. Hi Liz, I’m from NC also and Amanda’s vision of Transylvania prompted me to do a little research. I posted a little further down in the comments with my observations. I think Transylvania may have two connections here in NC but both somewhat related to each other. Patty

  7. What is a supercell? Isn’t that a tornado? Just wondering?

    1. Super cell of terrorism. Taught by Isis / Islamic terrorists

  8. It's nice to have confirmation both you and the pastor from the Brooklyn Tabernacle daily devotional are speaking on the same scriptures God is good thank you for your faithfulness

  9. I began to listen to your broadcast but when you mentioned/spelled CUE I closed... I had to back up and seek the Lord. He had placed me on the Anon board where Q posts as a Intercessor, to pray, declare, and decree over those there. I did numerous times, when led by the Holy Spirit. My understanding of the Board was their purpose to red pill, or begin to inform the general population of info they gathered thru clues provided them to research information on people, situation, places, and so much more... research that informed truth. On three occasions I sought an out with the Lord, not wanting the exposure to the natural man tendencies there. Each time He showed me an explanation of why it was ... till I understood and it dawned on me that He saw and heard everything, and if He did, then I could manage. I am still there. I will be till this is over. There are many who have come to look for their answers there, not knowing God but needing some place to go to understand. The Anons, who as first were anti religion, have come far, have grown spiritually for Q quotes many scriptures and urges prayer.
    Your defense of the non-profit situation .... I see and I have heard. How can the Lord tell one a thing, and another something else.... I think it is more of the "intent" of the non-profits .... not so much as the filing. Doing good is God approved and God lets it be known, not man. Blessings

    1. I think you may have misunderstood what Amanda was saying re: Q.

      First, she was not dismissing 'Q' at all. What she was saying was that she didn't follow 'Q or CUE', or any News Media because she wanted to make sure *nothing distorted* what she was hearing from the Lord.

      Second, she spelled out C-U-E instead of 'Q' because YouTube is removing anyone/everyone talking about Q or anything related.


    2. Thank you, I interpreted as that many were seeking Q guidance and she discouraged. I saw she did not follow. I simply sought to inform there was a purpose to the Q team. I do agree that too many depend on the flesh and not God. I do understand the spelling need also. When one needs to discourage others to something it is best to understand it. Hence I sought understanding and guidance to Amanda's words. As the Lord and confirmed Amanda to me as one who receives, I needed Him to help me to work thru it, just like He has before for others words.

  10. ThAnkyou for being a great balance to this subject. Things aren’t black or white and we need to have a healthy perspective

  11. ThAnkyou for being a great balance to this subject. Things aren’t black or white and we need to have a healthy perspective

  12. Amanda, you are such a blessing to me! Looking back at your vision of NC and Transylvania; I have some interesting facts. Transylvania county in is south of Asheville where the NC Governor’s Western Residence is located. Also, and more interesting, Transylvania Avenue is a 10 minutes drive north of the NC Governors Mansion in Raleigh. You pass the community of MORDECAI to get there! We currently have a very unpopular Democratic governor in office so we shall see in due time what God is revealing to us. God bless you!

    1. Clarifying my above post... the Governors Western Residence is in Asheville which is in Buncombe county. Buncombe county is north of Transylvania county. ☺️ Patty

  13. Thank you Amanda: for your explanations. I love how the Lord uses you and Chris. And I love the new picture of the 2 of you.