Saturday, September 26, 2020

Word from the Lord on The McFiles, Wednesday, September 23rd

 Okay so this is a time right now, I promise you where people have to surrender to the Lord and listen for his instruction.  I am telling you because you're going to be shaken if you're not surrendered to the Lord, on your knees deeply rooted in Almighty God because of what you are going to see and those of us who the Lord has been speaking to and giving these words to and pouring into when these things happen we will be prepared we will be ready.  It may not be pleasant to watch but we'll be in the eye of the storm with this, we will, and God is going to protect his people! Why? Because we're faithful right now those who have been faithful to Almighty God he is putting a hedge of protection around, he is putting a hedge of protection around those voices who have been unapologetically speaking the truth of Almighty God because the enemy is stirring right now. 

He hates Rosh Hashanah, he hates it because of what it reminds him of and so the enemy right now with this let me tell you something, there are already meetings that have taken place in secret, in secret between those at the upper echelon of this whole pyramid of the kingdom of darkness.  And the political arena, there have already been meetings that have taken place for plan A, B, and C, as they see these things happening because they're riding on October and they're riding on what is coming in October.  They're riding on the holiday at the end of October, they're hoping to stir up the most power in October. I wouldn't be surprised if we heard the number 21 again.  They try to invoke the number 21 in October because that's a very special number that you actually have to get permission for, in the occult, from lucifer himself to use.  That's why you see 21 at the blackjack table, 21 to drink, 21 to smoke, 21 that's why you see 21 everywhere.  

There is a reason because those are vices a lot of these things are vices that the enemy lures people in and he gets them in bondage to and right now the Lord is expecting his people to mobilize.  He truly is. Right now he's expecting his people to mobilize.  I’m waiting on the look as I can feel the Lord,  I can feel his presence, Glory to God!  But He's waiting for his people to mobilize and that is beginning to happen because these pockets and rumblings of revival are going to get louder and louder and louder as we approach and get into October and November.  Because they're trying to silence the church and you know why they're trying to silence the church right now?  Because of this month of October they don't want the church to operate in the power of Almighty God because it'll weaken the sacrifices, it's going to weaken the secret meetings, it's going to weaken October 31st right now.

And the worst thing the enemy could have done is awake a sleeping giant and let me tell you something the church has been a sleeping giant that is now being awoken for such a time as this and one of the worst things that could have happened for the enemy is for the church to be pushed out into the streets, to go where a hurting and oppressed are, and the burdens are, and the sick are, to go there and to go bring the gospel to them and to bring them to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Let me tell you something the wicked who came up with this plan, who are in bed with china were not banking on the church going into the streets.  They were banking on the church submitting to them and listening and then being able to shut the power of Almighty God down through the church, but what has happened instead, is the Lord has used this to shake the church awake!  

Let me tell you something, people talk about being woke, let me tell you something you need to be woke in Almighty God and walk in what he's doing!  And the Book of Revelation and what we see happening right now in the United States of America.  Because the church is being shaken awake, and the Lord is using the enemy's own vices and his own attacks.  He is using it in order to compel the church forward for as the Lord compelled Jesus into the wilderness to be tried and tested, so the Lord is compelling the church right now! He is compelling them out.  He is giving them no choice; Jesus had no choice he had to go into the wilderness.  He had to go right after he was baptized before he could be raised up in the ministry.  He had to be tested, he had to be tried he had to go deeper with his Father and I know that's hard, because he's Jesus Christ, but he was in the flesh still, he was God and man all rolled into one.  And he was in the flesh and he had to go deeper with the Lord, he had to in the flesh face the enemy.  He had to in the flesh face him. He faced him as the king of kings in heaven, he seen the enemy go up there but he had to face him in the flesh, in order to defeat him, in order to cause him to flee, in order to resist him.  And let me tell you something Almighty God is mounting a resistance in the church the likes the wicked has never seen!  

I promise you this and I’m gonna say I praise you Lord I give this over to you right now.  And I’m gonna wait on the Lord for a minute because I know the Lord wants to speak, I could feel it welling up in me.  So, I’m gonna wait on the Lord for a minute as he as we begin here

Who is like you Almighty God maker of heaven and earth.  Adonai the righteous judge, who holds the world in his hands, the world is his footstool.  The presence of Almighty God is everywhere.  He led Israel in the wilderness.  He led them a cloud by day and fire by night.  Who can escape that presence? Who could hide anywhere that God could not find them?  For God is and was and always will be, the Alpha and Omega in Jesus name amen.

Spirit of the Lord speaks through Amanda

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day fear not my children, FEAR NOT.  For I your father, as I led Israel to face the philistines, as I led Israel to face the Amalekites, as I led Israel into Jericho, so I your Father in heaven am leading you, My children into this battle.   I the righteous judge, I Adonai, I Elohim, am leading my children right now by My Spirit into a Spiritual battle for the soul of your nation.

Because if My people, My people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, not the face of the media, not the face of politics, not the face of man, My face, and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from Heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land says the Lord.  That is a three-part plan, I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal your land.

And it is the church, it is the church said the Lord who became complacent who became too comfortable in the world system.  FOR YOU ARE NOT OF THE WORLD MY CHILDREN, YOU ARE A PECULIAR PEOPLE,  YOU ARE CALLED, YOU ARE SPIRIT, YOU ARE SALT, YOU ARE LIGHT, and I the Lord God this day, say I am adding a double salting to My children as they go forth into the highways and byways by My Spirit.  I am compelling My children into the cities, and in to the oppressed areas, and into the areas where fire is raging, and into the areas where mafia kings rule, and into the areas where those have sold themselves to the devil himself and there is nothing but bloodshed and murder.

 I am sending My children into those areas by my Spirit.  And I am speaking My word, and I am calling those in, I am calling them now, for time is fleeting my children, time is fleeting and I am calling them in now. I am calling them by every race, I am calling them into my kingdom, I am calling for surrender, for I the Lord God this day say… there must be surrender for the enemy has dug in his heels and the operatives of the enemy, and the agents of the enemy, and those in the political arena, and kings and leaders of the enemy have dug in their heels thinking that the powers of the kingdom of darkness that be, will be their protector and will lead them to a victory without costing them their lives.  

For there will be lives lost My children.  Make no mistake, there will be lives lost of those who sold their souls to the devil for power and fame.  There shall be lives lost, in this you shall see.  People suddenly fall ill, you shall see them suddenly be removed from the sea, you shall see them suddenly fall says the Lord this day.  And as Athaliah says the Lord of hosts fell, as Athaliah for seven years reigned terror on My people, as she attempted to get rid of every bit of competition, so says the Lord God this day, that Spirit will fall.  The sword of the Spirit and the sword of the Lord is going forth says the Lord thy God this day in this country.  The sword of the Lord, I am not done yet says the Lord until the last trump says the Lord God this day.   I AM NOT DONE ON PLANET EARTH and you My children are to occupy says the Lord till My return, you are to occupy!  Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.  Praise Me right now in symphony in one accord and cry out to Me My children, it will reach up into the heavenlies before My throne and I shall be compelled to act.  For I see what the enemy is doing and I see every avenue, every plot, every agreement, every back channel, every sacrifice, every meeting, every cloaked one that through the night in the wee hours of the night, meet cloaked in darkness thinking they can draw such power to overthrow Almighty God.

Well, says the Lord of Hosts this day, lucifer was under that same delusion and when he dared lead a rebellion, in the heavenlies I threw him out of heaven like lightning to the earth, how dare he says the Lord, how dare he and he will pay his price he will have his portion in the lake of fire.  For he is reminded that his time is short as well and this is why My children it is so important to bring souls to the Kingdom.

It is so IMPORTANT to bring people to know Jesus Christ My son as their Lord and Savior for nobody comes to the father says the Lord, nobody comes to Me but through my son Jesus that sanctified you before Me when he became a curse and hung on a cross, and says the Lord thy God this day,  

I will exhume from the earth; I will exhume from the earth what man has been unable to touch what has been lost.  I will exhume it from the earth to bring my sons and daughters in Israel, those chosen to know Yeshua as their Lord and Savior, to bring those that thought the Bible was a collection of stories,  to bring them to see the accuracy and the precision and the divine power that went in to writing such a book that has stood the test of time,  you know why My children says the Lord?  Because it is living it is active, it is sharper than any two-edged sword penetrating to the dividing line.  I am the word, says the Lord.  In the beginning was the word and the word was God was with God and the Word was God My children.  And now I as the Word shall be the sword that penetrates to the dividing line for I send my word out and it is done says the Lord thy God this day.

And I am going out as the sword of the Spirit, and I am sending My warring angels out to battle in the heavenlies, the principalities that so want control in this country.  For as I sent Michael to battle the prince of Persia, in order to reveal to Daniel what you are seeing begin to transpire now My children.  So I am sending out my warring angels and legions to battle in the heavenly, not only for the soul of this country, but for the leadership.  To protect the leadership right now says the Lord, for there are sinister plots incredibly sinister, disturbing plots meant to totally crush the souls of those in leadership right now.  Meant to make them walk away from the table says the Lord, meant to make them turn and completely give up in disgust.  They are trying says the Lord to bring it to a breaking point, they are desperate says the Lord, they are desperate and they have brought forth such a sinister plot that they believe shedding this blood will be a sacrifice that will put them over the edge.  Ooh it will put them over the edge says the Lord thy God this day, it shall put them over the edge right to their father the devil, if that's who they choose to serve and do not repent and turn from their wicked ways right now, says the Lord says the Lord thy God this day!

I am in the midst, still I have not left my throne, I have not stopped ruling and reigning, I have not stopped judging, I have not stopped intervening for my children.  The enemy would like you to believe that fallacy, but it is not true for I am the same, I am the Alpha and Omega.  I AM THE GOD that ordered the slaughter of Goliath, that put my Spirit into a little servant shepherd named David and gave him the boldness of Ruach Elohim that he could face a giant and with one stone, ensure that Goliath would not terrorize Israel anymore, because when I the Lord thy God this day have a mark, I do not miss, I do not miss My children.

Remember this and bow before Me says the Lord, in sincere reverence, in sincere surrender understanding that I created the earth in seven days and I the Lord thy God can destroy.  I create and I also can destroy says the Lord thy God this day.  For as you have seen, when the wicked attempted to raise a standard, when they attempted to come against my people, when they attempted to destroy the covenant, I the Lord God Adonai raised an even greater standard against the enemy's onslaughts. I raised an even greater standard in the midst of what looked like calamity, in the midst of what looked like all was lost, Gideon 300 men against an army of over 140 000. Only 300 men because the Spirit of the Lord God is all you need My children going into battle. 

I am the word and I speak it and it is so, remember this My children for what you are going to go into and witness. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might, put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to withstand the wiles and scheming’s of the devil.  Be strong and courageous right now my children, DO NOT BE DISMAYED! DO NOT BE DISMAYED! For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.  And yes, the Lord of hosts says I am allowing some things, I am allowing some things to bring people into Me to draw them in to wake the church up, to actually be a dividing line in the church to expose the operatives that have been aiding and abetting those interests that serve the kingdom of darkness, those interests that are against my word, and the righteous and those who stand for truth and those who love the Lord their God, and those who serve the Lord their God with all their heart, soul and mind.  I am dividing that line right now My children.  I am making it crystal clear; I am making it very clear right now my children, who has been playing the part and who is truly walking with the Spirit of Adonai and that shall come more into focus My children, In the coming months.

For do not fear if it seems bleak for I the Lord thy God will rush in, I will rush it, watch and pray be watchmen right now.  Trust in the Lord your God, trust in My might, trust that there is not a power or principality that could overthrow Almighty God, for I am, I always was, and I always will be.  And I love My children. I am the Lion of Judah and I will fight for My children as long as there are righteous, I will fight for them says the Lord.  So put your hope in the Lord right now, trust in your God, be firmly rooted.

Psalm 1, be like the tree planted by rivers of living water.  Right now, My children I will keep you, I will keep you under My wings.  I will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and I will cover those with a hedge of protection that are anointed to do a job for Almighty God, that are anointed to serve on this earth, that are anointed to go forth with the breath and the Spirit of God, I have put in them and boldly speak My word and proclaim it to the nation and to the world in order that those may wake up from a slumber and drop to their knees before their God, repent and turn right now for this is a crucial hour.  And this is a crucial time and as revival breaks out you are going to see the wicked panic more as people pray and cry out to God more.  You will see the panic and ensue because it torments those of the enemy, it torments the kingdom of darkness My children, it torments them.  And you know, what praise Me even the louder right now rejoice that I have already delivered you for it has already gone forth in the Spirit and says the Lord thy God this day,  you shall now see it manifest in the natural in a powerful mighty way, you will see the shaking you will feel things shake but I the Lord God will steady you and you shall see the salvation of the Lord stand still my children.  Hold your position and watch the salvation of your mighty God go forth thus saith the Lord of hosts in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Yeshua.


  1. This is the most important T
    True word of God. For those that have an ear let them hear what the spirit is saying to the Church!!!! If you are reading this right now take a moment and pray for the women of God that brought the word forth and her family. This is pleasing to God.

  2. Glory to our Lord of Lords, and King of Kings. I feel the Spirit of the Lord all over this word.

  3. I used to wonder about the scripture, “only with your eyes will you behold the reward of the wicked” Psalm 91:8

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    1. She has a great YouTube channel called Arc of Grace ministries. Here’s a link to a recent video. In the description below the video are various ways to support her.
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  5. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ 🙏💔 God's word is ALIVE IN ME. Lord I surrender All to You Father God 🙏 Almighty who is the God of Abraham and Isach and Jacob and I am blessed to have read this and Blessings to Amanda and MCFiles for this word is that manna we live by. I surrender all to Thee.