Thursday, August 27, 2020

Word from the Lord on August 26th, 2020

I am God there is NONE other. I am the God of the day and the evening. Who created the seasons, the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. Have I not said and will I not do says the Lord. Is My hand too short to save? Is My might too little that it cannot intervene and change the course of events? Have I left My throne? Have I stopped Ruling? Certainly not says the Lord of Hosts. I am Almighty God. The evil one is Not!! And as much as he attempts to play such a role he falls VERY SHORT! For the enemy roams around like a lion seeking whom he may devour, and the PRIDE of lions are out in packs seeking to devour, devastate, and destroy faith that comes up from your nation before My throne. Seeking to destroy godliness, holiness, morality. 

The enemy has gone on a blitz campaign of darkness, deception, and destruction, the triangular trifecta, in order to bring fear and frustration upon the masses to manipulate them in chains and lead them into voting for those who have given themselves over to the works of darkness and the evil one says the Lord. This country, the people of this nation that I the Lord raised up to be a friend to Israel, a beacon on a hill, a light to other nations is entering a VERY CRUCIAL period, where in the realm of the spirit much activity and tension increases, meetings and plans in the second heaven become more prevalent says the Lord for those who are of the Kingdom of darkness are secretly meeting to plan their taunts, their haunts, and their terror, attempting to shift the course spiritually of what I the Lord have set out to do. However, they will only get so far. Surrounding the end of October My children truly need to be in prayer, worship, and fasting says the Lord for there are BIG events being planned around the end of October, the kingdom of darkness looking to bring their power to a peak by not only rituals during this time but actually attempts on the lives of those in leadership thinking that will be when the powers of the Kingdom of darkness are at their most potent says the Lord. However, I the Lord will protect and defend those that I have ordained to be in leadership and their attacks will not only fall short but they shall find themselves in a bigger mess of quicksand. This is where it shall get the most intense for you have two important times of the year for very different reasons, it shall reach a crescendo, and Rosh Hashanah and the End of October shall both be a hallmark of significant events that occur for very different reasons. For the Kingdom of darkness sees people as VERY replaceable, always someone waiting in line to take their position, and as desperations mount there shall be a switch in strategy that may leave some incapacitated or drug behind the curtain into the background where NO ONE except those of the order can see.

As the end of October approaches pray for there will be an attempted increase in bloodshed in order for those serving their father the devil to gain a concentrated amount of power, thinking this will make the way straight for them to gain power. HOWEVER, it is going to make a mess of proportions this country has not yet seen. They shall make a mess and be a haunt for jackals a disgrace as all of their rituals unravel and their powers hit a wall a HOLY WALL NAMED RUACH ELOHIM, The Spirit of God, the righteous Judge. I the Lord have ruled for I am far above ANY principality power or might, I have ruled, I have sent out My warring Angels to engage and destroy their plans for I the Lord see the wave of wickedness attempting to crest and crash down on this Country of the United States of America, I see the group of countries, international countries, that are behind the scenes holding hands with the kingdom of darkness for they desire to see this entire country destroyed, Sodom and Gomorrah multiplied says the Lord of Hosts. 

Around that time, however, PRAY, their plans will backfire, major leadership will fall, one will suddenly be removed, and there is a shakeup so severe coming that they will be frantic and scattered as babyl says the Lord, Mystery Babylon, come out of her My people, come out of her, separate yourselves! You are Holy and set apart, you are righteous. Righteousness has NO place with unrighteousness, you shall not dwell where jackals, and foul unclean spirits and unclean birds dwell, for the horrific stench of tar and sulfur that these wicked groups have created so they shall have to be immersed in and smell the stench and feel the burn of what they have done. For I am NOT a God who has left My throne, who has stopped ruling and reigning, who has looked the other way! Certainly NOT!! In am the Alpha and Omega, I am the beginning and the ending I am the First and the Last I am who was and who is and who is to come I AM and I always will be Almighty God, Adonai, Creator of ALL things, Sovereign Lord. 

Yes, there are contractions, there is pressure, it will get intense, prepare yourselves says the Lord for this is going to be an intense course of events. Pray for the President, His Wife, and His young son baron for they are in the most danger they have EVER been in. However I have placed a protective covering around them, the attempts will fall short, there shall be one major attempt towards the end of October. Pray My Children Pray, psalm 91 though a thousand fall at your side and 10,000 at your right hand THESE THINGS WILL NOT COME NEAR YOU, ONLY WITH YOUR EYES YOU SHALL SEE THE REWARD OF THE WICKED! These wicked filthy unclean plots filled with every detestable thing will fall short says the Lord, THEY WILL NOT SUCCEED. However pray for this family that they stay the course, for the enemy would love nothing more than to inflict FEAR and force them to abandon ship. However I the Lord am holding the ship, it may rock, it may get rough, just as in the ARK, However, I AM the covering, I AM the strong tower.

Remember only I the Lord know the deepest parts of their heart, their private thoughts with Me, remember this says the Lord God Adonai this day. 

Obedience and Submission are Keys right now, walk-in humility and gratefulness and be in consistent praise and Worship of your Creator for that will shake the enemy’s camp and they shall quake as the praises rise throughout this country, as things shake and events attempt to quake praise Me the Lord God through it and you shall and will see the Power and Glory of Almighty God in this country, Thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts in Jesus mighty name….Amen and Amen 

Praise be to Our God who rules and reigns forever and ever and to His Kingdom there is no END!!.....


  1. AMANDA,

    The Governor has a statement on YouTube. It is AMAZING! He mentions how things could have been so much worse. He said they were "Blessed" and asked to pray for those who are effected. If you have is EVERYTHING you prophesied from the Lord...another one for your log :)

    Love, love, love your vids. Thank you for the vid with Chris singing Happy Birthday. That brought me to tears!!!!

    Love and hugs to you both! Donna Quick Florida

  2. Could you please share the Prayer you say before you deliver a prophecy?

    1. Effective prayer:

      The second you pray the enemy attempts to launch an offensive to block immediately!

      1. Repent, GET SPECIFIC, and then as an act of your will loose it from your soul

      2. Acknowledge before the Father that he sent His ONE AND ONLY son Jesus Christ to die on the Cross, to take our place to spare us from an eternity without the Lord and praise Him for that!

      3. In the name of Jesus Christ Father God I ask you loose and release holy warring angels, the Hosts of heaven, and holy angels of ALL rankings and divisions to scramble, confuse, block, disrupt, dismantle, and destroy the plots, plans, assignments, schemes, contracts, counter offenses, communications of the enemy!

      4. In the name of Jesus Lord i ask by your power be bound away from me, gagged, muzzled, deafened, shackled, blinded and muted EVERY lying spirit, familiar spirit, spirit attempting to impersonate the MOST High God or Holy Spirit, Every monitoring spirit, hindering spirits, unclean spirits, and the like. I APPLY the blood of Jesus Christ as a covering to act as a barrier so they cannot see me, hear me, or launch any strike against me. And to act as a FILTER so only the words of the Most High God and Holy Spirit come through.

      NOW Begin to pray for whatever you feel led to pray for, for what you are going through
      The way has been cleared not only for the prayer to reach the Lord BUT for the answer to be expedited and dispatched! Glory to God!!

  3. BiG things going on in Germany this weekend . Millions expected in Berlin to march against Corona and Merkel. Rumours in the internet that army and police might join the people. So the word of the Lord form July 7th

    'watch for Germany for I am not done with Mrs Merkel" might come to pass this weekend i think" Greetings from the Netherlands

  4. Where in the archives can we find the powerful prayer u say b4 each prophetic word please? Or maybe u don't have it typed up. If not, can u please do so so your listeners can use in their prayers as well. You say it so fast its hard to write that fast. That's why I was hoping it was on here. Plz advise. Thank You!!!

  5. Sent a card & gift to ministry back in July. Had alot of Jewish stickers on inside of card, along with my note & prayer request. I Asked for the prayer u say b4 each prophetic word where I can find it. Hadn't heard back so was wondering. Thank u Appreciate it.

  6. DawnD the 4 part prayer is in the March 15th day of prayer post.

    1. DawnD is referring to the prayer Amanda specifically prays before she gives out the prophesy, not the 4 point prayer. Where she prays that God fills her mouth with His words and that only the truth come forth.

  7. Hi Amanda, God has given you a wonderful gifft !! . I have urgent pray request about my 17 yr old daughter.. I felt Holy Spirit urging me to reach out to you.. I believe God will reveal my concerns, I have.. My daughter name is Elizabeth, You and Chris are in my prayers.. In Jesus name.. Love Jen