Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Word from the Lord--February 26, 2023 (Church International's Sunday Morning Service)

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day, take courage, My children, take hold of shield and buckler, and stand up for your help, for I the Lord, thy God, am raising a standard in this nation—I am raising this standard higher than it has been raised in times past amongst the wicked fray, and this standard shall arise. 

And says the Lord of Hosts, it shall be like a beacon on a hill. The light shall burst forth in a moment, says the Lord; there shall be a moment in your nation where it bursts forth, where the bubble bursts, where what has been bubbling underground—breaks forth and comes forth, says the Lord, and spills out and becomes a flood. For says the Spirit of the Lord this day, the dry areas of this nation, the wilderness of this nation, there shall be a flood of truth that comes forth in the mist—a raging river—a dam breaking, says the Lord. There is a dam on the East Coast, says the Lord; there is a dam in the Midwest, says the Lord; and there is a dam on the West Coast, says the Lord, that is set to break. And thus says the Lord, the prognosticators, and the political puppets and the wicked, and the corrupt, and those who blaspheme the name of God will be taken over by this dam—what they have built when it breaks shall be dismantled by it, says the Lord.

And says the Lord, the cornerstone of the foundation that governs what you call your capital, I the Lord, thy God—in this season—in this time—in this appointed time, am pulling that cornerstone out. My hand shall come forth, says the Lord; My right hand and outstretched arm shall come forth, and it shall pull that cornerstone out, and it shall allow things to begin to lean. It shall allow the tower to begin to lean, says the Lord. It shall allow Congress to begin to lean, says the Lord. It shall allow governors who are connected by chains to begin to lean. And says the Lord, when they begin to lean, thus says the Lord of Hosts, the wind of my breath, the numos, shall break forth in a gust—in a single gust—and it shall begin to knock over what leans. My breath that shall be spoken forth from My mouth and My breath says the Lord shall begin to knock over what leans, and those who do not lean in the right ways of God are going to find themselves publicly falling over on their face before almighty God. And thus says the Lord, they don't want to bow—I the Lord, thy God, will make them bow—I the Lord, thy God, made the Philistines bow—I the Lord, thy God, made Israel bow—I the Lord, thy God, are beginning to break the back of the Ayatollah because Iran will bow. And I the Lord thy God, am raising up a plan and a strategy in Israel that is going to surround Iran on all sides and it's going to encapsulate them says the Lord—it's going to encapsulate them and it is going to cause the handshake that was seen with a red nation to be severed and broken says the Lord because demons squabble says the Lord; demons squabble and you shall publicly says the Lord, see that squabbling begin and when you see that squabbling begin, look to the East Coast says the Lord—when you see that squabbling begin; begin looking not only at the East Coast in this nation says the Lord begin looking at your neighbor Canada because there are platforms says the Lord that are set for destruction and I the Lord God say this day, that I am moving in a way that is not yet been seen—you have seen it begin to bubble up—you have seen it begin to shake awake the youth—you have seen the tremor says the Lord of this however, says the Lord thy God this day, I shall shake them awake—I shall shake them awake—I shall reignite their passion—I shall redirect them—I shall order their steps and there is an army of the young being raised up that will proclaim the Word of the Lord with the boldness that is spoken of in My Word and they shall turn on the enemy—and they shall turn on the devourer—and they shall turn on the enemies trophies—and they shall turn on wicked leaders and corrupt schools—they shall turn—and they shall cause the chains of bondage to begin to break off of the minds of the young because the young in this season—in this window—they have a window says the Lord, because I am opening up the windows of heaven and they have a window to be shaken awake and they shall become part of this march that you see—of this march that's going to echo across the nation. Behold, I the Lord God, am doing a new thing. Do you not see it? In this season, you must have eyes to see and ears to hear, says the Lord, what the Spirit has to say because imposters shall arise—and they shall recite the Word—and they have been groomed to be the trojan horse, says the Lord—they have been groomed to come in looking like a gift. It is a curse says the Lord, it is a curse. Pray for discernment My children in this season because a vessel that may look perfect on the outside is filled with darkness on the inside, and pray, My children says the Lord, for leadership, for it's a strong ox some of them and I the Lord shall subdue them, says the Lord. They will listen—they will submit—they will surrender, and they will learn to wear the yoke, says the Lord, if they want to lead for Me. David wore the yoke, says the Lord; Hezekiah wore the yoke says the Lord; the name is etched on that yoke, and it shall be revealed—it shall be solidified—you shall see it. The yolk is coming upon Israel's leader right now, says the Lord—that yoke—he will see more and he will hear more from me than he ever has in his life, for I am calling through the darkness and the noise Benjamin son of my right hand. I'm calling through the darkness and I'm going to cause you to turn to My Word and to know in whom your salvation is and he shall know it, and at some point in his life, he shall declare it, says the Lord, for he is coming under that yoke, and he will be the ox for Me, says the Lord, that topples the regime of Iran. He shall be the ox for Me that helps plow the fields in America, for your nation is meant to be a friend and a brother to Israel and that needs to be reconciled in this season says the Lord for they have attempted to separate it; they have attempted to sever the relationship and destroy it and in this season by my balm I the Lord shall begin to soothe the wounds and the boils that are broken out and heal that relationship and those that want to be Saul’s and go after their own people you shall fall by your own sword in this season; you shall; you shall for you have turned to the way of Cain—you have turned to the ways of Balaam—and you have but a little time left before your seat is replaced and it shall not be a charging donkey says the Lord that replaces it for that stubborn mule shall be subdued and put in its place says the Lord. And thus says the Lord, do not listen to the noise the enemy is attempting to create near the area of Ukraine. Do not listen to the noise coming from the leadership of Ukraine, for he has filled himself with gall as well. he has made deals with sons of the devil, and that shall be revealed and those deals shall be broken because they were made by paper doll figures that shall be shaken in this hour for Europe will not play scrabble in this season and reword and rework the lettering of what they want to do and the deals and alliances they want to make says the Lord. For I the Lord thy God, am setting the standard in stone in this season—I am etching it in stone says the Lord—it shall not be moved and I am calling on to you My children come near to me now—come near while the window is open—submit and surrender yourselves to Me—align as soldiers of the Living God in My servants and watch Me pour out from the windows of heaven and the areas of America that have been calling out to Me for a spiritual refreshing—they have been calling out to Me for deliverance—they have been calling out to Me for help—your help comes from the Lord and I the Lord thy God I've heard every word from My throne, and I shall deliver unto you the victory if you stay this course—do not be swayed—do not be intimidated—I the Lord have said, there are more for you than there are against you—there is an army positioned in this nation and surrounding this nation—there is the captain of the Lord of Hosts and they are waiting for My Word, and when I give that Word this nation shall be delivered. Believe it—speak it forth—know it in your bones, I am putting a fire in your bones this season says the Lord to do My work and to do My will—and to run the race—and to be pushed and plowed into the positions I the Lord have called for you for I have called those with the office and the mantle to stand arm and arm—to lock up arms and to stand, and to speak the Word of the Lord in this hour to people and to rally them to rally them to stand and fight the good fight of faith for I the Lord thy God will not abandon America even though the enemy would love for you to believe so in this hour the darkness shall become a vapor as the weight of the light and the glory begins to descend and rest on areas of the nation and you shall see this in pockets of the nation and they shall begin to move towards each other and they shall begin to come into agreement and that is when you shall mightily says the Lord not only see the tables turn but see the squabbles going on in the enemy's camp revealed and they shall reveal the darkest secrets about each other to destroy each other now because they have found themselves in quicksand; they have stepped onto it; they don't know they're there yet but they're there; they have found themselves there, and I the Lord, shall make you a bridge in this season that you shall cross over to the other side—you shall get to where I the Lord want this nation to be—this nation shall stabilize at My Word— I am not going to allow the enemy to take its last breath says the Lord; in this nation; to take the breath from it, for I the Lord am breathing new life back into you and into your nation and then this season you shall be filled to the brim pressed down shaken together running over if you submit and surrender to Me and walk the walk that I have called you step by step says the Lord, receive that this day. Look up for your redemption draweth neigh thus says the Lord of Hosts in Jesus’ name.


  1. GLOR--EE! Even so come quickly Lord Jesus!

  2. Listened to you repeat this word and with discussion on Elijah Streams. Soo encouraging. I recall over 10 years ago listening to BB Netanyahu speaking [maybe at the UN]. It struck me strongly that this man KNOWS OT scripture, WHO his people are and his own place in history. That the next step for him is Knowing his Messiah really will set things in quantum motion. His contribution to plowing up the fallow soil in the US - maybe the Jewish community here, is an exciting thought. Watching & Expectant.


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