Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Word from the Lord given in Virginia Beach--July 9, 2022

By the power of Jesus Christ by the spirit of the one true Living God may only the truth and power of almighty God with authority come forth in Jesus' name Lord, let us have the humble privilege of being vessels of your power. And the spirit of the Lord says this day, I'm calling my people out of Egypt. I'm calling my people out of Sodom come out of her says the Lord come out of her now for there are days set for their destruction says the Lord of hosts. For the Sodom’s that have arisen in this nation, for the Sodom’s that have arisen in Israel, for the Sodom’s that have arisen in Canada, the day is set for their destruction. Come out of her, says the Lord of hosts, do not look back. Keep your eyes on Me…put your hope in Me, says the Lord thy God this day for out of the rubble, I shall take three stones, and I shall take those stones, and I shall hurl them at three strategic places in your nation…one of them being Washington, DC says the Lord of hosts. For it has become a place for haunts, and jackals says the Lord of hosts. It has become a place for every unclean spirit to dwell, and I, the Lord thy God, am purging Washington, DC. I am purging the capital in New York, says the Lord of hosts, for the governor there has not learned her lesson either from the fall of the other. I am purging the West Coast, says the Lord of hosts. I, the Lord thy God, are going down to the hallows, and I am opening it up, says the Lord of hosts, and I am pulling from the depths the most deepest of roots that have grown, says the Lord that go back to the 1960s says the Lord of hosts, and I am pulling those roots out, and I am destroying them says the Lord thy God, this day. Pride cometh before the fall, says the Lord. And they have allowed themselves, in the prior month to become puffed up with pride; they have allowed themselves to flaunt their sin. They have flaunted their sin in the capital; they have flaunted their sin in parts of the church, says the Lord. Judgment begins in the house of God says the Lord thy God this day, and this judgment that has gone in the earth in this season has begun not only in your nation says the Lord…has begun in Israel, has begun in Italy where the unclean religious has dwelt, and I the Lord the God this day am taking those stones, and I'm going forth with such a force and I the Lord thy God are calling my people to come out of those places. I am warning you ahead of time, says the Lord. Come out now…repent, return to Me. Come out, cleanse your lives and prepare yourself for what is about to happen in your nation, oh America, for I, the Lord the God this day, am going to bring America to one of the most unprecedented historic points in history, and I the Lord God this day, there is going to be two flips says the Lord…one flop and two flips… one fall and two flips says the Lord God this day.  You shall be in awe of what I do, for it is not a man that is going save you, oh,  America…it is Me the Lord your God. I have the Covenant with this nation, and I have now issued judgment against the enemy because that Covenant is coming back to Me, says the Lord thy God this day. My people are coming back to Me; My church is being cleansed. Watch the heart of the Midwest says the Lord…the Bible Belt…watch for a move of Me, a powerful move of Me to break forth and burst forth and catch on fire there says the Lord thy God this day and sweep across your nation towards the east. This shall be a purging says the Lord, I am turning up the heat says the Lord thy God this day in the capital, I am turning up the heat says the Lord thy God this day in the halls of Congress for judgment has entered the halls of Congress says the Lord thy God this day, and I am judging those that wanted to be trained in the acts of the wicked and trained to perform…I am judging you in this season. The kingdom of darkness has been weakened because of this judgment. I am sending forth another even greater judgment that you shall see over the next few months, says the Lord thy God this day, and it shall cripple their infrastructure…the infrastructure of the wicked that they have built, and those that wanted to raise up corporations from Dagon that half fish half man hybrid oh, Starbucks. I, the Lord thy God, I'm going to knock you on your face too and make you bow, for I am the same yesterday, today, and forever. I am the Alpha and Omega…I change not…I love My people…I am calling them into reverence in holiness in this time to prepare themselves so they can stand and see the salvation of the Lord and have their armor on and be able to stand with Me in worship and in praise as they see the events unfold in this nation that is going to break and sever the chain that is wrapped itself around this nation three times. I have dispatched the captain of the army of the Lord of hosts and the warring angels, and the orders have been given to now cut this chain in three strategic areas. Three stones thrown…three strategic areas in which chains shall be cut you shall see these events happen… you shall see these events happen before the end of the year, says the Lord of hosts. This is indeed a jubilee says the Lord and the captives will be set free, and what has been stolen will be given back because it is My Covenant, and My nation says the Lord, not the enemy’s, so praise Me glorify Me, know this day you serve a mighty God and that the enemy is defeated thus says the Lord of hosts in Jesus' name.

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  1. God WILL have His way. He is judging and separating the wicked and the righteous. The righteous will be rewarded and the wicked will be judged for their Evil agendas. I pray that they renounce Satan before they leave THIS world and choose Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. That goes for everyone who has rejected the Son. Choose wisely today, choose LIFE. Satan hates us and even the ones he uses to do his "dirty work". He laughs you just like God laughs at you and Satan. Tomorrow is not promised, let alone the end of this day. Get right with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel TODAY. See John 10:10 and John 3:16-18. God bless you everyone. Thank you Amanda for your faithfulness to our Lord Jesus Christ and to Yahweh our Father and to Ruach ha Kadosh the Holy Spirit. I pray all of you people that are involved in the Re-Awaken America Tour get blessed in ALL of His ways exceeding abundantly. You are such a treasure and that goes for your guest speakers as well and everyone who sets things up. Thank you Clay Clark for obeying the Lord to start these information gatherings. I thank Him that He will give back what the devil has stolen. That lawsuit will be dropped and ANY money that you spent to defend your self will be multiplied back to you tout suit. God bless ALL of you and the other prophets as well that are TRUE prophets. Amen and Amen. Shalom, Shalom!!!!


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