Monday, June 20, 2022

Word from the Lord--June 5, 2022 (from Prophetic Insight: WHO and the Pox Broadcast)

 I'm telling you they are trying to invoke this number 21 for a reason because of what it means in the kingdom of darkness and the occult; it is the opposite of 12, which is the tribes of Israel which represents the covenant of God. Satan is a counterfeit which means he counterfeits it and switches it, and it becomes 21 that's why 21 is in blackjack, 21 to drink, and every vice you see has the number 21 normally associated with it. Yes, at the beginning of May, my phone did suddenly start going off my calendar alarm for the number 21. I didn't put it in there but guess what Rich Strike, who won the Kentucky derby at 80-1 odds the horse's number was 21. That horse's number was 21. That was the warning that was the alarm bells of what they were about to invoke, and they have tried to use this number 21, and it all goes back to Daniel chapter 10, verse 13, where the Prince of 

Persia withheld Gabriel from getting to Daniel for 21 days which is three weeks. There is a reason for that, so there's a reason they keep invoking this because that is how long the Prince of Persia stood in the way of the answer stood in the way of Gabriel bringing that answer to Gabriel from Daniel from almighty God until Michael the archangel had to be called in and Michael made the Prince of Persia move. See, that's what we have to remember right now the Lord is dispatching the captain of the army of the Lord of hosts and his army, and He will make their princes move…the princes in the spirit that are influencing them to do such heinous wicked things, to do these blasphemous things, to do these twisted things…those princes will be made to move by the army of the living God…by the army and the angelic army, and the warring army of the living God so praise the Lord for that. I will tell you too that there was something else here I wanted to mention with this. Joshua chapter eight; what Clay was talking about is the battle of A.I. The battle of A.I. back then was the weak point for Joshua; Achan had taken the accursed things into the camp from Jericho that they were told not to touch…he hid them in his tent…Joshua didn't know they were sitting in the camp…he goes into battle, and A.I. whoops their butts the first time, and then the Lord shares with Joshua what happened…things are rectified and made right they set an ambush, and they go back in and defeat A.I. Our battle of A.I. is this with artificial intelligence. This is our battle, so that is why we have to understand that in this hour, we have to make sure that we are righteous before God because those that are more worried about doing nothing but attacking and constantly pointing fingers at people trying to speak the truth at people that are speaking the word of the Lord people that are doing that in this hour are part of the problem they're not part of the solution. Because in this hour, we should be helping to refine the body of Christ, and we should be helping to get the Word into them, we should be encouraging them, we should be helping to root them, we should be utilized by almighty God in such a way for such a time for what is happening. There was squabbling that happened amongst Israel, and God did not tolerate it because those squabblers always wanted to rage a rebellion against Moses against Aaron…they wanted to build the golden calf, and they wanted to criticize Moses's leadership…Quora tried to lead, and the earth swallowed him up. What I'm saying is we have to stay the course with the Lord, and with what is happening in the world, there is no time for nonsense right now. We all fall short of the glory of God not one of us is anywhere near ever in our lifetimes going to be perfect enough to come near to the glory of God and the holiness that He is…we all fall incredibly short that's why we needed a savior Jesus Christ Yeshua. He had to come to the earth in the flesh and dwell among us and be the lamb and the sacrifice for our sins because we were falling, and if you think about it

the enemy attempted a great reset at the Garden of Eden.  He attempted to reset everything God had put in order and reset the order of that to try to destroy what God created and try to put him in a better position. So the enemy already attempted a great reset in the Garden of Eden, and the Lord saw ahead of that and He planned to send his son Jesus Christ and what happened was in a way, it was a trap because once the enemy put Him on that cross and Jesus said it is finished He made a showing spectacle of the enemy before all the earth and the heavenly’s so these people, these wicked people have no idea the force they are coming up against who is almighty God, who is Elohim, who is the God of righteousness who is the righteous judge on the throne, who is the creator of all things whose earth here is His footstool. They have no idea the force they are coming up against they could bring all the artificial intelligence they want, and in one word, God can disintegrate it and them before everyone. This is the kind of power God has they are coming up against a force they know, not they are coming up against an entity who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s that they know not, and if they think they can come up against God like this and build their babble and they are going to reach towards heaven to shoot their arrows God is going to confuse them with their codes, their programs, their

algorithms, their valleys, their companies, their summits, their meetings, their forums…He is going in this hour…I promise you to confuse them. It is going to get a little rough, it is going to get a little bumpy for a moment, it is going to get where you have to brace yourself. It's like when Noah was in the ark he felt the waves, he felt the wind, he felt the ark tossing…they all did…the animals did…but they were safe. The Lord is bringing His people under the ark. He is bringing His people under the covering, He is bringing His people out to be voices crying in the wilderness. In this hour, prepare ye the way of the Lord and the Lord is gonna go forth as He went forth in Egypt, as He went forth with the Midianites, as He went forth with the Canaanites, and He is going to slay them. They can scream all they want about outbreaks because the Lord is turning that outbreak on them, and the Lord is going before His people to slay those that have continuously tried to help the enemy get ahead of the timeline and schedule that almighty God has. God is going ahead in this hour, and we are going to see events that we saw in Egypt happen now, says the Lord, we are going to see events that we have read about that happened in Egypt. Over that year's time when Moses went in, and he said from the Lord let my people go to pharaoh, and there were these events that there was nothing that the top sorcerers and magicians could do about it they couldn't reverse it, they couldn't mimic it on a large scale, the way God did so, their A.I. and everything they have will not be able to mimic on a large scale what God is set to do to shake their foundations, and their forums, and their summits, and their meetings, and their papers, and their documents, and their core, and their intel, and I'm talking about the company here and their Intel, and the mechanism that drives their self-driving cars is going to malfunction in such a massive way that it is going to be worldwide news, it's going to hit their holdings, and their company stock is going to plummet. Do you know why? Because God is God above all, and now He's going to march out amongst the titans and slay them He's going to march out amongst the titans and drain their companies, He's going to march out amongst the forums and the doctors and the advisors, and He is going to come forth with something that is going to baffle them, and baffle science. He is going to come forth with a reversal that is going to make them scratch their heads and not know where their plan went wrong because God is fighting for his people. His people are crying out those cries are not ignored in this hour; almighty God wants you to know that the cries of his people are not ignored. The enemy is attempting in full force in this hour to really make one of the biggest pushes he's ever made, but when the enemy comes in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord will raise a standard against him and you're to see worldwide floods that are going to take out companies that are involved in this. You are going to see worldwide floods in various ways that are going to take out companies and people and areas that are embedded in this. I'm telling you right now, watch Belgium watch Belgium in this hour says the Lord and what I do to the hub of what they're doing, what I do to the hub of the EU… what I do to the hub of the beast…what I do to the hub of their computers. Watch Belgium in that area in this hour says the Lord because the Lord will not be mocked or challenged and not rise to the occasion the Philistines attempted to do that when they took the Ark of the Covenant and they put it before their disgusting half-man half-fish god Dagon and the Lord threw him on his face and broke his hands, and broke his head off, and afflicted them with tumors and rats until they said, uncle and they took that arch, and they sent it back that's what almighty God did so when you have what's God's, and you try to take what's God's, and you think your god is more powerful and your A.I. is more powerful…God is going to take it in this hour and throw it on its face and throw their advancements into such a tailspin they are not going to know why such an enormous setback has occurred we will see it in this hour in the middle of this, and I am saying hold on to the Word, hold on to almighty God, press into Him, walk with Him, talk with Him, be in the Word fill your spirit in your soul with what's pleasing and acceptable to the Lord, guard your eyes, your ears, and your heart in this hour, guard your heart because it is going to be necessary in this hour. I am telling you God is raising up fiery people, and He's already doing it but I'm saying…fiery people that speak the Word of the Lord that speak it with boldness and such conviction that when the wicked hear it leave their mouths, it makes them uncontrollably quake, and they don't even know why because that is the anointing and power behind the words and authority that almighty God gives people, and we need to start operating in that authority and be the triumphant church, not the defeated church, not the bound church, not the compromised church, not the lying church, not the lukewarm church, but the triumphant church in this hour. This is what we need to be. 


  1. Great word from the Lord and from you. I want to thank you and Cris for your obedience to the Lord and your courage to speak the truth with conviction and with power. God Bless!

  2. Thank You Amanda for posting this have been flat of late times have been bumpy.