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An Outbreak, the Guidestones and Men Like Gods...How All This Relates Now--June 28th, 2021

April 8 2021 Word of The Lord:

An outbreak of an antiquated infection shall emerge and shall point to a sinister plot says the Lord of Hosts.

5.24.21 Word of The Lord:

I the Lord God am going to take their cornerstone, I am going to knock it out of joint says the Lord of Hosts. For the Cornerstone of the plans of the wicked is compromised down to those who constructed such a wicked foundation for a plan that has manipulated, constricted, and IMPLANTED Fear into the nations says the Lord of Hosts

The IMPLANTS the molecular code and construct, the molecular chain shall be dissected more and more and the secrets of not only the wicked and corrupt, but drug companies, health organizations, billionaire backers and secret scientists that are within labs within a lab, a heavily guarded area that is removed, separated from the rest of the lab, there shall be more than one exposed says the Lord of Hosts this day

So this is how this portion of the word relates to things happening in the past few days...

ABC 6 news: NEWPORT, Delaware (WPVI) -- The CDC is working to respond to a multi-state outbreak of tuberculosis, and Delaware is included.

More than 100 people in multiple states have been allegedly exposed through a bone repair product.

Joan Trinicia is one of 23 patients in Delaware now suing after they received bone grafting procedure and were exposed.

Trincia underwent spinal fusion surgery in early March.

Trincia said she learned the bone repair product made from human tissue that was used in her surgery had been contaminated with tuberculosis.

The product is FIberCel. Its manufacturer issued an urgent voluntary recall of the contaminated lot on June 2.

TB is highly contagious and can attack the lungs and other organs.

An immune system must be weakened for tuberculosis to be introduced and infect actively- remember this

Bringing it across the border, remember this as well…

Now its interesting Delaware is at the heart of this “rare” outbreak for a few reasons:

  1. Biden is from Delaware

  2. Many battles of the revolutionary war 

The battle of Cooches bridge or iron Hill near Newark Delaware.

The Battle of Cooch's Bridge was also known as the Battle of Iron Hill. It was between the Continental Army and American militia and primarily German soldiers serving alongside the British Army. It was the only significant military action during the war on the soil of Delaware (though there were also naval engagements off the state's coast).

It took place about a week before the major Battle of Brandywine. Reportedly, the battle that saw the first flying of the U.S. flag.


Washington crosses the Delaware River:


So why were Washington and his bedraggled Continental Army trying to cross an ice-choked Delaware River on a cold winter’s night? It wasn’t just to get to the other side. Washington’s aim was to conduct a surprise attack upon a Hessian garrison of roughly 1,400 soldiers located in and around Trenton, New Jersey. Washington hoped that a quick victory at Trenton would bolster sagging morale in his army and encourage more men to join the ranks of the Continentals come the new year. After several councils of war, General George Washington set the date for the river crossing for Christmas night 1776.


By the time that most of the soldiers had reached the launching point for the boats, the drizzle had turned into a driving rain. And by 11 o’clock that evening, while the boats were crossing the river, a howling nor’easter made the miserable crossing even worse. One soldier recorded that “it blew a perfect hurricane” as snow and sleet lashed Washington’s army.


This was the turning point of the war, the strategic crossing of the Delaware, with every odd, weather pattern against them, it was as if the enemy threw everything but the kitchen sink to try and stop them, however, the Lord was with them, and the battles that ensued from this decision was the turning point of the war


Interestingly enough during the time of general Washington and the war tuberculosis was very prevalent, many were getting infected with it.


Washington’s brother had this and a common treatment back then was for a doctor to prescribe ‘breathing in fresh air.’ So they went on a sea voyage to Barbados and on that trip, Washington ended up contracting it himself. It’s an infection of the lining that coats the lungs. Like malaria, it’s one of those diseases that can go quiet but continue to come back throughout life.


But in recent years we’ve found drug-resistant strains that may prove to be very deadly. And that may yank us back to where we were in the 1940s.”


FRESH AIR MEANING NO QUARANTINE!! So… if there are masks being worn and there are quarantines happening, and tuberculosis affects the lungs, much like this super flu did, guess what happens…

I think TB is a test run here, remember the Lord said they were looking for something a bit more rare, this was called a RARE outbreak by abc6 news, the CDC is involved so you know something is not right.


  1. Tuberculosis can advance quicker.

  2. Those who took the shot and have sent their immune systems into a hyperdrive process that will more times than not result in autoimmune conditions, well their chances of surviving a drug-resistant strain of TB would not be very high….


Almost simultaneously as this outbreak is happening, this is also happening:

June 24, 2021

THE GUARDIAN: Mystery illness strikes down birds across US South and Midwest.

A mysterious illness is killing birds across several states in the south and the midwestern US, and wildlife scientists are rushing to try to find the cause, with many victims suffering from crusty eyes, swollen faces and the inability to fly.

Wildlife managers in Washington, Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia first began receiving reports of sick and dying birds with eye swelling and crusty discharge, as well as neurological signs in late May, according to a statement from the US Geological Survey, which added: “No definitive cause of death is identified at this time.”

In Kentucky, the department of fish and wildlife resources is asking the public to report encounters with sick and dead birds through a new online reporting system. They say the species affected thus far have included blue jays, common grackles, and European starlings, but other species may also be affected. More than 20 samples have been sent out for testing.

In Ohio, the Ohio Wildlife Center posted on Facebook that it has been admitting songbirds with eye issues and is working with authorities to help determine what might be causing local birds to become sick. Indiana wildlife officials said they tested the birds for avian influenza and west Nile virus, and the samples came back negative.

So this is an unidentified contagious infection amongst so many birds whom people come in contact with...

April 8, 2021  Word of the Lord: Watch the Midwest toward June on your calendar going to Nevada.

So this is only part of the puzzle here, more will be unveiled.

As I am doing this I am hearing in My Spirit Cholera, (I had to go look this one up)

Cholera is an acute diarrhoeal infection caused by ingestion of food or water contaminated with the bacterium Vibrio cholerae

Cholera are resistant against almost all routinely used antibiotics [26], [35]. The antimicrobial resistance encoding functions are also being identified as in self-transmissible plasmids. Emergence of MDR V. cholera belonging to serogroup O139 was first described in 1996.

Watch for this to emerge in one way or another….

There is experimentation going on using the public as control groups to see which IS going to be the most destructive and effective to their purposes…

This now takes us to the Georgia Guidestones.

As I was on the phone with Barbara about all of this for days she kept hearing the Georgia Guidestones.

This is where these connect the dots are going to intensify so stay with me on this…

Known as America's Stonehenge let's explore this for a moment.

Remember Georgia is one of the states that were intensely caught up in the election and audits, and it was one of the 2 states named in the dream I had before January 6 when I heard a voice that said “call the capital”.

The Georgia Guidestones are just as mysterious as their name suggests. These massive slabs arranged into a monument in rural Georgia have confounded writers and tourists for decades. And what we do know about the origins of the Georgia Guidestones hardly makes the picture any clearer...

The man called himself Robert Christian. This wasn't his real name and only two people ever met him face-to-face: first the granite finisher, then the banker.

When Christian walked into the offices of Elberton Granite Finishing in Elbert County, Ga. in June 1979, he explained to company president Joe Fendley that he represented an anonymous group who had been secretly planning a stone monument for 20 years and that he'd come to Elbert because their quarries had the best granite on Earth.

This means the planning began in June of 1959.

On June 7, 1959, Mike pence is born.

  • June 10, 1959 A month after withdrawing a six-month ultimatum for the Western powers to withdraw from Berlin, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev issued a new deadline when talks broke down in Geneva. Khrushchev demanded that the U.S., Britain, and France withdraw their armies from West Berlin by June 10, 1960. The ultimatum was withdrawn on September 27 when Khrushchev met with President Eisenhower at Camp David.[21]

  • June 19, 1959 U.S. Defense Secretary Neil H. McElroy approved the DOD's air defense master plan, providing for procurement of KC-135 tankers, and B-52G, B-58, and B-70 bombers, and increased deployment of Atlas, Tian, and Minuteman missiles.

  • June 20, 1959: The Soviet Union reversed plans to provide China with a prototype atomic bomb, and secretly informed the Beijing government that it would not supply technical data for constructing more nuclear weapons, unilaterally canceling an accord reached on October 15, 1957.[45] Nikita Khrushchev noted later in his memoirs that the working bomb and its blueprints had been packed and ready for shipment, but that the Soviets then decided against sharing their secrets.[46] Chinese initiate Project 596 and detonate the first bomb in 1964.

  • June 27, 1959 Voters in Hawaii went to the polls on the question of whether to become the 50th state of the United States of America. The result was 132,938 in favor, and 7,854 not. Only one of the 240 precincts went against statehood, with voters on the island of Niihau 70–18 against.[62] 

So much of what is going on during this time appears to be the beginnings of an arms race and many countries who are at play now in the middle of what's happening, increasing their arsenals. 

Ok so back to the Guidestones.

Fendley soon found that Christian's plan befits such grand preparations. He wanted five upright outer stone slabs that would end up weighing a little more than 42,000 pounds each — about two-and-a-half times the weight of an elephant. These stones would encircle a center pillar that would end up weighing almost 21,000 pounds, which would itself be topped with a capstone weighing almost 25,000 pounds.

42 multiplied by 5= 210

The number 21 is involved in this 21 happens to be a very important number to those in the occult.

Christian needed such stones, he explained, because he was building a monument that could withstand the end of the world. Human civilization was about to destroy itself, Christian believed, and his monument would provide instructions for whatever was left of humanity after the apocalypse.

Let us add here when it comes to architecture what freemasons believe:

Operative masonry, and accepted Freemasonry following it, already had a tradition of pillars and columns. There were the two pillars of the Old Charges, the one which would not burn, and the other which could not sink, which were the means of preserving the Seven Liberal Sciences for posterity from God’s vengeance by fire and water. Then there was the basic importance of, and interest in, the porchway pillars of KST. To these, the Augustan speculative Freemasons proceeded to add the columns of the five noble Orders, and to develop their symbolism, especially that of the three most celebrated, the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian, as the traditional supports of the Lodge”.

So this individual wants 5, yes 5 upright slabs, and there are the 5 noble orders that exist in masonry architecture.

So this individual knows the Bible to a degree, has some semblance that God can destroy the earth, and is trying to turn it on its head by weaving in these “guides”.

Martin and Fendley( the granite company and the banker) were skeptical, but sure enough, a $10,000 deposit arrived and they soon set to work. Fendley found the stones and helped Christian secure a location for his monument. Once things were underway, Christian stopped by Fendley's office to say goodbye, adding, "You'll never see me again."

From then on, Christian only resurfaced to write letters to Martin in order to ask that ownership of the land be transferred to the county. The letters came from cities all over the country, never from the same place twice.

March 1980, the Georgia Guidestones — coming in at more than 19 feet tall and almost 240,000 pounds — were ready to be unveiled.

The shadow of the Guidestones if you look at it sideways kind of looks like the twin towers, with something in the middle, looks to be one of two things,(show pic of the shadow cast from these stones) (show pic of world trade center with the arm of the Statue of Liberty)

  1. The torch of the Statue of Liberty.

  2. The pillars so coveted in freemasonry (show pic of the pillars).

The World Trade Center was finished in 1975, 5 years prior to the Guidestones being erected.

What did these “Guidestones” say:

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. (population control).
2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity. (eugenics Hitler believed in this as well).
3. Unite humanity with a living new language. (one world order).
4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite...not serving the “infinite” seeking harmony…
10. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature. (humans are a cancer that destroy)

The Georgia Guidestones feature astronomical specifications so particular (a hole through which the North Star would always be visible, a slot aligned with the rising sun at solstices and equinoxes) that Fendley had to bring in a specialist from the University of Georgia. In addition to the post-apocalypse instructions, you see, Christian made sure that the Georgia Guidestones could serve as a kind of calendar as well.

Masonic Lodge at Andaz Hotel London:

In the northern hemisphere, the North Star is at the center of the revolving star constellations also known in astronomy as the zodiac which is the celestial dome of the night sky.
In the center ceiling of this Masonic Lodge, we find the North Star and its eight directional compass points surrounded also by its twelve main star constellations.

Also, Solstices are very important times of the year to the occult.

It is no surprise that Georgia is one of the states that is steeped in suspicious activity and corrupt behavior with what happened on November 3, 2020? 

Hitler also believed in eugenics and manipulating the creation of life and destroying what he so horrifically viewed as a “cancer” of the Jewish people.

The fact there are 10 “guides” is another counterfeit of our commandments also written on stone tablets when Moses climbed mt Sinai to be in the presence of the Lord and receive THE LAW.

Everything to do with these counterfeits what the Lord has set forth for man under the guise of being “good for humanity” as satan comes as an angel of light which turns to darkness and bondage as time goes on and he has lured one into his “guides” his web of deception.

1 Peter 5:8 Be [a]sober, be [b]vigilant; [c]because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

2 Corinthians 11:14-15 14 And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. 15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.

As I'm looking at all of this I am reminded in my spirit about a book I had to read in middle school called brave new world, I felt lead to google it which took me to something the Lord wanted me to see, a book written by HG Wells titled MEN LIKE GODS!!

Hmm, where have we heard this term before… The garden of Eden

Genesis 3:4-6 Then the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die. For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, that it was [a]pleasant to the eyes, and a tree desirable to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate. She also gave to her husband with her, and he ate.

The enemy takes a little bit of truth and mixes it in a tonic with a whole lot of lies...

Why is this book so important for now? How does it tie all of this together?

Men Like Gods was released in 1923 so 98 years ago...

The writer, freemason, and intelligence agent Herbert George Wells became a member in February 1903. That Wells was a freemason was made clear in the magazine The American Mason (October 2001, p. 24). The Grand Lodge of Minnesota confirms Wells’ membership. Wells wished to act more openly and intensively and suggested the name be changed to The British Socialist Society. The conspiracy leadership did not approve of this suggestion, and in 1908 he left the group.

The secret goal of this group was to establish an atheistic, classless, socialist society, which would prepare the way for the final victory - communism. In 1891, the group joined the Second Internationale, which was created by the freemasons with the intention of turning England into a socialist country

Wells died of unspecified causes on 13 August 1946, aged 79, at his home at 13 Hanover Terrace, overlooking Regent's Park, London.[104][105] In his preface to the 1941 edition of The War in the Air, Wells had stated that his epitaph should be: "I told you so. You damned fools".[106


The book we need to focus on here with all that is happening is Men Like God's

Why is this book so crucial for now and what's happening and what has happened?

Men like God's…

Men Like Gods is set in the summer of 1921. Its protagonist is Mr. Barnstaple (his first name is either Alfred or William[4]), a journalist working in London and living in Sydenham. He has grown dispirited at a newspaper called The Liberal and resolves to take a holiday. Taking leave of his wife and family, his plans are disrupted when his and two other automobiles are accidentally transported with their passengers into "another world," which the "Earthlings" call Utopia.

A sort of advanced Earth, Utopia is some three thousand years ahead of humanity in its development. For the 200,000,000 Utopians who inhabit this world, the "Days of Confusion" are a distant period studied in history books, but their past resembles humanity's in its essentials, differing only in incidental details: their Christ, for example, died on the wheel, not on the cross. Utopia lacks any world government and functions as a successfully realised anarchy. "Our education is our government," a Utopian named Lion says.[5] Sectarian religion, like politics, has died away, and advanced scientific research flourishes. Life in Utopia is governed by "the Five Principles of Liberty", which are privacy, free movement, unlimited knowledge, truthfulness, and free discussion (allowing criticism).

Men Like God's is divided into three books. Details of life in Utopia are given in Books I and III. In Book II, the Earthlings are quarantined on a rocky crag after infections they have brought cause a brief epidemic in Utopia. There they begin to plot the conquest of Utopia, despite Mr. Barnstaple's protests. He betrays them when his fellows try to take two Utopians hostage, forcing Mr. Barnstaple to escape execution for treason by fleeing perilously.

In Book III, Mr. Barnstaple longs to stay, but when he asks how he can best serve Utopia, he is told that he can do this "by returning to your own world".[6] Regretfully he accepts and ends his month-long stay in Utopia. But he brings with him back to Earth a renewed determination to contribute to the effort to make a terrestrial Utopia: "[H]e belonged now soul and body to the Revolution, to the Great Revolution that is afoot on Earth; that marches and will never desist nor rest again until old Earth is one city and Utopia set up therein. He knew clearly that this Revolution is life, and that all other living is a trafficking of life with death."[7]

If this is not what's happening now I don’t know what is!

A secret society that thinks they are far more advanced than the “earthlings”

A controlled population.

Their savior died on a wheel, a circle 5 points within a circle well that sounds like a pentagram doesn’t it?

5 principles of liberty, 5 points, 5 noble orders, 5 pillars of Islam, see how this is all connecting?!!

Divided into 3 parts, same book 3 parts, sounds like a counterfeit of “they are 3 but they are 1” attempting to counterfeit, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, this could also be hinting at 3 phases or blocks of time to accomplish the goal of this new world order or “utopia”.

The Earthlings are quarantined on a rocky crag after infections they have brought cause a brief epidemic in Utopia.


Gee where have we seen this before, 2020-2021 NOW, and this book was written 98 years ago!!!!

The other earthlings with Mr. Barnstaple begin to PLOT the conquest of utopia and overthrowing it, which Barnstaple PROTESTS.

So a protest going on during an epidemic hmmm.

He betrays them when his fellows try to take two Utopians hostage, forcing Mr. Barnstaple to escape execution for treason by fleeing perilously.


In Book III, Mr. Barnstaple longs to stay, but when he asks how he can best serve Utopia, he is told that he can do this "by returning to your own world".[6] Regretfully he accepts and ends his month-long stay in Utopia. But he brings with him back to Earth a renewed determination to contribute to the effort to make a terrestrial Utopia: "[H]e belonged now soul and body to the Revolution, to the Great Revolution that is afoot on Earth; that marches and will never desist nor rest again until old Earth is one city and Utopia set up therein. He knew clearly that this Revolution is life, and that all other living is a trafficking of life with death."[7]  

He belongs soul and body, so he sold his soul to this order that is a REVOLUTION to take over earth and set their UTOPIA up as the ruling body. 

If that’s not what the wicked and corrupt are doing now with the enemy attempting to speed up the clock and race to the new world order I don’t know what is, and there are recruits who have been implanted into society to move that along just as Mr. Barnstaple.

So now we know they had been planning this for a very very long time.

And these epidemics and “outbreaks” now of tuberculosis and flues and infections within birds suddenly resurfacing amidst a shot being pushed like never before amidst things and businesses starting to “open back up” they are testing on pockets of people and are attempting to time it that when audit results are released or close to being released you are going to see some sort of 2nd attempt or a sounding of the alarm to strike fear again to train a man to conform to them.

And there is a very corrupt rainbow woven into their agenda as you see a sudden rise of trans genderism simultaneously.

It was on the 26th of June I heard as I was in prayer “a rainbow of pride shall crash for what was stolen will now fall”. 

Pray for those people, they need prayer but to try and force people to conform to an anarchy a confusion and if they don’t conform to that new order they are phobic is the premise of this book by HG Wells conforming to a godless utopia and taking humanity down with you in that confusion and corruption.

This is where we will need the Lord’s intervention, this is the time people need to be equipped by the Lord with the armor of God (Ephesians 6) and taking a STAND, standing in their faith, standing for TRUTH, standing on the solid rock of Jesus Christ, not the solid rock of guides who will misguide you so far from God you become of great use to the enemy and his plans which oppose the will of God. Standing rooted in your convictions, voices crying out in the wilderness “prepare ye the way of the Lord” this is the time according to Isaiah 6:8

Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying:

“Whom shall I send,
And who will go for Us?”

Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.”

We are in the army of the Living God, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down and destruction of strongholds.

Utilizing the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, speaking it in this hour, IT IS LIVING AND ACTIVE, so when you speak it, it activates, and there is an action in the realm of the spirit that affects the natural.

Discernment, wisdom, the knowledge of the truth which sets you free, because they have been attempting to program humanity to be stripped of these things and to take the word of God from their souls, their mouth, their lives in order for their DOMINION< DO MINION that agenda to go forth and prosper.

Not by might now by power but BY MY SPIRIT SAYS THE LORD Zechariah 4:6

They will not speed up this clock, they will not skip ahead, there were secret plans to destroy this country and you have backward rainbow groups, working with, secret orders, working with the gates of this world, working with the judges of the land to the highest court to alter the country’s laws, the country spiritually, the family, the mind, to place their UTOPIA as the ruling body, The Lord thy God has HIS own time clock, HIS timetable, HIS WILL, and HE SITS ON THE THRONE and there is going to be some shaking, breaking and bending as the Lord pushes back and makes sobering statements through HIS action to highlight the unholiest, blasphemous, perverse, and corrupt actions.


  1. For good or for bad, whatever your religious beliefs, Georgia has been a center for religious and political controversy for many years. Note the Marian apparitions in Conyers, Georgia from 1990-1998:

  2. Thank you amanda and team for getting this published! I always print these Words because I want to do more study $

  3. Thank you Amanda for your encouraging words from the Lord. I always wait patiently to hear a word from God through you. My spirit is calm and not frightening as I know God is allowing us to know He is in charge of everything even though sometimes it may look like they are winning. We just have to wait upon His timing and it sounds closer each day as He expose their plots to us.

  4. thank you Amanda, you have a wonderful gift..PRAISE the helps to have a word for we are in a bit of shock and still stunned about what is happening to our country that's not a country! Thanks to your moderators who get the words up on the to review it...God Bless All on the planet as this is a serious transition for everyone..God Speed! Roxanne

  5. Thank you for publishing this truth. After studying freemasonry for years it is high time it was exposed. Do your own research believers. The enemy is at the gate. But our Almighty Father, YHVH is greater.

  6. Thank you Amanda Grace and Chris and Dave Scarlett, His glory. I thank you for sharing this and I miss your videos but the ones I ado watch are very blessed and anointed. I pray for our nation the ecclesia, over the events and people. Your blog helps me to do a better job for there is so much happening and I know God is on the move. He will have his will his way in His timing. Blessed be the l=Lord Forever. I also am encouraged by your prophesies when to my natural eyes it seems as though evil is winning but that is a lie. Thank you and God Bless you and your ministries. Thank you. Jennifer