Saturday, October 17, 2020

A Word from the Lord--The Remainder of the Year Into 2021!

Praise be to the Lord God, Adonai, Who rules and reigns on the Throne forevermore, who is a strong tower, a roaring Lion of Judah, and Righteous Judge. Who is the Word and watches over His Word to perform it. To Him Be ALL the glory, and honor, and power, forever and ever, Amen….

And the Spirit of the Lord says This day…

2021 shall begin with a bang says the Lord of Hosts this day, For Truth and Justice are being sent out into the earth as I the Lord God watch over My word to perform it. For As the Word goes forth From My throne so it shall be done says the Lord. For as 2020 has been a year of historic proportion, and indeed the Justice of Yahweh has gone forth into the earth, 2021 shall be a year where you shall see this justice carried out and seen to its completion says the Lord God the righteous Judge this day

For the remainder of 2020 before restoration can go forth for the sake of the Harvest, so there must be a demolishing, a tearing down of the high places says the Lord of Hosts this day. And so you shall see this work carried into 2021 of tearing down the high places and taking back areas in the United States of America and even Canada for the Kingdom of God.

For as the enemy has made an advance to suppress, subdue, restrain, and limit the gathering of the ecclesia so I the Lord God am igniting that fire, that Holy Fire in My people and it shall become greater and more potent as My people as the Church breaks free of the chains of bondage the enemy has slithered in and wrapped around the worship and attempted to silence the voices of my people on the earth. HOWEVER says the Lord God Adonai, I the Lord am seeing over My word to perform it and the voices and cries shall grow louder from the remnant the remainder of 2020 and crest in 2021 says the Lord.

The enemy has attempted to use those he has lulled to carry out his interests into using a building to restrain however says the Lord, Ichabod shall be written above the doorways of the churches that have restrained the power of God and increased the interests and campaigns and ideals, the false ideals and doctrines of the enemy and given them a place of importance at the Kings table which is blasphemous says the Lord. Drinking a mixed tonic of darkness and light where you see the tormented battle, those drinking from that are following wayward shepherds off a spiritual cliff says the Lord God Elohim this day. The Word Ichabod shall be carried into 2021 says the Lord God Yahweh and a plumb line shall be dropped and leadership judged for leading the spirits of My people into a barren spiritual desert, where everything is dry and the living water of My Word does not FLOW. All for the sake of Control says the Lord earthly CONTROL< a false promise made by a deceiving host, that serpent of old, the devil.

He is attempting a dark advance before His allowed time however I the Lord am a God of TRUTH and the Sword of TRUTH and ORDER shall go forth and pierce the deceptions, and gut them open spilling out the entrails of truth hidden behind a supposed iran (iron) curtain says the Lord, a veil of secrecy. I the Lord am TEARING that veil and splicing it in two and I the Lord say bombshells shall carry into 2021 in more ways than one says the Spirit of the Living God this day.

For Modern day Hijackers, agents of darkness, power, and greed have gone forth in an attempt to unlawfully take what is not theirs to claim says the Lord. They are attempting a 5 point attack says the Lord, however lust for power within ranks will cause whole collapses of sections of this plan and things will fold on each other from there says the Lord of Hosts this day.

A house of cards built on sand and the false promises of a fallen angelic Host that deceives about what he has rights to give and what he DOES NOT says the Lord

For the enemy has increased the darkness, and violence, and bloodshed, and FEAR, and deception in an attempt to argue before My throne that I the Lord God should abandon the United States and Turn it over to him because it is “a lost cause” and I the Lord say NO! IT IS NOT A LOST CAUSE, SO SAYS THE ONE WHOSE CAUSE AGAINST GOD, THE REBELLION LED IN THE HEAVENLIES WAS IMMEDIATELY LOST PUT DOWN AND THAT SERPENT OF OLD CAST DOWN AS LIGHTENING SAYS THE Lord of hosts this day!

For I the Lord God still have a purpose for the United States the Work of the righteous IS NOT DONE, DO NOT FALL INTO A DOOM AND GLOOM YOKE WHERE YOU CANNOT SEE WITH VISION WHAT I THE LORD GOD AM ACTIVELY DOING!

For it is an end for some says the Lord, for some who have been given a time to repent and turn completely from their wicked ways, however they have doubled down says the Lord and for that, for doubling down, digging in their heals, stiffening their necks, thinking because the bricks have fallen they can rebuild with hewn stone, because the sycamores have fallen they can replace them with cedars, they shall receive a double portion of judgment upon them for attempting to follow the enemy into an abyss, attempting to take the United States with them says the Lord of Hosts this day

In 2021 watch the freedom tower in new York City, watch that tower there is an event coming says the Lord

2021 shall be a time where My people will be quickly ushered in toward the beginning of the year to the next chapter of their God ordained Mission. 2020 has been an intense training and period where the spiritual endurance and mental endurance has been built, where there has been pressing to increase anointing. Where that oil of anointing will come forth and flow from that PRESS and will powerfully operate through My chosen, My children in 2021. This has been a preparation process and the enemy is attempting to stop these positionings and placements because it shall and will become a plague for his kingdom as My people Roared in 2020 so they shall PRESS and RACE toward the mark of the high calling in 2021 and that Press shall now PRESS the Kingdom of darkness, and CRUSH their interests says the Lord

There are those that have put all their eggs into 1 wicked basket says the Lord and ALL will crack and fall apart for them as the false power they were given by a deceiving host will at My Word begin to crumble and fall, and where those in the church who have maintained position by putting all their eggs in a basket of compromise so shall those eggs crack and those interests be taken and lost. It shall be a mess of cracked shells and spilled yokes as the basket tips says the Lord and the apple cart will be upset. You shall see this in 2021 as well says the Lord

For I the Lord God have some accounts to settle and the enemy and his operatives MUST PAY BACK IN FULL WHAT THEY HAVE UNLAWFULLY STOLEN AND POWER THEY UNLAWFULLY OPERATED IN

I the Lord shall send forth righteous rule, righteous law, and righteous order into the earth and it shall sweep through as a giant broom so pushes the dirt and contaminants out, so this shall sweep through and kick up along the way the dirt that has been hidden says the Lord of Hosts this day

Entities shall be judged for they have become a censor for the enemy and so do his bidding to silence those who speak truth and speak forth the sobering power of My Word, the chain of command giving such orders shall be broken, fractured, and broken up. Conglomerates of wicked intent shall be forced to be broken up, breaking up agreement, and breaking up a far more sinister plan that has been in the works covertly between platforms, corporations, banks, and billionaires says the Lord God this day. These pieces shall come into focus towards the end of the year into 2021 as what looks as if it did not go together will fit like a well designed puzzle and a complete picture is and will continue to form before the American people as more than one business mogul will be humiliated and plummet from the peak of philanthropy where they so deceived for so long. Their book shall be opened and the truth of their associations and dealings shall be brought forth

Hearing warren buffet

All the cheating and deceiving and underhanded wicked tactics and exploits cannot usurp the will of Almighty God. As many rituals as they so wickedly attempt it will cry out against them all the more right now as one after the other will publicly be struck and afflicted, serpents have been sent out among the camp to bite them, near fatal and fatal bites shall take place for their willful rebellion. Serpents have been sent out among them and the bites shall and will be public watch for this says the Lord for it is the Justice of God going forth as their last moments to repent are just that as this year comes to a close.

And so with the Jewish calendar we are into the new year and events shall intersect as I the Lord clear up old issues the enemy in desperation has brought forth and his agents will not carry out that affliction for it will be stopped very short and my people freed to rise up and publicly shout ADONAI ADONAI PRAISE TO OUR GOD. The public cries of holiness will become louder as conviction will even fall heavily upon some in the news and there are a select few that will turn before the news sees the biggest crises it ever has for their crimes going into 2021. The Media shall become a mockery not being taken seriously, a scarlet letter hung around the necks of those who have made their riches off of backroom relationships with those who serve the kingdom of darkness. The cup of gall and bitterness they have poured out on others they so shall drink in the coming year

Hearing HUMBLE PIE, a humbling the likes of which has not been seen shall begin in the coming month and go forth into 2021 and shame, fear, and panic will strike the enemy’s camp and cause a stampede of donkeys and elephants running from impending laws they so violated to be caught in the ACT with godless governments, and wicked dictators and so their skirts shall be lifted above their heads and their nakedness exposed

The beginnings of another party shall arise in 2021 watch and see says the Lord for the people are frustrated with and horrified by the animals those who run the political machine are says the Lord God Yahweh this day

You shall hear the faint song of victory get louder and louder as what is impossible with man is possible with God and if you will only BELIEVE MY CHILDREN YOU SHALL SEE THE GLORY OF GOD AND THE HISTORIC OCCUR

I The Lord am the Alpha and Omega and I have already seen every play and move their camp could make, however when I am for you, when I am for those anointed in leadership WHO OR WHAT COULD BE AGAINST THEM? 

They shall be covered in the residue of their own crimes and all they have illegally gained shall quickly shrivel up as abandon ship will be heard, those who see the iceberg and are jumping ship early before the crash for their titanic will reach impact and there are those erasing and expunging their tracks who will not go down with a ship that was never meant to make it to the other side

Get ready, hold on tight My children. Many of you are frustrated hold on trust your Father In Heaven because simultaneously as things break up and fall apart and unravel on the corrupt their shall be a building up and breakthrough for My Children as a testimony that I the Lord God do not submit or abide by your world system but so what I speak forth must go forth, submit and be carried out. I am going forth, My Spirit is going before You let what is pleasing and acceptable to the Lord come forth out of your mouths to the Heavens. SHOUT and claim the Victory knowing the battle is already won before it ever started

Thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts in Jesus name who rules and reigns forever and ever AMEN>>>>


  1. Did you know: A fireman’s eyes at the Chernobyl disaster were said to have turned from brown to blue due to the intense radiation that he received.

    I thought this was interesting, since you mention Russian Blue and Chernobyl.

    Love ya, Diann Martin

  2. God Bless you for delivering the Word of the Lord to the Body of Christ, keeping us informed and encouraged. Praise God for His Plan is Mighty and Great!

  3. Bless you Amanda and Chris Grace. God is so wonderful, I'm thankful that the time has come again where people will be free from what is false and oppressive to our spirit. Those who have been given much and used it for evil will be publicly made known. AMEN and All GLORY to God

  4. Amen hallelujah for using u Amanda

  5. Thank you once again Amanda for being obedient to give this WORD. It brings much hope for us and glory and honor to our FATHER.

  6. Amanda Grace, you are such an inspiration and blessing to those of us who have found you and follow you. I firmly believe that President Trump needs you NOW. How can we make that happen? How can have you be part of his spiritual advisor team? I prayed for God to give him the best mentor. I think that you and God would be perfect as his spiritual guide. Thank you for all you do and for answering God's call to minister. Love in Christ our Lord, Erni Moore, Charleston, SC

  7. Amazing Amanda being used mightily for such a time is this. I share weekly on Fb and Twitter. Much love to you and Chris! 2021 is going to be glorious!

  8. PSALM 7:6-17 GOD IS PERFORMING HIS WORD! Thank you for your declaring His Word, even when it hurts Amanda. You inspire me to seek and love Him more. My ❤️Is bursting with awe at What He is doing!
    Psalm 7 resounds loudly with what you are saying and what’s happening.

    “Arise, O LORD, in your anger; lift yourself up against the fury of my enemies; awake for me; you have appointed a judgment. Let the assembly of the peoples be gathered about you; over it return on high. The LORD judges the peoples; judge me, O LORD, according to my righteousness and according to the integrity that is in me. Oh, let the evil of the wicked come to an end, and may you establish the righteous- you who test the minds and hearts, O righteous God! My shield is with God, who saves the upright in heart. God is a righteous judge, and a God who feels indignation every day. If a man does not repent, God will whet his sword; he has bent and readied his bow;
    he has prepared for him his deadly weapons, making his arrows fiery shafts. Behold, the wicked man conceives evil and is pregnant with mischief and gives birth to lies. He makes a pit, digging it out, and falls into the hole that he has made. His mischief returns upon his own head, and on his own skull his violence descends. I will give to the LORD the thanks due to his righteousness, and I will sing praise to the name of the LORD, the Most High.” (Psalms 7:6, ESV)