Monday, January 31, 2022

Word from the Lord -- Jan 27, 2022

Praise be to Almighty God who is high and lifted up! Who spoke to the mountains and they were who spoke and light came forth! The earth is indeed His footstool! All Glory and Honor and Power to Him forever and ever Amen.

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day Your nation Oh America has been chained and weighed down with falsities, with the pitfalls of religion, with bubbling propaganda and deceit, like bubbling springs these corrupted contaminated waters have flowed through areas of America. And says the Spirit of the Lord this day the water that I the Lord give you shall never thirst again for it comes from a righteous source I the Lord am changing and shifting the sources of information for a geyser is about to Spring forth with pressure and force and this geyser shall be oh so revealing says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the spirit of the Lord this day a thick hedge of brambles and briars have formed in states capitals and nations capitals ensnaring those who proclaim to lead however there is no leading happening, they are not moving, ensnared with briars and thorns of their own making and cultivating and now is the time where such bushes and brambles shall be ignited and burned says the Lord of Hosts this day.

A burning bush; a burning bush this you shall see says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the spirit of the Lord this day watch off the Coasts as blocks and stocks including with offshore accounts will freeze and drop and just when it appears another climb shall happen a crash of banking systems overseas including futures and bundles shall occur and make a WAVE across nations a TITLE wave of great capacity and importance and this wave so shall carry in with it a changing of the guard and a (s)witching of titles as a fast switch of leadership shall occur to hide the shortcomings and weaknesses and scandals of such however it will be plain to the people that their iron veil of secrecy has dramatically weakened and so shall tear at the seams and it shall be TORN DOWN says the Lord of Hosts this day.

And says the Lord of Host's battleships; battleships watch and see says the Lord as restlessness within nations turns to altercations of not so familiar enemies who at one point were allies not turned because of sour deals and ammo and stocks promised that there was never delivery. watch for a sudden turn in the page of this story as some leaders will even beat their chests in a grand showing to hide their weaknesses says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the Spirit There is an announcement this day of a shifting underneath the ground that shall be felt in more than one state of your nation oh America, this shall come forth as a sign that plates and party lines and titles and positions in your nation are shifting oh America, the shaking and shifting must occur the sifting of the heart of leaders and that who is left is the one the Lord God has chosen oh America watch and see the Lord High and Lifted up, Oh America look to Him submit to Him, for it is the Lord that will redeem your nation Oh America, not a man.

And says the Spirit the Lord God Almighty is going back in your nation's history and correcting what went astray, temptations and choices made of the flesh, not with the vision that only the: Lord God can give, and one who has endured the smears and trials of Washington shall arise in your nation, one who has been on the battlefield oh America and one who is another kind of Trump. 

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day a river runs through it says the Lord a river runs through it watch and see for an event that shall affect the nation shall occur near such an area. 

And says the spirit of the Lord this day entities made of silicon, and those in valleys and those of the press nature are set to collapse their last leg is being knocked from under them and the crash will be loud says the Lord of Hosts. Crashes are necessary to break what is corrupt to bring low what has lifted themselves up in their hearts and  spoke forth “we are untouchable we are on high” and says the Lord of Hosts I shall bring you down low oh leadership oh house I shall bring you down low oh Russia as you snarl looking to advance upon prey I the Lord thy God am wrestling the bear and their leadership shall suffer yet another strike and a blow to the head for their advancement against such and those who are secretly backing them, in this maneuver shall be exposed

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day heart palpitations in the house as seats flip and flop as those who are seat warmers in both parties shall be ejected and bumped for the tables are turning the control is shifting and they are losing their grip, those who have held hands in the back room and made a human chain shall now be broken and severed down the middle and their ability to manipulate shall DIE out as they mixed red and blue to indulge themselves at the expense of the people, thinking they were in a league all their own and now they shall be in a league a hall of shame shall surround them as I the Lord rule it forth and it shall be so.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day an animal thought extinct shall be found in the deep and it shall be a sign that was has laid hidden for a time and a time in the shadows shall now suddenly be compelled out at My word and emerge and it shall change the narrative of what the nation thinks and who should lead and who should not for I the Lord your God am calling forth a new breed with the humility produced in trial by fire and the testing that has brought forth endurance, men and women of plain speech however it shall be as sharp and piercing as an arrow for you shall serve your nation in a different capacity says the Lord of Hosts and as I mold them more and more they shall emerge to the forefront with the mantle of the nation upon them. Watch and see as there are more twists and turns on this road that only I the Lord your God know and I will reveal to those with a listening ear to speak what I say to the people now not what or WHO they want to hear.

And says the spirit of the Lord this day Tick Tock just watch says the Lord as the technology front is changing and those who are wickedly scheming with plants and chips and brain waves reversed shall see a great malfunction in their creation that shall compromise their grand plan for technology is no match for the power I the Lord your God demonstrate to man.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white with foam, God bless America, and God save America for her plan is not yet done watch these three areas for events to rise up that shall issue major blows to the current administration whose complacency and indulgences in the flesh and the cups of power they so did fill shall now suddenly have that cup knocked over and there shall be such a spill oh the spill shall be great and that is when more of those who have been focusing on screaming and attacking My children shall see a wading pool they will wallow in of their own making.

And says the Lord of Hosts the hit pieces shall turn on those who devised and schemed. such skeletons are marching out and parading and the sudden about-faces will make sense when now the people of this nation see the motives laid out bare and I the Lord shall bring correction to those who have over-intellectualized who I AM and who have gone too far claiming their smears were of Me for they have become their own worst enemy and they shall be seen as such as I the Lord stop the advance and cause a retreat of those who thought it was open season on My anointed without first consulting Me.

Oh they shall make a name for themselves says the Lord a name of shame as their lies and manipulations unravel before the people and deliverance comes for My faithful ones who march forth and proclaim MY WORD even under the most intense of Scrutiny they shall be greatly rewarded for glorifying ME the Lord their God before men when others retreated and closed up shop now is the time the dividing line is staunchly drawn between the Shepherds and children who act out such but are not nearly prepared for such a task, there is a wide turn the church so shall take and those deeply rooted in their faith shall come out the other side and those with loose grips shall fall off during such a ride for such a time as this. Watch says the Lord as I facilitate and activate this.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, Power and authority I have so given My children to walk in this season stronger and deeper than times past for there are those who are renewing their walk with Me and their light is coming out from under a bushel and shall shine brighter than before, and the power and authority to trample upon serpents and scorpions and against all the power of the enemy shall come forth with a force that is a testimony to My Word and My children shall operate in such they shall build up the nation as their high places collapse and call the hearts of men and women back to their Creator.

And says the spirit of the Lord this day nations shall begin to shake and wrestle away the chains and the mandates and the holds that have suffocated them and I shall help those nations fighting to break free as I the Lord topple wicked entities, and emperors and maple leaves alike as overreaches are pulled back and their rollouts of a master plan are rolled back up and thrust out from its laws and its books the hooks are coming out as I the Lord compel them forward to break free and one sobering event 2 countries 2 different hemispheres shall run in tandem and be a sign that another crucial part of their grip has been cut and the praises to Almighty God shall rise as they sing songs of Victory as the light begins to peak over the Horizon.

Trust in Me Trust in My Word My Children arm yourself with the word equip yourself with the abilities I have given for such a time and walk out your call with Me focus on that assignment decide. 

This day what your vessel should be filled with as the Glory of God touches down on your nation and there is a turn coming soon that even more shall sing praises to the Lord of hosts in the streets and the squares and the malls and even the schools yes praises shall come forth from the schools as history is corrected for such a time for such a season. Thus says the Lord of hosts King of Kings and Lord of Lord's amen and amen.

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